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70 Surprising Ways To Make Extra Money On The Side

Who doesn’t want to make extra money?

In a day, we spend 8 hours on sleep and 8 hours on our full-time job and in the remaining hours, we eat, we watch TV, we talk and we do a lot of different things.

If you are the one who is interested in creating multiple income streams or in making extra cash to pay bills, or plan holidays, or save for the future, then you must dedicate a few hours every day to achieve this.

To help you in achieving your extra income goal, here we have done our research and listed some legitimate and real working ways to make extra money through the Internet.

Yes, you don’t need to leave your home to get any extra cash. You can stay at your home, enjoy yourself with your family, kids, and yet you will be able to maximize your earning potential using the ways that are so closer to your daily activities.

Your daily activities in the sense, if watching videos is your hobby, by the time you finish reading this article, you will be able to make money watching videos.

Let me tell you one thing clearly here before going to the list. There is one thing that could stop you from making extra money, and that is your expectations. You shouldn’t expect $1000 to watch videos.

In reality, nobody pays you to watch videos. But even if a few companies are doing that, that doesn’t mean you will get big bucks from it. You will get paid a few cents per video or per some number of videos.

Here you are not investing any time because it is your habit and at the end of the month, your earnings could be 100 bucks. That’s what we call extra income, right!

If you want to earn an extra $1000 or $3000 per month, then choose those opportunities that have big earning potential and work hard from your end.

Neither I nor the Internet is restricting you from trying multiple side hustles. So, go and check through the list and try as many as you can to maximize your side income.

You will get paid based on the opportunity you choose. So, be clever and choose wisely before start working because the potential of the opportunity you choose should match your expectations.

Otherwise, you may be fed up for not reaching your expectations even working hard from your end. I hope these points may help you in finding the right way to make extra money.


Disclaimer:  This article contains affiliate links. We may receive a small commission when you make a purchase (No extra cost to you). Please read our Affiliate Disclosure for more information.


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Genuine Ways To Make Extra Money

Here is the list you have been waiting for. We listed the real ways that already have worked for millions of people around the world. Pick the right one and start working.


1. Take Online Surveys

Paid online surveys are the most underrated tasks that pay decent bucks if you put in proper efforts. And those survey companies also allow users to earn extra money in different ways. Here we are listing some industry best companies that worth giving a try.


Survey Junkie is one of the most popular platforms for taking online surveys. This website has around 5 million active members who take surveys regularly and this website has a 4.5/5 stars rating on the Trustpilot website.

As per the reports, you can make up to $1 – $20 per survey. You can redeem your earnings as direct cash or gift cards.


Get paid to watch videos, shopping online, taking surveys, and more. InboxDollars, this website has paid nearly $60 million to its users for doing their daily activities through this app/website.

This website also offers a $5 free instant signup bonus for new users. Visit now and complete your signup procedure to claim your bonus.

Follow the links according to your country and location.

Vindale Research

You can make money through various sections at Vindale Research. This is also a platform, where you can pocket up to $50 for each valid survey.

Apart from taking online surveys, you can also fill your pocket by watching videos online, referring to friends, shopping online, and reading emails. It allows you to make some profits for your already paid receipts and also, by referring the website to valued referrals.

So, don’t let the wait take too long. Signup at VindaleResearch to procure its benefits.

PineCone Research

Pinecone Research is another great place to get paid to review products and take surveys. For every survey, you can pocket around $5 and $7 for the product test. You can also win Walmart gift cards or Amazon gift cards.

This website accepts people occasionally. So visit here and complete your joining if you have a chance.


LifePoints is one of the most reputed online rewarding platforms that pay you to answer simple surveys. This website has a network of more than 5 million registered users that take surveys in their daily life.

This website pays you in LifePoints (LPs) and these points can be redeemed into cash later. You will get 10 life points instantly after signing up and it is completely free.


This website lets you earn real cash for every completed and successful survey entry. Also, you can make some money by reading the emails, that the company sends you in your inbox. With every participation in a successful survey, you can also earn discounts or coupons for your future purpose.

The payment procedure at PandaResearch is easy, as direct payout will be processed through PayPal every fortnight. It has a free sign-up program and also you can earn by referring this website to your valued friends.


Swagbucks pays you for taking online surveys and also helps you by paying for playing games online or shopping online or watching videos online.

With an easy signup bonus of $5, you can also earn some extra by referring Swagbucks to valued friends. Swagbucks has a record of paying around $400 million to its customers to date.

