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50 Best Jobs For 11-Year-Olds To Make Money In 2024

Do you need quick money to buy the latest PS5 games? Do you want to save money for your dream high school or college admission? If yes, there are now many jobs for 11-year-olds available nowadays that can easily make you at least $15/hour on average.

However, not every job is well-suited for younger teens. Besides, not every job will earn you the same amount of money. You must also get only those jobs that are allowed under the child labor law.

So, our team of experts delved deep into the industry where teenagers are hired frequently and filtered fifty such jobs that will help you to generate money without much effort.

But, before we reveal those, let’s understand the existing rules of child labor.


Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links. We may receive a small commission when you make a purchase (No extra cost to you). Please read our Affiliate Disclosure for more information.


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Are The Jobs For 11-Year-Olds Even Legal?

The US Department of Labor has already implemented strict child labor laws throughout the nation to restrict children and younger teens from indulging in labor-intensive and heavy work.

Besides, they are also not allowed to work in any field where the risk profile is on the higher side.

You are not even allowed to work in such a job profile where you need to use heavy machinery and sharp tools.

Besides, you should also work under FLSA (Federal Labor Standards Act), or it will be a direct violation of the labor laws.

So, before you indulge in any work, let it be part-time or full-time, you should check with the national and local laws. A violation of FLSA rules will attract huge penalties and even imprisonment for your employers.

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What Are The Basic Skills Needed For An 11-Year-Old To Get A Legit Job?

Like all the jobs available in every corner of this blue planet, jobs for 11-year-olds also need specific skillsets.

And as a young teen, you must have the following skills to land high-paying jobs after your school hours.

  • A teen should be hardworking and should have the dedication to accomplish the task.
  • You need to perform your daily chores on your own as the building block of your working skills.
  • Every working teen should have great communication skills.
  • You must have the activeness to participate in any work wholeheartedly.
  • You need to be aware of your surroundings and colleagues to make yourself safe from any unforeseen circumstances.
  • A teen must have the skill to maintain a perfect work-study-life balance.

Besides these six essential skills, you should also need to learn the craft before you indulge in any industry. Moreover, you must obtain the necessary permission to work from your parents as well.

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Creative Jobs For 11-Year-Olds

Most teens, especially the younger ones, are naturally creative. So, creative fields can provide the best jobs for 11-year-olds.

So, our team of experts has filtered ten such creative jobs where a teen can easily make some good figures this year.


1. Become An YouTuber

  • Earning Potential: $1000 –  $10k+ per month.
  • Skills Needed: Vlog making, video editing, & public appearances

There is no debate that YouTube is the largest and the most popular video-sharing platform right now. And many YouTubers are now making millions of dollars just while publishing their vlogs on this platform.

Besides, there are YouTube stars like Markiplier and PewDiePie, who are equally popular as Hollywood celebrities.

We also have to mention stars like Ryan Kaji and Jeffree Star, who have already crossed a $50 million net worth after they have started their YouTube journey.

And as an 11-year-old, you can also follow in their footstep and start making great vlogs and publish them on YouTube.

But yes, you do need to use your social media account to get the initial boost. You now need at least 1k dedicated subscribers with 4k hours of total watch time to get AdSense approval.

However, you can also make money on YouTube through paid promotion and brand collaborations besides the usual AdSense revenue.


2. Start Blogging

  • Earning Potential: Up to $10k/month
  • Skills Needed: Writing, editing, off-page & on-page SEO

Blogging is not just financially profitable as it needs almost no initial investment; it is also one of the best methods if you want to get money and fame at the same time.

And for any 11-year-old kid, this should be the long-term goal. I also started my journey around six years back in quite the same way.

I’ve invested just $100 while launching this blog. And now, I’m steadily making more than $7k/month on average.

And this is no clickbait, as I’ve already discussed all my revenue models with proof in my latest monthly income report. You can also do the same, as you need just three things to launch a blog.

First, you’ll need a domain name and a server to host your blog. While most companies charge at least $10/month for just hosting, Bluehost is the only company where you can get it for just $2.95/month. Besides, you’ll also get a free domain name with this affordable hosting package.

Once you get these two, all you need is a free WordPress theme that will complement the niche of your vlog. And once you get all these, you can start your blog in no time.

Besides, you can also follow our step-by-step guide to set up a blog in less than 30 minutes and start your journey.

Check out how I made $381,212.85 from this blog?


3. Be An Affiliate Marketer

  • Earning Potential: Up to $50k/month
  • Skills Needed: Sales funnel set up, communication, selling, & blogging

Affiliate marketing is where you can earn around 15% to 20% commission on the final selling price just by selling a product or service through your own blog or vlog.

It is not just one of the most lucrative passive income ideas but is also among the best jobs for 11-year-olds where they can be financially independent.

