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21 Coolest Jobs Working With Animals (Jobs List For 2024)

Are you a pet lover and looking for a job? If yes, then why not make it your penny-earning path?

Apart from money, working with animals gives you pleasure, as it always involves psychological and emotional bonding.

‘One can judge a character of human by the way he behaves with animals,’ so here one can build his character strength by caressing animals.

An animal lover never gets bored of playing and working with animals, so we can work happily. If we love our work, we automatically tend to do more work. Thereby, we end up earning more money.

So, here is the list of the best jobs working with animals.


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21 Best Jobs Working With Animals


1. Animal Trainer

If you can understand well how animals behave and train accordingly, then this job is for you.

Mostly, new pet owners find it difficult to cope with the strange behavior of their pets, and those pets also need some time to adapt to the new environment.

It will be a great pleasure to help them by assisting them with pet-raring techniques. You need to train them to listen to your words and follow your commands. Once they are properly trained, you can give them to their owners.

You can do it as a part-time job to make extra money along with your work schedule. A part-time animal trainer makes around $20,000 annually.


2. Veterinarian

This is a full-time career option. Studies show that there has been a significant rise in jobs working with animals in recent years. This growth indicates the urgency of recruitment in this field.

Nearly 3000 veterinarians are graduating each year alone in the U.S. The salaries are high in this field, with the highest average salary being paid to be $125,000 annually, and it comes along with job security.


3. Zoovet

This is one of the most loving jobs for animal lovers as they get a chance to spend their days in a zoo.

It is a highly specialized area to work in and needs a degree. Being an animal lover, you will love this job as you can spend your time mostly with animals and take good care of them.

On the other hand, you also get extremely well payments of up to $95000 annually.


4. Dog Walker

There are no requirements for this work; you just need to give local ads to get clients. It gives time flexibility. You can manage your time schedule on weekends or evenings and pick up pets for walking.

The extra benefit that you can get along with money is your health. Walking is good for your health too. You can earn $15-$20 for a 30-minute walk.

Rover is a great place that connects pet lovers with owners and lets them earn by taking dogs for a walk. You can make up nearly $10 – $15 every time you take a dog for walking.

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5. Pet Groomers

More like the above listing, pet grooming is something that you can do in your free time whenever your schedules allow. You can work in a pet shop, or you can start your own supplies by running a small business.

If you choose it as a part-time job, you can earn up to $30,000 annually or more if you choose it as a full-time job.


6. Pet Sitter

This job is in high demand as people move places more often these days. You don’t need a degree; all you need to do is take good care of pets and handle them properly when their owners are away from them.

Not only do you get a chance to make yourself feel comfortable, but also you can earn decent money. A pet sitter can get $37 per day on average.


7. Marine Biologist

Pursuing a career in marine biology can be fascinating and bring a decent payout for you. It is one of the highest-paying jobs working with animals. To become a Marine Biologist, you need to have a 4 years degree in Marine Biology.

Being working in this field, you usually get a chance to live and work in exotic places. The average salary reported is $50,000, but you can get high depending on the training and experience you have.


8. Animal Cruelty Investigator

If you are the one who can not tolerate violence towards animals, then this job is for you. The title itself indicates the work that you will be dealing with in cases where animals are being abused or beaten up.

Not only being courageous and have a love for animals, but also you need to have a strong heart to do this job. Sometimes, you can be broken by seeing them in bad condition.

The average salary for this job is $32,000 annually.


9. Pet Adoption Counselor

Pet Adoption Counselors have the responsibility to match the potential of the owners with sheltered pets.

They need to perform background check or screening of the persons who want to adopt the pets, review applications, and do some paperwork.

Extreme observation skills are required. No degree is needed; just love and passion for working with animals are needed. Sometimes, you may become the guide to teach pet owners how to understand and take care of them.

This job is normally full-time work. However, you can make it part-time work by adjusting your time schedule.


10. Wildlife Rehabilitator

The work of wildlife rehabilitators involves dealing with animals that have wounds or other health problems. Most of the cases occurred while having natural disasters like hurricanes, heavy rains, earthquakes, fires, etc…

The average salary reported for this work is $35,000 annually.


11. Pet Photographer

If you are interested in photography and you love pets, then you can make it your career. This can be extremely joyful to work with animals and make them pose for your photographs.

