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25 Best Places For Knife Sharpening Near Me [2024 Jan]

We all have those dull knives in our kitchen drawers that we don’t use, isn’t it? And most of us don’t even know that those dull knives can be restored easily by a sharpening company. So, here we will try to incorporate all the knife sharpening near me.

Knife sharpening is a skill that takes years to master. And master sharpeners are also good at handling Japanese knives and collectible knives besides your regular kitchen knives.

However, you do need to resort to the right guy to fix your knives to their original form.

But, like most other industries, not every establishment delivers the same quality and perfection. So, our team of experts delved deep into the industry to find out fantastic sharpening companies that will restore your knives in no time.


Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links. We may receive a small commission when you make a purchase (No extra cost to you). Please read our Affiliate Disclosure for more information.


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Why Do You Need To Get Your Knife Sharpened?

Most of us forget to sharpen our knives until it completely stops serving our duties. And we tend to go to a master sharpener when the life of the knife is almost over.

So, even the masters can’t fix it to its original shape. However, you can easily fix it by visiting a knife sharpener at timely intervals. And there are four major benefits of doing it.

  • Restores The Sharpness: Knives tent to use sharpness and precision over time. Sharpening it will restore its cutting accuracy and optimum force needed for all your cutting needs.
  • Realign The Edges: Sharpening will also realign the edges to their actual angle so that your knife can deliver optimum performance.
  • Maintain The Perfect Angle: Japanese knives and western knives has different angle. So, a master sharpener will also restore those perfect angles to provide an optimum balance.
  • Ensure A Safe-To-Handle Knife: You need less force to generate an optimum result with a sharpened knife. On the other hand, a dull knife needs more pressure which can result in accidents.


Why Do You Need To Pay A Pro To Sharpen Your Knives?

I myself have looked for knife sharpening near me without knowing which knife sharpening company or master will be the best for my needs.

However, I’ve figured out that it is necessary to choose your master sharpener carefully, as the life and accuracy of your knife will solely depend on it.

Although knife sharpening is one of the under-the-table jobs, it now has regained prestige among the common people, as most of them know it needs years of practice and dedication to become a master sharpener. It also takes absolute hand-eye coordination to make any knife perfect.

Most knives also need certain angles on their bevels and edges to cut smoothly. And without a master sharpener, it is extremely difficult to achieve such perfection. Besides, sharpening the knife is not the only factor to emphasize, as you also need to put the utmost effort into restoring its edges and finish.


What Do Knife Sharpening Services Include?

Before you know about the best knife sharpening near me, you must know what services are included in any professional-grade knife sharpening service, as most masters adopt different methods to sharpen the knives.

However, all the services must consist of four basic operations.


1. Inspecting The Knife

A thorough inspection is needed before any sharpening master starts to restore your knife. It is mainly to check the current status of your knife and also to check if it has any broken edge or weak spot that can affect the durability and performance of your blade.

Most sharpening companies rely on a paper test where they cut a sheet of paper vertically with any knife to test the sharpness. Besides, they also check the beveled edges to know if it has any cracks or irregularity.


2. Sharpening The knives

Once the master sharpeners check all the dull spots and broken edges, they start with the sharpening procedure. And depending on the type of your knife, they choose the best sharpening method.

While Japanese knives need a single beveled edge with hand grinding, western knives need wet grinding to ensure a V-shaped edge.

These master sharpeners also choose the right sharpener and grinding stone for your knife. Besides, they also check if they can fully restore not just the sharpness but the overall appeal that you suppose to get from your precious knives.


3. Finishing Touches

During the sharpening and grinding process, tiny bits of metal debris is created. And those small particles can stick to the sharpened edges.

So, a master sharpener always checks for imperfections and rectifies them to ensure a final shine and optimum performance.

Besides, they also check both sides of the knives to know if they have uniformity in sharpness. And for the handmade knives, they also inspect for the markings and carvings on the edges to also restore them to the original manner.