But yes, you need the right guidance in the field of affiliate marketing to achieve the desired success. And one of the best affiliate marketers and coaches, Michelle Schroeder-Gardner, is there to help you.

She is a living example of affiliate marketing success as she has already earned more than $1 million just by selling a single product on a single page of her website.

And now, she has shared all those recipes of success in her free mini-course on affiliate marketing. You can now also join this free webinar on affiliate marketing to kickstart your journey in the realm of money-making.

One of her most recent students, Saira Perl, was earning just $270/month on average from her affiliate channel. And after she took the free course on affiliate marketing, she is currently making more than $5k/month on average, with a staggering growth of more than 1500% in less than six months.


4. Use Your Social Media Account

  • Earning Potential: Up to $10k/month
  • Skills Needed: Communication, fan interaction, & social media influencing

Social media is not to connect with your friends these days, but it can also open several avenues to make money online.

And if you don’t know how anyone can use their social media account to ensure a rags-to-riches journey, you should know about the success that Tiana and Bugha have achieved.

Several teens around the globe are now generating a six-figure income just through social media influence.

And you can easily do it on FB, Twitter, and Reddit. Besides, you can now even make money from Instagram blogging.

But yes, you do need to have a strong social media presence with a decent number of followers on your account or page to start your journey as an affiliate marketer.

And once you get such kind of popularity, you can fetch up to $10k/brand collaboration with reputed companies.


5. Become A Creative Writer

  • Earning Potential: Up to $500/writeups
  • Skills Needed: Writing, creativity, & storytelling

Most younger teens are naturally good at creative writing as they have loads of ideas and stories bubbling in their heads.

And if you have the flair in writing along with the right creative quotients, there are many such high-paying writing jobs that exist where you can easily earn around $100 to $500/writeups on average.

However, you do need the right guidance to enter and conquer this heavily saturated market. But don’t worry!

One of the best writers and coaches, Holly Johnson, has recently launched her unique and free wiring course to guide budding teen writers like you.

She herself has tested success by following her own methods and is currently earning more than $225k/year just by selling her writing service to famous media houses and publications.

And if you want to taste the same kind of success, you must join this free writing workshop right now and kickstart your journey towards financial freedom.


6. Become A Proofreader

  • Earning Potential: Up to $100/hour
  • Skills Needed: Language proficiency, Grammatical skills, & typing speed

Proofreading is a crucial aspect of any successful publication as the writer alone can’t make any writeup absolutely error-free.

And there are several high-paying proofreading jobs that exist nowadays that can be counted among the best after-school jobs for 11-year-olds. You can easily earn more than $50/hour on average as a credible proofreader.

But like most other industries, this is also highly saturated. And you do need the right guidance not just to become a skillful proofreader but also to acquire high-paying clients who will value your work.

And one of the most credible proofreaders and guides, Caitlin Pyle, is here to help you.

She has recently launched her one-of-a-kind but free 76-minute proofreading workshop for budding proofreaders like you.

Many of the teen proofreaders are now also making more than $4k/month on average just after taking this free workshop on proofreading.

One of the most recent students, Kim Kyle, has recently posted a testimonial video where she has described how she has achieved to make more than $3k/month on average right after taking this free course. Watch what she has to say!


7. Start Voiceover Acting

  • Earning Potential: Up to $100/hour
  • Skills Needed: Voice acting, texture control, & voice modulation

The teen voices you hear in the background of famous TV commercials, anime series, and animations are the voiceover actors.

And if you have the right texture and voice modulation skills, you can now easily make more than $100/hour on average just while being a voiceover artist.

There are several high-paying voiceover jobs for beginners that exist nowadays where you can earn much more than that.

However, a good voice is not the only thing that can help you to achieve success in this industry, as you also need to know about the inside tricks to get high-paying clients.

And this is absolutely not possible without the help of a credible guide.

One of the Hollywood voiceover artists and coaches, Julie Eickhoff, has identified this problem and has recently launched a free mini-course on voiceover acting for budding teen voiceover artists like you.

She has not just disclosed all the secret recipes to get high-paying voiceover projects but has also shared the tips to have a class-apart voice.

So, don’t waste your time and join this free voiceover acting course to kickstart your journey to financial success.


8. Become An Actor Or Model

  • Earning Potential: Up to $10k/acting or modeling assignment
  • Skills Needed: Stage presence, confidence, ramp walk, & acting

From OTTs to movies, from cartoons to TV commercials, teen actors and models are in demand in almost every showbiz industry, you can possibly assume.

And becoming a model or an actor is truly among the best jobs for 11-year-olds, as they can easily earn more than $200/day on average.

However, you need to learn the art of acting and modeling before entering this industry, as the competition is pretty stark.

