61 Legitimate Work From Home Jobs That Pay $25 An Hour In 2021

Earlier earning income was majorly only through full-time jobs. There were very few part-time jobs if someone wanted a side income. Later with this fast-paced world emerged a lot of job opportunities such as full-time, part-time, work-from-home, freelancing, and remote jobs, etc.

Of all these work from home jobs attracted a lot of pursuers but again fewer opportunities were the problem.

But recently there has been a great surge for jobs that you can do from your place due to the great benefits and chances it is offering.

Now that the manpower is in so demand in every field, there has been a great wave of jobs created. Of these work from home jobs occupy a large place.

However, it is not easy to find a credible work from home job that can pay you well. So here I’m up with this article where you can find some legitimate remote/work from home jobs that can pay up to $25 an hour.

Go through all of them because I don’t want you to miss the right opportunity with hasty reading.


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Legitimate Work From Home Jobs That Pay $25 An Hour

Companies are expanding their work area by offering work from home jobs in various specializations. There are several jobs in every field that you can do from home or any other corner of the world. 

Work-from-home jobs are majorly offered for works such as customer service, transcription, online tutoring, etc. To know what kind of work home jobs are available you can read this article.

Now let us quickly jump on to know all the legitimate companies that offer work-from-home jobs that pay up to $25 an hour.


1. Working Solutions

Working Solutions is a US-based company that provides different services such as telemarketing, remote agents, and CRM solutions. They offer remote jobs in all these categories. You can choose to work in any of these services from any location. On successful registration, you will be provided free training.

You will be paid for each project and your pay rates can be up to $30 per hour(depends on the project).


2. American Express

This customer service company provides work-from-home jobs only for those living in the US. This company is suitable for you if you are ready to work for a minimum of 40 hours a week.

For beginners, they pay about $16 per hour. Once your association with American Express becomes standard you can earn up to $28 per hour.


3. Brighten Communications

This company offers independent contracts for telemarketing. You need to be US-based to get this contract.

You also need to have a landline phone that offers long-distance phone services to do the business calls. With Brighten Communications, you can earn up to $18 per hour.


4. Arise

This is one of the famous companies in the US that offers contract-based customer service jobs. The flexibility of working in this company is great as you get to work as much as you want and wherever you want to work.

Pay rates at Arise vary depending on the client and the project assigned. You will be paid somewhere around $10-$20 per hour.


5. NexRep

This company hires individuals to work from home by taking inbound and outbound calls. You do these tasks in the position of customer service agents or a sales representative. NexRep payments are commission-based. This job pays you up to $25 per hour.


6. TranscribeMe

If you are interested in transcription then TranscribeMe is here offering some remote transcription jobs. But you need to qualify for a test on transcription to work with them.

This company pays up to $20 per hour for a transcription project. You will be paid weekly via Paypal for completing a project.


7. Rev

This is also a transcription company that offers you remote transcription jobs on qualifying for a test. Rev pays you between $24-$39 per audio hour.


8. Quicktate

If you are new to transcription then working with this company would be a great learning experience. Quicktate hires newcomers to transcribe short audio messages. You will be 1 cent for every four words you transcribe through PayPal every week.


9. Time Etc

Time Etc is a virtual assistant service provider for small entrepreneurs and companies. This company offers virtual assistant jobs for which you will be paid up to $16 per hour. You must be ready to work for a minimum of 5 hours a week.


10. 3 Play Media

This company offers transcribing services to its clients. It gets all the transcribing work done solely by the home-based transcriptionists. So you are gonna definitely find a job here. 3 Play Media requires you to have a foot pedal and transcribing software on your PC. 

Like every transcribing company, you will be hired after qualifying for a test. This job pays up to $25 per hour.


11. Appen

This company improves data used for the development of machine learning and artificial intelligence products. To collect this information it hires social media evaluators to work from home.

Appen will provide training on the set of guidelines you need to follow to do the evaluation work. Once you are done you can receive over $13 per hour to work.


12. Lionbridge

Lionbridge hires search engine evaluators to access the search engine. It hires independent contractors from the US, Canada, Brazil, Denmark, and Norway.

