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Lucky Chip Spin App Review [Jan 2024] – Is It Legit or a Scam?

Have you heard about different coin pusher games that claim to send virtual money to a PayPal account? Lucky Chip Spin is one such gaming app that has drawn the attention of millions of mobile users.

But do these players really earn money from the app? Is the app legitimate?

In this Lucky Chip Spin app review, we will cover everything you need to know about the app before you start playing it. So, let’s begin.


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Lucky Chip Spin App Review Summary

  • Name: Lucky Chip Spin: Free Puzzle 
  • Owner/Developer: Slot Game developer
  • Year of Inception: 2/19/2019
  • Price: Free app without any in-app purchase
  • Platforms: Android 
  • Downloads: 1,000,000+ downloads
  • Payout Threshold: $300
  • Payout Methods: Cash app and PayPal
  • Our Rating: 2.5 out of 5


Is Lucky Chip Spin Legit?

No. We do not consider Lucky Spin as a safe and legitimate game. It is a simulation game, which is different from other online mobile games.

The app may not enable you to withdraw all the money you have won by playing Lucky Spin games. Although you try hard to cash the virtual money, it is not convertible into real cash. 

It would make you feel that the app has wasted your effort and time. Real reviews from players state that they have won several tokens and cash by playing the game. But, these players have argued that they have not been able to claim the real cash.


Does Lucky Chip Spin Pay Real Money?

Almost every Lucky Chip Spin player wishes to earn money. The game developer has claimed that it pays out the players when they have won the minimum amount. The reward may be a cool gadget or cash.

However, in most cases, players have found that the game developer has cut them off when they are close to winning the reward. It is the trickiest business model created by Lucky Chip Spin.

It is intended to add several viewers to the ads. While users gain nothing, the company makes money. Thus, Lucky Chip Spin does not really pay you money. We have not found any Lucky chip spin payout proof.


What is Reddit Saying About Lucky Chip Spin App?

Is Lucky Chip Spin legit? We have read Reddit reviews of the Lucky Chip Spin App. Some users claimed that Lucky Chip Spin is best only for entertainment.

You will get fun playing the games. However, it is not the right choice for earning money. There are several other play-to-earn games in the Play Store.

Another player said that he had received 30 fruits. But, he had not been able to cash a single fruit. Therefore, there are several complaints against the app. In terms of payout, the app is a scam.


What is Lucky Chip Spin?

The free casual game, Lucky Chip Spin, is downloadable from the Play Store. The gameplay of Lucky Chip Spin includes a slot machine and a coin pusher. Those who have played Crazy Pusher and Dozer Mania can easily become familiar with Lucky Chip Spin.

To install the APK of Lucky Chip Spin, it is important to ensure that you have activated third-party apps. From the Menu, you can choose Settings and click on the Security option.

Check for Unknown Sources and wait for the installation of the app. In the case of Android Oreo, you will not find a global setting for installation from a different source. You need to enable your browser to install the app APKs.


Lucky Chip Spin Requirements

There are no special requirements for using the app Lucky Chip Spin. The app is accessible to players all over the world.

There is no need to have special skills to use the app. However, your age must be at least 17 years to use this app.


Is Lucky Chip Spin Safe?

As the app is on the Play Store, you may feel it is reliable and safe. But, you must not make any decision without reading the description.

While analyzing the details, we found that it has not mentioned any payout points, rewards, and gaming rules. Moreover, you do not need to provide information for the signup process.

It raises doubts in the minds of first-time players. The app might have paid some users to prove its genuineness. Still, you should not anticipate earning rewards and money from the game.

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Safety Overview

The platform is SSL certified, and its encryption technology ensures that data remains secure. However, one major concern is that the company shares data with third parties.

Still, you can rest assured that you do not need to enter personal details for registration. Another thing to be noted is that the Lucky Chip Spin app owner has not mentioned any privacy policies and terms & conditions.


How Does It Work? 

Lucky Chip Spin presents you with a platform where you can throw virtual chips and make lucky spins in the machine. The app has also mentioned some attractive rewards. It seems that lucky players have an opportunity to grab rewards from playing the games. 

But, what are these rewards? We have found the interface displaying some vouchers and gold bars. But, the most annoying thing is that the screen shows several ads. It is the way how Lucky Chip Spin earns money.

Available in every country, Lucky Chip Spin has revealed some details on the permission page. However, we have felt scared of the fact that it can delete, modify, and read your storage content.

So, there is a chance that it may look through your files and photos. But, Lucky Chip Spin has claimed that it is not hard to play the game. You need to touch the spot where you like to have the nickels.

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How To Make Money With Lucky Chip Spin?

The game presents you with a dozer that drives nickels from the front edge. You will receive tokens or virtual dollars based on where you have dropped gold coins and green chips. For instance, green chips (bearing a number 100) have fallen off the board. 

The slot machine (3-reel) gets activated when your 777 boxes have received chips. By matching 3 symbols, there is a chance of earning more fruits, cash rewards, and nickels.

You can find a wall to help you with the elimination of nickels. A piggy bank lets you bag more rewards. Moreover, gold bars are effective in managing quests to gain virtual money.

But, to credit your account with tokens and cash, you need to watch some sponsored ad videos. That is why you may waste more time on them. It can result in a loss of interest in the game.


Ways To Withdraw Money from Lucky Chip Spin?

Withdrawing the money from Lucky Spin involves some steps. The Cash Out option is close to the spot where the screen shows balance. It reveals different withdrawal options available for you.

Lucky Spin enables players to cash out the amount when it has reached $300. You can choose between the Cash app and PayPal for the withdrawal process. Click on the redeem button for the cashout. While switching tokens, you need $500 to exchange up to 5000000 tokens. 

An alternative cash-out method is available for Lucky Spin players. You need to touch down 777 on your slot to earn $777. Similarly, by collecting 36 fruits, there is a chance of earning $1,000

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Lucky Chip Spin App Review – Pros and Cons

  • Highly interactive and addictive game
  • The gaming interface is not complicated

  • Several ads cause annoyance
  • Network errors
  • Consume a high amount of energy from your phone battery


Lucky Chip Spin App Review – Conclusion

From the overall review, we can say Lucky Chip Spin does not prove to be the right choice for those who have strong anticipation of earning from the app.

However, the app itself has the intention of making money by presenting several ads in front of you. The objective of the app developer is to gain more profits. He has implemented a strategy to offer different virtual items.

But, these items are never convertible into real cash. That is the biggest con of the app. Playing the Lucky Chip Spin games is a time-waste. Videos also consume your mobile data. So, it is better to look for an alternative to Lucky Chip Spin.


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