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30 Best Jobs That Don’t Drug Test [Jan 2024]

Most companies these days now do drug tests on their new employees to check if they have any intoxication habits or not. However, if you are looking for jobs that don’t drug test, there are plenty of options available that you can try with complete confidence.

All the WFH jobs are free from any drug test, as you don’t work from an office space. However, if you are looking for a white-collar job, you will most likely get screened for banned substances. But there are a few companies that won’t do it.

So, our team of experts has dived deep into the industry and found thirty such unique jobs that won’t do any prescreening on their employees.

But, before we reveal those, let’s understand why most companies now go for a drug test beforehand.


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Why Do Many Employers Now Require Drug Tests?

Before you know which jobs drug test for marijuana, you must know why many companies now conduct a drug test on their prospective employees. Almost 40% to 60% of companies in the USA alone now conduct drug tests before they hire anyone.

And they mainly do it to ensure optimum productivity and also to safeguard any chance of nuisance in the office.

Most companies also do it to avoid any legal complications. You need to remember that if you are found intoxicated during office hours or inside the office premise, it is truly a serious offense, and it can even land you in big trouble.

Most employers in sensitive industries, such as law enforcement, transportation, and healthcare, are likely to conduct a drug test, as is now required by federal law.

It is also done to ensure a positive image of that organization in the public eye. You may not know, but in states like Texas, many safety-sensitive industries will also conduct a nicotine test on you.


10 High-Paying WFH Jobs That Don’t Drug Test

If you don’t want to take up any white-collar job that needs you to visit the office each day, there are several WFH jobs that don’t need drug tests available.

So, our team of experts has filtered ten such work-from-home jobs that don’t need any drug test at all.


1. Blogging

Stop looking for WFH jobs that don’t drug test! Instead, live the dream of making something on your own and then earn money from it.

Blogging is one such profession that can even make you a millionaire if you follow the right path. And becoming your own boss is a satisfaction that nothing can duplicate.

I started the same way seven years back when I had just $10 in my pocket and searched for a legit way to make money. And then, with that bit of money, I launched this blog.

And now, I’m steadily making more than $7k/month on average just from this blog alone. I’ve also given a detailed insight into my latest monthly income report. Do check that!

Although it sounds complicated, you just need three things to launch a blog. First, you need a domain name and a server to host that domain. You must have already known that dedicated hosting will not be going to cost less than $10/month.

But all thanks to Bluehost, you can now get a dedicated uptime for just $2.95/month, that too, with a 99.95% uptime guarantee.

What’s more? This affordable hosting package from Bluehost also comes with a free domain name. So, you don’t need to spend extra money to get one.

And once these two things are sorted, you need just a WordPress theme to make it live. You can also follow our step-by-step guide to set up a blog in less than 30 minutes to do it on your own.


2. Affiliate Marketing

You may not know, but affiliate marketing is one of the most lucrative passive income ideas you can try this year.

And you can earn as much as 20% of the final selling price of any item by marketing those through your affiliate channels.

However, to fetch that kind of money, you definitely need the proper guidance from the right mentor. One of the most successful affiliate marketers of all time, Michelle Schroeder-Gardner, has already cracked the method to earn millions.

And she has already made more than a million dollars from a single blog post on her website selling a single item. Now, she has revealed all those secret tricks in her free mini-course on affiliate marketing.

One of her most recent students, Saira Perl, was earning around $250 to $270 per month on average through her own affiliate channel. And then, she took the free webinar on affiliate marketing and implemented all those tricks. You may not believe it, but she is now making more than $5k/month on average from that same affiliate channel.


3. Amazon FBA Selling

Amazon is not just the most popular eCommerce platform, but there are now several WFH jobs on Amazon available these days where you can also earn a good amount of money.

And if you are in love with this company and also looking for jobs that don’t drug test, you can simply become an Amazon FBA seller to churn a profit from the consumer market.

But, becoming a credible Amazon FBA seller is no easy task, as the competition is pretty stark here. But don’t worry!

The Selling Family has recently launched a comprehensive course to help you make at least $100k/year on average just while working as an Amazon FBA seller. This course has already helped more than 10k students to make more than $10k/month on average.

So, if you are also looking for a legit path to your financial success, you must join this free course to start an Amazon FBA Business.

And not just about adopting the right selling strategy; this course will also teach you to create your own storefront on Amazon. So, don’t waste your time and join this free course right now!