Besides, you should also sharpen your skills to land high-paying projects, such as a Hollywood film.

And if you want to become a model, you can even earn up to $1k/modeling assignment. But the best part of this job is that you can take it up on a part-time basis where you can act or work as a model after your school hour ends.


9. Become A Virtual Assistant

  • Earning Potential: Up to $80/hour
  • Skills Needed: Communication & confidence

As an 11-year-old, you are not allowed to go for an office job or a full-time job. However, you can now do all the jobs right from your home, all thanks to the introduction of virtual assistance.

And as a teen, you can now offer more than 50+ VA services to global clients.

There are many high-paying VA jobs available nowadays where you can easily bag more than $20/hour on average.

However, this path is tricky, and you do need the right guidance to climb the ladder of success. And to help you, one of the best VA coaches, Gina Horkey, has already launched a free Virtual Assistance webinar.

Most of her students started making more than $10k/month on average right after joining her exclusive webinar on VA. Besides, she has also guided thousands of students to start their VA from scratch within just six months or less.

One of her recent students, Debora Cavett, joined this free mini-course after quitting her job at a call center in the USA. And now, she is consistently making more than $8k/month on average. Besides, she is currently also working with global clients. 


10. Sell Your Clicked Photographs

  • Earning Potential: Up to $1k/photo
  • Skills Needed: Light capture, framing, & photography tricks

Photography is not a ballgame for everyone, although most people nowadays like to click photos with their smartphones.

But professional photography is where you need not just the right framing and photo clicking sense, but you also need to have a significant investment beforehand.

You need a high-quality DSLR or Mirrorless camera to take professional-grade photographs. Besides, you also need specialty lenses, filters, gimbals, and other gadgets to enhance your photos.

Moreover, you also need to learn about the photo editing skills to make those sell-worthy.

And once you learn the art of photography, there are many such best platforms to sell photos online available these days where you can easily sell your photographs for $1k apiece.

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Tech Jobs For 11-Year-Olds

Most of the younger teens are good at tech and tech-related subjects as they are born in the era of digital freedom.

And anything related to tech can be among the best jobs for 11-year-olds. So, here are our ten such selections where you can earn up to $50/hour.


11. Participate In Online Surveys

  • Earning Potential: Up to $50/survey
  • Skills Needed: Answering short questionnaire, feedback, and market research

Online surveys are great, especially for teens, as they can earn money without vesting much time on this avenue besides their busy study schedule.

Besides, they can even do it after their school or before they go to bed. Moreover, survey sites often pay more than the usual market rate.

There are many such high-paying online surveys that exist where you can easily earn up to $50/survey, although the average lies between the $0.5 to $2/survey.

However, there are several such survey sites available, such as Inbox Dollars and its sister concern, Inbox Pounds, where you can earn a $5 signup bonus besides the usual survey income.

You can also try other platforms like SurveyJunkie and Opinion Outpost that also pay up to $25/survey for the difficult ones.

However, you don’t have permission to withdraw your earnings through your own account. Instead, you need to use your parents’ bank or PayPal account.

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12. Help Others In Tech-Related Problems

  • Earning Potential: $10 To $15/hour 
  • Skills Needed: Technical knowledge, patience, & communication

No one is as technically sound as teens in our community, as they grew up having smartphones, VRs, and iPads on their hands.

And if you are also technically sound, you can start giving paid service as a tech guru in your own community.

Helping community members, especially the elders, is not just one of the best jobs for 11-year-olds but is also among the legit passive income ideas that can make a pretty good amount of money each day.

From helping people to buy the right phone for them, installing software on mobile and smart devices, updating OS on their computers, you just name any and helping tech-related issues cover a lot of different things.


13. Start Developing Websites And Apps

  • Earning Potential: Up to $25/hour
  • Skills Needed: App development, software development, & coding

App development is not a cup of tea for every geek, as it takes specialized skills to proceed with.

And it has already become one of the most sought-after professions for younger teens these days, as they can clearly understand the era of digital dominance.

You should start by learning new development skills. And there are several free courses available on YouTube alone, which can help you with that.

Besides, there are many such blogs also available where you can get study materials on app development.

There are several high-paying freelance job websites that exist these days where you can post your skill and get great clients at the right remuneration.


14. Be A Logo Designer

  • Earning Potential: $10 to $500 per logo
  • Skills Needed: Designing, logo making, designing software proficiency

Brands are known for their logos and taglines. And with each passing day, more and more people and organizations are now prioritizing the design and aesthetics of their logos, as it is the first thing that represents the business.

And if you are good at designing and logo making, it is truly among the best part-time jobs for 11-year-olds. Besides, there are several such freelance design jobs available nowadays that can earn you well.