4. Testing The Sharpened Knife

You can’t blindly trust anything without checking it, isn’t it? The same goes for the master sharpeners. They rely on final checks before delivering the final product to their customers.

Mostly, they proceed with a paper test while cutting it with a single shot with a sharpened knife.

Besides, they also test those knives in a real-world scenario, such as testing them while cutting any vegetable or meat pieces. And if you have sharpened your outdoorsmen knives, they will also test it by cutting a hardwood with that.


Best Knife Sharpening Services Near Me

I myself have looked for knife sharpening near me while having a blunt set of knives in my kitchen.

So, I filtered twenty such amazing companies that offer fantastic sharpening services, too, at much more affordable rates than the industry standard.


1. Knife Aid

If you are looking for a professional-grade mail-away knife sharpening service in the USA, Knife Aid is probably among the best platforms to try. It mainly specializes in different types of kitchen knives that are used in every modern household.

This is among the very few companies that now offer free both-way shipping services, as they send you a prepaid label to ship your knives to their warehouse. Besides, it also delivers a 24-hour turn-around time with an estimated completion within a maximum of 7 working days


2. The Edge Masters

There are very few knife sharpening companies in the USA available that offer mail-away services.

And among those, The Edge Masters is probably the most trusted one. One of the best things about this company is that they work with both kitchen and outdoorsmen knives.

This company is known for its superfast service, as they complete the whole procedure within a maximum of one week. Besides, they also accept almost all types of blades and knives, let they be an antique or modern SS ones.


3. Seisuke Knife

Most of us prefer Japanese knives over American knives due to their unmatched craftsmanship. And many of us also use Seisuke knives in our kitchens.

And if you are one of those, you can definitely trust the Seisuke Knife to sharpen every type of Japanese knife.

Although this company mainly specializes in in-house manufactured knives, they now accept every type of Japanese knife for sharpening and overall maintenance. Right now, this company also offers a mail-away knife sharpening service in the USA.


4. Precision Knife Sharpening

If you are looking for knife sharpening near me with a moderate budget, there is no other place better than Precision Knife Sharpening.

Right now, this company has nationwide coverage in the USA. Besides, they also offer mail-away services.

You need to package your knife in a cardboard box to prevent any damage in transit and mail them to the headquarter of this Virginia-based company. Once they are done, they will send you back through US Postal Service Priority Mail.


5. Knife Flight

Many people need a loaner knife when their knives go for a sharpening stint. And KnifeFlight is among the very few companies that offer loaner knife delivery.

However, you can’t sharpen a single knife as they take a minimum of 4 knives at once. Right now, this company charges around $57 to sharpen four knives.

And if you need loaner knives during the TAT, you need to pay an extra $5. Usually, this company sharpens and delivers the final product within a maximum of 3 working days.


6. Togu Knives

Founded by one of the most renowned chefs in the USA, Cyrus Elias, way back in 2018, Togu Knives specializes in every type of USA-made and Japanese knife you can possibly think of.

Besides, they also manufacture some top-quality knives that you can blindly trust. However, this company works on a subscription model where you need to pay $6/week.

Once you receive a new knife from their subscription service, you can use that same label to ship your old knife for sharpening. And it will take up to 8 weeks to sharpen your Japanese knives.


7. Carisolo Grinding

Many people prefer knife sharpening in my locality. And if you are based in the Midwest, Carisolo Grinding is probably among the highest-rated knife sharpening service that you can blindly trust.

It is a fifth-generation knife sharpening company that specializes in various types of kitchen knives. This company also offers mail-away services and regional delivery.

Besides, they also use a hand-edges method with a water-cooled grinding stone to achieve perfection. However, you can’t sharpen a single knife from this company, as the basic package starts at $49 for five knives.


8. Seattle Knife Sharpening

If you are from Seattle and looking for a knife sharpening service nearby, there is no better option than Seattle Knife Sharpening.

Founded and operated singlehandedly by Bob Tate, this company specializes in various types of kitchen and outdoorsmen knives.