4. Freelance Writing

There is no doubt that writing is not a cup of tea for everyone. Even if you are a good speaker or good at language, you may not be a good writer, as it needs the right creative quotient.

But, if you have that zeal in you, there are several high-paying writing jobs available nowadays where you can easily make around $40 to $50/hour on average.

But to achieve such a height of success, you need to follow the right track shown by the right mentor. Otherwise, all your energies will be on a dime!

Don’t worry; one of the most credible and successful writers, Holly Johnson, is here to help you. She herself is now making more than $250k/year on average just by selling her writing service to several top publication houses.

And now, she has revealed all her secret strategies to make a name in the writing industry. She has also revealed six key strategies to become a successful online writer within a few months. So, don’t waste your time and join this free writing workshop right now.


5. Freelance Proofreading

For any successful publication, writing is just the stepping stone, as it also needs a credible proofreader to accomplish the task in the rightest possible way.

And there are several such high-paying proofreading jobs available nowadays where you can even earn more than any white-collar job. And if you are looking for legit jobs without a drug test, it is also the best option to try.

Having the right grip over language is not all it takes to become a good proofreader, as you also need to learn the inside tricks to get high-paying clients.

And one of the most credible proofreaders right now, Caitlin Pyle, has all the expertise that you need to shine bright in this industry. Recently, she launched her free 76-minute proofreading workshop for budding proofreaders like you.

One of the most recent students, Kim Kyle, recently posted a testimonial video after taking this free workshop on proofreading. She is now making more than $3k/month on average just after taking this course and implanting those strategies. Besides, most of Caitlin’s students are now making $3k to $5k/month on average.


6. Transcription

In transcription, you just need to accurately type what you listen to on your headphone. And from legal proceedings to meeting minutes, transcription services are now necessary for every field you can ever imagine.

And there are now several high-paying transcription jobs available where you can easily make more than $60/hour. But yes, you do need at least 65 WPM typing speed with at least 95% accuracy to become a transcriber.

But, even if you have the typing skill, you may not taste the success that you deserve, as the competition is pretty stark here. And it is really difficult to make a smooth entry into this proofreading industry without having the right mentor.

But don’t worry! With more than 30 years of industry experience, Janet Shaughnessy is here to help budding transcribers like you.

She has already launched a specially curated transcription course to teach how you can successfully earn more than $5k/month on average as a transcriber.

In this 7-lesson free mini-course on transcription, you’ll know about all the minute details you need to take care of to make your name in this industry. So, don’t wait and join fast, as there is a very limited number of free seats available right now.


7. Voiceover

From vlogs to TV commercials, from movies to web series for OTT platforms, credible voiceover artists are now needed in almost every field you can possibly imagine.

Besides, if you want to make money without a job, it is surely among the best way to kickstart your journey. And now, you can easily earn more than $50/hour on average as a voiceover artist.

You need two main things to become a good voiceover artist. First, you need the right voice quality and texture. And second, you need voice modulation skills.

However, these things are not easy to master, especially if you don’t have the right mentor to guide you. But don’t worry! One of Hollywood’s favorite voiceover artists, Julie Eickhoff, is here to help you.

In her newly launched free mini-course on voiceover acting, you’ll not only learn the craft but will also know the inside tricks to bag high-paying clients.

While most voiceover courses can cost you thousands of dollars, this course is completely free for a limited time. So, don’t waste your time and book your slot right now!


8. Online Bookkeeping

All you need is to have an educational background in finance or commerce-related subjects to become an online bookkeeper these days.

However, in this era of digital dominance, you should also have enough proficiency in software like QuickBooks or Tally ERP. And if you have all these skills, there are many high-paying bookkeeping jobs from home that can fetch you at least $60/hour on average.

But you may not be able to bag high-paying clients even after having the right talent, especially if you don’t follow the path shown by the right mentor.

So now, the founder and CEO of, Ben Robinson, has taken an innovative step to help people like you. He has already trained more than 12k students who are now making more than $10k/month on average.

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9. VA Service

As a virtual assistant, you can now offer more than 50 different online services to global clients, such as appointment fixing and data collection.

And if you are looking for jobs that don’t drug test, it is also among the best option to hop for. And there are now several high-paying VA jobs available all over the globe where you can easily earn more than $100/hour on average.

But yes, you do need the right skillset along with the right enthusiasm to become a successful VA. And to do that, you definitely need the guidance of the right mentor.

So, one of the best VA coaches, Gina Horkey, is here to help you. She has recently launched her free Virtual Assistance webinar, where you can learn all the secret knowledge and inside tricks of this industry.