However, you do need to have optimum technical skills besides your creativity, as you need to use special software to design the logos. Besides, you also need high-end computers to support that software.


15. Test Websites And Apps

  • Earning Potential: $10 to $500 per logo
  • Skills Needed: App testing, coding, & error identification

If you spend time surfing online, you can now take this a step ahead and make money just by testing new websites and apps.

And, there are many such legit platforms available these days where you can easily get paid to test websites.

You can start with Facebook bug testing, where you need to find bugs, errors, and other glitches on FB while using it personally and then report those to FB.

And in return, Facebook offers handsome compensation to the tech bounty hunters.

Facebook has recently developed and launched the FB Bug Bounty Program, where you can earn up to $10k/bug reporting at most.


16. Livestream Your Gaming Stint

  • Earning Potential: $1k to $10k/per month
  • Skills Needed: Gaming, editing, & basic telecasting

PewDiePie, the most followed YouTubers on this blue planet, has started his journey on the Internet live-streaming his PS4 gaming stint. And you can also follow his path to become successful financially.

Livestreaming gaming content is one of the best jobs for 11-year-olds, no doubt about it! Besides, it is also among the most genuine online jobs that pay up to $20 an hour these days.

All you need is to set up a YouTube channel and start streaming live. Besides, you can also create channels on other platforms, such as Twitch and Daily Motion, to broaden your reach.


17. Take Part In Video Game Testing

  • Earning Potential: $10 to $25/hour
  • Skills Needed: Gaming, game testing, & bug finding

Almost all the video game development companies now test their games with real users before the game actually hits the consumer market. And for that, they prefer to hire teens, as they are the target buyer groups.

You can now also kickstart your video game career while working as a game tester. However, you do need to have impressive gaming skills to get selected for this job.

The best thing about this job is that you can do it in your free hour without harming your study schedule. Besides, the financial compensations are better than market standards.


18. Participate In Gaming Competitions

  • Earning Potential: $1k to $5k/per month
  • Skills Needed: Gaming, team play, & strategy making

If you want more thrill and excitement than live streaming your gaming stint or testing new games, you can take part in gaming competitions and make money.

And you can also join a credible gaming team to form an unmatched team to win the competitions. 

And there are several esports tournaments that exist where you can even win millions of dollars in cash prizes.

Although the company will take the largest chunk, you’ll earn 10% to 18% of the prize share if you help your team to win.

You can also get paid to play games as well these days besides participating in online and offline gaming competitions.


19. Sell And Trade Video Game Currency

  • Earning Potential: $1k to $5k/per month
  • Skills Needed: Gaming, selling, & communication

We have to use video game currencies to buy heroes, shields, skins, mods, and a lot more in the game. And if you have enough of those points stored in your in-game wallet, you can start making money out of those.

Depending on your choice and capacity, you can either trade those off for different currencies or in-game products or directly sell those to other gamers. And in both cases, you’ll be in profit.

Besides, it is also among the best jobs for 11-year-old where they can easily make more money on unique games or special gaming events.


20. Write And Sell eBooks Online

  • Earning Potential: $2k to $100k/book
  • Skills Needed: Creativity, writing, designing, & editing

If you have creative prowess and have the right flair for writing stories, novellas, and comics, you can now take this to a professional level. You can now easily start creating eBooks and sell online.

Besides the story you want to work with, you also need to know how to represent them to the readers in the right way. Moreover, you also need to have some design and editing skills as well.

To make eBooks easily, you can use popular platforms, such as Canva eBook Maker and The Flipping Book. And once you make it, you can start selling that through Amazon Kindle and Blurb.


Easy Jobs For 11-Year-Olds

Tough jobs do take a serious toll on both the physical and mental strength of teens.

So, we have researched the industry and have found the easiest jobs for 11-year-olds where they can earn without serious effort.


21. Sell Your Unused Clothes

  • Earning Potential: $1k to $5k/per month
  • Skills Needed: Listing & marketing

Do you have unused clothes in your wardrobe or closet? Do you still feel bad about the apparel that feels too tight? If yes, you can now easily make money simply by selling those online

There are many apps to sell clothes online that exist these days where you can make up to $10k/month.

Yes, although it seems impossible, you can easily do it by using your social media handles to market your products.

There are platforms like Poshmark and Depop where you can easily list your unused clothes and put a price tag of your choice. Besides, you can also use eBay and Mercari to sell those.


22. Make And Sell Crafts Online

  • Earning Potential: $2k to $5k/per month
  • Skills Needed: Creativity, listing, & marketing

Most teenagers are naturally gifted in art and craft making, as they usually take classes of crafts in their high schools. However, you can now efficiently channel your creative output into making money.

Selling handmade crafts is truly among the best jobs for 11-year-olds. And you can easily make money selling crafts online, as several such platforms exist.

