Legit Online Jobs That Pay Weekly – 89 Companies Hiring Now in 2021

online jobs that pay weekly

The happiest and the most important work you will ever do will be within the walls of your home.

You deserve work that makes you happy in all aspects,

So, here there can be many jobs that pay you bi-monthly, monthly, weekly, or daily.

But how far can we consider them as legit?

Many companies are good at assigning work and the concern here is they stay lethargic in payments.

A survey stated many illegal companies are using the vulnerability of unemployed youth and catching them up to make money for their companies, and finally leaving those youth without payments.

Many remarked legit online jobs that pay weekly even demand pre-deposit to offer you a job,

and finally, they dupe after you credit them with deposit money, Apart from all these negative concoctions,

We are making your work to ease and listing out the best of the legit online jobs that pay weekly,

And consider them to be your side income as pay can be minimal, but not a matter to avoid as it returning bucks in any way without many efforts.

Success mantra always stays with consistency, be consistent in your work, and stay motivated all the time.


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89 Legit Online Jobs That Pay Weekly:


Get Paid For Your Opinions:

1. PineCone Research:

PineCone Research can be considered as one of the popular and best survey sites available in the online market. Taking surveys and testing products will earn you money.

One can earn up to $3-$5 per survey, $7 for testing each product. Amazon rewards or Walmart gift cards are added offers here.

You will receive your payments weekly through a secured medium PayPal.

Join Pinecone Research here and start testing products and taking surveys.


2. SurveyJunkie:

One of the best legit survey companies which pay you dollars for just filling surveys. Survey Junkie is trusted by more than 5 million active users.

You can earn up to $3 – $20 per each survey you take. The minimum threshold money is just $10, You can be paid almost weekly, one can redeem their money as PayPal cash or E-gift cards.


3. LifePoints:

LifePoints is another popular survey platform trusted by more than 5 million users worldwide. This company is well known for its best rewarding surveys. They reward you in the form of LPs (LifePoints) for sharing your opinions on future products.

Later these earned LifePoints can be redeemed as gift cards or direct cash. Join today and earn 10 LifePoints as a signup bonus.


4. Vindale Research:

If you are searching for a legit, popular, and best-paying survey site Vindale Research can be listed on top priority. Vindale surveys pay ranges from $0.50 to as much as $50. Many people got paid through Vindale Research surveys.

Join Vindale Research now and get a free $1 signup bonus Signup now.


5. MyPoints:

MyPoints is one of the popular sites where you can earn points for taking polls online, It is legitimate. It gives rewards in the form of cash through PayPal and gift cards.

It is available for people living in the United States only. You will get $5 as a free signup bonus, You can avail the signup bonus using the link provided.


6. OpinionCity:

A place where you can make money by not missing your comforts at home, Usually many survey sites won’t pay much, OpinionCity assures you a huge sum up to $100 per survey.

It acts as a platform to connect you with the market research sector, It conducts research and connects you with the best earning opportunities, survey platforms all at one place.

Join OpinionCity and make-up to $100 per each survey.


7. InboxDollars:

The best website which pays its users for taking surveys online, playing games, watching videos, and even shopping online. It provides you with various options which include easy tasks to earn extra money.

The site is only available for people who are residents of the United States. InboxDollars offers $5 as a signup bonus. Click here to signup and get $5 right away.

For people who are residing outside the US, there are sister sites to InboxDollars available online. They work the same way as InboxDollars outside the US.  Do check them out below.

  1. DailyRewards for Canadian residents.
  2. InboxPounds for UK residents.


8. MindsPay:

MindsPay is a legit website that pays you for reading important emails and even for completing surveys. This is an amazing website that offers you nearly $50 for completing a survey and $0.50 for reading an email.

Go for it! Click here to signup for Mindspay.


9. Product Testing:

Love suing gadgets and appliances?, Then here is the best website that pays you for using, keeping, and reviewing various products like appliances and gadgets.

You can earn $100 as a signup bonus by signing up using the link provided.


10. Vouchers Avenue:

Here it forms a platform to earn nearly up to $1000 and many amazing products by answering simple survey questions.

One can earn McDonald’s Giftcards worth $500, Free foreign trips to Vegas, Disney World, etc, and can win many exciting gadgets.

Check your luck by filling this simple survey and stand out to win amazing products worth up to $1000.

Join Vouchers Avenue and get a chance to win $1000 as a signup bonus instantly.


