magazines that pay writers up to $1000 an hour

10 Magazines That Pay Writers Up To $1000 Per Article

Getting paid $1000 an article is not at all an easy task. But it isn’t that much hard too. You need to be very selective in who you would write for.

You cannot expect that much figure from blogs that you write for unless they are big brands or companies. This requires so much knowledge and expertise in that field to get paid that big bucks.

But how can a normal person or a mediocre writer achieve this level? There is a short cut. Magazines.

Yes, writing for magazines is a clever approach to earn big figures as a writer. This way also brings you popularity as well.

Below, we are making a list of 10 popular magazines that pay writers up to $1000 per each article. Before going to send your pitches, make sure you meet all of their requirements to avoid the disappointments of rejections.

Before going to the list, take a look at these common requirements to become a contributor to popular magazines.


Requirements to Become a Writer For Magazines:

Remember, magazines don’t sit at one place, they move to millions of hands. Mostly, they all about showing off. So why you don’t? As a magazine writer, you also should show off your writing skills to impress editors and readers as well.

Here are the common requirements, skills you need to rock this industry like a pro.

  1. Excellent Writing Skills (You must be able to play with words).
  2. Content Elevation Skills,
  3. Deep knowledge in your topic,
  4. Work experience in the writing field,
  5. Previous contributions (not mandatory),
  6. Portfolio.


Benefits of Writing for Magazines:

Getting your first article published on any magazine is not at all an easy task but if you surpass the hurdle, it will bring you some extra benefits at the end. Here are a few…

  1. Higher pay rates,
  2. Wide range of topics,
  3. Gain popularity and high exposure,
  4. Improves your knowledge and skills,
  5. Opportunities to work with celebs and more.

Impressed with the benefits of magazine writing? Now let’s go the explore the list of 10 popular magazines that pay up to $1000 per each article for writers.


10 Magazines That Pay Writers Up To $1000+ Per Article:


1. Yes! Magazine:

Yes! Magazine accepts submissions from writers on a wide range of topics. From climate change to economic inequality, and from racial injustice to environmental degradation, you can choose your own topic.

They prefer and welcome reporting on movements, actions, ideas, and any other international stories. This magazine has great ratings and reviews from readers.

Response Time: You can expect a response within 30 days if you are confident in your submission.

Word Count: 700 – 2000 for feature articles & up to 1200 words for commentaries.

Pay Rates: $0.25 – $0.50 per word.

Info: You can check more information if you are interested in writing for this magazine.


2. Green Lifestyle Magazine:

This is an Australian based environmental & consumer sustainability magazine. Formerly it is known as G Magazine. They address environmental issues and also cover food, finance, travel, books and more.

If you have any report or a story to cover that fits their topic, then you can submit your article. They accept submissions from all over the world.

Response Time: Unstated.

Word Count: You can submit articles with a word length of up to 2500 words.

Pay Rates: 400 – 1500 Australian dollars for feature articles, up to AUD 800 for department articles.

Info: Check their guidelines PDF for more information.


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3. Legion Magazine:

Legion magazine covers Canadian military history. The topics include history, policies, affairs, issues, and concerns of senior citizens, health and current affairs, etc.

Apart from writing gigs, this magazine also offers quizzes, contests to win amazing cash prizes.

Response Time: As per the reports, it takes up to 30+ days to get a response. They publish a magazine every 2 months.

Word Count: 1500 – 2500 words. Stories can be up to 3000 words.

Pay Rates: $150 – $2000 per each article.

Info: find more details here if you are interested in this opportunity.


4. Douglas Magazine:

Douglas is one of the Canada based magazines that pay writers to covers topics related to business, real estate, profiles, sales, marketing, resources, and development. This magazine mostly distributed to the Southern Vancouver Island region.

Every year, they sell more than 180,000 copies. This magazine published six times a year and distributed directly to businesses in its area.

Response Time: You will get a response from their team within 30 days if they are interested in your submission.

Word Count: You can go up to 3000 words.

Pay Rates: Up to CAD 0.40 per word.

Info: Here you can submit your article to the Douglas Magazine.


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5. LiisBeth Magazine:

LiisBeth is a feminist entrepreneurial digital magazine that accepts articles on business policies, profiles, service articles, expert interviews, and personal stories of successful people in the start-up space.

They accept articles from feminist freelance writers and pay rates are pretty high. Gender equality is their aim and they want all to choose entrepreneurship as their career choice regardless of gender, race, and class.

Response Time: This magazine gets published every month. So you can expect their response in less than 30 days.

Word Count: Typically, you can go from 500 to 2500 words.

Pay Rates: As mentioned before, they pay very high up to CAD 2000 per a single piece of article.

Info: Submit your article here if you have a great story that fits their requirements.


6. Alaska Magazine:

Alaska Magazine is the most popular regional magazine that focuses completely on the Alaska region and its culture. They accept articles related to this region and its issues.

Reportedly, you can earn more if you submit your article with valid photographs.

Response Time: You may get a response within 30 days of submission.

Word Count: They accept features with word length from 1000 to 2500.

Pay Rates: $500 – $750 per article. Up to $1500 if you submit with photographs.

More Info: Submit your articles here to Alaska Magazine.


7. The Earth Island Journal:

As the name suggests, the Earth Island Journal mainly focuses on the environment and its issues in recent days. They publish this magazine 4 times a year.

They welcome articles or reports on the topics they cover. Have any idea related to their topic, you can try anytime with your feature article.

Response Time: Unstated.

Word Count: They accept articles with 1500 – 3000 words in length.

Pay Rates: Up to $1000 for each feature.

More Info: Check more guidelines if you are interested in this gig.


8. Down East:

This is one of the popular regional magazines that pay writers to cover issues related to the Manie area. Writers can cover Maine’s culture, personalities, history, big events, etc.

Response Time: They respond within 60 days if interested.

Word Count: You can go up to 5000 words.

Pay Rates: $0.40 – 0.70 per each word.

More Info: Find more details here if you are interested.


9. Yam Magazine:

This is a home and lifestyle magazine that covers topics related to Victoria. The focus areas include home, culture, travel, garden, food, and arts.

This magazine owned by PageOne Publications Inc which also owns Douglas Magazine that we discuss above. Yam Magazine is available for readers six times a year.

Response Time: You will likely get a response within a month of submission.

Word Count: They accept articles with 1500 – 3000 words in length.

Pay Rates: They pay CAD 0.40 per each word.

More Info: Read complete guidelines here if you are interested.


10. Northern Virginia Magazine:

This magazine accepts articles related to educations, fashion, medical, gateways, arts, and business issues in the Northern Virginia region. They also accept public profiles, interviews of successful people in the same region.

Response Time: Unstated.

Word Count: You can write up to 2500 words for feature articles and 1000 words for profiles.

Pay Rates: $50 – $1000 per each article.

More Info: Read the guidelines here before going to submit your article.


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These are the 10 popular magazines that pay writers up to $1000 or more per each article. Choose one, start writing, and submit. If they accept, you will not only earn $1000, but you can also reach & write for more magazines.

Always remember, getting your first article published is the hardest part, later on, they accept your work easily.

There is no need to feel bad if your skills don’t match their requirements. There are many other companies that hire freelance writers. You can expect up to $50 – $500 per each article even writing for blogs and business websites.

These gigs can be found easily and have much acceptance rate than magazines. Think twice and choose the right way.


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