One of her most recent students, Hailey Thomas, took this free VA course a couple of months back. And within just 38 days, she landed her first-ever VA job with an international client. And now, she is making more than $5k/month on average. So, don’t wait, and join this brilliant course right now.


10. Flipping

In flipping, you need to buy sell-worthy items at a discounted price and then sell it for a higher amount to earn profit from the deal.

And you can get several cheap items from the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales on eBay, Walmart, and Amazon. Besides, you can also buy budget items in discounted holiday deals from these eCommerce sites.

It is better to make a Wishlist on popular eCommerce sites like AmazonWalmart, and Target to get items at a lower price whenever they are available. However, you need to take the right path to maximize your profit from the flipping business.

So, the owners of Flipper University, Rob and Melissa Stephenson are here to help you kickstart your journey. They have recently launched a free workshop on flipping to help enthusiastic flippers like you.

This couple has already trained more than thousands of students who are now regularly making more than $10k/month on average.

Besides, many of them even started their own six-digit earning businesses as well. So, don’t wait, and join this free flipping course right now before it is too late.


Easy Traditional Jobs That Don’t Drug Test In 2024

If you are looking for easy jobs that don’t drug test, there are now plenty of options available in every corner of this blue planet.

And to help you, we have already filtered ten such jobs that don’t require any drug screening.


11. Online Teaching

Especially in eastern Asian countries, such as Japan and China, the demand for credible English teachers is rapidly rising. And now, there are several ways to get paid to teach English online if you have the right language skills.

Besides, if you have the right educational background, you can easily fetch at least $60/hour on average.

You just need a bachelor’s degree in English along with a year of teaching experience to get high-paying online teaching jobs. However, most of these jobs will need you to work at night hours due to time zone differences.

There are now several unique platforms available, such as VIPKid, Magic Ears, Tutor, and Wyzant, where you can open a free account and kickstart your journey as an online teacher.


12. Computer Programming

If you are looking for high-paying jobs without any drug tests, you should definitely become a computer programmer. As a programmer, you need to develop programs, analyze the algorithms, fix the source codes, and debug the system.

Most programmers these days now work from remote locations. And for that, a drug test is not a necessary thing in this field. However, you can now easily make more than $66k/year on average as a credible programmer.


13. Web Designing

Web designing is also among the best jobs that don’t drug test these days. And in the era of online domination, the demand for credible web designers is also increasing. So, you won’t face any shortage of job availability in this field.

While most web designers are now working from their homes to boost their productivity, there are several best platforms to get paid to test websites also available that can easily fetch you more than $50/hour on average.


14. Graphic Designing

Graphic designing is one of the best vocational skills that you can have this year to bag a high-paying job.

And from print media to digital media, the demand for skilled graphic designers is almost everywhere. Those companies are even ready to pay more than $50k/year.

There are ample jobs available in the publication and corporate sectors. Besides, if you want to work as a freelancer without leaving the comfort of your home, there are now many freelance graphic designing jobs also available.


15. IT Consultancy

Almost all the jobs that don’t drug test mainly come from the IT field. And if you work as an IT consultant, it is beyond question. As a consultant, companies will hire you to point out the bugs and errors in their IT infrastructure.

And in return, they are ready to pay you more than $75k/year on average. Besides, most companies that now hire IT consultants also assure several other added advantages, such as paid off, incentives, and a lot more.


16. Photography

You need some good photography equipment and great photography skill to become a high-paying photographer. While you can work in any publication company and media house, you can also start your own and work as a freelance photographer.

There are several legit websites to sell photos online available where you can also sell your photos and make money. Besides, you can also make a fortune if you try to sell your creativity on platforms like Getty Images, Shutterstock, Alamy, and 500px.


17. Retail Sales

Retail salesman, sales agent, and cashier; all these three job profiles come under retail sales. And as a retail sales expert, you can get jobs in grocery stores, gas stations, and even dollar stores. But you do need to have excellent communication skills to succeed in this industry.

Right now, you can expect to make around $31k to $35k/year on average as a retail salesman. And there are companies like Target, Whole Food, and Petsmart that don’t do drug tests on their new employees.


18. Video Game Testing

If you are a gen-z and looking for jobs that don’t drug test, you should start your venture in the field of video game testing.

It will not just earn you money, but you can also do what you seriously love to do. And if you are good at it, you can easily make more than $60k/year.

You can now also kickstart your video game career from your home, as there are several game testing companies that now provide this opportunity to talented teenagers.