11. Panda Research:

Panda Research is one of the legit survey sites which pay you for filling their online surveys, Apart from the money you can even win many Giveaways, Coupon cards, and Discounts.

You can even earn money by referring your friends and family members. Panda Research is available for people residing in the US only.

Signup to Panda Research now and get $3 as a signup bonus.


12. VIP Voice:

VIP Voice is one more legit popular website that pays its users to take online surveys.

You can get rewarded by taking surveys that are a matter of a few minutes. One can consider this to earn some extra dollars every week in free time.

This is available for residents of the United States only. Signup for Vip Voice now.


Tutoring jobs:


13. Camby:

As Cambly site directly states that it gives you instant access to native English speakers over video chat to learn and gain confidence in the respective field,

Herewith this, you can help many ELL aspirants over videos and audio chats as a mentor.

Cambly nearly pays up to 17 cents per minute of tutoring,

You receive your weekly payment through PayPal every Monday.


14. CHEGG:

Hereby using this online tutoring platform you can help millions of aspirants with your knowledge,

You can mark your schedule and work according to it as there won’t be any assigned timings in Chegg.

Chegg can be listed in one of the legit online jobs that pay weekly without fail.

Chegg pays $20 per hour and hikes along without work.

You receive your payment Weekly through PayPal.



In this smartphone era, everyone is aware of phone applications,

Here NICE TALK is an application that bridges you with aspirants to teach and assist them with their queries.

NICE TALK pays out up to $10 per hour, you need to meet the $20 threshold to withdraw your stake.

Weekly payments through PayPal.


16. StudyPool:

StudyPool is an online platform that assists students to post their queries, And here you(Tutor) can bid on these questions to answer and get paid.

You can request payment once your answer got accepted. Weekly payments through check or PayPal. You can earn up to $500 a week.


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Writing Jobs:


17. Article Marketing Co.:

Article Marketing Co. Provides many articles, Web content, Blogs, and more.

You can post your articles to this company and earn for every article published.


18. Verblio:

BloggMutt renamed Verblio. In Verblio, you can earn points for the articles you write and they need to be accepted by the clients in the market.

Weekly payments on Monday through PayPal. You can earn up to $10.50 per post.


19. Boost Media(BoostCTR):

Boost Media helps for paid-Search Ad creation and optimization powered by AI. Here you can source, manage, and test all your online creative from one powerful platform.

Boost media has the most post accept rate nearly up to 95%. It pays based on the PPC model(Pay per click) advertisements.

Payment every Tuesday based on your work. You can earn up to $50 an hour by working consistently.


20. Cash4Essays:

A platform where you can sell your old Essays. They accept various varieties of subjects of high school standards.

The company reviews your Essays and offers a price. If you are okay with the deal you can cash out through PayPal.

Why wait for? Click here to sell your stuff.


21. ClearVoice:

ClearVoice is a content marketing platform. Here where brands and agencies can directly connect with freelance writers to generate their required content.

A platform where it unites unlimited clients, talents, and content. Once your articles are accepted, you can get your payment within 24 hours.


22. Domanaite:

Domanaite hires independent writers for their articles, They leave the option for us to choose the assignments where we want to work,

You can work on your schedule and earn up to $1 for 100 words for writers and nearly up to 25 cents for editors. Weekly payments through PayPal.


23. HireWriters:

Here is the platform where you can write articles on the topics assigned by clients, Client’s can review your post and can offer you review points.

The better you maintain your quality in writing the better the possibility of earning more. The highest on which you can earn an article is about $20.

You can even avail bonus points if your work is more appreciated by clients, Payment will be done every Friday, Go through the website here.


24. iWriter:

iWriter can be considered as the fastest, easiest, and most reliable way to have content written for your website.

Clients post their projects on this website, and from them, freelance writers choose the point where they want to work.

It helps clients to complete their work quickly, professionally, and affordably.


25. LondonBrokers:

London Brokers is one of the legit online jobs that pay weekly in the online publishing category.

Here you don’t have to be a professional writer, you must be just capable of writing error-free and original articles.

3 simple steps to earn here. Signup, pick your work from the assigned board, and get paid every Friday via PayPal or Payoneer.


26. OnlineWritingJobs:

OnlineWritingJobs has one of the highest-paid averages among the legit online jobs that pay weekly.

Here you can earn up to $50 per article, on comparison average article price is $15. Payment through PayPal or Bank check.


27. Postloop:

Postloop helps in delivering high-quality content from highly rated writers around the world. There are more than 1,00,000 freelance writers registered in the Postloop platform.

