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32 Places To Get House And Car Keys Made Near Me [2024 Update]

Losing keys, especially car keys, is a general mishap that happens to almost all of us. Although there are many ways to retrieve it, we often get puzzled about taking the right steps. And do you know that even I was in doubt about where to get keys made near me!

From famous grocery retail chains to locksmith giants, from car dealerships to auto parts stores, there are many options to choose from if you need to make your key or need to duplicate it. But not every option gives you the same price.

So, we have tried and tested hundred different options to finally filter out the best 32 for you. But before we reveal those, let’s understand what types of keys are available these days that can be copied.


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What Are The Different Types Of Keys That You Can Duplicate/Replicate?

Before you start asking yourself which of the best places to get keys made near me that are open now, you need to understand the different variations of keys because not every site offers the same kind of keys to make.

And you can categorize keys into three segments.

  • General House And Office Keys: There are the most common variants of keys that you can even find in padlocks. These keys come with non-complicated structures and often cost less than other types.
  • Auto Keys: Mostly used in high-end cars, these auto keys are tough to copy as they have several electronic parts besides the usual key elements. Besides, you often need special permission to get these duplicated.
  • High-Performance Keys: These keys are way more complicated than you can possibly imagine. Besides, these are also pretty hard to duplicate as these keys mostly come with advanced security features.

Besides these three general categories, some other variants of keys are also available these days, such as puzzle-type keys, fingerprint keys, and even smart keys.

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22 Best Places To Get Duplicate Keys Made Near Me

There are many ways to get keys made near me. However, not every option is trustworthy, and not every option suits our budget as well.

So, we have handpicked these companies that cater to all our needs without burning a hole in our pocket.


1. The Home Depot

Headquartered in Atlanta, Home Depot is not just the most popular home improvement company in the USA but also one of the largest retailers around the world. And whenever I have to find a place for house keys made near me, I personally resort to this one.

They have an entire fleet of trained employees in almost all their retail stores who will guide you to make duplicate keys. And for car or house keys, the charge ranges from just $2 to $5.

You will get your key within just a few hours at max! And on a different note, this company also has several opportunities to make extra money while working for them.


2. Walmart

If you don’t know where to get keys copied, just visit your nearby Walmart outlet. This company has a dedicated key duplication kiosk in almost all of its retail outlets. So, visit the automotive department inside the store to find one!

The steps are pretty simple as they have self-service key kiosks where you can make any duplicate key with just a few clicks. And you don’t need to pay more than $5 for any of these facilities.

Besides their vast inventory of daily items and a dedicated key duplication facility, Walmart also offers seasonal work-at-home jobs for talented individuals.

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3. Lowe’s

If you talk about the most reputed home improvement and hardware retail chains in the USA, you definitely talk about Lowe’s! However, it also provides various other services besides having an enormous inventory.

A few of their stores have a self-service key copying kiosk where you can get your keys done within just a few minutes. The procedure is even shorter if you have a particular model number and code with you.

Most of their duplication and rekeying services cost around $2 to $5 on average. However, you need to call them beforehand as not all the stores have these kiosks in them.


4. Ace Hardware

If you don’t know where I can get a key made near me, you can visit any of your local hardware stores. However, it is best to visit Ace Hardware if you have any of its retail stores in your locality.

This independently owned and operated chain is a pioneer in the key duplication industry. They have dedicated kiosks to make car and house keys within just fifteen minutes or so.

But yes, the cost can be on the steeper side as they usually charge around $8 to $12 on average to make any duplicate key. However, they also offer different styles and materials at that price.


5. Kroger

Headquartered in Ohio, Kroger is one of the most popular retail chains in the United States. You can find their outlets in almost every corner if you move to the southern part of the country. And they are hugely popular for their in-house brands.

From City Market to Fred Meyer, from Ralphs to Dillons, you just name any, and this retail chain has everything under its umbrella. Besides, offer a dedicated key duplication service for your house and cars as well.

