20 Flexible Part-Time Jobs That Pay $40 An Hour

Are you thinking of making extra money as a part-timer? Luckily, there are many part-time jobs that pay $40 an hour and make your life easy.

In today’s life, there are people who are struggling with life to earn a healthy income. As a tip, I can firstly suggest you try your hobbies. Your valued hobbies will also let you earn income accordingly.

Let us get quickly start the list which will introduce you to some flexible part-time jobs that will pay around $40 per hour or more.

Before going to the list, let’s see the benefits of these part-time jobs.


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Advantages of Jobs That Pay $40 an Hour

Want to work alone? Bored to go office daily? Or any other issues stopping you from doing a job? Here you have zero worries. Let’s see the major advantages of these high-paying jobs.

  1. Time flexibility (work whenever you want).
  2. Most of these jobs have no age restrictions.
  3. High pay rates ($40 – $50 an hour).
  4. More family time & save on costs.
  5. No monthly targets and less stress.

That’s all the benefits of these part-time jobs. Are you excited to start your dream jobs? Check the list and find the best job that fits your skill-set and lifestyle.


Flexible Part-Time Jobs That Pay $40 an Hour


1. Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is one of the most profitable online businesses these days. The demand and pay rates are also high for freelance writers.

There are many freelance websites that are full of writing jobs and are loaded with writing games for blog articles.

For a good amount of earning, this is considered as one of the best part-time jobs. The companies basically hire writers based on projects available.

Basic Requirements

  • Must have good writing skills with communication skills.
  • If you are bilingual, it is considered an asset.
  • Self-marketing skills or self-starting skills are important.
  • A good computer or a laptop is needed.

Expected Pay: Depending on your skills and techniques you can pocket around $30 -$50 per article as a beginner and $100 – $1500 per article if you are an experienced writer.

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2. Makeup Artist

Becoming a Makeup artist is another great way to build your career from home. You can charge hourly or per person.

All you need to know is a creative way of playing around with your makeup palette or makeup techniques.

It is a proven fact that a makeup artist is the one who is paid a high industry of cosmetology.

Let it be weddings or balls or black tie events, makeup is an essential part for both males and females.

Basic Requirements

  • A course to attain a certificate from one of the cosmetology schools.
  • Experience in the related field will let you earn a high income.
  • Shift to metro cities, to have bright opportunities.

Expected Pay:  Earn around $13 to $60 depending upon your experience.


3. Sharing Opinions & Reviewing Products

Well, sharing your opinions with survey companies & reviewing new products doesn’t give you a steady pay rate. But You can still earn some decent bucks by spending your free time on these sites.

There are some genuine companies that pay you well to take surveys and doing your daily online activities through their app or website. Generally, these activities are small tasks like watching videos, playing games, reading emails, reviewing products, and shopping online.

To maximize your earnings in your free time, join the below platforms that are paying high in the industry.

  • Survey Junkie: is one of the popular platforms to get paid to share your valuable opinions. This company has a 4.5/5 stars rating on Trustpilot and 5 million active users. You can pocket around $3-$75 per survey you complete. Signup now and start working.


  • Vindale Research: Up to $50 per survey (official info). $1 signup bonus. This website has so many positive testimonials and ratings. It also pays you to watch videos, read emails, refer friends, and more. Check more details and sign up now for Vindale Research.


  • InboxDollars: Get paid to watch videos, shop online, take surveys, and more. This website alone paid $57 million till now to its users. Trustpilot rating 4.5/5 stars. Read more reviews and sign up for InboxDollars (US) | InboxPounds (UK)  |  DailyRewards (Canada).


  • PinCone Research: Earn up to $3- $5 per survey and $5 – $7 per product review you submit successfully. Pinecone Research is one of the high-paying survey platforms that everyone must give a try. Find more details and complete your joining here.


  • OpinionCity: The website is unique. It connects you with all high-paying survey sites. Instead of searching multiple websites, you can browse all the high-paying survey offers in one place. Sign up for OpinionCity today and earn up to $100 per survey.

Now you have 4 best paying survey platforms to keep yourself busy in your downtime. You can join anyone or everyone to make more from your phone or computer.

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4. Software Developer

On a real basis, most of the software developers are part-time job-holders. They actually work on a project basis with other technical jobs they usually handle.

If you are a creative person then this can be a good platform to highlight the opportunity and to earn income that is of your choice or hobby.

  • A laptop or computer with a high-end configuration.
  • Technical knowledge, coding skills, programming languages, and UI designing are important.
  • Having a degree related to the field is helpful.

Expected Pay: Software developers get paid in both product-based or service-based. On average, this job will make you around $20 – $50 per hour. You have to negotiate the payment with your client when it is product-based.


5. Tutoring

People who are ready to provide academic help for students are really in high demand.

Whether it will be for pre-primary students or higher education students, the demand for new online tutors is high.

Students need to depend upon the level of tutors and for the test. For preparations like SAT or Grad School entrance exams, the amount you can earn through it is high.

  • Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree is mandatory.
  • Knowledge in a specific field is important.
  • Prior working experience (for a few companies).

Expected pay: The pay rates of online tutors vary based on many factors. On average, you can pocket around $15 – $50 per hour. Your experience and teaching skills play a key role in your pay rates.

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6. Flight Attendant

The job of a flight attendant is to keep the airline crew and passengers safe.

There are basically many part-time jobs for such caders. You need to be aware of the rules and regulations and have that professional accent of a flight attendant.

A benefit point is that you will be able to travel to many parts of the world.

