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14 Jobs For Pregnant Women To Work From Home [2024 Updated]

Most women find it difficult to work or commute to their workplace when they are pregnant. It is the time when their body needs a lot of rest from the daily hustles. This is the reason that pregnant women choose to work from home.

However, not all places of work offer work-at-home facilities to their employees. In such cases, women tend to leave their job. Without having to do so, I came up with this article for all the pregnant women who still want to work despite being at home.

If you are somebody who is looking to make an income from home during pregnancy, then this list has some great jobs that are easy for pregnant women to do and also don’t require any physical work.


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Jobs For Pregnant Women

There is no better job for pregnant women to do than an online job. So almost all the jobs that I mention in this list are online ones, and you can do them from the comfort of your couch.

These are mostly time flexible so that you may rest whenever you feel like resting without having to worry about your boss.


1. Become A Writer

Writing is one of the best jobs for pregnant women to do. This is a flexible job that you can freelance and do from your home. You need not work round the clock. You can work whenever it is feasible for you.

There are several ways that you can make money as a writer. The best ways of them are:

  • Write for content generation companies,
  • Write for blogs,
  • Pitch and write articles for different publications,
  • Write your books and self-publish on handles like Amazon kindle

These are some profitable ways of earning through writing.

However, to become a writer, you must need some great skills in language, communication, grammar, etc. If you have all these skills, you are sorted.

To know more about how to handle a freelance writing job and for tips and tricks to become a successful writer, check out this FREE Workshop by Holly Johnson, who earns six figures from this business.


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2. Start Blogging & Make Money From It

If you like the idea of writing, you can do it for yourself and make a lump sum amount by starting a blog. Blogging is a job with the greatest flexibility. And a perfect one for pregnant women. You are your boss here and accountable to no one except you.

The best thing about blogging is you are free to write what you are interested in writing. However, for a successful business, you need to be niche-specific.

Initially, you may not have much income and should spend lots of effort to build your audience. But once you increase your mailing list and have a decent number of audiences, you can start making money through Affiliate marketing and Ads.

There are people like Greg who started a blog as a side hustle and now earn $500,000+ per annum through their blog. Greg has now quit his full-time job too and is spending a balanced life both personally and professionally.

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3. Transcribe Audio Files Into Text

Is the environment at your home peaceful? Can you type fast? Then transcription is also a good job that women can do during pregnancy. This is a hit job in work from home category too. So it can’t fail you even if you are pregnant.

Transcription is nothing but converting an audio file into a written text document. There are different kinds of transcription like:

If you have experience in this field, then I need not suggest anything to you, but if you are a beginner and looking to make this your job during your pregnancy, then it is recommended to take a course before starting.

My friend Janet is offering a free course where you can learn all the basics and practice transcription.

To do this job, you need a lot of concentration, so I suggest that you start your transcription business and choose the clients for yourself so that you don’t have a stressful time working.

To know how to proceed with the idea of your transcription business, read our article What is Transcription? – How To Start a Transcription Business? 

This is for those who are ready to start a transcription business. But if you think you are happy working for a company as a transcriber, then you can find the list of companies that offer work-from-home transcription jobs in this article.


4. Start Virtual Assistant Business

The best jobs are the ones that are done virtually. You need not deal with people directly, and with the internet, your work becomes quick and easy.

I would suggest pregnants opt for this job as Virtual Assistants are in demand for a large number of tasks to be accomplished like:

  • Customer Service
  • Chat Support
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Making phone calls to clients
  • Email management

And many more. With this range of tasks available, you can select anyone that you are eligible for and capable of doing and can start your virtual assistant business.

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A business of your own would give you the flexibility you may not find in working for a company. You are flexible in choosing the clients, fixing schedules, and taking breaks whenever you need them. All these feasibilities make this one of the best jobs for pregnant women to do.

The income potential for this job is also great. Hailey Thomas makes an average of $4,785 per month as a Virtual Assistant. She learned to make profits from this job only in 30 days.