However, you need to call your nearby Kroger store beforehand as not all their retail outlets have these facilities.


6. Save Mart

There are several places for keys made near me! But none of those are as trustworthy as Save Mart. And on a different note, this fantastic megastore also offers online chat support jobs from home if you are looking for one!

This one is actually a grocery store that also offers several other services like key duplication. However, you need to call them beforehand as not all their retail outlet offers this service.

It is better if you have the lock with you or know the code for a computerized lock. If you have those, they can duplicate the key within just a few minutes or so.

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7. Fred Meyer

Although they merged with Kroger way back in 1999, Fred Meyer has a long history of serving people since 1922. And now, they are the oldest running grocery store chain in the United States.

But the best part is that they now offer various other services under the umbrella of Kroger. So, if you can’t find any key kiosks in your local Kroger store, visit your nearby Fred Meyer.

If you live in Oregon, Alaska, Idaho, or even Washington, you can find these key kiosks in each Fred Meyer store. And it will cost you less than $5 to make one!


8. MinuteKey

When it first popped up in my mind where to get keys made near me, I rather resort to Walmart. But surprisingly, my nearest Walmart has a MinuteKey kiosk inside. And later, I got to know that it has its kiosks inside 1k Lowe’s stores and more than 1.5k Walmart stores.

Making a duplicate key is easy as you can do it with just a few clicks in the kiosks. And for each key made through it, the maximum charge is around $3, a pretty budget-friendly choice.

All you need is to insert your keys into the self-serve machine, and it will make the exact duplicate within a few minutes.


9. KeyMe

In recent years, KeyMe has established itself as one of the best key duplication services in the United States. It is currently available in more than 2k different locations all around the USA.

The best thing about their service is that they will securely store a digital copy of your key in their database. So that you won’t face any trouble even if you lose that key.

But yes, the price can be on the higher side! They usually charge around $19.99 for non-transponder keys and up to $89.99 for transponder and fob keys. However, they do offer premium materials for those keys to justify the pricing.


10. True Value

You can find True Value stores in more than thirteen regions in the United States. Besides, they also have small outlets all across the USA. And if you have any True Value Hardware stores nearby, you don’t need to take any hassle to get a duplicate copy of your key.

They now have more than 4k retail stores throughout the country. And almost all of these stores have key kiosks inside them where you can get your keys made for less than $10 or so!

On a different note, they are now also looking for talented individuals for their WFH email support jobs to deliver seamless customer support.


11. Giant Eagle

Not just a key or a transponder key, you can even make a duplicate access card on this brilliant retail chain called Giant Eagle. From steel to brass, this company offers various materials and designs to choose from that make it really stands apart from the crowd.

And they also offer both manual and automatic key duplication services in all their outlets. So, if you have a computerized key, you can simply make a duplicate copy with their self-serve kiosk.

But, if you have any specialized key, they can even make that. But yes, that will take more time and come with higher pricing.


12. Safeway

Since 1915, Safeway has delivered a seamless customer experience throughout the western part of the United States. And now, they have introduced various services under the umbrella of Albertsons.

So, whenever I need to have keys made near me, I personally resort to Safeway for their affordable and fast-duplication option. But yes, you do need to call them beforehand as not all their retail outlets have this facility.

The best thing about this company is that they provide a budget-friendly option for key duplication service where you can get it within just $3 to $5 at max. And they also deliver the key within just a few hours!


13. Bed Bath and Beyond

Bed Bath and Beyond is actually a home-improvement retail company that now has a great presence throughout the USA. So, if I want duplicate keys made near me, I personally always search for their outlets.

However, this company doesn’t have its own key duplication service as they mainly use KeyMe kiosks in their retail stores to get the job done. But yes, KeyMe provides a 25% discount if you get it from the Bed Bath and Beyond store.

Right now, these outlets are available in more than 1k locations in 50 different states in the USA.


