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Is Wish Safe And Legit Place to Shop? [Honest Review 2024]

Do you love to shop online for fascinating products at dirt-cheap deals? Then you’ve probably heard about Wish. But the low prices on the site may make you wonder – is Wish safe?

Founded in 2010, Wish is an American company that’s absolutely safe. You don’t have to worry about credit card fraud or personal details leakage while using it. But pick your products wisely and check reviews to avoid buying counterfeits of famous brands.

I realized that even as a shopper, there’s a chance to use Wish to make extra cash – as a reseller. How does that work? And what are the pros and cons of Wish? Keep reading to know more!


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What is Wish & Where is Wish Located?

Wish App

Wish Shopping App

Wish is an American online shopping destination that has earned massive popularity within a decade. It was established in the USA in 2010 and is headquartered in San Francisco.

Before I discuss my thoughts on this site, here’s a quick summary:

  • Site/App Name: Wish
  • Founder: Piotr Szulczewski and Danny Zhang
  • Type: Online e-commerce platform
  • Available Region: Worldwide (except these countries)
  • Available on: iOS and Android
  • Download Link: Apple Store | Play Store
  • My Rating (Trust Score): 3.9/5

If you search the net, you’ll be surprised to find incredible shopping sites and apps like Wish. The percentage of retail purchases that will happen online is expected to hit 20.8% in 2024.

Then what makes Wish stand out?

Its claim to fame is its incredibly low price range. Plus, the items available are trendy, innovative, and even quirky.

Cosmetics, jewelry, pet gear, auto accessories, gadgets – Wise has it all at attractive prices! It offers a referral program that lets you earn from every unique buyer you bring to Wish.

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Why are Wish Prices So Low?

Wish itself claims that the prices of all the products it sells are low as manufacturers sell to customers directly here. There’s no intermediary involved and hence, no retail markups.

FAQs page

Wish Explains its Low Prices

Products reach directly from the seller to your doorstep, cutting the cost of maintaining a physical store. Wish also has its own warehouses from where the products are shipped.

Another factor driving the prices is that products on Wish are manufactured overseas. Countries like China often use low-cost labor and materials to produce items in bulk.

I also feel that the site saves on shipping costs, too. That’s why the shipment takes much longer to arrive when I order from Wish than on other e-commerce sites.


Are Wish Products Good Quality?

is wish shopping app safe

Source: CNBC

The products available on Wish are varied and unique – but not always of the best quality. You have to understand that material cost is where the manufacturers save a lot!

Honestly, the Wish shopping site is for people concerned about low prices of exciting items. It is not a place for high-end brands or high-quality items.

Let me put it this way.

You should only shop on Wish if you want a fun experience. Check if the products work and make your life interesting but don’t focus on quality.


Wish Refund Policy

According to Wish, you can get a full refund for any item you buy. You just have to raise the request within 30 days of the purchase through its Assistant.

Every purchase also has a cancellation window during which you can cancel the order to get a refund. I have returned one product that I bought here, and I did not have any issues.

However, many people have approached me and told me that they had a poor experience while trying to return a product. That’s mostly due to its inaccessible contact center.


Is Wish Safe and Legit?

The Wish shopping site is safe and legit. It will not steal your money and close its activities. The delivery may take a while – sometimes, even months! But you will receive the products.

Having said that, I must warn you that you may find counterfeits on Wish. Now, a smart shopper will know you can’t find Adidas shoes for $5 or AirPods for $20.

Some products are also risky to buy. I’d suggest avoiding electronics and gadgets because, thanks to Wish’s poor customer support, returns, and a refund can be a headache.

I should also remind you that the products aren’t built to last forever or stay unscathed after manhandling. As I said, these are mass-produced using low-quality materials.


Is Wish Safe for Credit Cards?

I find Wish to be a safe site for credit card usage. I have made a few small purchases and have never faced problems. Plus, I check the site properly to see if it’s safe.