Claim your $5 bonus without delay.


This is one more survey panel that will let you earn around $50 for each valid survey. Also, you can pocket around $0.50 for every mail you read. This portal is considered as one of the highest paying platforms in the survey panel.

If you wish to try your luck, you can surely try it here.


This platform will help you to earn for taking surveys with high pay. OpinionCity is considered as a hub for various survey panels. Here, you can search for all the different surveys which run on different networks in one place.

With the least amount of $1 to a maximum of $100 per survey can be earned at this hub. Why not try to pocket some healthy tips for yourself? Try OpinionCity.


2. Use Rakuten App To Save Money On Shopping

This application or a website lets you gain a portion of the money back in your account, that you have already spent on your purchases.

You need to click a picture of your purchased bill and upload it to the app. You can make money through offers that apply to a particular product if the mall is listed in the list.

Using Rakuten, you can shop through up to 2500 stores and get up to 40% cash backs on your purchases. Also, you can make money by referring friends to join this website.

You will get a $10 Walmart gift card or a $10 Rakuten cash bonus for joining Rakuten. Why are you waiting? Join now and claim your bonus.

Also, Ebates has a browser extension, which will help you with comparing the prices of various products in a single view. You can also have a track of the fall in the prices.


3. Make Extra Money By Participating In Contests

Do you want to make money without moving an inch? Yes, it is possible.

New companies and startup websites offer huge rewards and contests to get maximum exposure and also to attract more customers.

I must say, winning these contests & rewards will be completely based on your luck. But if you don’t win, you lose nothing right? Yes, because you don’t need to buy anything to be a part of these contests.

Join These Trusted Platforms To Participate in Contests

  1. Super Sweeps (Join now and get a chance to win $50,000)
  2. Sweepcentral (Join for a chance to win a $100 Gift Card.)
  3. (Join and Get amazing free samples daily).


4. Install Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel App

Want to win cash prizes every month without doing anything? Nielsen Computer & Mobile panel is another great rewarding company for people who are trying to make extra money.

Every month, this company gives away $10,000 to its users. If you are lucky enough, then you may win the cash prizes. This website lets you earn money just without doing anything.

All you need to do is install the application on your phone in wait for your turn. Try your luck here if you can earn a similar chance.


5. Earn Free $5/Week With MobileXpression

MobileXpression is one of the most popular and reputed platforms. All you need to get paid from it is just download the app and keep it on your mobile phone.

Once you complete your joining and keep the app for a week, then you will be rewarded with a $5 Amazon gift card. Along with that, every week, they give away cash prizes, gift cards, etc.

One more best thing with this app is that they will plant a tree in your honor just for keeping the app on your mobile for 90 days. For doing that you can also win various gift cards and giveaways from Samsung, Apple, Canon, and other reputed companies.

You can download and install MobileXpression here. Android  |  iPhone.


6. Start Using MyPoints App

MyPoints is another great platform to get cash backs whenever we shop online. These portals will let you shop over 2000 retailers through their websites and let you earn some points for each of your purchases.

All that is important to earn the benefit is, to accumulate these points and redeem them for various gift cards.

MyPoint also makes you pocket around $10 as a sign-up bonus. Not only through shopping, but you can also make money by answering questions or taking surveys.


7. Try Babysitting

One of the classic ways to make extra money is babysitting somebody else’s baby. Also, babysitting is for a good cause and usually, you get paid to just watch TV and nothing else.

You can charge a pretty good amount from the clients for babysitting their kids. Also, remember you get trained as the babysitter at some childcare centers else you can just make around $10 per hour.

Try to register yourself at any baby care centers or websites that will help you to promote your name to the clients who need the service. It is better to cross-check at various places regarding the requirements and apply for the same and make some extra money for yourself.


8. Take Dogs While You Go For Walking

If you are a pet lover, then there are several ways to make extra money spending time with pets and animals.

For busy people, taking their dogs for walking regularly is a tough job. This situation is helpful for so many pet lovers as they are always interested in dogs for walking.

If you are a pet lover, then you can take this opportunity to make around $10 – $15 for taking a dog for walking. You can get a membership from pet care centers or signup for platforms like Rover to find the dog walking gigs in your local area.


9. Install Money Making Apps

Yes, there are some companies that will pay you to just install apps on your phone and leave them untouched. These applications track all the expenses that you do online, whether they are for groceries or any luxury products.