14. RiteAid

One of the biggest retail outlets in the United States, RiteAid, now has more than 4k stores spread across 2.4k different locations in 42 states in the USA. And now, they are also pacing up their expansion mode.

From doors to garages, from automotive to just fob keys, you just name any, and you can make a duplicate copy of those keys from any RiteAid outlet.

And if you are looking for a side hustle or a dedicated day job, RiteAid now also offers virtual call center jobs for people having excellent communication skills and a clear idea about their services.


15. Ryan’s Locksmiths

If you talk about the most trusted locksmiths in the USA, you need to talk about Ryan’s Locksmiths. This family-owned business has been in the industry for quite some time now. And they have an immense reputation to complement their services.

And the best part about this outlet chain is that all their stores are open 24X7. So, even if you are stuck at night with a locked door, you could simply visit any of their stores and get your keys done!

The usual cost is around $50 for any custom-made key. But yes, it can go up to $300 for specialized keys.


16. Meijer

Meijer is a reputed grocery chain in the United States that has retail outlets throughout the Midwest. So, if you live in Indiana or Iowa, you can get a Meijer store in your own locality.

And when I was in Kentucky and searched for a location to make key copies near me, I considered it my first choice. It is not just budget-friendly but also offers fast service. And you can make duplicate keys for just $10.

However, you do need to call your nearest retail stores beforehand as not all their outlets have this express key duplication service available.


17. Dillons

One of the largest grocery outlet chains in the USA, Dillons, has been serving US-based consumers since 1921. They have now become a part of Kroger, although they still operate independently with their own shops.

And now, they acquired Gerbes, Baker’s, Food 4, and fewer other stores under their umbrella. You can find these stores throughout the USA. And almost all their retail stores have key kiosks to make duplicate keys.

From office keys to house keys, from padlocks to automotive keys, you just name any, and you can make a duplicate of those within a few hours.


18. Menards

I myself have found several ways to get keys made near me. But if you live in the Midwest of the USA, Menards should be your first choice. It has both the self-serve key duplication kiosk and a complete key-making station to choose from.

So, depending on the key type, you can either make a general one with the kiosk or opt for a more advanced and customized key on the key station. However, you need to call them beforehand.

The self-serve kiosk usually costs you around $5 to $10 to make a general key. But if you need a customized one. It can go well beyond that!


19. Sears

Although they are not common anymore, and you can’t now find those everywhere, Sears is still trusted by many. It is one of the most popular brands from the last 1980s’ which all of us grew up with.

Now, they have stores in more than 500 different locations in the United States alone. And almost all those stores have key duplication facilities where you can get one without burning a hole in your pocket.

Besides, you can also get quality tools and construction items right from these stores with a grand bargain!


20. Vons

Located mainly in California, you can find a few stores of Vons in the southwest as well! But, whenever I need keys made near me cheap, I always resort to Vons, even if it is a bit away from my actual location, all thanks to its budget-friendly options!

It is actually a grocery chain that is known for delivering fresh items and exotic seasonings to American citizens. However, they do have key duplication facilities as well.

But yes, you do need to call your nearby Vons stores to know if they have any key kiosks or not, as not each of those has it!


21. WinCo

Needless to say, WinCo is one of the biggest grocery stores in the USA. Most of us rely on this retail chain to get our daily needs at a discounted price. And they do offer some amazing deals from time to time as well.

But do you know even they have a key duplication facility? Yes, not just key copying services to custom-made keys; they also offer key cutting and shaping services as well.

And depending on the type of material and the amount of customization you need, their keys can cost you around $10 to $50 at max.


22. H-E-B

If you live in Texas, I doubt if there is any better option than H-E-B! It is actually a grocery retail chain that is known for delivering unmatched offers for the citizens of the USA. However, they do offer additional facilities as well.

From house keys to car keys, even for your padlock, you can make almost any key you have lost recently. Besides, many H-E-B stores even have Minute Key kiosks inside them.