If you have experience in search engine evaluation and are from one of these countries then this opportunity is open for you. You need to qualify in a two-step recruitment process to work with Lionbridge. You will be paid weekly at a pay rate of $13-$16 per hour.


13. Chegg

This is an online tutoring company where you can work as an online tutor. You are free to work on your terms in this company. Chegg initially pays its tutors $20 per hour. Some of the tutors here earn up to $1000 per month.

14. Manhattan Prep

This is an American test preparation company that helps students to prepare for competitive exams like GRE, GMAT, LSAT, etc. To provide services to the students this company hires online teachers. Manhattan Prep pays its teachers as much as $100 per hour.


15. A Pass Educational Group

This company develops customized content, including courses, lesson plans, assessment tests, etc to help students online in their subjects. It offers work from home jobs of educational subject matter experts. 

A Pass Educational Group pays between $20-$30 per hour for this job.


16. Belay Solutions

This is the leading Virtual staffing company for small to large organizations. It hires virtual assistants to work from home. Apart from virtual assistant jobs it also offers bookkeeping jobs.

Belay Solutions offer $18 per hour of work.


17. Boldly

This is a remote-first, employee-focused company that contributes to amazing businesses. Boldly allows its employees the freedom to work remotely on their schedules. However, you are expected to work at least 20 hours a week.

It mainly offers virtual assistant jobs and pays them up to $20 per hour.


18. Virtual Office Temps

This is a virtual staffing and recruiting firm. It hires remote virtual assistants and sends them to their clients for work. It offers different services such as clerical support, sales support, management, etc.

Virtual Office Temps pays its VAs between $10-$35 depending on the projects assigned.


19. ShowMojo

This is a holistic platform that automates the leasing process for residential real estate investors and property managers across North America. 

ShowMojo hires virtual assistants for different jobs such as sales manager, automation expert, etc to work from home. These jobs pay about $20 per hour.


20. 10UP

It makes finely crafted websites and tools for content creators. Their clients include some big brands like Microsoft, Adobe, ESPN, etc.

This company gives its employees a chance to work remotely. There are seasonal openings for jobs such as web designers, engineers, etc. 10UP pays its employees around $20 per hour.


21. Art Logic

This company occasionally hires system developers to work from home. If you are excellent at coding and are interested to work from home then this opening is for you.

Art Logic pays around $20 per hour respective to the job.


22. SitePen

This is an enterprise-level software development company that focuses on building web applications. If you are techno-savvy looking for remote jobs then this company has great openings for you.

SitePen hires Javascript engineers, project managers, software engineers, etc. You will be paid around $85K per annum which is up to $20 per hour.


23. Github

This a hosting company for software development that has regular openings for posts such as full-stack developers, etc. Github allows its employees to work remotely and pays them over $60K per annum depending on the designation.


24. Carenet

Are you qualified in the medical field and want to work from home?  Carenet hires registered nurses for telephone triage. One can do this job over the phone from anywhere. This job pays you up to $25 an hour.


25. Circle Link Health

This is a best in class Tele-nursing platform that hires only certified and licensed health practitioners. They offer great remote, part-time, freelance, or flexible jobs. Circle Link Health pays $20 per hour for every work-from-home employee.


26. Amphion Medical

This company has been recently acquired by iMedX. They hire remote employees for different jobs such as medical transcription, medical coding, and other services such as consulting, etc.

To work with them you need to be certified with at least one year of working experience. All these positions that they offer are jobs that pay $25 an hour or more(depends on several factors).


27. nThrive

This is a Patient-to-Payment Revenue Cycle Solutions that offer innovative health solutions and empower health systems to thrive.

This incredible company hires coders with medical programming knowledge to work from home. There are other jobs such as medical billing, account receivable services, managerial support, etc.

nThrive pays its remote employees between $20-$30 per hour.


28. Humana

This is a for-profit health insurance company. It hires customer service professionals to provide guidance to internal and external customers. You can work remotely in this position.

In this job with Humana, you can earn anywhere between $15-$18 per hour.


29. American Journal Experts

This is a research publication company that offers industry-leading English editing and Author services. If you are curious to edit or proofread then this company has some great remote jobs to offer.

You can find occasional openings for remote translators and editors on the American Journal Experts Website. These jobs can roughly pay you around $20 per hour.


