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Scribie Transcription Jobs Review: Is It Legit or A Scam?

Are you interested in working from home for a transcription company that pays as well as gives you the freedom to set your own schedule? Allow us to introduce you to Scribie.

Scribie is a transcription company that sources freelance transcribers from across the world to complete their clients’ jobs.

Today, we’re doing a Scribie review that will prove, once and for all, whether the company is a scam or legit, how much you can earn from it, and what to expect as a transcriber.

If you have been looking for a work-from-home job to earn some extra bucks, Scribie is probably one of the best options for you.

Transcription is a fairly easy job if you are naturally good at typing!

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What is Scribie?

scribie jobs

Source: Scribie

Scribie is a company that offers transcription services to its clients and hires freelance transcribers to complete their jobs.

It was founded by Rajiv Poddar in 2008 and is headquartered in San Fransisco, California. The founder has built a functional system for delivering the best transcription files over the years.

The company makes use of freelancers to supply transcriptions of audio files which are up to 99% accurate.

This way, neither the quality nor accuracy is sacrificed, and the job is affordable for the clients.

You can apply directly on the company’s website to become a Scribie Certified Transcriber.

All you got to do is make an initial test that they’ll check and (upon being approved) pay you for!


How Does Scribie Work?

Before we jump into our Scribie review, let’s take a look at how Scribie works. The transcription process at Scribie includes these steps:

  1. Splitting the audio file
  2. Transcription
  3. Reviewing the transcribed work
  4. Proofreading
  5. Checking the final quality

The steps you’ll need to follow once you get accepted as a transcriber on Scribie are:

  • Open your Scribie account and log in.
  • Go through the list of jobs and pick one that you want to work on (previews are available before committing to a file).
  • Complete the task mentioned on the job.
  • Submit the file.
  • Enjoy your earnings from the completed task!


Scribie Jobs

Next up on our Scribie review, we have the four main titles that Scribie hires freelancers under:

  • Certified Transcriber (most entry-level tasks belong to this category).
  • Proofreader
  • Reviewer
  • Quality Checker


What are the Scribie Transcription Job Requirements

Wondering what requirements Scribie has for hiring freelancers? Take a look.

  • A good grasp of the English Language.
  • Excellent hearing ability to decipher words from audio files.
  • Attention to detail to identify any mistake in the transcript of an audio file.
  • A verified account on PayPal.

Hardware requirements include:

  • A personal computer.
  • A steady internet connection with the latest version of any compatible browser installed (Chrome/Firefox/Edge/Safari).
  • A good pair of headphones.


What is the Scribie Application Process?

The Scribie application process primarily involves five steps:

1. Submit Your Application

Fill out an application form available on Scribie’s “Jobs” section. You have to provide your PayPal account details right in the beginning, among other important things.

After you’ve submitted an application, you can track it using your application number.

2. Confirm your Email

To complete your application process, click on the link they email you to verify your email address.

3. Hang Out On The Waiting List

They take about a single business day to review an application (it may take longer sometimes). After reviewing your application, they’ll either send you an acceptance or rejection email.

Once you’re accepted, they’ll waitlist you with other applicants for your preliminary skill test.

4. Take the Scribie Test

Your status will change to Waiting List #0 right before they send you the test link via email.

You need to create an account (password-protected) before taking the test; once the account is created, simply log in and select a file from the list of audio files provided.

Transcribe the file to the best of your ability and submit it!

They will review and check your work to make sure it meets their standard. If you’re accepted, they’ll contact you via email again.

5. Get the Scribie Certification

Once you pass their test, you become a Certified Transcriber at Scribie and can start working on various clients’ projects!


How to Submit Transcription Files at Scribie?

Our Scribie review goes deeper into how the site works. Up next is the process of submitting transcription files at Scribie.

  • Split the files

They split the files to ease the transcriber’s job; most audio files are around 6 minutes long.

  • Transcribe the Audio Files

Listen to the audio files carefully and type out exactly what you hear. If any part of the audio is ambiguous, leave a blank space for that part.

  • Review

The reviewer reviews your transcribed file and checks whether you have typed exactly what the audio says.

They also fill in the parts you might have omitted due to ambiguity. Moreover, the reviewer adds timestamps, names of people and companies, etc.

  • Verification

This is the step to combining all the separate transcriptions of the initially segmented audio file to make a complete document.

  • Delivery

After several checks, the final work is then delivered to the customer.


Free Transcription Training

This Scribie review also includes tips on how you can train for freelance transcription jobs!

We have come across a lot of platforms that offer transcription training for beginners, but the one that contains the best courses and resources is, undeniably, Skillshare.

Skillshare offers numerous useful transcription training that will get you industry-ready in no time!free transcription course

How Much Does Scribie Pay?

How can we write a Scribie review and not include how much Scribie pays?

The company pays its transcribers $5-$25 per hour of audio, depending upon the file length and audio quality. Additionally, they also pay $5 per 3 hours of audio bonus every month!

By delivering consistently good work, your chance of being promoted to higher-paid positions like proofreader or reviewer increases rapidly.

The average monthly earnings of Scribie reviewers and proofreaders are $700-$1000.


Scribie Transcription Bonus

Scribie has a bonus payment system, wherein they pay their transcribers an extra $5 per 3 audio hours every month!