Depending upon the usage of these apps, you can pocket around 200 to $500 per year. Also, there are applications that will pay you for swiping your phone for unlocking it.

There will be a few advertisements displayed when you unlock your phone and few applications also pay you for just closing the videos (ads) without viewing them.


10. Transcription

If you are good at typing and listening, you can try to become a transcriptionist. This will turn up to a good source of income and you don’t need to step out of your home.

There are several companies online that hire both beginners and experienced persons as transcriptionists. These jobs will help you pocket around $20 – $50 an hour.

If you are interested in transcription but don’t know anything about it, then read our transcription guide to learn how to start this business without any cost.

Or if you still think you need professional guidance to win this field, signup for this free general transcription course and learn from the expert.


11. Start Blogging

Blogs are one such great pressure you can save for your lifetime if you are good with the technicalities. You need to have a clear view to select your blog niche and then start writing articles on it.

Blogging needs a lot of patience and hard work. But it will pay you off if you put your efforts into a proper plan and schedule.

I started blogging in mid-2018 and hustled for about 6 months without making a penny out of it.

But after a few months of continuous efforts, it was started taking off slowly and I made around $50,000 alone in 2019.

There are different ways to make money from blogging such as advertising, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, selling products, courses, and more.

Here you can see a screenshot of our daily earnings from advertising along.

mediavine payments


I started blogging with less than $100 investment. If you want to start blogging, you can start now with just $2.95 a month using Bluehost. You will get a free ‘.COM’ domain when you signup.

Also, Check: How to Start a Blog and Make Money From it in 2023.


12. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is nothing but selling other people’s products and earning commissions for doing that. It is another great way to make extra money by promoting other people’s products.

Here you don’t need to own any product or course to make money. If you are an influencer, or social media user, or blogger, then you simply signup for the websites and start promoting products.

If you are a blogger, then it would be very easy to start making money with affiliate marketing. Along with the ad income, our blog also generates around $100 – $150 every day passive income from affiliate marketing.

This can be a high-paying side hustle and you can start this business without investing any upfront money.


13. Proofreading

Do you care about typos and grammatical mistakes while reading the content? If you have a habit of pointing mistakes, then this is the job for you.

It is one of the fun and stress-free ways to make extra money by fixing other people’s errors just sitting at home. Generally, you don’t any experience getting started. All you need is a great command of the English language.

One can pocket up to $15 – $50 an hour doing these tasks. You can either start it as your own business or you can join some website that offers you proofreading jobs.

If you don’t know how to start, then you need to join and watch this free Webinar by a six-figure proofreader to get a clear idea about the proofreading business.


14. Amazon Mturk

Amazon Mechanical Turk helps you to earn for performing micro-tasks on the website. The job requires human interaction for the services you provide as a customer care executive.

This is a good opportunity for people who like to work from home as you can fix your flexible work hours. Your payment will be credited through a number of retailers.

All basic questions could be about the feasibility and reliability of the product.

Your job would be to select the correct spelling of the word in the search engine, select the appropriate section of the product with their codes, and give correct details about the selected product and many others. Read our MTurk review to know more about the company.


15. Bookkeeper

With a basic knowledge and grip of Excel, you can pocket around $60 on an hourly basis. Try places to apply for virtual bookkeeping jobs. you don’t have to be good at mathematics to become an accountant to gain a reputation in this field.

In fact, basic computer knowledge with a zeal to help others is more than enough to become a virtual bookkeeper.


16. Graphic Designing

If you have some graphic designing skills, you can visit various organizations and can offer your services. Frankly speaking, you can see millions of local businesses with the worst designs on their signboards.

There are many websites like Adobe illustrator or stencil, and many others that have easy tools to do the creative job. If you have an interest in the field you can approach various small outlets and help them by giving design for a good cost.


17. Focus Groups

Participating in a focus group not only helps you by giving you some money for your pocket but also increases your knowledge about various products and various situations.

By completing the sign-up process, you will be receiving a few emails regarding basic topics. On getting through valued surveys, you get qualified to further participate in the focus groups.

People usually pocket around $75-$150/per session depending upon their difficulty level and interest in participation. You can either win the points in real cash or take home a few gift cards (both are beneficial).


18. Plasmapheresis

Donating blood is one portion of the job, whereas selling your plasma is a different process.

Though the procedure is similar, yet it includes various techniques and different equipment. The technique separates plasma from the other parts of your blood and the rest portion( RBC and WBC) are sent back to your body.

The technique is called ‘PLASMAPERISIS‘ and selling plasma may let you pocket around $400 every month.