These freelance writers assist the clients to complete their work in a specified time. It also offers an automated post exchange platform where it adds content continuously for client websites, blogs, or forums.

You can earn up to $5-$10 every day by posting quality and informative posts.


28. Textbroker:

Here on this website, there are multiple duties where you can work on your interest. You can proofread and rate articles, you can work on checking orders of correctness.

Or, you can monitor content for copyright infringements. This website encourages college students mostly, Signup here.

You can earn nearly up to $2.10 per 300-word article.


29. TheContentAuthority:

You can register yourself with work engagement in different fields on this website, there are many platforms where this website assists with like copywriting,

E-book ghostwriting, Article marketing, Press releases, and Social engagement. Here you are awarded a tier rating based on your quality of writing,

We can earn more money with the help of this tier rating as it prioritizes our profile. You need to maintain a minimum of $25 in your account and cash out the remaining.

Payment through PayPal on every Monday, Check here for further details.


30. TheForumWheel:

TheForumWheel is almost similar to Postloop. You can engage yourself in online communities and earn in that way.

A minimum threshold of 10 articles is required to start generating your income. After reaching the mark you can cash out through PayPal.


31. UpWork:

Upwork is just a medium to let freelance workers find their work. Millions of freelance workers find work here.

your earnings are credited into your account once your work got approved by the client. And it takes 2 business days to cash out after completion of work.


32. Yelp:

Yelp offers a business directory service and crowd-sourced review forum,

They publish crowd-sourced reviews about businesses. They hire community ambassadors to connect with Yelp reviewers and to engage with the community.

This is location restricted, here one must work at least for 20 hours per week on their flexibility.

Company Yelp engages with the writers to assists its community members via mobile applications or a website to promote engagement.

Yelp also offers jobs related to social media where writers bridge social media users with Yelp accounts. It helps in branding their account, Check here for details.


33. ZenContent:

Zen content payment depends on project complexity. They pay nearly up to $8-$10 per article.

You need to pass a writing test. The test level is from easy to mediocre.


Data Entry Jobs:


34. Amazon Mechanical Turk/ Amazon MTurk:

Here this website is a crowdsourcing marketing place. It pays you for completing small tasks, like searching for small information and keep on record.

Payment ranges from $6 to $10 per hour and it pays weekly through direct deposit or with a gift card.

Check here for more details about Mturk.


35. ClickWorker:

Clickworker is one of the leading micro-tasking market places. It even provides data management and web research services.

Here you need to research a product and categorize it. A click worker works completely independently. Here you provide digital tasks to interested workers online.

All you need is a computer with a better internet connection. Weekly payments through PayPal account or SEPA(Single Euro Payment Area).


36. OneSpace:

Onespace is a market place where it offers jobs in various fields like data entry, writing tasks, Research, and many more.

Payments based largely on tasks you accomplish. Pay ranges for $0.02 and $0.035 per word. Takes 1-7 business days for payments through PayPal medium.


37. CrowdFlower:

On this website, there are many listed tasks. You can take part in any task in which you are interested in, to gain levels.

High-level help to earn high money, You can work part-time/Full-time. Check here for more details.


38. SigTrack:

SigTrack is an application that links campaigns with crows sourcing freelancers. Here you work as an independent contractor to help with registrations and petitions.

You need some experience in Spreadsheets and word processing and should be a citizen of the United States. You can make up to $20 per hour, Payments through PayPal.


39. Mobile Apps Jobs:

As everyone expects to complete their tasks at the edge of their fingertips, Here this section plays a key role in management.

If you are capable of managing through mobile applications this place is especially for you.


40. EasyShift:

EasyShift is app-based employment wherein which you get paid for completing small tasks like, Taking photos, Price Tagging, and finding promotions.

This application is available on Android and iOS. you can earn up to $2-$5 /Review, Some can earn nearly to $20. Pays through PayPal within 48 hours after completion of the assigned task.


41. FieldAgent:

FieldAgent offers location-based information and insights to link companies with their distant operations and customers,

Here you get paid for completing small tasks like taking pictures, promoting products in your locality. Payscale usually ranges between $3-$12 through PayPal or Dwolla.

You can find this application on Android and iOS.


42. Fronto:

Fronto listed to be the first lock screen media app that pays for unlocking.

This application pays you to unlock your phone, as it places ads on your home screen from paid partners of it. You can choose between displaying or to keep it plain,

Fronto Pays through coupons, Amazon Gift cards, or PayPal cash, after reaching the minimum limit you can cash out your money.