Bob personally follows a 7-step procedure to sharpen any knife to achieve maximum perfection in the end product. However, the charge is on the higher side, as you need to pay $1.75/inch to sharpen your blades.

Besides, they charge a $5 handling fee as well. If you have a broken tip, you need to pay an extra $3/knife.


9. Korin

New York City-based Korin is a restaurant-supply store that also offers knife sharpening near me. It also specializes in various types of kitchen knives, let it be Japanese or USA-made ones.

However, they are known for sharpening and restoring Japanese knives that depict ultimate craftsmanship.

First, you need to book their service by filling up a form with all the details required for your expected sharpening service. And then, you need to mail them your knife to get things done. And this company now charges $15/knife on average.


10. Martell Knives

Founded and operated by Dave Martell, Martell Knives has constantly been delivering the best knife sharpening service for more than a decade in the USA.

This company handles both Japanese and western knives. Besides, they are also known for the hand-grinding sharpening method.

For western knives, you need to pay $1.5/inch with a broken tip fixation charge of $11. And for your Japanese knives, this rate will go to $3/inch with up to $24 of tip fixation charge.

And they also provide a Japanese-style hand sharpening service which will cost you $5.5/inch.


11. The Art of Sharp

The brainchild of Frank Surace, The Art of Sharp, aka the “Knife Sharpening By Hand,” is one of the prime sharpening services available in the USA.

This company mainly specializes in hand-guided sharpening service, which is absolutely needed for precious Japanese knives.

However, this company also takes utmost care of western or German knives. Since this company started its operation way back in 2011, Frank himself sharpened more than 2k blades.

And there is not a single complaint about this sharpening skill or the end-product.


12. National Sharpening

When I think of the best mobile knife sharpening near me, I always think of National Sharpening Co. Headquartered in Massachusetts; this company was founded by Thomas Panniello in 1993.

And since then, it has catered to thousands of satisfied customers with its service. This company deals with both Japanese and western knives, although they have different rates to work with.

You need to pay between $6 to $10 for any western knife, such as a kitchen knife. And for Japanese handmade knives, this rate can go up to $14/knife.


13. KySharp

KySharp or Kentucky Sharp is a company that is currently owned and operated by Phil Fox, who has already proved his worth as one of the top-rated master sharpeners in the USA.

And now, this company has also launched a mail-away service for their far-away customers. This company takes a minimalistic approach while sharpening to preserve the natural beauty of your handmade knives.

The base rate starts at $6/knife, although the premium service that comes with a mirror-finished bevel can cost you up to $12/knife. You will also need to pay extra charges if your blade needs repair.


14. REK Knives

Since 2010, REK Knives has proved its worth as the best knife sharpening near me. Run by a family, this company specializes in sharpening handmade Japanese and western knives.

Besides, they are also good at sharpening both the kitchen and outdoorsmen knives. Besides sharpening, this company also offers additional services, such as micro-beveling and PVD coatings.

Right now, the base rate starts from $2/inch, which can go up to $8/inch for Japanese knives. Their manual hand-sharpening service will cost you around $6/inch on average.


15. Ace Hardware

We all know and love Ace Hardware as one of the pioneer hardware stores in the USA. But not every people know that this company also offers top-class knife sharpening services as well.

And you can get the service in almost all the outlets of this hardware chain. Right now, this company has nationwide coverage.

However, they mainly specialize in machine grinding services where your knives will be sharpened through automated machines. This company also delivers a superfast sharpening service where your knife will be delivered within a few hours.


16. Bed, Bath And Beyond

Without any doubt, Bed, Bath, and Beyond are among the highest-rated hardware and homeware stores in the USA.

Besides having nationwide coverage, this company is known for its premium quality materials and fast-paced services with minimal turn-around time. Most of their outlets in the USA are now equipped with automated knife sharpening machines.

So, while you shop for items to decorate your house, you can get a quick sharpening service. Besides, you can get it done within a maximum of a few hours, that too, at a lower price.