You can register yourself at a few hospitals regarding the same. Get through some basic physical tests and you will be ready to give your plasma.


19. Teach English

This action is quite different from regular online tutoring jobs. Skype or any other similar modes of communication is required to apply for such categories. With good ESL accreditation, you can pocket around $25 per hour.

There are many websites that will help you to get associated with good clients who can pay you depending upon your caliber. Also, few websites make it open for the clients to get directly connected to you and you can fix your rate for your teaching skills.


20. Fiverr

Fiverr is a place where you can sell tiny services and make some extra money for yourself. You can earn from social media posting, writing for translating, playing pranks, or maybe teaching music or any other task, and many more.

There are many people who are getting benefited from this portal. All these basic tasks will help you a good amount of income.


21. TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit is a website that lets you make some extra money for doing the daily chores for others as make good earnings.

It is as simple as providing manual labor to people who can’t attain their tiny tasks at home. The task could be as simple as taking the dog for an evening walk or mowing the lawn or helping people with their plumbing sections or maybe painting fences.

This company reported that some taskers make around $150,000 a year working with TaskRabbit. So, it’s your turn to make some extra money from it.


22. Get Paid To Deliver Food

If you have a bike, car, or even a bicycle, you can start signing up at related places to become a delivery person. All that is needed is, you could deliver food or people from one place to another. This is one of the best earnings you can do in your spare time.

Websites like DoorDash, Postmates, are great places to get started as delivery partners to work in your free time. These jobs pay you around $30 an hour and you can also enjoy the tips from customers as well.


23. Kindle Books

Writing and researching are the sections, where usually the students are good at. For such experts, there is an option where you can write and publish articles or make an eBook to make some extra money.

Consider a laptop or tablet or phone, Kindle is accessible on any device because of the global market. For every sale from your eBooks, you will receive around 70% of it.

Basic tips are to do great research on any of your likable topics and then bundle up your information accordingly. Present the information together in any sort of eBook with an attractive cover page. 

When the book is ready, publish it and encourage your readers to write honest reviews (positive) about the publishing. This will help you in gaining traffic and also in uplifting your sales.

This is one of the lucrative passive income ideas one can start on with. Enjoy side gigs with your writing caliber.


24. GPT Websites

The GPT websites also reward you in the form of vouchers or direct cash as it is usually with other similar websites. All you need to do is sign up online at these websites and complete various tasks to earn income accordingly.

Basically, GPT sites are ‘Get Paid To’ websites that provide you micro tasks like to answer the questionnaire online or to play a game online, or to watch videos, or maybe any web searching.

Though the income rate is very slow yet you need to understand that nobody pays you to play games online or for any such micro-tasks.

Toluna, InboxDollars, Swagbucks, etc are such similar websites that provide people with easy money.


25. Make Extra Money By Testing Websites

UserTesting is an all-new website that is mainly associated to check various other websites. This platform helps people in earning the amount for giving a clear view and correct comments regarding websites. 

This method will help you develop your skills in searching the web and become a pro in that section. Mostly, each session will take you around 20 minutes to invest and can pocket you around $10

Get signup by filling your form to relate your mail-id into and slowly you will be receiving emails to your inbox. Answer them back with genuine reviews and bag some income for yourself. Check more websites here to find more website testing jobs.


26. Start Trading

 I understand, this is not the easy way to make some extra money, yet it is most risky. But Stock marketing is a lucrative way of earning money unless you are in a safer zone.

The correct calculation of investments is mandatory to make money in this field. Any wrong step in the field will put you in soup, lemme warn you. 

There are many online platforms that will make it easy to survive at the trading panel. Or you can either take the help of any financial advisor who will help you in sailing an easy boat.

On the final hand, if you don’t make up with all benefits in the field, you will surely end up with a good amount of knowledge in handling stocks and investments.

Firstly, try to invest basic amounts and then slowly increase your limits.


27. Get Paid to Search Online

This is one of the tasks that usually anybody does. Searching online – easy ways to earn a healthy income, isn’t it?

People search for every tiny thing and so there are companies that let you earn healthy income for using their search engines.

There are websites, where if you log in, it will help you with different search engine portals. These portals will also make sure they display the amount you have earned for every genuine search.


28. Buy & Sell Domains Names

There are options to pocket a good amount of money for selling domain names. Basically, the domain name is the web address of a website like or, etc.

Henceforth, you need to register with with the basic package and purchase domain names and resell them for a very good price.