43. GigWalk:

As working as a Gigwalk agent you are assigned to complete Gigs in your area through Android or iOS application.

You are paid according to the Gigs you have completed. Pay range between $5-$100 per gig, you will get paid after your gig got approved.


44. Ibotta:

Cashback! This word has a separate fan base. Ibotta works on the same principle, It let you earn cashback rebates from the things you purchase online.

Here cashback you receive is directly credited into your Ibotta account and after reaching the limit you can cash out.

You can redeem from PayPal or Venmo after reaching $20 limit, it takes nearly 1 business day to process.


45. 1Q:

1Q is almost similar to survey filling sites. It pays you money by just answering the listed questions.

Here no website log-in is required, besides you can use your mobile. Each answer to a question can generate $0.50 directly into your PayPal account.


46. MobiSave:

Mobisave is a mobile application that enables users to use their receipts and redeem cashback rewards. You can use this on any store purchases.

Payments here directly deposited into your PayPal account and it no longer takes time exceeding 24 hours.


47. TaskRabbit:

TaskRabbit is a mobile application where it offers freelancers to find their work considering local demand.

It assists local consumers to find immediate help with daily tasks which include cleaning, moving, shifting, delivery services and Handyman works.

You can apply for any work-related and listed on this website as a freelancer.


48. VOIQ:

If you can manage and resolve customer queries and assist them through phone calls this application will be an ideal one.

Client campaigns are conducted and agents make calls through these campaigns. The minimum age limit is 21 years and one-year of experience is required.

Pay ranges up to 30 cents per talk minute and some allow additional bonus too. For assistance go through their web page.


Claim Your $5 Signup Bonus Now!

Wanna make some quick money? Sign up for these below offers to make $10 – $20 real cash in the next few minutes.

  1. InboxDollars ($5 instant signup bonus & get paid to watch videos and play games).
  2. SurveyJunkie (Top-rated, short, and easy surveys. Up to $3 – $7 per each task).
  3. OpinionCity (Up to $100 per survey & browse all high-paying offers at one place).
  4. Pinecone Research (Up to $3 – $5 per each survey & $7 per each product test).


Phone and Chat Jobs:

Many people choose these legit online jobs that pay weekly related to phone and chat jobs as they are hassle-free. If you are searching for the same, here can look at some.


49. Accolade Support:

Here you can join as a customer service agent, Accolade Support pays $7.25-$9.00 per hour and payments are weekly.


50. A Better Call:

ABetterCall is one of the legit online jobs that pay weekly in the telemarketing service. It recruits virtual workers for call center assistance, You can work as Lead generation specialist or business telemarketer.

You can earn up to $20/Hour. The experience required is nearly 2 years.


51. Amazon Support:

Amazon employs a very large scale. It also joined the list of legit online jobs that pay weekly. We can filter out on the careers page to find a specified job.

You can work as a chat agent to respond to customer queries through E-mail or on an audio call. Amazon offers flexibility in schedules and the work burden is low compared to others.


52. American Support:

American Support helps in delivering exceptional inbound and outbound telesales agents along with customer care service agents.

Weekly payment method.


53. Apple:

Apple has one of the best customer response team. They recruit home workers and provide them with free apple computers which assists them to respond to customers,

After joining in this you are responsible to assist with technical support and connect them with the database. Flexible schedules and timely payments are added advantages in apple.


54. BloomsToday:

A platform that assists customers to interact with inbound customer support agents to order flowers online. It recruits independent sales representatives.

The pay scale varies between $15/hour and inbound customer representatives can earn up to $24/hour.

You can go through videos and workshops, can access the website for free as well as paid content. Weekly payments are mostly encouraged here.


55. BlueZebra Appointment Setting:

BlueZebra Appointment setting is of business lead generation services, Telemarketing appointment setting service.

Clients are assisted 24/7 with the help of a virtual assistance team. You need to take care of the customer appointments and cold calling service.

One can earn up to $15-$25 per hour, weekly through direct transfer.


56. Brighten Communications:

Brighten communications was set up with a motto to provide big agency communications services to customers with a personal touch and a results-driven approach in an efficient pattern.

working hours: 8 am-5 pm,

One can earn up to $18/hour, Weekly payment method.


57. CallCenter QA:

Here new customers interact with call center agents.

CallCenter QA hires telephone mystery shoppers to make calls to companies and to raise queries, It pays nearly $5 per call, and a survey will be conducted after every call.