17. Williams-Sonoma

Many people look for hunting knife sharpening near me. But not all the sharpening companies offer this service.

All thanks to this brilliant company called Williams-Sonoma that now offers this service at an affordable rate all over the United States.

This company is mainly known for its premium-range cookware. However, in most of their stores, they also provide instant knife sharpening service.

The basic rate starts from just $5/knife, although it can go as much as $25/knife if you have a Japanese or a handmade one that needs special treatment.


18. Sur La Table

If you think about luxury cookware stores in the USA, you definitely think about Sur La Table. Although the name resembles any Italian house, it is actually a family-owned store in the United States.

And now, this company also offers an instant knife sharpening service. And the best thing about this company is that you can get free knife sharpening if you visit their store and purchase some cookware from them.

However, they also offer paid sharpening services for your Japanese and western-style knives.


19. Bernal Cutlery

As the name itself suggests, Bernal Cutlery is mainly a cutlery and cookware store that has nationwide popularity in the USA.

However, this company now also offers knife sharpening near me. It is also among the very few companies that offer both wet grinding and Japanese whetstone sharpening service.

However, this company doesn’t have a fixed rate or a base price, as they give customized quotes on a case-to-case basis. But most of the users have told us that they have to pay between $10 and $25/knife to get their premium sharpening service.


20. Cozzini Bros

If you are looking for the best knife sharpener agencies in the USA, you should check out this fantastic company called Cozzini Bros.

It’s a family-owned business that mainly specializes in Japanese and German kitchen knives, outdoorsmen knives, and different types of blades.

From SS can opener to cast iron kitchen knives, from grinding plates to stem cutters, irrespective of the variant of your knife, they can fix and sharpen it in no time.

With more than 100 years of industry experience, you can blindly trust them, even with your precious handmade Japanese knives.


5 Alternative & Local Methods To Sharpen Your Knives

Besides resorting to knife sharpening companies and agencies to restore my knives, I also look for my local knife sharpening near me.

And I’ve figured out five such ways where you can easily get your knives restored at an affordable rate.


21. Independent Knife Masters

Like in the Japanese culture, the USA also has a prestigious position for its independent knife masters, who are more than enough to deal with any kind of Japanese or western knife.

From restoring to sharpening, you can get almost any service from these independent masters. So, when I look for knife sharpening near me, I always prefer those independent masters.

Most of these masters mainly follow a hand grinding method that also restores the shine of a premium knife besides giving it a perfect sharpness.


22. Independent Cookware Stores

There are several independent cookware stores in almost every locality in the USA that now offer knife sharpening services.

Besides, they offer much more affordable rates than mail-away services. Moreover, they also have must faster turn-around time to get your things done.

So, before you look for any mail-away service to sharpen your kitchen knives, you must take those to your nearby cookware store to know if they offer this service.

Besides, most of these stores now have automated machines to sharpen your knife in the shortest possible time.


23. Independent Knife Sharpening Stores

In various parts of the United States, there are many independent family-owned knife sharpening stores where you can sharpen your knives.

Besides, most of these houses are the brainchild of knife masters. So, you don’t need to worry about their services and perfection.

Many of these companies also can send a mobile van to your place to get your knife restored in front of your eyes.

However, you need to pay a little extra charge to avail of that service, as most of these companies charge around $3 to $5/inch.


24. Mobile Knife Sharpening Vans

Like our favorite ice creams and hamburgers, there are now several mobile knife sharpening vans available that roam around the city or put a mobile stall.

These mobile vans cater to a wide array of services besides sharpenings, such as beveling and mirror polishing.

Most of these vans are also equipped with an automated machine that fast-paced the entire procedure to get your work done within a few minutes.

So, I trust them completely when I look for knife sharpening near me at an affordable rate.


25. Local Outdoor Supply Stores

Most of the outdoor supply stores, even the local grocery stores, now adopted various strategies to lure their customers and also to fight with supermarkets and malls.

And for that, many such stores have already set up automated knife sharpening machines on their premises.