19. Massage Therapist

Due to our sedentary lifestyle and heavy workload, more and more people are now resorting to rejuvenating massage sessions. And for that, the demand for good massager is also rising. However, you do need a license to start your journey in this industry.

Becoming a professional massager and starting your own massage shop are also among the proven ideas to become your own boss. And you can easily make more than $50 to $60/hour on average in this industry.


20. Makeup Artist

Not just in showbiz, the demand for good makeup artists (MUA) is now everywhere, as more and more beautiful ladies are now trying their services. It is also among the best money-making hobbies where you can easily make more than $100/hour on average.

And if you take this to the next level and prove your creativity, you can even charge up to $5k/sitting. Besides, there are several makeup artists available in Hollywood who are literally millionaires. However, this profession does need some initial investment.


High-Paying Jobs That Don’t Drug Test Now

Not just the basic jobs, there are now several high-paying jobs that don’t drug test also available in the global market. So, our team has dived deep into the industry and filtered ten such jobs for you.


21. Journalism

Journalism is truly among the best jobs that don’t drug test. As a journalist for any media house or publication, your primary duty will be to collect news and cover a wide array of stories. Besides, you can also choose any stream like sports journalism or page-3 journalism.

You can expect to make around $52k/year on average as a newbie in this field, which can rise to $150k/year as you gather experience. Besides, there are now several websites to get paid to write also available where you can show off your journalism skills.


22. Real Estate Agent

Real Estate is one of the best physical assets to buy, no doubt about that! But, do you know what is even more lucrative? Becoming a real estate agent! Yes, as a real estate agent, you can earn around $100k to $120k/year on average.

From appointment booking with the owner to prepare the final contract, the responsibility of a real estate agent covers several things. However, you need to have great communication and negotiation skills to make your name in this industry.


23. Automobile Sales

The automobile market is booming all over the globe, as more and more people are now buying their personal commutes.

And if you want to know if do trade jobs drug test, automobile sales are the one that definitely has this provision.

Besides having great communication skills, you need to have the prowess to convince and influence your customers as well. And as an automobile salesman, you can expect to make around $42k to $45k/year on average.


24. General Contractor

If you are looking for ways to start a business without any investment, you should become a general contractor.

Besides, you can also take up jobs in several companies as well. Other than a lucrative salary, you’ll also get incentives and several other benefits as well.

As a general contractor, you can expect to make around $40k/year on average as a newbie in this field. And as your experience increases, you can even bag up to $85k/year.


25. Event Planning

Event planning is one of the most lucrative jobs that don’t drug test these days. To shine in this field, you should be capable of multitasking and also bear immense pressure on the actual event date. Besides, you should have excellent networking skills as well.

If you take up any job in an event planning company, you can expect to make around $53k to $55k/year on average. And if you kickstart your own company, you can even cross the six-digit barrier.


26. Chef/Cooking

Many people have already asked us, do restaurants drug test employees or not. No, most restaurants don’t do it. And you can easily become a chef in any restaurant if you have the right culinary skills. Not just that, there are now even options available to get paid to eat these days.

You can expect to make around $30k to $40k/year if you take up a job in any mid-range restaurant. And if you are eyeing a five-star one, you can easily make more than $60k/year.


27. Restaurant Manager

Yes, chefs and waiters are not the only people that run the show in any restaurant. The restaurant manager is a position that coordinates each task in a restaurant. And if you have the knowledge of multitasking, it is the best job for you.

You can expect to make around $50k to $60k/year on average as a credible restaurant manager. However, having a bachelor’s degree in hotel or hospitality management is necessary to get into this job.


28. Dog Walking

Who doesn’t love fur babies? But do you know that dog walking is among the jobs that don’t drug tests? Yes, you take up this job without any worry and without any certification or degree at all.

You can expect to make around $25/dog per walk. So, if you take four dogs at once, a walking stint can fetch you around $100 on average. Besides, there are now many jobs working with animals available worldwide that can earn you much more.


29. Pet Sitting

If you are not happy with just walking the dogs, you can start pet sitting to take care of our beloved pooches and kittens in the absence of their parents. And you just need love and compassion towards those animals to kickstart your journey in this industry.

You can either create your own pet crèche or can start working in any established pet crèche. And for that, you can easily earn more than $20/hour. Besides, there are many animal rescue jobs also available these days that can fetch you more than that.