One of the most popular platforms in this category is definitely Etsy, where you can easily list your handmade art and craft pieces and put a price tag of your choice.


23. Sell Your Old Textbooks

  • Earning Potential: $200 to $2k per sell
  • Skills Needed: Selling, listing, & marketing

If you are looking for high-paying jobs for 11-year-olds, start selling your old textbooks online. And you definitely have some old textbooks from your previous academic years, isn’t it?

Now, you can list your old textbooks online to get potential buyers. And there are many such platforms to sell books online available these days that will help you to sell in a minimal commission.

Bookscouter and CampusBooks are two such platforms where you can list your old textbooks just by scanning the tag or entering the ISBN.


24. Sell Merchandizes Online

  • Earning Potential: $200 to $1k/month
  • Skills Needed: Creativity, selling, listing, & marketing

Do you love to design your own t-shirt? Do you sip a cup of hot chocolate in your own designed coffee mug? If yes, selling merchandise online will open a new door for you to make money.

You need to have the right creative quotients with a bit of marketing skill to sell your merchandise online. Besides, you can also use your social media popularity to reach potential buyers.

Teespring and Society 6 are two such platforms where you can list your merchandizes and start selling those. But they charge up to 60% on the final price tag.


25. Sell Through FB Marketplace

  • Earning Potential: $500 to $2k/month
  • Skills Needed: Social media, listing, & marketing

You may not know, but Facebook (now Meta) has recently launched a new segment called Marketplace, where you can sell new and refurbished items. And it is one of the easiest ways to get legit buyers.

You can sell all the legal items on FB, let it be a coffee mug or a spectacle you designed last summer. And the best part; is FB doesn’t take a single penny as commission.

But yes, you do need to list those items in a proper manner with high-quality images to attract potential customers.


26. Host A Garage Sale

  • Earning Potential: $200 to $1k per sale
  • Skills Needed: Selling, marketing, & customer handling

If you want to try your hands on the best jobs for 11-year-olds, arranging a garage sale will be the best under-the-table job for you.

You’ll not only sell your unused stuff through that garage sale but will also get introduced to the customer handling skill.

If you don’t have sufficient items, you can use online platforms like Amazon and Walmart to sell buy-worthy items at a discounted price. And then, you can display those in your garage sale.

Besides, you can also use online auctioning platforms like eBay, where you can list and sell items at a good price to make a profit.


27. Teach English Online

  • Earning Potential: $15 to $25/hour
  • Skills Needed: Teaching & language proficiency

In Asian countries like China and Japan, the demand for a great English teacher is always there. And you can now easily get paid to teach English online if you are ready to teach toddlers online.

Although you are not allowed to guide senior students, you can definitely take classes for elementary or pre-school kids. However, you do need to have the right proficiency in English.

There are many websites that exist nowadays, such as VIPKidMagic EarsTutor, and Wyzant, where you can easily create an account and start teaching.


28. Offer Lesson Assistant Service

  • Earning Potential: $10 to $15/hour
  • Skills Needed: Creativity & communication

Lesson assistant is something where you need to demonstrate your creative skills, such as dancing, painting, or instrument playing after the teacher gives theoretical lessons.

Most teachers these days use lesson assistants to let their students understand better on the class. However, you do need to have the right talent in that specific subject to do this job.

Besides, you should also have self-confidence as you may often need to demonstrate your skills in front of a group of new students.


29. Become A Book Reviewer

  • Earning Potential: $50 to $200/book review
  • Skills Needed: Reading & writing

You do need to spend a lot of time every day reading books, don’t you? But, what if I say that there are now several ways available where you can easily get paid to read books and give your review about those books?

Sounds impossible, isn’t it? However, there are now many such platforms that exist where you can get free books to review. But yes, they need objective review rather than bragging about the story itself.

You can try platforms like Online Book Club, which accepts teen members. And there is no doubt that book reviewing is truly among the best jobs for 11-year-olds.


30. Become A Music Reviewer

  • Earning Potential: Up to $5/song review
  • Skills Needed: Music sense & writing

Do you hum the song you last listen to online? Do you want to tell the world how you felt about that particular song? If yes, there are many such platforms that exist where you can get paid to listen to music online.

Yes, all you need is to listen to music before it actually hits the market to tell the creators about the pros and cons. And for that, you will get handsome compensation.

Slice The Pie and Hit Predictor are two such platforms where you can make a profile and start reviewing music to earn money.


After-School Jobs For 11-Year-Olds

Younger teens shouldn’t assign too many work hours, as that can seriously harm their study and progress.

It is best for the younger teens to take after-school part-time jobs. And here are the best jobs for 11-year-olds that they can do after school hours.