30. Scribe Writing/Book in a Box

Scribe Writing formerly called Book in a Box is a publishing house that helps writers to turn their ideas into a professionally published book.

It occasionally hires editors, book jacket designers, and proofreaders to work remotely. They pay all these virtual posts somewhere around $20 per hour.


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31. Language Service Associates

This is an online translation company that offers a full range of language translation services and language interpretation services to companies across the globe. It hires online translators and interpreters to work remotely with US jurisdiction.

Language Service Associates pays its contractors an average of $20 per hour.


32. Rosetta Stone

This is an education technology software company that develops language, literacy, and brain-fitness software. This company hires language coaches. You can work with them from any corner of the world because they offer services in various languages.

To secure a job in Rosetta Stone you must be fluent in many languages apart from American English. The pay ranges to about $17 per hour.


33. Buffer

This is a software application for the web and mobile that manages accounts in social networks. It helps users to schedules posts, analyze, and engage with their community on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Buffer offers fully remote jobs in different positions such as web developers, engineers, and customer support staff. One can make a decent amount of $20 an hour working with this company.


34. Testing Time

This is a website testing company that offers remote jobs to people across the world. To work with them you need to have a Skype account and must be ready to work for 90 minutes per day. Testing Time pays $50 for each survey or study made. Payments are made weekly.


35. User Testing

This is also a website or an app or product or service testing company that pays users to test their services in a realistic user environment. To work with them as a tester you need to qualify for a sample test. You can earn up to $15 per 20 minutes.

User Testing pays up to $60 per test.


36. Resume Edge

This company offers services such as crafting a stand-out professional resume. Apart from resume writing it also provides editing services. If you are curious about words and writing then this is a perfect company for you to work with. 

Resume Edge hires freelance writers who can provide them essays and resume writing services. You can earn between $25-$40 for each resume.


37. Crawford Media Services

It is a US-based premier  ADR facility for feature films, television commercials in the south. They also feature premier dubbing and mixing stages in Atlanta.

Crawford Media Services provide seasonal and occasional remote jobs in meta-data writing, SE optimization, and tagging.  You can earn up to $18 per hour depending on the task assigned.


38. CrowdSource

From quick and easy tasks such as tagging a picture to major jobs like writing and editing articles, there are hundreds of remote jobs available at CrowdSource. This company solves large-scale content creation and data problems quickly and efficiently. 

You will be paid $15 per hour for a simple task and $30 per hour for a complex task after completing it. So practically these are jobs that pay $25 an hour.


39. Stitch Fix

This is a US-based online personal styling service that also offers door delivery of your clothing needs. If you are interested in styling and have hands-on skills then Stitch Fix is a proper place for you to work.

This company hires individuals to share fashion tips with the clients on their website. If you see this is completely a remote job which can do from anywhere. It offers a pay of $16 per hour for this job.

You must be 18+ and must be ready to attend their off-site training before starting the job.


40. ETS

It is one of the world’s largest non-profit educational testing and assessment organization. You will be paid up to $20 per hour if you score tests from different educational institutions. However, the payment can vary depending on the tests.

ETS pays monthly twice via checks.


41. Magoosh

It is an online test preparation and study abroad counseling company. If you are a BA or BS holder with good scores as well as teaching experience in GRE, GMAT, SAT then you are looking at the right openings.

Magoosh hires online test prep experts to help students prepare for the above-said competitive exams. For weekdays you will be paid $20 per hour and $25 perhour on weekends.


42. SpectraMedi

This is a medical transcription company that offers multiple full-time and part-time medical billing and transcription jobs. SpectraMedi looks for certified health practitioners for any job. This job pays more than $16 per hour.


43. ACD Direct

This is one of the leading companies that provide call center management services to the world’s largest companies. It offers jobs with remote, part-time, or freelance options in which you need to answer calls for their clients. ACD Direct pays between$0.25-$0.30 per minute talk which rounds up to $18 per hour.


44. Contract World

This is a unique website that links you to the world of work at home customer service jobs. It recruits individuals for business biggies like KFC, Pizza Hut, Shopping Network, etc. To work with them you require a phone line, reliable internet connectivity, and a webcam on your PC.