Basically, the trick is to find the domain names that are available with a good commercial value and list them to your website to sell the same at higher prices.

There is a bit of hard work behind this and so please let me know if you want to know the details of how to start on with.


29. Spare Change Investing

If your strategy of saving is to think later about the investment, then this section is just for you. There is an app called Acorns that helps you to invest the spare change in your savings account.

There is an option to round up your bill the nearest amount while swiping your card and the rest amount will be saved for your future.

Also, there are websites that give you one-time investment plans as well which helps you to earn some cash-back for your regular shopping.

There are also websites that will help you to earn money for every referral and every valuable friend.


30. Sell Used Books

Basically, you need to purchase books from other students and resell them with simple touches (if required) to other students after you are done with them.

This is one of the best ways to make some extra money for yourself. You can grab students by advertising about books within the campus or maybe online.

Bookscouter, Half Price Books are some best places to sell your old books for decent bucks. You need to keep in mind that the online marketplace collects some amount of commission for the books they sell.


31. Sell Notes

If you are a student then this option is for you. One of the best ways to make some extra money for yourself is to share your notes if you don’t mind it sharing.

There are both online and offline ways to earn income by selling your notes. For the online selling section, when a student downloads your notes, you will be get paid accordingly. You need to upload PDF formats to make the most benefit from it.

Use websites such as Campus Shift, Course Hero to sell your notes at any time.


32. Music Review

You can make extra money by reviewing for some bands or artists if you are a music lover. Though it may take some time for you to build up your reputation, yet few of the users have stated that they make around $50 every month.

Music Xray, Hit Predictor are the websites that pay you a good amount to just continue with your hobby.


33. Sell Your Skills

Selling education means giving your knowledge to somebody else and in turn, expect some income. In simple, you need to become a tutor in any related field you are capable of. Become an online private tutor with various websites and earn money.

Thanks to the global world that online sessions have made it is your to attract good and feasible clients who can pay a good amount. Basic requirements of qualification are more than enough to start your career as a tutor.


34. Sell Used Items on eBay

Every individual home has a lot of junk leftover in their cupboards, and you can neither throw it off nor can use it. And this idea leads you to sell anything on eBay. These options will help you to make your unused clothes into some extra money.

Also, if you have something that is on-trend and high in demand you can really kick the money bucket for yourself.

If your eBay sales reach the peak slowly, you can also make some investment and try to purchase products in bulk and then resell them by adding your mark up.


35. Start a YouTube Channel

Depending upon the basic and recent surveys it is a proven fact that most of us are indulging in watching videos on YouTube.

If you have the same concept to earn some extra money through YouTube, then there is a facility that helps you to make videos and upload them on the YouTube partner program.

In the section, you will be earning a percentage of the amount from Google AdSense for showing ads on your videos. The more you are popular and the more you spread your videos, the more you will earn from your channel.

You can pick any particular topic to make videos and uploading videos on regular days will help you build a more genuine audience.


36. Sell Videos

Want to make 250 euros ($277) within a few minutes? Then you need to know this!

I hope you are aware of “You’ve Been Framed” which usually entertains any sort of videos that you can record and upload on their website.

If you have any fun video that you think would entertain people then you need to upload it here to get paid $277. For example, a baby calf falling off the hay or maybe your husband slipping off the door, or your horse trying to chase the cat.

Trust me you can film anything and you can send it to a few of the related websites and can make extra money in a fraction of minutes.


37. Creative Writing

If you are creatively skilled in writing stories or short poems, then you can try to sell them to any of the paper companies that could print your work on.

The topic could be anything based upon your imagination and your creativity that could help you to grab the most of the customers you could. There are people who usually write about nothing and could earn around $50 -$80 per article.


38. MLM – Multi-Level Marketing

Multi-Level Marketing usually needs your full concentration in gaining people to make the earning easy for you.

Usually, you need to sell some products or information. Also, you need to hire people who can join as members and do the same job under your surveillance.

This is a slow process to earn a good amount, and also, requires your commitment for a minimum of 3 to 4 years to gain basic stability in the field. Yet this is considered as one of the best ways and passive ways to earn money.


39. Sell Lands

It is a fact that the cost price of land is increasing on a day to day basis. Many people who are into the real estate field are making a good amount of money just by purchasing land and then selling it to somebody else.

You can get a good amount of commission from both the seller party and the buyer’s party. The basic trick is to look out for the investors and the property owners and to just avoid the local area dealers to involve in the business.