31. Become An After-School Babysitter

  • Earning Potential: $10 to $15/hour
  • Skills Needed: Babies handling, care, & patience

Besides newspaper delivery, babysitting is probably the most sort-after profession in the early teen years. And if you zeal well with babies and toddlers, this profession is definitely for you.

However, most parents need babysitters at night to take care of their babies. Besides, you may also need to babysit those toddlers on weekends and holidays.

So, take the necessary permission from your parents before starting this job. And if you land any of the high-paying babysitting jobs, you will make a decent income.


32. Walk Dogs To Earn Money

  • Earning Potential: $10 to $15/hour
  • Skills Needed: Pet handling, pet care, patience

Do you love fur babies? Do you mingle well with our canine friends? If yes, working as a dog walker will be among the best jobs for 11-year-olds to try. And you can easily generate a decent income doing that.

There are several jobs working with animals available where you can spend time with the beloved pooches and kittens. And in return, their owners are ready to pay handsome compensation.

If you are from the United States, Rover is one such platform where you can create a profile and start looking for dog walking opportunities in your locality.


33. Start Pet Sitting / Make A Doggy Crèche

  • Earning Potential: $15 to $20/hour
  • Skills Needed: Pet handling, pet care, & patience

Besides dog walking, you can also open a pet crèche in your backyard to start pet sitting. And nowadays, many parents look for good sitters to look after their pets in their absence.

You need to have a responsible nature to take care of the pets. Besides, you should also have caring nature and also have the skill to handle pets, especially dogs and cats, in the right way.

Even if you don’t have the way to open a dog crèche, you can take any of the best animal rescue jobs that now offer both part-time and full-time opportunities.


34. Start Plant Sitting

  • Earning Potential: $15 to $20/hour
  • Skills Needed: Watering, manuring, & pruning

Besides pets, parents now also look for caring people to take care of their plants in their absence. And, as plants do need some extra care, such as watering and manuring, the financial compensation is also on the higher side.

There are two ways to do it. First, if you want to plant sit small trees or saplings, you can take those from the client’s house and keep them in your backyard to take care of them.

And secondly, if the customer is looking for a person to take care of the bigger trees, you need to physically visit the site every day to take care of them.


35. Offer Car Washing Service

  • Earning Potential: Up to $20/car
  • Skills Needed: Cleaning, washing, & polishing

We all had lent our hands to wash the cars of our parents and grandparents, wasn’t it? And now, you can take this a step forward by starting a mobile car washing service on your own.

And, if you do it in the right way, car washing is truly among the best Jobs for 11-year-olds that can generate a decent income each month. However, you need some special equipment to do this job correctly.

You can easily set up a mobile car washing center in your own garage or backyard. And don’t forget to market your service through your social media handles.


36. Offer Window Washing Service

  • Earning Potential: $10 to $15/hour
  • Skills Needed: Cleaning, washing, & polishing

Like cars, we all love to have clean windows in our houses to revamp the look of our crib. And we all have to do it on our own, especially during our childhood days, to get pocket money.

But now, you can take it a step ahead and start offering professional window cleaning services in your locality. However, laws are quite strict for teens in this segment, as you are not allowed to wash outside windows.

Besides, you are also not allowed to clean the windows of taller buildings and skyscrapers. So, know about your local laws before starting this job.


37. Start House Cleaning Business

  • Earning Potential: $10 to $15/hour
  • Skills Needed: Cleaning, washing, & polishing

When did you last help your mom clean your house? Today? If yes, you are already good at house cleaning and are also ready to take it to a professional level where you can also make money.

You can start offering professional house cleaning services in your own locality. And you can either take a per-hour compensation or can also work on a contractual basis.

But yes, you need to know how to use different soaps and surface cleaners to give a house the right shine it needs. And trust me, it is truly among the highest-paying jobs for 11-year-olds near me.


38. Offer Pool Cleaning Service

  • Earning Potential: $10 to $15/hour
  • Skills Needed: Cleaning, clearing leaves, & chemical level checking

A pool is something that needs to be maintained properly to have decent hygiene, as many people use the same water at the same time. So, many people now resort to professional help to get their pools cleaned.

Although it is a physically laborious job where you need to work outside for long hours, it is among the best jobs that pay more than the usual market rate.

Pool cleaning not only restricts to just clearing the leaves, as you may also need to check and maintain the chlorine level to keep the water level on the safe side.


39. Deliver Newspaper In Your Locality

  • Earning Potential: $10 to $15/hour
  • Skills Needed: Delivery service, fitness, & communication

There is no doubt that newspaper delivery is probably the oldest and most popular profession for teens. We all started our money-making journeys by delivering newspapers to our locality.

And you can easily do this job without jeopardizing your study or school hours, as most newspaper delivery takes place in the early morning. Besides, you can easily do it on your bicycle or hoverboard.