You can get your keys done in as low as just $1.49. But yes, it can go way higher depending on your customization needs and material selection.


5 Best Places To Make Duplicate Car Keys

Besides the general grocery or hardware chains, there are some automotive outlets that are dedicated to car key-making services.

And whenever I looked for car keys made near me after I lost the keys of my cars, I had to rely on these stores only.


23. Advance Auto Parts

There is no better place than Advance Auto Parts whenever I personally look for car keys made near me. Operating in more than 43 different states in the USA now, AAP is truly the giant in this industry.

You can either replace your car keys with the proper parameters or can get your key duplication done in a few minutes. But yes, some of the car manufacturers may not allow you to get it done!

It has more than 5.2k stores all over the USA, where you can easily make and duplicate keys. And you can even get it done under Carquest and Worldpac if you live in Canada.


24. Pep Boys

If you need an oil change or some minor modifications to your car, you should resort to Pep Boys as they offer budget-friendly service options for the citizens of the USA. Besides, they are also extremely trustworthy to rely on!

And they also have key duplication facilities through their key kiosk. You can get your keys made within just a few minutes. And that, too, in a budget that will not make it heavy!

It is also a one-stop-shop to cater to all your automotive needs. So, you can service your car at the same station while making a duplicate key for it.


25. Boston Car Keys, Inc

Cars are still one of the best things to rent out for money, especially if you rent them out when you are not using them. But we do tend to lose our keys. Don’t worry, as you can now easily make a car key by visiting your nearby Boston Car Keys store.

You can consider it as a budget-friendly alternative to get your keys done from the dealer or the manufacturer of your car, which is pretty expensive. But here, you can do it for as little as just $10.

But you need to take your keys to the kiosk as they don’t offer a completely new key-making facility in any of their outlets.


26. O’Reilly Auto Parts

Not every store to get keys made near me are a budget-friendly option. But if you are looking for one, you should visit your nearby O’Reilly Auto Parts store. And who doesn’t recall their catchy jingles?

Almost all their retail outlets have key duplication facilities with key kiosks in them. And you can get your keys done within just a few minutes when you shop for other automotive items from their stores.

You can get a duplicate key for as low as just $5 from these stores. However, you need to give them a call as many people have reported getting a non-operational key kiosk in their nearby stores.


27. Napa Auto Parts

With 6k+ locations throughout the USA, Napa Auto Parts has already become our one-stop-shop to fulfill all our automotive needs. And since 1925, this company has been delivering seamless service to its loyal customers.

And now, they have introduced their key kiosks where you can get your new keys done in a few minutes. Besides the car, you can even make duplicate house keys or padlock keys right from these kiosks.

Although it depends on the type of key you want to make and the material you use, most of their keys usually cost between $10 to $50 on average.


5 Alternate Ways To Make Duplicate Keys

If you live in a place where all these retail chains and branded stores we have mentioned above are beyond your limit, or if you are looking for a budget-friendly option, there are several alternative ways to get it done.

And here are a few choices if I myself look for keys made near me.


28. Local Hardware Stores

Most of the branded stores, key kiosks, and even retail chains won’t make your keys if it is pretty high-tech or has manufacturer’s restrictions on them! But, in such cases, your local hardware stores can be your savior.

You can get your keys done at quite a low price in your nearby hardware stores than you need to actually pay in high-end stores. Besides, it is also better to be vocal for your local, isn’t it?

So, just google your nearby hardware stores that have this facility and get your keys done from there. But yes, do give them a ring beforehand!


29. Local Locksmiths

Although they usually don’t make high-tech keys like transponders, local locksmiths can really do magic if you talk about customization and aesthetics. And whenever I look for keys made near me, I prefer these locksmiths.

As I said earlier, it is better to support your local guys in the era of rapid market boom and globalization. Besides, you can get your keys made at a way lower price than you need to pay in other stores.