And most of the time, you can get this service without paying a single dollar. While you shop in the store, a master knife sharpener will completely restore and sharpen your precious kitchen or outdoorsmen’s knives.


What Is the Difference Between Western and Japanese Knives?

You first need to understand that all knives have a beveled edge. It means it has a particular angle on the face and on the sides that runs through its edges.

But what makes a Japanese knife different from a western knife is that Japanese knives usually have a single beveled edge while the western one mainly has a double-beveled edge.

In Japanese knives, one side of the blade is completely straight, while the master sharpener work on a single side to give it a distinct sharpness. This process increases the durability of the knives.

However, western-style knives are sharpened on both sides, forming a V-shaped edge. And in most cases, these knives have a sharpened but weak face that often breaks.

Western knives are easier to get, as you can buy them from a local grocery store. However, Japanese knives are relatively rare and way costlier than western knives. Besides, you also need to pay a much higher price to sharpen your favorite Japanese knife.


How Often Should You Get Your Knives Sharpened?

Before looking for knife sharpening near me, you must know how often you should sharpen your kitchen or outdoorsmen’s knives.

If you use your knife on a regular basis, such as a kitchen knife, you must sharpen it every three months. If you bought it for moderate use, you must sharpen it every six to twelve months, depending on the quality of the blade and your frequency of use.

In a chef’s standard, you must sharpen your cooking knives after 300 meals. So, if you use your knife twice a day to prepare your meals, you must sharpen it every five months or so.

However, this is a gross calculation that can change depending on the type of things you cut with your knives, as butcher knives tend to lose their sharpness more frequently than a cutlery knife.


How To Find A Pro Knife Sharpener In Your Locality?

Most of the cookware and outdoor supply stores now also provide knife sharpening services these days.

If you can find one in your locality, it is best to give them a personal visit and discuss the restoration process. And in most cases, they usually charge between $1 to $2/inch to sharpen your knives.

However, you need to pay an extra fee if your knife is broken or the tip needs to be restored. But that charge won’t exceed more than $10/knife. Many knife manufacturing companies nowadays also offer knife sharpening services.

So, it is also better to contact the manufacturer of your knife to know if they can fix it. Most precious and handmade knives, especially from Japanese masters, comes with a warranty period.

If you lose the sharpness within that specified time, they will fix it without any additional cost. You can also trust the mobile sharpening vans. However, you need to specify your requirements beforehand.



If you are good with the blades and knives, you can also set up your own knife sharpening stall in your backyard, as the demand for professional sharpening masters is rapidly increasing.

It is also among the legit passive income ideas that can fetch you up to $50/hour on average. So, these are all the knife sharpening near me that you can blindly trust to get your things done.

However, if you think we have missed any establishment on our list, feel free to drop your suggestions and feedback in the comment box below.



How much does it cost to get a knife sharpened?

Most professional knife sharpening companies charge between $1 and $2.5/per inch to sharpen a knife.

So, for an 8-inch kitchen knife, you need to pay between $8 to $20 on average. However, if it is a Japanese knife, that charge can go as much as $8/inch, resulting in $64/knife on average.


Is it worth getting knives professionally sharpened?

Definitely, you must resort to a professional knife sharpening service to restore your precious knives.

It is made of high-quality stainless steel, or if it is crafted by a Japanese knife maker, you must resort to a professional service. They will not just restore the sharpness but will also take care of the beauty of your favorite blades.


Does Ace Hardware sharpen blades?

Yes, almost all the Ace Hardware shops in the United States now offer a knife sharpening service.

From lawn mowers to your regular kitchen knives, you can take any blades and knives with you to your nearby store and get your knives fixed at a cheaper rate and at a much faster speed.


Do Whole Foods sharpen knives?

Yes, Whole Foods has recently started a dedicated knife sharpening service to engage their customers while they shop.

They are also giving it for free to their valuable customers. So, if you have any Whole Food shop in your locality, give it a try before restoring to professional knife sharpening masters.


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