12 Low-Stress and Fun Jobs That Pay Well

 We must agree that somewhere in the corner of our minds, we all wish to have an easy life with low stress or stress-free jobs. Isn’t it? 

I know, running behind desires of life to fulfill, we have hugged stress so much that we miss out on many options. 

It is true that we can achieve success in professional life even having a smooth and subtle mind. Frankly, there are many options available that you can choose from. These options will not only help you handling low-stress jobs but also will pay you well.

Also, to clear up things, there is no job that is stress-free but it is the statistics behind your effort that varies.

All you need to remember is to multiply your job with stress and make money off it. But ironically, that does not happen. And so, the scenario of low-stress jobs arouse. 

For sure there are plenty of opportunities available in the market. But the market also needs a few qualifications to earn such positions.


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Facts About The Low-Stress Jobs That Pay Well

The truth is even the president is under stress and so does a person who earns on daily wages do. The basic difference would only be in their positions.

Also, a truth is that the high the demand for a position, the high is the amount of stress you go through.

Let us try to handle the situation and dig a bit more to find if there is something suitable. Suitable to match our needs and lifestyle. 

Frankly, we have to discuss “what these low-stress jobs actually are?”.

The answer to this would be a good job which helps you to satisfy your leisure activities and make money at the end of the month”.

And the reason why everybody is not opting for these types of jobs is “lack of qualifications and required dedication”.

Dream jobs require high investments and strategies. Everybody on Earth is not that efficient to handle things as it should be.

Firstly, we shall discuss the requirements needed to avail of such high-end options.


Benefits of Low-Stress Jobs

Though positions are widely available, yet these opportunities also have their portion of benefits. 

A few sections will not only give income with incentives but also provide you various perks. Perks in the form of medical and health insurance, gift coupons, food coupons, and many more.

You need to alert will choosing your thing to get various benefits.


10+ Best Low-Stress Jobs That Pay Well


1. Blogging

One right place to let the world know about your passion is to start writing a blog. Picking up a niche and uploading your hard work on your blog will help you to get the money.

Blogging surely does make you some money until you have the patience to play a slow and safe game. Though the earlier periods of blogging lag behind eventually, there is no limit that you can make as a blogger.

These can be listed as low-stress jobs because there is no boss sitting over your head and no specific work hours to be designed. You are on to the efforts and hard work you invest in it.

Also, Check: How to Start a Blog and Make Money From it in 2021.

2. Paid Opinions

There are many happening websites that are true, reliable, legit, and trustworthy. All the trust depends upon the time when money gets parted to your account, right? This surely happens at the below-listed websites.

You will not get rich with this option but will surely help you in handling a few expenses.

Survey Junkie

Popular survey panels among the rest which has more than 5.5 million members. Survey Junkie has many other sections to make money apart from answering online surveys. Reportedly, you can make up to $1-$5 per each survey you complete.

Inbox Dollars

A place to make money for various things made through your smartphone. Watch videos, play games, shop online along with answering surveys. 

Also, you will get a $5 instant signup bonus for joining InboxDollars.


Similar to InboxDollars, you can make money at Swagbucks by answering online surveys, and games, and shopping through this portal. 

Along with which you also can make this your search engine and make passive money. Good referrals will also earn some good cash for free at Swagbucks. Don’t miss your $5 signup bonus here.


3. Product Testing Jobs

This method is a little forwarded from paid survey panels. Your opinions or views about a particular product will make you earn a bit. 

For example, vacuum cleaners, electronic gadgets, websites, apps, or any product for that case will be sent to you. In turn, they need you to use and share your opinions on those products. A few times you will not only earn cash but also will earn that product as well.

Check these website testing jobs that will help you earn around $30 per hour by testing and reviewing websites.


4. Become an Online Tutor

One level of lending a helping hand to people is to help them in their education. This is also considered as one of the low-stress jobs that pay well.

You can do this task from the comforts of your couch or desk. It is convenient in terms of flexibility, and income generation.

You can help people learn a specific language or deal with various subjects or even help with competitive exams.

VIPKid is an English-teaching platform that is accessible from home. $14 to $22 per hour can be made at this website.

For more detailed ideas on the same, you can check 10 Best Platforms To Get Paid To Teach English Online.


5. Proofreading & Editing Jobs

Along with jobs related to content writing or freelance writing, you can also try proofreading or editing jobs as well.

The job revolves around playing along with words and using idioms wherever required. Also, you need to have a grip over grammar to make your presence remarkable.

Breaking and rejoining sentences or deleting extra wordings or highlighting sentences wherever required is the basic task to be fulfilled. 

Tentatively you can pocket around $20 – $50 on an hourly basis. Some people are making much less and much more than suggested. It all depends upon qualifications and experience and caliber.