I understand this is a slow process to earn, yet you will make a good start if you are interested in it. Usually, it may take a minimum of a few years to gain a reputation.


40. Seeds to Saplings

If you are interested in gardening, try to put that hobby into making some hard cash for yourself. You can buy some seeds from various stores or nurseries and help them to grow in your regular gardens. Pack them up in small containers and sell them at reliable prices.

This is helpful for both the environment and as well as for your pocket. The basic job is to germinate the seeds in the correct manner and sell them in small containers. This involves some of your hard work and patience yet it will help you in making some good amount for yourself.


41. Clickworker

There are many optional sections where you can make extra money sitting on your couch. One of the common ways of earning money is a data entry job.

Also, you can fill up some forms on web research and usually will be paid through PayPal for all the works you do.

Clickworker is an internet crowd-sourcing section where companies usually have a specific advertisement. They also provide a few tasks which you need to finish within a particular period to earn an easy income.

Clickworker basically, works on a micro-tasking strategy, and the data that is collected is usually rechecked and quality assured.


42. Make Extra Money by Walking Daily

There are applications that help you to earn a good amount for just being healthy. You need to track your steps by walking or jogging or maybe track your food or at least you cannot take surveys related to your health.

Earnings will be in the form of points that you can redeem elsewhere or maybe cash them or maybe purchase Amazon gift cards.

It is a slow process that depends upon your physical activities and you can pocket around $10 for every 10,000 points you accumulate. You can also join several websites at once to make more cash from these websites.


43. Virtual Assistance

Virtual assistance is one sort of work from home opportunity, which you can do in the convenient zone of your couch. Checking emails or planning travels or maybe searching on the internet for small things is basically the job of a virtual assistant.

If you are well aware of working on a laptop and have a good internet connection, you can become a good virtual assistant. Here a few companies are actually waiting for hiring virtual assistants. You can pocket around $15 – $30 an hour working for them and you can earn even more if you work for your own clients.


44. Pizza Rating

If you are a pizza lover, then this option is for you. Did you know you can earn a free pizza and $5?

Yes, true! The Source Agents is a company that pays you for rating pizzas from every restaurant based upon their taste and the delivery time. It is as simple as that and you can earn a good deal with these websites.


45. Become a Search Engine Evaluator

Websites like Yahoo, Google, and others usually pay you for helping them to fix their search engines.

You need to help them with making their search engines relevant and qualitative by deducting the basic errors if aroused. Basically, you need to pick out the mistakes and solve them.

There are websites that are associated with these sorts of jobs and you can apply at any one of them and gather around $12 per hour.

Appen, Lionbridge are some of the legit websites that deal with the same category.


46. Renting Your Stuff

You can literally rent any basic to the premium things you own and make extra money off it. The scope is wide and you can’t imagine the variety.

You can rent a bike, car, parking area, tools, pets, cycle, snowsport, gym gear, audio CDs or DVDs,  musical instruments, Clothes, Toys, Gadgets, furniture, Baby Bedding, and many many more.

There are websites like Craiglist, RentNoBuy, and many others that are open for people to sell or rent their stuff with simple steps.


47. Trade Antiques

This surely does require investment, but the returns will be surely high. You need to make a lot of research before stepping into this field. Sure, this option will help you make some extra money in your leisure hours. 

You need to read and notice various things and have a clear idea about the good and fake stuff provided.  If you have any toys or coins or currency, you can even sell them if they are unique. 

Find out at the pawn stores the true values of your collectible, and then make a deal.


48. Unique Currency

AntiqueMoney is a great portal that is in search of selling and buying unique numbered notes. Usually, they collect US currency if they can have any unique serial number.

If you have any, try to upload the details at various relevant portals and make some good money.


49. AudioBooks

One of the booming industries in today’s world is AudioBooks.

If you have a good voice, and if you like to sell your voice, then you can work for a radio company or recording audio sessions. These places will let narrate some AudioBooks and make extra money for it.

Either you choose to become an author or an actor you can always check online services where you can sell your voice for a good deal. is a great platform to get started with recording audiobooks.


50. Recording Podcasts

Podcasts are on the hype for a good reason. With a busy lifestyle, people are searching for new ways to earn passive income and this process helps in grabbing a good audience and help to make extra money regularly.

Podcasts are good for people who are in search of any major issues which are basically related to their personal life or personal gadgets mostly.