Wish’s URL begins with “https://,” which indicates that it uses Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. It also has a valid SSL security certificate.

is wish safe

HTTPS and SSL Security Certificate of Wish

But what does this prove? It means that the communications between you and the site are encrypted and safe. Even the site admins will not be able to view the details.

I believe it is as safe as any other online shopping site. And, as you may know, every e-commerce site has the chance of getting hacked. But Wish itself won’t steal your card details.


Is Wish Safe for Debit Cards?

Just like credit cards, debit cards are also safe to use on Wish. It is an encrypted platform to level up the protection of information.

Your debit card details cannot be stolen by sellers or website owners. But I suggest that you remove your card details from your account. You’ll find the steps later in this post.


Is Wish Safe for PayPal?

Making payments through PayPal on Wish is safe. That’s because the site does not store any of the information.

Here’s something interesting I found on Quora. You can’t pull back payments made to the site through PayPal in the rare event of a non-delivery. But you can raise a “dispute” with PayPal.

Doing so will let you make the best of PayPal’s buyer protection protocol. Then, Wish will have to take responsibility for delivery and loss in transit.


Will Wish Steal My Information?

As Wish is an encrypted shopping platform, it cannot steal or use your banking details. But removing your card details from your account after a purchase is best.

Steps to Remove Card from Wish App

  1. Open the app menu. Tap on settings.
  2. Select manage payments.
  3. Once you spot the card details, select it and tap on delete payment.

Steps to Remove Card from Wish Website

  1. Find and select settings from the account menu on the site.
  2. Select payment settings.
  3. In the next window, find the card details under billing details, then delete them.

You should also note that Wish can access the personal details that you share with it. And its privacy policy states that it has the right to share them with stakeholders or legal bodies.

However, that’s just the standard protocol used by any other shopping site. The fact that Wish discloses details about the information it collects makes it trustworthy.

If you clear your cookies regularly, use a trusted browser, and maintain basic safety hygiene, you don’t have to worry about Wish stealing your details.


What Reddit Says about Wish

So far, I have shared my thoughts on Wish based on my own experiences. But I must also tell you about the experiences shared by others.

Let’s start the discussion with what Redditors have to say about Wish. Is Wish Safe? Reddit users have shared their thoughts on various Subreddits.

Almost all of them say the same thing. The site isn’t a scam, but the products could be better. Plus, the shipping is slow, and it sells knockoffs.

Here’s an example of a Wish review on Reddit that discusses problems with clothing sizes and delivery time.

is wish safe

Wish Review on Reddit

In another Subreddit, buyers have shared their experiences finding unique products like a strainer specifically designed for quinoa and a licensed Wonder Woman onesie!

is wish app safe

Interesting Finds on Wish – Reddit Reviews

Ultimately, it comes down to the same answer. Wish is not a scammer or a thief. But it sells poor-quality items that are attractive and unique and fake brands.

Plus, it takes so long to deliver products that buyers often feel they won’t get them. And the contact center is pretty useless, too!


Wish Customer Reviews

customer reviews

I also decided to check a few other review sites to know more about what people have to say about Wish. There I have found some Wish complaints that I should talk about.

I found mixed reviews on Wish from people who have used this site to buy products. Those who spent smartly on low-cost but interesting products were the gainers.

But there are several Wish complaints, too. And they are mostly against its shipping time, customer care, and counterfeits.

app store reviews

Wish Reviews

As you can see, it has earned 4.7 stars on the App Store – based on 2.3 million ratings. It also has a rating of 4.7 on the Play Store and 4.5 on Trustpilot.

I found a thread on Sitejabber where many people have called Wish a scam. That’s because they were still waiting to receive their products for several months after the purchase.

sitejabber reviews

Wish Review on Sitejabber

I found a similar complaint on Quora, too. Now, it’s possible that the shipment has been extremely late in these cases. And the reviewers have just assumed that they won’t get the products.

I myself received the products I ordered after 1.5 months! Can you imagine how stressful that is? Any regular buyer would assume that they have been cheated!

I must add that there are a few other complaints. One was about being charged a different amount than what was displayed. Returning and getting a refund, too, seem like a hassle.