6. Flipping Items

Flipping items is mostly a profitable business in any way round. Pick any item that is least important for you and resell it to people who needs it. 

In turn, make money or any other product of your choice. But for this, you need to maintain a good network that would emphasize making healthy returns.

There are many workshops (Flea Market ) that will help you in grabbing and experience by flipping the items for wonderful profits.

Also, there is a flipping of thrift products in the market. This section will also help you make good benefits even if you are and fresher.

As in for every business, you need to follow a few basic strategies and tips to become an expert in the profession. Frankly, if time permits you can make double or triple or more the amount you have invested.


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7. Try Transcription Jobs

A transcriptionist is expected to make plenty of money just by writing down the audio files. It surely does require perfect training and good equipment to get along with procedures.

Yet any field which pays you good income will have some other terms and conditions to be followed. An approximate of $15 to a maximum of $50 can be earned on an hourly basis.

It is considered as one of the low-stress jobs because you will get paid for the amount of work you deliver. Sow and you reap the fruit is almost the main motto behind any freelance job.


8. Librarian

Becoming a librarian is not everybody is a piece of the pie. As people assume there is nothing to do within the field but only a sturdy person understands the essence of being a librarian.

To have a relaxing and sophisticated job profile a library is the right place to opt for it.

A booklover will surely understand the benefits behind this opportunity. Study, research, handling the in’s and out’s of books, cataloging, and whatnot. No tension and no target stress in the field.

You can make around $60,000 on an annual basis. BLS claims an average increase of 6% in the demand for this position in the coming years.


9. Actuary

With a perfect bachelor’s degree and a strong grip over statistics, mathematics, and business you can become an Actuary. Also, you need to get through some scheduled tests as well.

The talent for analyzing risk factors and helping clients to lead a safe financial journey is the key role.

The approximate average earnings of a senior Actuarist is around $35 – $50 per hour.


10. Lab Technician – Medical Field

Collecting and analyzing the various samples and diagnosing them at specified laboratories is the basic job of a lab technician.

A specific associated degree is required to opt for this position. You may not have to work with direct patients, so the risk and the stress for this position are less.

Sure you have to be careful with the collection of samples and submission of your reports. Approximate payment can be expected at around $22 to $30 on an hourly basis.


11. Technical Writer

If you have the capability of delivering good information with fewer words, opting for a position as a technical writer is the right choice.

This opening is expected to rise by 11% until 2028. With a certified bachelor’s degree, you can become a technical writer and start working for various websites or producing content for various instruction details or manuals.

Along with this you can also proofread others’ content and submit the details accordingly. Approximately $35 on an hourly basis is expected to make as a technical writer.


12. Freelance Photographer

One of the adventurous paths that will help you good money is becoming a freelance photographer.

By using all creative skills they have to produce the reality with some artistic touches. For basic start-up businesses, freelance photographers are always in demand. Earning around $15 to $20 is reasonable here.

With the inventions of various cameras and higher-end phones, the demand for such photographers has been decreased. Also, there is still scope to make a healthy income with the low-stress technique of earning.


Pros and Cons Of Low-Stress Jobs


  • No targets or easy targets can be reached.
  • No fear of putting your word in front of your authorities (for a good reason though).
  • These jobs will help you up in good bonding with your colleagues.
  • You will be surrounded with no manipulations or strategies.
  • Low-stress jobs will help you to take up various part-time tasks that could be beneficial.


  • A feeling of unwantedness may build up at some point in time.
  • You will not be able to give your fullest because you will not feel the urge of it.
  • Dejection may lead you to spend your time on something unnecessary.


Frequently Asked Questions

For any task or work or act, there would be many doubts arousing in minds. A few of the basic FAQs about low-stress jobs that pay well are:

Where to search for low-stress jobs?

You can choose within your network or the internet is already ready to help you find the places. Just look for options in your point of interest and slowly you will get to know better than you thought of.

But most of the time the internet will help you find the right job in today’s lifestyle.

How do I figure the right job for me?

Your qualification background will help you decide on the stream to proceed further. If you feel that your stream does not match with the jobs, then try to check if the job available is feasible enough to handle.

If so, then there are easy jobs like tutoring, translating, beautifying, etc to choose from.

Should I apply online or offline?

Various sections have different demands and so depend upon different policies. Mostly, companies are ready to accept online applications. 

A few may request an offline meet to discuss various other things. But this is processed after the selection procedures only. Master your resume to let companies get attracted to it. Also, master yourself to deliver whatever is mentioned in your resume.



I have listed a few of the many sources to get in touch with these low-stress jobs that pay well but frankly speaking, the demand for such jobs is high that the chances of grabbing these opportunities become less.

All you need is to have patience and keep on gaining expertise in a particular field so that the chances of acquiring the opportunity goes high.

Check with the list and please let me know if you have anything in mind that I could include in my article. Your views and support are appreciable.


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