58. CapitalOneBank:

CapitalOne Financial Corporation is a bank holding company specialized in credit cards, loans, banking, and savings accounts.

It hires part-time customer support agents to work from their homes. You need to clarify customer doubts related to CapitalOne products and issues related to bank accounts.

Occasional meetings are conducted for proper working.


59. CityTwist:

City Twist is a digital advertising company that hires customer inbound supporters for customer support. It offers paid training,

It pays nearly $50 per appointment you take on call.


60. GameTime:

GameTime is an application that forms a platform as a mobile ticketing for all events like sports, concerts, game shows, etc.

Here you need to work as an inbound customer support agent to assist customers with booking, reschedules, cancellations and ticketing orders, and more.

You can earn up to $15 per hour and incentives will be added based on your work.


61. InfoCision:

InfoCision is a market consulting company. Here this company hires customer support agents to make calls on behalf of NPO’s(Non-Profit organizations),

Requirements: Landline, Internet connection.


62. LanguageLine Solutions:

LanguageLine Solutions assists with services like access services, video calling, audio calling, and onsite interpreting, translation, and localization, plus interpreter testing and training.

You need to interact with customers and resolve their issues.


63. LiveOps:

On this platform, customers can enjoy the assistance of customer service agents all the time to resolve issues.

Here LiveOps will also allow you to start your own business using its platform, where client approaches for assistance.

Working hours are not fixed, Pay rate depends on the genuine clients.


64. Maritz Research:

Maritz Research is a customer experience and market research company.

It creates a platform for, data analysis model, data collection, and mystery shopping validation services, Design consulting, comprehensive program management.

You work here as a telephone mystery shopper and act as a virtual customer for clients. Pay ranges from $7.25-$8 per hour(Hikes after 30 days of joining).


65. Needle:

Needle assists its customers to find their desired product with the help of virtual customer support agents through live chat.

You can work as a customer support agent and resolve, assist customers in the best way, and earn up to $10/hour.

Payment method: Weekly(On Monday) through PayPal.


66. NestleWaters:

The Nestle Water company is one of the renowned hydration company which is now hiring work from home agents for customer service,

you can join here as a customer service agent and assist Nestle waters customers as well as business partners.

Payment: Weekly.


67. OnPoint@Home:

OnPoint@Home can be considered as a different kind of work-at-home experience job,

Here it combines the convenience of working from home with many of the advantages of a traditional office environment.

Working hours:  at least 25 hours per week.


68. PNC Bank:

Banks are one of the regions where there is more requirement for customer care agents.

PNC bank offers work from home jobs as customer care agents, Flexible Schedules are the added advantage here.

This bank even offers education assistance, adoption assistance. Representatives earn up to $650/Month as bonuses.

Payments: Weekly based on performance.


69. US Bank:

US bank offers jobs for remote sales representatives. Here you can even join to fulfill some of the administrative works.

Experience required: one year in the sales field.

Working hours: 40 hours/week.


70. Ver-A-Fast:

Ver-A-Fast offers customer care service agents jobs related to various fields.

Working hours: At least 16 hours/week.

Payments: Weekly through a check,

Scale: $10/hour + Incentives based on your work.


71. Virtual Office VA:

Here Virtual Office VA offers jobs as independent contractors to work as customer service agents,

You can make calls for clients. Pay ranges up to $9/hour based on your working hours.


72. VoterConsumer Research:

As the name indicates you need to research the opinions of the voters and create an opinion survey through a phone call,

Working Shifts: Each day of the week with the flexibility of choosing extra hours in the evening. Check more details here.


73. Westat:

Westat is a professional services corporation and it is an employee-owned professional services corporation that offers professional services to help clients improve outcomes in Education, Transportation, Social Policy, Health.

Work hours:15-40 hours/week.

Scale: Starting $8.25, Pay varies if you are bilingual and can be flexible with night shifts.

Mode of payment: On Friday through Check or Direct Bank deposit.


Transcription Jobs:

One more important section in the legit online jobs that pay weekly is transcription jobs which attract more employees. Check here and apply for your favorite company.


74. Allegis Transcription:

One of the legit online jobs pays weekly which offers work from home opportunities for freelancers. It hires transcriptionists to typically transcribe interviews between people in the insurance industry,

Here you can enter through the basic level and choose your required task. Find more details on their website.


75. BabbleType:

Here various kinds of sectional jobs are available. You can join as transcriptionists, proofreaders, and translators.