Basic Requirements

  • A perfect four-year degree.
  • You will be receiving training after an airline hires you.
  • Necessary is a Federal aviation administration certificate.

Expected Pay: $20 – $50 per hour.


7. Yoga or Zumba Teachers

People have become health conscious in today’s life and so, the need for yoga teachers or Zumba teachers has got high in demand.

People have confirmed that their fitness and physique are the main essentials of their health and wealth.

Usually, beginners train people for a stretch of about 10 hours a week to earn a convenient income. But on the other hand professionals, usually earn high on an hourly basis.

They train individual clients where they can work in a convenient atmosphere.

Basic Requirements & Pay Rates

  • Valid certification is needed with a few years of experience.
  • They themselves have to maintain a good physique to stay in the field of earning through this background.
  • Pocket around $20-$40 per hour and much more with good clients.


8. Physical Trainers

Personal trainers have the flexibility in providing different training for different types of people.

These trainers usually train clients one by one and help them in developing their body by implementing good fitness plans.

They take care of both physical health issues and also eating habits. It is usually like joining an office of 8 hours’ job by keeping your health in the constraint.

Basic Requirements & Pay Rates

  • Self-physical fitness is important.
  • Basic knowledge about diet chart and their calculations.
  • You need to have a certification to handle high-end clients.
  • Depending on the clientele, you can bag around $20-$40 per hour.

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9. Bartender or Server

This is again one of the high-paying part-time jobs that you can take on weekends. By already earning a monthly salary you will also gain the enjoyment of receiving tips.

Bartenders or servers earn an equal amount of salary just by tipping (Tips).

Requirements & Pay Rates

  • You need to have basic knowledge about handling the clients and culinary.
  • Specific for a bartender, you need to have knowledge about the ‘mixology’ so a course in the same stream will help you to grab good deals.
  • A minimum age group of 21 and above is appreciable.
  • Mixology course for bartending courses is important.
  • An average gathering of $10 to $75 per hour as the bartender can be done.


10. Business Consultant

Consulting may be one option when you have to find a flexible schedule for a business background.

If you the one with good experience, then there are plentiful options for experts like you. You need to submit your projects and skills at the time of applying.

HourlyNerd website can help you to hook up with projects according to your expertise.

  •  $15-$100 per hour, based on your clientele.
  • Advanced degree certification with experience in the field is a must.


11. Web Designer

With a good computer or a laptop and a strong wifi connection, you can rock your world as a web designer.

Clients appoint web designers to create a unique website and to maintain it up to date. Web designers also take care of the virtual marketing session.

  • Coding Skills, Computer Knowledge, and creativity is recommended
  • Based on the experience and projects, you can pocket $25-$75 per hour.

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12. Massage Therapist

Looking forward to earning based on your hour-based clientele schedule? Take a look at what massage therapists are doing and how much are they earning through it.

A full-fledged part-time schedule that will help you in satisfying your bills. Try to contact Spa or any medical care centers where you can offer your services and earn through it.

Also, try to set up your own schedule and place to satisfy your customers.

Requirements & Pay Rates

  • Certification of completion of the training program.
  • basic knowledge about science and health will be required.
  • A valued license will be the icing on the cake.
  • Pocket up to $50 per client or per hour.


13. Rideshare Driver

You must be very aware of rideshare drivers and their earnings. This is one of the good ways of part-time earnings.

Uber and Lyft are a few of the best options where you can have healthy productivity.

Basic Requirements & Pay Scale

  • A valid license of the person driving the car.
  • A good conditioned car that’s presentable enough.
  • Become an associate with one of the rideshare companies.
  • Pocket around $15 – $40 per hour and in addition, you can also earn tips from clients.

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14. Dog Walker

Did you know, you can earn being a dog walker? This is one of the hassle-free part-time jobs that will help you to earn healthily.

Dog walking will parallelly help you to maintain your health as well. You can also help people by handling their pets (dogs) for longer periods of time (2days or a week or a month) when the pet owners are on vacation or on a professional tour.

  • Attain a dog training certificate to learn and understand various behavioral patterns of different categories of dogs.
  • Add insurance and license to your resume to attract valued clients.
  • Earn around $15 – $50 per hour and if the period is long, then you can easily charge $300 per week (approximately)

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Want to know about more jobs that pay $40 an hour?

If the above list still makes you unsatisfied, then there are few more jobs that pay up to $40 an hour. You can give a try. Let me know if you are willing to know details about the below tiny list.

  • Veterinarian:  Earn around $30-$60 per hour with experience letter and specific field certification.
  • Industrial Designer: Good experienced and well-known designer can make up to $50 per hour.
  • Nurse / Midwife: An experienced person with a valued license can pocket around $30-$50 per hour depending upon the client and his medical condition.
  • Dentist: This is not a part-time job, but you can earn around $60 per client per hour if you are the famous one in your surroundings.
  • Adjunct Professor: If you are good at any subject you can always take a part-time job as an assistant professor. They make around$30-$45 per hour depending upon the university or subject you opt for.
  • Bus Driver: If you have a license to drive buses and you have experience in handling heavy motor vehicles, try this option and make around$30 per hour.
  • Paralegal: With knowledge of preparing legal documentation, you can earn around $20-$40 per hour.
  • Salesperson: As a part-time schedule, you need to invest your interest in trying to reach the targets.  By this, you can pocket around $20-$30 easily.



A flexible or part-time job doesn’t need you to sacrifice your full-time money.

The need and desire of achieving something great and unique will also help you in your growth. The list will help you to reach standards of living with a self-designed work schedule.


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