Can’t believe it?

Then try this 30 days course on Virtual Assistant Services by friend Gina Horkey and see it for yourself.


5. Edit or Proofread Content From Home

Are you passionate about words and reading? Can you catch the smallest of things like a hawk? Then try proofreading in your gestation period.

Proofreading is all about finding and marking errors in the text or document given to you. To be a great proofreader, you need to have great grammar and language skills. A bachelor’s degree in English would help you a lot in making you eligible.

You can freelance proofreading for different companies or can start a business of your own. And you know, starting a business is what I recommend to avoid many things you would not like to do as a pregnant.

However, you need some experience and knowledge of doing this job.

What if I say that you can learn all this in just 76 minutes? Sounds insane, right!

But this is true. My friend Caitlin Pyle a successful proofreader who started from scratch like all of us, offers a 76 minutes free workshop to teach all the tips of this job.

So if you are eager and enthusiastic to proofread, join the course here.

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6. Online Teaching/ Tutoring

Are you a teacher and don’t have a work-from-home opportunity in your institution? Then don’t worry; you can still make money using different online teaching opportunities available online.

Though you are pregnant, you can still teach from the comfort of your home by happily sitting in one place. Also, you need not work for the whole day except for 3 to 4 hours a day. 

This is the best deal you can have, especially if you are pregnant so that you can take care of yourself the rest of the time.

Some great online teaching opportunities are teaching English to Chinese kids aged 4-12 years. You can earn nearly $22-$26 an hour doing this job. I would recommend considering this one as it is in great demand and you can easily find an opportunity.

  • VIPKID –  Earn $22 an hour with this online English teaching company.
  • MagicEars – Earn $20-$26 an hour.

These two are the best places where you can apply to teach English online. This special recommendation is because flexibility here is great.

You can also teach other subjects apart from English on platforms like Chegg,, etc.

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These are some of the most productive jobs that you can do from your home during pregnancy easily. They also give job satisfaction that you look for while working from anywhere.

From here, I will be listing a few jobs for pregnant women that are very simple, and you can just relax and relax the whole time doing them. You can consider these if your health is the priority and you are ready to compromise with little earnings.


7. Get Paid For Taking Surveys

Several GPT sites offer people to pay money in return for completing surveys. If you want to work less and make side cash during your pregnancy, then you can consider taking these surveys.

These surveys are easy and less time-consuming. However, these surveys don’t make you rich, neither they are sufficient to make a living. But you can join more than one survey site to make decent cash.

You just need to create an account on these survey sites and register yourself with your mail id to take surveys. They notify you through emails about the latest surveys available, so keep checking the emails to grab all of them before they are gone.

Some of the best survey sites you can join are:

These are some of the best-paying survey sites. Join all of them to make good earnings.

Most of these sites also pay you for doing other simple tasks such as reading emails, referring friends, watching videos and playing games, etc. You can take up these tasks also to make as much money as you can.

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8. Earn By Shopping Through These Websites

Online Shopping is something we frequently do. Now that you are pregnant, you might be thinking of buying a lot of things for your baby to come. You may not even fit into your clothes anymore for which you need to buy new clothes.

So do all this shopping using these GPT websites and earn while you do so. This earning can be in the form of money, gift cards, or cash back. Anyone of them is a profit because we all know that a penny saved is a penny earned.

All these GPT sites partner with eCommerce giants like Walmart, Amazon, etc., to give you quality products.

Some of the sites through which you can shop for these benefits are:

So go shopping in branded stores and get paid for all your bills with these GPT sites. You can also earn by doing other tasks such as playing games, watching videos, etc., with these websites.

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9. Earn By Testing Products 

One more easy job that pregnant women can do easily is testing products. Market research companies help brands and products to be successful by conducting trials and tests before they are released in the market.