Depending on the type of key you make, you can get a new key for just $5 at max. However, customized keys can even cost you up to $50.


30. Mobile Locksmith Near Me

Besides locksmith stores, there are even mobile locksmiths available in the United States. And you can find these mobile units on almost every corner, especially if you live in any metro city.

There are several big brands like Carl Jarl or Keymasters who have these kinds of units all over the USA. But yes, you do need to select those after reading the reviews about that particular mobile unit.

These mobile units are not only just convenient as they reach directly to the house but are also quite budget-friendly. Typically, you can make a new key for your car or house for just $50 at max!


31. Car Dealership

When I need a key copy near me for my new car, I found several places to get it done. But due to the manufacturer’s restriction, none of the companies can give me a solution. And the only thing left is the car dealership itself.

If you solely need a duplicate key for any of your automobiles, you may need to resort to the car dealership only. Besides, they are the only ones that can make you a duplicate key if you have already lost it.

But yes, they do charge pretty steep! Most of the keys of high-end cars can cost you as much as $300 or more.


32. 7-11 Stores

Based in Texas, 7-11 Stores are our prime choices to get our daily needs. And they do offer some unbelievably discounted rates from time to time to attract a new set of customers.

Besides, they do have a loyal customer base as well. And yes, they offer key-making and duplication services as well, and that too at a lower price than other stores. On average, you can make your keys within just $10 or so.

And on a different note, these retail chains now also offer lucrative part-time weekend jobs for talented individuals from all over the United States.


How Much Does Duplicate House Key Cost?

Let me give you a breath of relief first! Duplicate keys are cheap, especially if you talk about house keys or padlocks. Yes, you can easily get it done from any grocery store or hardware chain at a lower price than you can assume.

Depending on the type of material you choose and the customization you need, a typical house key can cost you anywhere between $2 to $5. However, if you need any high-tech key like a transponder, it can spike to $100.

And if you need specialized materials like brass or bronze, the material cost will add up to the base value.


How Much Does it Cost To Duplicate Your Car Key?

First of all, you need to understand that not every car manufacturer gives you permission to duplicate their keys or to make a new one without letting them know. So, the only option that will remain is to get it done by the car dealership or the manufacturer itself.

Nowadays, a typical car key can cost you around $50 to $200 on average if you have a budget car. But, if you have any exotic one, it can even cost you up to $600 just to get your key done.

However, there are a few automotive stores in the United States where you can make a duplicate copy of your car keys for just $100 or so!



Where to get small keys copied?

It is better to visit your local locksmith if you want to get small keys copied, especially if you are in a rush!

And that will cost you less than the price you may need to pay if you get it done from a retail outlet or a branded grocery store. Besides you can also call the manufacturer to know if they have an option or not!


Where can I make a new house key?

The Home Depot and Walmart are the two prime choices to get a new house key, especially if you live in the United States.

However, there are other companies as well, such as Lowe’s, True Value Hardware, and Ace Hardware, from where you can get it done! And in most cases, it will not cost you more than $10.


Can we duplicate Computerized keys?

Yes, we can definitely duplicate computerized keys, even if we don’t have the original one with us.

But yes, you may need to obtain permission from the manufacturer of the lock to get it done. Besides, it can also cost you on the higher side.


Can you get the keys made at Costco?

As of this year, Costco doesn’t offer any such services as key duplication. Although they used to have key kiosks in a few of their outlets, they have already discontinued them.

However, you can get your keys done from any of your nearby Walmart or Home Depot for just $10.



It is always a wise decision to keep the duplicate keys of your locks somewhere where they can be easily found.

Because if you lost both of your keys that come in the original set, you might find it hard to get it done for legal restrictions.

It is also better to reply to the car dealer and manufacturer if you have lost both keys to your car.

So, these are all for today, folks! But, if you think I’ve missed some places to mention while selecting my best preferences for keys made near me, feel free to let us know in the comment box below.

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