You can find jobs that pay $25 an hour on the Contract World website.


45. Pleio

Pleio is a practical adherence support system that helps patients improve their medication routine. It hires individuals to call patients and remind them to take their medicines. To work with them you need to go through a mock call test. This is a fully remote job that pays you somewhere between $15-$20 per hour.


46. Blue Zebra Appointment

This is an appointment setting company that provides quality B2B appointment setting services for professionals in different fields. This company hires appointment setters to telecommute. They have jobs that pay $25 an hour(depending on the level of experience and expertise)

Blue Zebra Appointment hires only those who are residents of the US and Canada.


47. Neiman-Marcus

This is an American chain of luxury department stores. It hires customer service support staff based in Dallas to work remotely. Neiman-Marcus pays between $11-$16 per hour to their customer care staff.


48. Market Research

The best way to earn money from the comfort of our home is to participate in Market Research. There is a long list of market research companies that pay you for doing tasks as easy as watching videos, playing games, taking surveys, etc. 

Read this article below to know about the market research companies that can help you earn about $300 per month.

4 Legit and High Paying Survey Sites for Everyone in 2021.


49. Course Hero

It is an educational technology website that runs an online platform to help students with course-specific study resources. This company hires online tutors for different subjects to create videos and answer the students’ questions.

You need to show expertise in teaching rather than certificates and experience to work with Course Hero. You can earn up to $300-$500 per week.


50. Education First

This is an international education company that offers language training, educational travels, academic degree programs, and cultural exchange. They hire experienced English teachers with a TEFL certification and a bachelor’s degree based in the US and UK.

Education First pays up to $20 per hour and bonuses for taking extra classes.

Also, Check: Education First Review- Teach ESL Online and Earn $20/Hr.


51. Gramlee

Gramlee is an editing company where you can find work from home proofreading and editing jobs. They pay around $12-$18 per hour.


52. VIPKid

This company hires individuals with a bachelor’s degree in any field and with any teaching experience to help kids learn conversational English. Once you get recruited after qualifying in the mocks, you will get to earn around $14-$22 per hour at VIPKID.

Read: VIPKid Review: Extra $2000/Month Side Hustle or Another Scam?


53. Apple

Apple hires at-home advisors based in the US and Australia to handle technical calls for their products. To do this job you need to have good knowledge of their products and good communication skills. These are the jobs that pay $25 an hour(relies on various factors).


54. Cambly

This is an online English teaching platform that requires online tutors who are native English speakers. Cambly pays around $10 per hour.


55. Amazon

Amazon, the e-commerce giant employs US-based individuals for seasonal work-at-home call center and customer service roles. This is a good option for part-time work and one can earn around $15 per hour.


56. WorldLingo

This is an online translation company that hires freelance translators. You need to have a professional translation experience and a bachelor’s degree to get hired. If you are bilingual then this job with WorldLingo can pay you an industry-standard rate of around $15-$20 per hour.


57. VerbalizeIt

This company also offers online translation jobs to individuals from any corner of the world. VerbalizeIt pays an average rate of $6 per hour.


58. SmartBrief

This is a business news website that hires editors to curate top stories for their website. You must be US-based and have prior experience in the field of editing to work as a freelance editor for them. Smart Brief pays its editors around $36K-$66K per annum.


59. Vipdesk

Vipdesk is a customer care company that hires US-based customer service representatives to attend customer calls, chats, and emails. This job pays up to $18 per hour.


60. Speechpad

This is a transcription company and hires transcribers from around the world. Speechpad allows you to pick projects on your own. They pay $15 an hour.


61. The Chat Shop

This company hires agents globally to chat with their customers online. You need to undergo a paid training before working with The Chat Shop. They pay is $10 per hour.


This is a big list of jobs that pay $25 an hour curated especially for you. You can find work from home jobs from job boards like Flexjobs, Fiverr, etc. but I made it simple to you by listing them all together here.

You can also do some credible businesses from your home like blogging, bookkeeping to earn a six-figure income.



A few of the above-mentioned companies might not be hiring now but will surely throw openings every once in a while. Bookmark this post to keep it handy and suggest to your friends and family to easily search for jobs here.

I hope you find the right work from home job for you from the above list.


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