30. Housekeeping

Housekeeping is a thing that we all tried hands-on during our childhood days, as we all grew up helping our parents with daily chores. But now, you can take this a step forward and start giving professional housekeeping services locally.

This is a hardworking job that needs strength and endurance. So, be ready to work hard. However, you can now easily make more than $15/hour on average as a credible housekeeper. But don’t forget to market your services through your social media handles.


Best Companies That Don’t Do Drug Test In 2024

You may not know, but there are several such companies that exist all over the world that don’t require any drug test at all.

So, we have filtered five such companies that now offer jobs that don’t drug test.


1. Google

The name “Google” is all that it needs to provoke immense interest in anyone looking for an IT job, as it offers one of the best salary packages you can ever think of. However, this company has adopted a west-coast style approach to making their employees happy.

And for that, they never drug-test their employees. However, you can’t consume any illegal substances on the office premises. On a different note, there are now even ways available to get free Google Play money from this company itself.


2. Apple

Apple is the first company to touch the trillion-dollar mark. And after the inauguration of their one-of-a-kind new head office, the “Ring,” it instantly became one of the most desired places to work on. However, this company also doesn’t drug test their employees.

Although they don’t usually test for drug abuse, you may need to undergo screening if your responsibilities are compromised. And if you come positive, you may also need to face disciplinary actions.


3. Microsoft

Microsoft is a company that is known by most people, as almost all of us have grown up using their operating systems. However, it is also among the best companies that now offer one of the best salary packages in the IT industry. And what’s more, it also doesn’t drug test.

Bill Gates was once asked if Microsoft would conduct drug tests on their employees. And in return, he jokingly said doing that would lose many of their senior employees in the company.


4. Amazon

Working for Amazon is also among the best jobs that don’t drug test. As it is one of the most prominent eCommerce players in the current consumer market, this company also offers industry-standard packages to all its employees.

However, taking up a job in the Amazon office is not the only way to make money with this company, as there are now many ways available to make money on Amazon. And most of these jobs will easily earn you more than $25/hour.


5. Starbucks

Starbucks is the place where we all love to visit when we have dire need of a great cup of coffee. It is also among the best-known companies that don’t conduct any kind of pre-employment drug tests. However, taking illegal substances on the premises is strictly banned.

This company mainly takes young and energetic people on its team. And they offer around $20 to $25/hour on average. Besides, you’ll also get other benefits, such as 401(k) and paid vacations.


How To Know If A Company Drug Tests?

It will be an embarrassing situation if you think a job won’t do a drug test, and then you have to undergo a drug screening. So, it is better to check the job profile beforehand. And to do it, there are three main ways to follow.

  • Check For The Job Ad: Check the job advertisement or announcements in detail. Most companies declare if they conduct any drug tests on their employees. If not, look for the hiring process.
  • Ask The Company Representative: If you don’t get any mention of a drug test in the interview announcement or in the job profile, you can directly ask for it from the HR of that company.
  • Search Online: If you don’t get an answer from the HR department, look for the online forums and previous reviews of the employers to know if the company takes a drug test.



Even if any company doesn’t drug test their employees during the hiring process, they may conduct a test on you if you act or look mischievous during your work.

And if you fail those tests, you are most likely to get fired. Besides, you shouldn’t consume any banned substances on any office premises.

So, there are all the jobs that don’t do drug tests these days. If you think we have missed any job profiles or if you know any other job profiles that generally don’t do it, don’t forget to drop your suggestions and feedback in the comment box below.



What jobs are least likely to drug test?

Almost all the WFH jobs, such as writing, proofreading, and even taking surveys, won’t require any drug test.

And if you are looking for a full-time white-collar job, you should try becoming a chef, restaurant manager, accountant, IT consultant, and programmer, as these jobs won’t generally conduct any drug tests.


What jobs are most likely to drug test?

Most of the jobs in hospitals or in the healthcare sector will require a drug test.

Besides, high-responsibility jobs, such as pilot or locomotive driver, also require you to undergo a drug test. If you look for defense services, most of the jobs in this sector will likely conduct a drug test.


Do they drug test at Home Depot?

Yes, as a part of the hiring process, Home Depot conduct a drug test on each of their prospective employees.

The drug test is generally followed by the initial interview round to check if you are suitable for their jobs or not. And failing that test will definitely close all the gates.


Do they drug test at Dollar General?

No, Dollar General stores won’t do any drug tests on their prospective employees during the hiring process or during the interview rounds.

However, if you act suspiciously during your job, they are likely to conduct a drug test on you to check your current status.


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