Tips for Safe Shopping on Wish

Based on my personal shopping experience on Wish and the reviews I have read, here are a few tips for safe shopping on WIsh.

1. Check Reviews

Go through the product reviews before buying it. Only buyers can submit reviews – and they’re likely legit.

That’s because Wish investigates reports on fake reviews.

2. Beware of Long Shipping Time

Track your order on Wish – and don’t expect express delivery. If you get your delivery in a week, you’re lucky!

Many people complain about not receiving their orders at all.

3. Opt for the Correct Sizes

The clothing sizes on Wish may not correspond with the sizes in your country. So check the meter to see if the given size chart is too small or too large before picking the size.

4. Go Through the Descriptions First

The product images on Wish may be misleading. So go through the descriptions and specifications to understand the product, its dimensions, usage, etc., before buying it.

5. Spend on the Right Products

Wish can be an excellent site for stationery (notepads, pens, etc.) and hobby products and accessories (beads, molds, etc.)

It’s not the best site for electronics and gadgets.

6. Spend Less and Spend Wisely

Be careful about what you spend. Wish isn’t a place for cheap branded products. Also, I’d say spend on products costing $20 or less.

Remember to look for free items!


Wish vs. eBay (And Other Established Shopping Sites)

When I think of Wish, the first competitor that comes to mind is eBay. It has millions of sellers – some of whom make $50k a year – from home!

eBay has been around since 1995, making it one of the first online shopping platforms.

Here’s why people would trust eBay:

  • Fast shipping and delivery
  • Easy-to-access contact center
  • Excellent customer care and dispute resolution
  • Quick return, exchange, and refund process
  • More trustworthy product descriptions, ratings, and review

But hold on! There are a few unique advantages that Wish brings to the table, as well!

They are as follows:

  1. Possibility of finding free products (where you only pay for shipping)
  2. Lower prices compared to eBay

Now, you may compare Wish with other established shopping sites like Amazon or Walmart. The distinctions are pretty much the same.

While Wish provides a much lower price range and possibly free products, other sites provide faster shipping, better customer support, and quick return.

My top 5 recommendations for buying products at low costs:


Pros & Cons of Shopping on Wish

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of shopping from Wish:

Pros of Shopping on Wish
  • Extremely low cost
  • Wide range of products
  • Unique and uncommon items
  • Possibility of finding free products
Cons of Shopping on Wish
  • Painstakingly slow shipping
  • Poor connectivity and customer care
  • Counterfeits and low-quality products available
  • Misleading product descriptions and images


Verdict: Thoughts on Wish

After using Wish for a while, I have realized three things about the site:

  • It’s a great place for buying unconventional and exciting things;
  • The prices are unimaginably low – but so is the quality, sometimes, and
  • Despite all its problems, it is not dishonest.

Apart from adding to your own collection of accessories, hobby items, etc., you can use Wish as a platform to start a business or make an extra income as a side hustle.

Here’s how:

  • Become a reseller: You can buy products on Wish at low costs and resell eBay, Amazon, etc., without manufacturing anything.
  • Sell crafts: Buy tools and accessories for crafts from Wish at a bargain – and create easy money-making crafts to sell on sites like Etsy.
  • Earn from Referral Program: Share your invite code with friends. When a new joiner buys something using the code, you earn $10 worth of Wish Cash to use on Wish.

So I’d say, make the best of this site because it is neither illegitimate nor a scam. And you don’t need to worry about data theft while doing so.



Why is Wish so bad?

The products on Wish are mass-produced and are often made of low-quality materials. Plus, the shipping is slow, and the customer care is poor.

So many people dislike the site despite the low price range.


Is Wish safe in India?

Since March 2022, Wish has stopped shipping to India and some other countries. It is not banned in India due to security reasons.

The site closed its operations in India to streamline and improve its business.


Is Wish a Chinese app?

Wish is established and headquartered in the USA. But much of the merchandise sold on the site comes from China, among other nations.

Plus, the shipping cost is lower for products that come from China.


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