It is similar to that of a YouTube channel or a blog that keeps you engaged for some point in time in creating one. Then you need to make arrangements in gathering the views which will help you in the income generation with podcasts.

Check the list of websites and platforms to host your podcasts here.


51. Remote Jobs

Remote jobs are good for flexible hours works and also give you quality income. There are many websites associated with this type of opportunity and you can try at one.

Virtual locations, Skip The Drive, Flex Jobs,, Solid Gigs, Working Nomads are some of the opportunities where you can try.


52. Become a Developer

If you are good at making software applications, this will help you in making some valuable money with a good amount of savings.

Trust me the world is in an insatiable need for software. You can plan to develop software that helps in application filling or maybe you can create one which solves some particular problems.

You can also check if you can create a game that you play online. Basically, all the applications we see on Google or Apple are created by individuals and are marketed by small businesses.

Being a developer, you can charge up to $50 an hour or even more based on the projects you are dealing with. If you are already a skilled developer, you can offer your services on Freelancer, Upwork, Fiverr, and on a lot more platforms.


53. Launch Your Online Business

Starting their own business is a dream for many people. Nowadays, most people are not showing interest to work under any people. They want to escape from the boss’s pressure.

If you are in the same box, then you need to know that there are a few ways you can start your own business online even without any investment.

You can start smaller and if it goes well, then you can scale-up it by hiring employees and investing money into it.


54. Etsy

For handmade crafts and goods, Etsy is considered one of the most famous online malls.

This is a perfect place for creative artists who can make wonderful creations with rings or bracelets or phone cases or furniture and many more.

If you have a good place to store your creations, you can start selling them on Etsy with a very small investment. This will help you make money by continuing your hobby for various creative designs.


55. Become an Instagram Influencer

There are a lot of unique business ideas to start with your Instagram following and most of them don’t require any investment too.

Instagram is considered as one of the ways to make extra money unless and until you are quite popular on the social network. Depending upon your popularity, many big brands or startup companies, or gear companies will be ready to hire you to promote their products.

All you need to be is a great influencer with a massive Instagram fan following.  Also, if you already are stable with a good niche and keep adding relevant posts with clear details, it makes it the companies easier to hire you as an influencer.


56. Society6

On one hand, where Etsy is good for your handmade goods, Society6 is considered as a great place to sell your designs that could look good on pillow covers or wall hangings or T-shirts or phone cases and many more.

This website usually allows you to start your earning without any investment. Society6 makes sure to help the artist to create designs and then upload them on the website to create their own shop list.

Depending upon the client base and the demand, all you need to do is to print the same thing on the varied range and deliver the product to the clients directly. 

For creative brains, this is one more option to make money by influencing their hobbies.


57. T-Shirt Making

For people who have good capital or maybe they are well settled with their jobs yet looking for and side business, this option will surely help them to make some healthy money.

T-shirts are always in demand for people of any age group and any gender. You just can’t imagine how people love the t-shirt and with the help of the right tools and marketing strategy, you can boom the t-shirt business.

Whether online or offline, this option will surely prove as one of the best ways to make extra money. If you have great ideas and designs I am sure you can make a good deal for your side gig.


58. Smart Brains

If you are good at running your brain in various areas and you have the expertise, you can try to enroll with

This website usually lets you create a profile and then connects you to the clientele base who actually are in search of a good decision maker for their businesses.

Small startup companies or small restaurant owners at some point in time need a few suggestions for their businesses. It all fixes with a phone call and a small meeting if required, yet you need to have few certificates to get enrolled as one.


59. Online Travel Agent

Did you ever travel on your own by selecting the random airfares or maybe the hotels? If so, let me tell you that you can design a niche for yourself as a private tour consultant.

To be frank, with the online travel consultation you can make some extra money to let people just travel for their pleasure or business trips.

For the publicity, you can use your mouth to mouth method, and slowly you can proceed to Facebook or LinkedIn sections which will allow a large group to know about you.

If you feel this as a beneficial portion of your earnings you can slowly fix it to a full-time occupation. All you need to do is to plan a dream holiday for the people within their own budgets and make some profits for yourself.


60. Online Slogans and One-Liners

If you have the capability of coming up with good one-liners or slogans for the companies and their naming, you can try at various related platforms.

You can enroll yourself at various websites and get associated with various companies. If you get associated with a good clientele, you can earn a good deal.

By suggesting some good names or slogans for the organizations, you can also design logos that will help make some extra money. Wanna know how this crazy job works? Head over to


61. Essay Writing

If you are good at advising tips on how to write essays or how to start a topic, you can apply at many relevant portals like Scribendi, EssayEdge, or others. 