Schedule: Flexible, Join here at Babble type.


76. Daily Transcription:

It hires independent contractors for transcription who are looking for part-time. We can fill the application form on the website and can join later in the team.

Try to fill and start earning from here DailyTranscription.


77. GoTranscript:

Here you can record an audio clip to assist the client. You can earn up to 60 cents per 1 clip.

Pay: $1200/month through PayPal. Join here: Go Transcript.


78. QuickTate:

QuickTate transcribes usually works on Memos, letters, legal files, Voicemail messages, Submit audio files using the iOS app, Voice recorder, email, or API. It operates 24/7.

Pay: quarter-cent for a word in general transcription, Half a cent for a word for technical transcription, Payments through PayPal on every Monday.


79. Rev:

This company assists clients with online audio transcription, video captions, and document translation services.

It works even for Immigration, Legal, academic, and personal needs.

Payscale40-65 cents per audio minute,40-75 cents per video minute, Here translators earn between  5-7 cents per word

Mode: Through PayPal. Register here: Rev.


80. Scribie:

Scribe hires freelance transcriptionists.

Payscale: $5-$20 per transcribed audio hour, monthly bonuses of $5 are offered for every audio with 3 hours duration.

Here you can pick your work based on your interests, payments can cash out through PayPal.


81. Transcribe.com:

This company hires document editors and home transcriptionists to assist its clients.

Weekly payments through PayPal, Register in Transcribe for further details.


82. TranscribeMe:

You can work here with flexible schedules as a transcription worker. Pay: $20 per audio hour through PayPal, Register in Transcribe Me here.


83. TranscribeTeam:

TranscribeTeam provides simple, affordable, reliable, fast, accurate, and confidential transcription services to transcribe your audio and video files and links. Here you can work on both audio or video projects.

Work: Flexible hours,

Pay: 45-65 cents per audio minute through PayPal.


84. WeLocalize:

WeLocalize helps to deliver content solutions for localization, translation, adaptation, and machine automation.

You can even work to transcribe a song lyrics and listen to songs to get paid weekly through PayPal.


Freelance Marketplaces:

Many freelance writers are waiting for a chance to work but with a lack of data, they couldn’t organize their work and serve clients who require these writers to help with their tasks.

If you are one among them, Here is the list of legit online jobs that pay weekly to access the freelance category:


85. FreeeUp.com:

Some legit online jobs that pay weekly are new to the market and are efficient too, Here is one of the company to be listed. Here Freeeup creates a platform where clients can Request, Meet, and hire prequalified freelancers.

It hardly takes minutes for the registration process. It hires top priority freelance writers, So output to clients is of high-end quality.

Pay: On every Thursday after completion of every task.


86. Freelancer.com:

A Crowd-sourcing marketing platform where it hires top freelance writers, web developers, and designers.

Here you as a worker can bid to complete a task, and get paid on a selected medium.

Pay:$10-$100/Hour(Hikes with content and experience), Check more details here at Freelancer.com.


87. GURU:

Guru hires quality freelance writers. You can join here to work remotely.

You will get paid on the same day regarding your work through PayPal.



It is one of the legit online jobs that pay weekly for most trusted freelancers. Here both businessmen and independent professionals connect to get their work to be done.

As its database is having high traffic, getting work in this platform became difficult now. There are many fixed-price contracts as well.

With the base of your work, you can even get paid hourly. Your work will be accepted by the client if he is satisfied and payments are done through PayPal medium and process within 4-5 business days,

or, here one more added advantage in Upwork is that you can schedule your payments through the selected medium.


Claim Your $5 Signup Bonus Now!

Wanna make some quick money? Sign up for these below offers to make $10 – $20 real cash in the next few minutes.

  1. InboxDollars ($5 instant signup bonus & get paid to watch videos and play games).
  2. SurveyJunkie (Top-rated, short, and easy surveys. Up to $3 – $7 per each task).
  3. OpinionCity (Up to $100 per survey & browse all high-paying offers at one place).
  4. Pinecone Research (Up to $3 – $5 per each survey & $7 per each product test).



Learning is more important than earning, Just concentrate on your vices to make your decision stand out from the rest.

Opportunities are always ample in numbers, Here just we need to choose and pick a better one.

Apart from the above-mentioned list of work at home companies that pay weekly there are many to be included.

That’s it. These are the 75 top work at home companies that pay weekly. Pick the right one and start working in your free time. Share your experiences in the comments section if you already worked with any of these companies.


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