For this, they send products to users, asking them to test and write a genuine review. This testing and reviewing process requires just a few minutes, i.e., some 15 to 25 minutes. So try signing up for these market research companies and receive products to test and review.

Some of the best websites that pay for testing products are:

The best thing about these websites is apart from the money you earn for testing a product, you also get to keep the product.

Don’t underrate this offer because the products you get to test range from a simple shampoo to large and expensive products like gadgets, vacuum cleaners, etc.

You can also test websites before they are launched and earn $3 to $60 per test with several platforms.


10. Rent Your Car Out With Getaround

Since you are staying home due to your pregnancy, you might not be using your car frequently. So why not make some passive income with the help of that car?

Rent your car with Getaround and earn money as you relax at home.

Create an account on the Getaround app and list your car along with the time of availability. This app connects car owners and people who want to hire cars for rent.

You can constantly change the pricing and time of availability or remove the listing depending on your convenience.

This app claims that people can make up to $10,000 annually by renting their cars with them. However, this figure may change in different places depending on different factors.

The best part of renting your car with Getaround is you get covered. So your vehicle is in good hands, and you need not worry about allowing others to drive it.

This is one of the best jobs for pregnant women where they have nothing to do except list the car on the app and make great finances.

You can also do this if you have an extra or unused car at home. 


11. Graphics/Web Designer

With many people starting their websites, graphics and web designing have become lucrative jobs and have great growth.

If you would like to have creative satisfaction in the work you do, then this is the best job I can suggest. However, to reap benefits from this job, you need to have skills in Photoshop and other platforms such as WordPress, etc.

You can sell the graphics to web stores or can create unique blog themes and sell them on your online store like Etsy, etc.

This job is docile for pregnant women as they can work whenever they wish to.

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12. Sell Stock Photos

Are you a professional photographer and can’t go to work due to pregnancy? Don’t worry; you can still make money. Get all those photos you clicked and upload them on stock photo websites such as Getty Images and iStock Photos.

Once they are approved after passing their eligibility criteria, your photos will be available for companies and individuals to buy or download. Every time your photo is used by someone, these stock photo websites pay you a royalty fee which is usually around 70% to 85% of the sales.

This is a great way to make money during pregnancy with the help of the work you already did.

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13. Make And Sell Handmade Goods

Are you good at making handmade things? Then use your skill and sell the items online. Making things with your hands is a great stress buster and helps you calm down. Hence this job is much suitable both professionally and personally for pregnant women.

There are several things that you can make and sell from your home. One can earn $1000 – $5000 per month with dedicated hard work using some popular platforms.

Read our full article on Things to Make And Sell Online to have an idea of the whats and hows.


14. Video Editing

One of the creative jobs for pregnant women to do easily is video editing? We often edit videos to post on our social media accounts. If you are creative enough to use these video editing apps, you can make amazing videos.

This creativity will also help you learn to use new video editing software and techniques quickly. So learn to use the best video editing software available in the market, create a few sample videos, and start freelancing by attracting clients with your video samples.

Since videos play a huge role in marketing these days, you will have ample opportunities.

Find freelance video editing jobs on Fiverr and start working from the comfort of your home.


So this is a list of flexible jobs for pregnant women that they can do happily from the comfort of their homes. However, there are many other work-from-home jobs like freelance accountant, social media evaluator/manager, etc.

But they are not suitable for pregnant women to do as they involve a lot of stress and long working hours. If you still want to know about them, you can read our articles on Work At Home Jobs.

Pregnant women require a peaceful time and must be away from the daily grind, so I again emphasize that the jobs mentioned in this article are best, low stress, and resilient for pregnant women.



Comfort is the main thing that pregnant women look for to do any work during this time. Make sure to create a comfortable workplace in your house so that you can work flexibly. 

All the jobs for pregnant women I mentioned in this list allow you to sit and work. Use pillows, couches, or roll-on tables and whatever you are comfortable in for your home office.

I hope you like this article and find flexible jobs to do when you are pregnant and make money happily.


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