Payments are released on the first day of each month for the work you did the previous month.


What Payment Method Does Scribie Use?

Scribie pays solely via PayPal. Payments for each of your transcribed work will accumulate in your Scribie wallet as soon as the task is approved and submitted successfully.

You can redeem your earnings by requesting them with a $1 cashout; they typically pay within 24 hours of processing your request.

One important thing to keep in mind: verify your PayPal account well in advance before applying to Scribie.

Without a valid PayPal account, your application won’t even go through!

Do check, Other Online Jobs that Pay Through PayPal.


Is Scribie Transcription Legit?

scribie glassdoor ratings

Yes, Scribie is legit; it is not a scam. People hired by Scribie are rightfully paid for every job they complete successfully.

Here are some positive indications that Scribie is, in fact, a legit platform that pays you to do transcription work:

  • Authentic contact information and physical address.
  • The founder and CEO is a real person!
  • In the transcription biz since 2008.
  • PCMag (a reputable and trustworthy source) has rated it as one of the best companies offering transcription services!
  • Social media presence is a big indicator of authenticity, and Scribie is very present and active on social media platforms!


Pros and Cons of Scribie


  • It’s a work-from-home job, meaning that it’s extremely flexible and doesn’t require you to work for specific hours. Not having to leave your house (or even your room) for work is a definite plus.
  • Freshers are always welcome at Scribie! Unlike a lot of transcription companies that hire only experienced transcribers, Scribie gives a chance to beginners and helps them begin their transcription careers.
  • Transcription isn’t the only way you can earn from Scribie; referrals also earn you some cash on this platform!
  • The transcription job is just the beginning; there’s plenty of room for improvement and growth. When you do consistently good work, you will get promoted to a reviewer or proofreader position.
  • Automated transcription makes it easier for the transcribers to do their job. The machine already auto-transcribes every audio file; all you need to do is listen to them and correct the errors.
  • A preview feature is available for every job that lets you listen to a part of the audio file and decide whether you want to work on it or not.


  • Some audio files are inaudible or pretty hard to decipher. This can be due to high background noise, a complicated accent, or low audio quality. It makes transcription work much more difficult than usual.
  • The pay isn’t the best. When you put all that work into listening carefully to an audio file and typing each and every word said in it, you expect to get paid appropriately as well. But the pay is not up to par.
  • The reviewers tend to grade transcriptions unfairly. Some transcripts are claimed to get rejected for baseless reasons; some make changes that don’t follow the company guidelines, etc.



Is Scribie legit or a scam?

Yes, Scribie is completely legit. A lot of sources confirm that the company is not a scam and pays you for the work you do.


How do you get paid from Scribie?

Payments are made via PayPal only. It’s very important to have a valid PayPal account before you apply for a Scribie transcription job.


Does Scribie have a referral program?

Yes, and Scribie’s referral program is really lucrative too!

When a person you refer gets certified on Scribie, you get a 2.5% commission.

Moreover, if a client purchases transcription services from Scribie via your referral, you receive a 5% commission!


Is Scribie available in India?

Scribie hires freelance transcribers from across the globe, including India.


What are the Scribie reviews on Glassdoor?

Scribie has received a lot of reviews on Glassdoor over the years.

Some of the negative reviews the company has received are related to lower pay for transcription jobs, whereas high pay for reviewing and proofreading jobs, rejection of works pertaining to minor errors, ambiguous or heavily-accented audio files, etc.


Scribie Reviews and Complaints

scribie reviews

Scribie has mixed reviews on Glassdoor. Although we didn’t expect to find any negative reviews at all (given that the site is doing a genuinely good job), there’s always some to be expected.

So let’s see what Glassdoor and Facebook reviewers have to say about this platform.

Scribie Review on Glassdoor

scribie glassdoor review

Source: Glassdoor

Scribie freelance transcription jobs have a review of 2.4 on 5 on Glassdoor.

  • Some of the positive reviews are as follows:
  • Flexible working hours and easy working from home.
  • The pay is good.
  • The support staff is efficient.
  • Great opportunity for newbie transcribers.

Here are two of the negative reviews we found of Scribie on Glassdoor.

negative reviews

Source: Glassdoor

  • Some people leave terrible reviews on your work.
  • Underpaid work.

Scribie Review on Facebook

Facebook doesn’t have any better reviews, either.

Although we found slightly better reviews of Scribie on Facebook than on Glassdoor, the overall rating was still a 2.1 on 5.


Scribie Alternatives

There are always alternatives to freelance jobs, be it product designing or transcription. Scribie also has several competitors in the market.

We have curated a list of the closest Scribie alternatives for you, so you don’t have to put all your eggs in one basket!

Check, 27 High-Paying Online Transcription Jobs For Beginners – $15+/Hour.


Scribie Review: Is Scribie Worth It? (Conclusion)

So, what did you think of our detailed Scribie review? Did you find everything you were looking for?

Overall, we think that Scribie is a genuinely good platform for beginner transcribers to kick off their careers in freelance transcription.

You have total control of the work you do, including the audio files you choose to work on, working hours, where you work from, etc.

As a newbie, Scribie will give you the much-needed experience you require to start a successful transcriptionist career.


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