Newspaper delivery is also among the best jobs for 11-year-olds as you can make more money in lesser time, that too with minimal effort. Besides, you can also do this part-time.


40. Become A Baker

  • Earning Potential: $10 to $15/hour
  • Skills Needed: Baking, icing, & decoration

We all love baking, isn’t it? We all love the mouthwatering smells when our mamas bake our favorite pastries and cookies. But how many of you have actually tried your hands on baking?

If you are good at baking and learned the craft by helping your mom, you are ready to take this to the next level and start offering professional baking services.

Start by baking some items and putting photos on your social media accounts to let everyone know you are a good baker. Besides, you can drop some flyers in your locality as well.


High-Paying Jobs For 11-Year-Olds

If you are in desperate need of some quick money to fulfill any of your wishes, such as buying a new game or the kit for your bike, you should always look for jobs that pay better than the market standard.

And here are the highest-paying jobs for 11-year-olds this year.


41. Become A Bike Mechanic

  • Earning Potential: $10 to $15/hour
  • Skills Needed: Repairing, knowledge about bikes, & mechanical skills

Do you tweak and modify your own bike in your garage? Do your friends always resort to you whenever they face some issue with their bikes? If yes, becoming a bike mechanic will be the best profession for you.

However, it is a labor-intensive job where you also need to have knowledge about bikes, parts, and accessories. Besides, you also need to have specialty equipment to do this job.

The best way to do this is to set up a small repair shop in your garage or backyard. Besides, you can provide on-site visits and consultations as well.


42. Offer Yard Maintenance Service

  • Earning Potential: $8 to $12/hour
  • Skills Needed: Cleaning, painting, & maintenance

We all love to maintain our yards to make them look neat. Besides, a maintained yard also boosts the overall look and aesthetic of our house. And for that, many people now resort to professional yard maintenance services.

Yard maintenance covers a lot of different sectors, such as painting, cleaning, cutting trees, pruning, manuring, and a lot more. So, you need to have the right understanding to do it correctly.

However, you are not allowed to operate any heavy machinery, such as a lawnmower or any tool with sharp edges. Besides, you should also know about your local laws.


43. Work As A Gardener

  • Earning Potential: $10 to $15/hour
  • Skills Needed: Watering, pruning, cutting, & manuring

If you don’t want to get your hands dirty while painting and maintaining the yard or garden, you can just stick to gardening to make money. And trust me, gardening is one of the best money-making hobbies that pay.

Besides, it is also among the best jobs for 11-year-olds where they will learn the necessary skills while making their pocket money. However, you do need to have the correct understanding of trees and saplings to do this job correctly.

There are several such YouTube channels and blogs that exist where you can learn about professional gardening skills.


44. Offer Household Assistance

  • Earning Potential: $10 to $15/hour
  • Skills Needed: Cleaning, chopping, & cooking

We all had lent our hands to our parents to make our house looks neat and tidy. And if you are really good at it, you can definitely take this a step forward and start offering a professional house cleaning service.

This job typically starts in the early morning when all the homeowners complete their daily chores before they leave for their work. So, you don’t need to compensate for your study time.

But yes, you do need to know how to use mops to clean, cutters to chop veggies, and also the use of other kitchen tools. And don’t forget to tell the world that you are offering this service through your social media handles.


45. Help Aged People In Your Locality

  • Earning Potential: $10 to $15/hour
  • Skills Needed: Cleaning, grocery shopping, & household services

From grocery shopping to withdrawing cash from ATMs, elderly people do need help in various fields due to their decreased energy levels and physical weakness.

And if you have a caring nature, you can start helping elderly people in your locality for money.

It is also one of the fast and easy ways to earn money each day, as most elderly people take special care of their teen helpers. Besides, you can earn frequent tips as well.

Besides money, you’ll also get mental satisfaction while doing this job as it is a noble duty to help needy people.


46. Take Part In Errand Tasks

  • Earning Potential: $8 to $20/hour
  • Skills Needed: Physical work, communication, & confidence

If you are looking for legal jobs for 11-year-olds but haven’t decided which job to try yet, you can simply start by offering errand services in your locality. And while doing that, you can generate a decent income.

Shopping groceries, helping others to assemble their furniture, distributing flyers, you just name any, and errand services cover everything. And depending on the difficulty level, the per-hour charge significantly increases.

Start by posting on your social media account that you are offering this service. Besides, you also stick a poster of your service in your community centers.


47. Become A Lemonade Salesman

  • Earning Potential: $1 to $3/per glass
  • Skills Needed: Lemonade making, mixing, & selling

You just need three things to become a lemonade salesman; some homemade lemonades, some customers to buy them, and a place where you can sell those tasty and cold lemonades.