You just need a camera to start your work and good photography skills. Firstly, start by posting ads offline or online, offering your services to clients.

The medium earnings for pet photographers have reported up to $45000 annually. You can make more by making it full-time work and giving good productive outputs.

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12. Pet Blogger

Pet Blogging is really a great way to make money. Nowadays, people follow blogs to learn about things that they don’t know.

You need to know how to start your own blog and promote them through different social media to reach the maximum number of followers.

You can start a blog about pet nutrition, pet caring, and products related to pets. Most pet bloggers claim that the average earnings are $45000. By providing good content and improving followers, you can make more money.

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13. ZooKeeper

It is one of the greatest jobs working with animals for animal lovers. This gives the opportunity to look after the animals in the zoo.

You will have extreme pleasure while spending time with them and interacting with the people who visit the zoo. To start a career in this field, you need to have a bachelor’s degree in the life sciences stream.

Zookeepers travel a lot to participate in educational programs related to animal health and care. Your salary will be increased as you get experience in this field.


14. Pet Store Employee

You can choose it as a full-time or part-time job, depending on your interest. Communication skills and customer service skills are required as you have to deal with people.

The main work includes helping customers to pick the products that their pets need. Some pet stores also sell pets.

The average salary for a pet store employee is $22,000 annually. Since this is not the highest-paid job, you can make it a sideway for income along with other work.


15. Laboratory Animal Caretakers

You will be given training for this post by a veterinarian or laboratory technician. No degree is needed for this job. Your work will be to take care of the animals in the laboratory where the research is processing.

The salary for this post is comparatively low as it doesn’t need any educational qualifications. The pay is around $25000 annually.


16. Dog Food Truck Owner

This is a new trend gaining popularity in big cities. The work is exactly what it sounds like.  All you just need is a good truck that is in good condition and food products for pets.

Like any other food truck owner, a dog food truck owner operates a truck parked in areas with heavy dog traffic. Select the more appropriate areas where you can find a lot of dog walkers, and start your business there.

It is perfect to work on weekends and make it a part-time gig. If you find it more lucrative, then you can make it your full-time work. Increase your business by advertising online and offline to reach more people.


17. Guide Dog Trainer

You need to take training and complete the certification to become a dog trainer. Not only do you work with animals, but also sometimes you need to deal with people’s queries.

This can become a complete career choice depending on your interest. The salary for a guide dog trainer is $45,000 annually.


18. Dog/Cat Breeder

If you are a lover of specific breeds of dogs or cats, then this one is for you. As a dog or cat breeder, you get a chance to hang out and play with kittens and puppies.

Many breeders claim that this is part-time work for them as they are still able to continue their other jobs. But if you want you can choose between full-time and part-time.

The annual income that a breeder can make is $45000 annually.


19. Wild Life Photographer

This is for those who want a little bit of adventure in their work. It is similar to the pet photographer job that we mentioned above.

As a wildlife photographer, you need to explore yourself and go to different places like mountains, lakes, parks, etc…. and capture animals while they are in their normal routine.

Many magazine companies pay for these pictures and publish them in their magazines. You can create a blog or use any other social media platform like Instagram and upload them.

The pay depends on your output efficiency. The average income one can get is $40000 annually.


20. Animal-Assisted Therapist

It is one of my highly-rated favorite jobs in this field. To become an animal-assisted therapist, you need to pursue a small course. You can find appropriate centers that offer this course.

This is a great opportunity to help people recover from illness or other health issues with the help of animal therapy. The best thing is it offers more money. You can make up to $80000 annually.


21. Organic Pet Food Maker

The one who loves pets definitely loves feeding them. If you are interested in making food, then this is a great opportunity for you.

Nowadays, everyone has become more health-conscious, and pet owners also want good healthy food for their pets. Most of the reports claim that only in the United States, about $28 million are spent on pet food.

You can start your business by making food for local dogs and cats. Make sure your produced food reaches the standards of quality and hygiene.

To boost up your business, promote it online and offline, and let more people near you know about it. You can also start selling your pet food on a truck.


Conclusion of Jobs Working With Animals

So, here is our awesome collection of best jobs working with animals, By which one can manage his work with passion. I hope this article will surely help you to choose and manage your career path.

Are you still waiting? Common!! Start your work in your interested area and start making money right away!


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