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LiveOps Work From Home Review – Earn Up To $15/Hour

Virtual call centers are now thriving as they are considered among the most lucrative job destinations to look for this year. But, you may still encounter fraud and scams as there are many illicit players in this industry. So in this LiveOps review, we will know if it is legit or just another fraudster!

Our in-house team has tried and tested this unique virtual call center to learn about all the key takeaways.

Besides, we also took account of the existing user reviews and complaints to properly assess this company. So, without further ado, let’s dive deep!


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What is LiveOps?

liveops review

Source: Liveops

Before we even start this LiveOps review, you should know about the company and its working principles.

Established in 2000, LiveOps is a virtual call center that now has an attractive clientele consisting of several global leaders and Fortune 500 companies.

Since Greg Hanover took over as the CEO, this company has also started concentrating on its global footprint.

And now, it is working with almost all the major corporate houses, including some big names in the healthcare and financial services as well.

Right now, this company has around 250 full-time direct employees and several thousands of WFH call center agents. You can also join this company as an independent agent and start earning!


Is LiveOps a Legitimate Company?

liveops reviews

In brief, yes, LiveOps is an absolutely legit company that now offers telephonic and WFH chat support jobs to independent contractors.

Headquartered in Arizona, this company now has its branch offices in many places, including Ohio, Ontario, and California.

In business for the last two decades, it has recently crossed $2 billion yearly revenue.

They have also crossed the hundred-million mark in overall customer calls. Besides, this company has a strong social media presence with a quick-responsive team.

Even if you search for LiveOps reviews on Glassdoor or Trustpilot, you will get to see a lot of positive reviews. So, it is surely a legitimate company offering exclusive projects.


How Does LiveOps Work?

Is LiveOps a legit company or not; isn’t it the real question here? If yes, then you don’t need to worry at all!

It is not just a great company to work with but also has an excellent reputation. However, it is not an end client but a mediator instead.

You can think of it as an online marketplace for getting legit virtual call center jobs throughout the nation.

It has a strong network of clients who frequently has open positions. And you can directly apply for those vacancies through this platform.


What Jobs Does LiveOps Offer?

liveops review

Source: Liveops

All the LiveOps jobs concentrate on customer interactions. They are specialized in outbound and sales calls. But yes, they have regular projects for inbounds as well.

And the most common projects are as follows:

  • Complete Sales Pitch: From start to close, you need to lock and execute a specific sale for a specific product or service.
  • Healthcare Service: You need to advise on medical conditions and concerns and solve related queries.
  • Roadside Assistance: It’s an emergency service where you need to offer complete assistance to broken vehicles.
  • Insurance Sales: You need to talk to the customers and convince them to invest in insurance.
  • Claim Settlement: You will work on behalf of an insurance company to interact with customers looking for claims and disbursal-related solutions.
  • Food Orders: You need to take orders and complete billing on behalf of takeaway counters and restaurants.

However, in many specialized projects, you may need special certifications or licenses. Like in insurance settlement projects, you need to be a licensed insurance agent to get selected.


LiveOps Requirements

There are two main types of requirements you need to abide by. And in this part of LiveOps requirements, we will only talk about the personal criteria.

And those are as follows:

  • You need to be at least 18 years old to become eligible
  • You should be a permanent citizen of the United States
  • Excellent communication skills and native-level English proficiency are also needed


Technical Requirements

First, you need to understand that this job requires you to have a quiet and distraction-free space like a proper call center.

Besides, you must also have the following:

  • An updated computer (At least 3GHz Intel Pentium P4 Processor, 4 GB of RAM, and Windows 10)
  • A hard-wired Internet connection, preferably with at least 5 MBPS speed
  • A dedicated landline telephone connection (you can also use a softphone)
  • You should have high-quality headphones, preferably a noise-canceling one


How to Apply?

Once you fulfill all the above-mentioned criteria of this LiveOps review, you need to visit the career page of LiveOps to initiate your application process.

And the following steps are as follows:

  • Check out all the available jobs enlisted on the career page to find the best-suited one
  • Once you select any job, it will automatically redirect you to the job description page
  • Check the earning potential and job requirements before you proceed further
  • Once you are sure about a specific project, you can directly apply while creating a free account
  • You then need to pay a small fee of $24.99 for background and credit check

If you can complete all these steps, you’ll get a call for their live training session. You will only receive the final approval to join once you pass the Skill Builder training program.

apply now

How Much Does LiveOps Pay?

According to our own experience, the average pay of LiveOps is around $10 to $15/hour. However, several independent agents have reported earning as much as $25/hour.

But yes, it can be pretty tough to cross the $15/hour mark if you take it as a part-time opportunity.

This company offers several additional benefits to each of its full-time workers besides this hourly wage. The facilities include medical, vision, and dental insurance, paid vacations, and 401(k) programs.


LiveOps Pros and Cons


  • Be your own boss as it is a WFH opportunity without any time commitment
  • Industry-standard hourly rate with additional benefits and paid vacations
  • Freedom to earn bonuses and over-achievement incentives
  • Offers complete flexibility of work hours (you can even cancel a shift before 30 minutes)
  • Exchange/alteration of work schedule with fellow agents (if necessary)
  • Helpful and attentive training stuffs looking to solve all your queries



  • Only available in a few states of the USA
  • You need to pay $24.99 for complete background and credit check
  • The training program is completely unpaid
  • You need to pay self-employment taxes on your monthly earning
  • You may face a delay in getting phone calls, especially in inbound projects



How many hours do I need to work?

You don’t need to commit to any fixed work hours as LiveOps offers complete flexibility.

However, each contract will last for an average of 6 months, and you need to fulfill a certain amount of total work hours during that period. You can also preselect your work hours in advance in 30-minute blocks.


When does LiveOps pay?

LiveOps pay twice per month to each of its independent contractors. You need to submit your invoice in a 15-day gap. Your earnings will be automatically credited to your linked bank account after approval from the client’s side.


How do I get paid?

Right now, this company only offers direct bank transfers and check facilities. But to get faster payment, you should select direct deposit as it takes lesser time than physical or even e-checks.


LiveOps Reviews and Complaints


LiveOps complaints are extremely rare to find as they mostly get positive reviews. Currently, this company has a 4.0 rating on GlassDoor with 850+ real user reviews.

This company also has a 3.8 rating on Indeed to prove its trustworthiness among independent call center agents.

This company now has an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau, one of bother highest in its genre.


More Work From Home Jobs

We have already revealed all the good and bad of this company in this LiveOps review.

It does offer legit and high-paying call-center projects to independent contractors. However, many other genuine companies are now also offering WFH opportunities that pay weekly.

Besides, there are other ways to earn even while working independently. I have already even discussed how I earn $7k+/month from blogging, even in this critical situation.


LiveOps Review – Final Words

One thing is absolutely clear in this LiveOps review that this company is legit.

You can make around $20/hour on average if you take it as a full-time job and can expect around $15/hour as a side hustle. But the only downside is you need to pay around $25 initially for the background verification.

So, this is all, folks! Feel free to drop your suggestions and feedback in the comment box below.


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