Enroll at any of the websites and wait for the parents to get in touch with you. 

Usually, most of the parents are always in search of people who can help their kids with their studies and extracurricular activities.


62. Love Guru

Even with tremendous technologies rising in today’s life, people still lack in maintaining the basic relationship in their life.

Maintaining a special bonding with special people or dating somebody needs correct care and directions to lead the relationship to a good ending from a good start.

Trying to find a new partner is always tough and even if you find one you may not know how to start a conversation or how to lead that relationship too. Love gurus are people who help you to make a wise decision in selecting your partner and dating them.

If you have any such tips, you can start your own website or may join the relevant organizations. This provides the opportunity to make some money and also is a good deed of joining hearts together.


63. Personal Trainer

If you are a gym freak and you are capable of training people, you can take up a job as one in your free time. You can fix your schedule according to your time and train people to maintain their health.

With a correct mindset and business concept, you can set this as your full-time career too. This could turn out to be one of the financial and physical rewards, you can win together.

With a good reputation and a great clientele, you can get appointed as a personal trainer to some people. You can take private sessions or give individual training to big shot clients. 

Also, you can start your online fitness sessions and can upload the recorded videos on the social platform to attract more followers. You can act as an influencer to many of your followers, depending upon your reputation.


64. Lyricist

If music is your forte, you can surely sell your talent either online or offline. I understand, the market is big and the competition is vast, yet you can surely give it a try. 

There are many websites that are in search of fresh talents and if you have some uniqueness, you can make it through an easy note. 

Whether it could be a musician, lyric writer, producer, or any other profession, you could just opt for one. Through various websites like Marmoset and MusicBed, you can send your works or projects for web series or movies or shows.

If your work is well appreciated, you can make a good healthy income.


65. Start Consultation

The consultation services usually have a good tie-up with various other organizations and help them in recruiting employees for such companies.

The consultancies approach various colleges or local areas to find out the employment rate and help employees to get associated with good firms.

These consultants collect a commission from both the employers and employees. If you have any such network and have a good bonding with the HR’s, you can either start one and make some profitable amount.


66. Car Advertisement

If you have a 4 wheeler and you don’t mind to change the look of it, try to reach companies who would like to promote their products through advertisements.

You need to sticker your vehicle with that particular product and they will pay you for doing so. This is one way of publicity and the organizations pay a good portion on a monthly or weekly basis.

Wrapify is one such organization, which pays you to wrap your vehicle (4 Wheeler) with promotional advertisements. Depending upon the area of your stay or travel destination, the pay scale varies.


67. Food Tester

There are places where you can make a good amount from just eating. Yes, true, food tasting is the portion of the job you all have to do. There are websites, where you can register and answer a few basic questions.

As soon as you get through the procedure, you will be waiting for your turn to taste the food.

You will not know which restaurant you will be approaching and what dish would reach you, yet reviews say, they have made around $40 – $75 per taste test.

Trust me, this is not easy, neither the pay nor the chance to earn. If you have the right tastebuds active on your tongue, just give it a try.


68. Resumes

There are many people out there who are very bad at preparing their own resumes for their interviews.

If you have a background in human resources you will be having great experience in preparing a resume. This option with let your pocket some extra income which you can use to clear some of your bills.

As we all are aware that a resume plays a vital role in all the interview sections. People are usually in search of experts who can help them in creating a wonderful and attractive resume for themselves.

If you have the caliber, try and grab a deal for yourself at WriterBay or Talent.


69. Rent A Partner

Yes, you have read it right. There is a website called which actually helps you in renting a person. You can hire a person, who can give you company for your dinner or gym or movies or any other sections you want to.

This portal lets you pocket around $50 on an hourly basis and also, provides you with a few basic perks like food, or meet new people. The website makes it a clear friend-zone portal only and not a dating site or Escort agency.



That’s it. A huge list, right? I hope this list helps you to find the right way to make extra money in your free time. Now I would like to hear back from you.

If you already tried any of these ideas or something not listed here, please share your experiences and suggestions in the comments section.



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Absolutely stunning! Thank you on a detailed impressive guide!

Rohan Yadav

Wednesday 13th of May 2020

If you want to be your dream life come true, so you have to earn more. we have remaining time in routine life, earning is possible from home. You blog is pathfinder in that manner, thanks for sharing these ideas.