If you live in a community, you can set up a lemonade stand right in front of your house or in your driveways. However, don’t forget to post a banner of your lemonade with some catchy price tags.

Besides, you can also put some ads in your local newspaper or use your social media account to let everyone know that you are selling refreshing lemonades from your stand.


48. Become A Shoe Shiner

  • Earning Potential: $10 to $15/hour
  • Skills Needed: Cleaning, polishing, shining, & restoration

We all love to wear clean and shiny shoes, isn’t it? But it is not possible for everyone to shine and clean their own shoes due to time crunch. And for that, they resort to professional services.

If you are good at shoe restoration and polishing, you can take this to a professional level and start offering shoe cleaning and shining services right in your backyard.

Trust me; it is one of the best jobs for 11-year-olds that you can easily do part-time without harming your study schedule. But yes, you do need to have the right understanding of the cleaning and shining agents.


49. Sell Water On Events

  • Earning Potential: $10 to $15/hour
  • Skills Needed: Selling, marketing, & communication

Have you seen the water guys at sports or music events selling cold bottles of water? Yes, you can also start doing this job to earn a decent income each weekend.

All you need is to have some cold-water bottles, a banner displaying the price per bottle, and the confidence to sell those bottles at a large event. And you can also offer soda water and soft drinks besides regular water.

Contact all the event managers and event places in your locality to let them know about your service. Besides, you can contact your community center as well.


50. Offer Snow Removing Service

  • Earning Potential: $10 to $15/hour
  • Skills Needed: Cleaning, shoveling, & snow removing

Snow looks awesome, but it is actually a big headache. And if you live in a colder climate, especially in the Alaskan or Arctic region, you can start offering snow shoveling and snow removing services professionally.

From the car to the terrace, you can clean anything you want and make money. And start advertising your service just before winter to let everyone know about your snow shoveling and cleaning services.

It is also among the jobs that you can do part-time and only on weekends if you want. And it doesn’t need any specialty tools as such.


What Are The Benefits Of Working As An 11-Year-Old?

Working as a teen guy not just gives you financial freedom but will also help you to achieve your bigger goals. However, before you hunt for jobs for 11-year-olds, you should know what the advantages are of starting working early.

  • You’ll learn to multitask and develop skills in different industries.
  • Teens will get required exposure in the real money-making world that will be beneficial in later years.
  • You’ll get confidence and can communicate easily with unknown people.
  • You can get experience certificates from your early jobs that you can reflect on your resume.
  • Younger teens will get the necessary exposure to newer technologies and work culture.
  • You’ll develop strategy-development skills with working on-field.

Besides these six primary advantages, you can also save money for your favorite high school or college if you start working early. Moreover, you don’t need to ask for pocket money from your parents.


How Much Can You Earn As A 11-Year-Old?

Although the hourly income will depend on the industry you indulge in and the skillset you have, most teens nowadays earn more than $10/hour on average. However, the national averages are as follows.

  • 10-year-old: $9.49/hour
  • 11-year-old: $10.43/hour
  • 12-year-old: $11.91/hour
  • 13-year-old: $12.62/hour

These allowances are for part-time jobs without any incentive or bonuses. However, as a teen worker, you will have the opportunity to earn tips and bonuses from your employers.



Although there are many jobs for 11-year-olds that are now available nowadays all over the globe, you should also take up part-time job opportunities.

Besides, you should prioritize your study overwork if you want to make your name in the future. So, never indulge in a full-time job that can harm your study schedule.

So, that’s all for today, folks! If you know about any other job that can fetch at least $10 to $15/hour for an 11-year-old, feel free to drop your suggestions and feedback in the comment box below.



Is it safe for an 11-year-old to work?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to start working as an 11-year-old teen.

However, you need to understand the body language and intentions of your employers and clients to keep yourself safe from any unforeseen circumstances. Besides, you should be aware of your surroundings as well.


Is it even legal for an 11-year-old to work full-time?

No, it is completely illegal to work as a full-time worker if you are 11-year-old.

You are only allowed to do part-time (mostly home-based) jobs without jeopardizing your study schedule. Besides, you are also not allowed to work during your school hours.


Will a working 11-year-old be termed as child labor?

It will completely depend on the type of job you have selected as an 11-year-old.

If you have already indulged in labor-intensive and heavy jobs that need more work hours, you’ll definitely fall under the child labor category. So, it is better to stick to the creative field and choose only those jobs that you can do part-time.


How tough it is for an 11-year-old to get a job?

It is quite challenging to get a job as an 11-year-old, as most companies and organizations nowadays have a strict child labor policy.

So, it is almost certain that you won’t get any full-time job. However, you can start your own business, launch a blog, start a YouTube channel, or publish your writeups to make money.


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