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Make Money on Amazon: 15 Ways To Make Up To $5000 Per Month

Amazon has not only established itself as one of the best platforms for online sellers but also made its name as one of the biggest companies the world has ever witnessed.

And now, ordinary people make money on Amazon, which has paved its way to become one of the ‘Big 4’ of the United States. Needless to say, it has become the most dominant player in the global eCommerce market.

As of 2022, Amazon has more than 12 million listed products on its website. According to a recent financial report, an average Amazon Prime member usually spends nearly $1.4k each year on this online marketplace.

And besides the online sellers, Amazon also needs a vast workforce to maintain and expand its operation.

There are several options by which you can easily make money on Amazon by working full-time or even part-time. And here are the top 14 choices for doing that.


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15 Best Ways To Make Money on Amazon


1. Start an Amazon Niche Blog

Earning Potential: $1000 – $20,000+ per month.

Have a habit of writing reviews of the products you buy online? Or do you share/refer good and useful products to your friends?

If you do any of the above-mentioned things for fun, then there is a life-changing side hustle idea that most people aren’t aware of.

Actually, Amazon, through its affiliate program, pays 1% – 10% as commissions (Advertising Fees) to the people who promote their products and get sales (also called affiliates).

Using this program alone, a lot of people all around the world are making thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars, every month. Check my income report here.

So What Is An Amazon Niche Blog/Website?

A niche blog/website is a platform that offers performance analysis and reviews for a single product or multiple similar products.

In simple words, a niche website that has been created to promote a specific type of Amazon product can be called an Amazon Niche Website.

How Do Niche Sites Make Money?

If you are a regular internet user, then you may notice articles like

  1. 20 Best Running Shoes For Women
  2. 10 Best Christmas Gifts for Kids
  3. Apple iPhone 12 Pro Review – Is it Worth Buying?

These are the best examples of how Amazon niche blogging works. You do your research online to write similar types of articles, and you’ll place your affiliate links in the articles.

When someone buys a product through your affiliate links, you’ll get paid.

Apart from affiliate marketing, there are many other ways to make money from your niche blog.

  1. Display Ads: Display ads are nothing but small banner/image/video ads placed in between the content. Here you can get paid for placing that way by third-party advertising networks. 
  2. Sponsored Posts:  Upon popularity, some brands reach you to promote their products in return for money. You’ve to negotiate your pricing before accepting.
  3. Reviews: Like sponsored posts, some companies contact you to use and review their brand-new products. All they expect is positive feedback from your end. This brings cash and free upcoming products as well.
  4. Product Selling: When you have a blog or website, you can also create and sell your own physical or digital products.
  5. Affiliate Marketing: Calling it an Amazon Niche Website doesn’t mean you have to promote Amazon products. You can also promote other company products to earn commissions. There will be no limitations since you own the website.

Who Can Start An Amazon Niche Website/Blog?

Anyone. Yes, you heard correctly. Anyone can start an Amazon niche website and make money.

You don’t worry about following; you can create your own following by posting your blog content on social media like Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Pinterest is a great platform to drive traffic and get sales. My blog gets almost 75% of its traffic from Pinterest, and I make around $7000+ per month from my blog. Check my latest income report here.

I can only promote books since my niche doesn’t comply with most Amazon products, but you can promote a lot of different products when you choose niches like Fashion, Lifestyle, Parenting, Health and etc.

It may take a few months for the results to display, but your patience and efforts definitely worth thousands of dollars. So choose your favorite niche(topic) and start your journey.

How Much Does It Take To Start A Niche Blog?

Just $3.95 per whole month. Yes, that’s it.

You can start a life-changing side hustle within the next 10 minutes by investing $3.95 per month. No hidden costs or extra tools. Also, you don’t need to worry about the topics since nobody is an expert from the beginning. Don’t let this reason stop you from creating a niche blog.

I also started with zero knowledge like you, but now my blog is constantly making around $7000 per month even though I am not working full-time on it.

Once you’re done with the blog setup, simply find some competitors and do some research on their websites to get an idea of how they are doing it. You’ll learn a lot of things from your experience. So, create your own blog now and start writing.

Follow our step-by-step guide to create your blog in the next 10 minutes. Tap on the below button or click here.

start a blog button

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2. Start Selling Products With Amazon FBA

Earning Potential: $0 – unlimited.

Amazon has its very own selling channel called the Amazon FBA network. And you can sell items in bulk using that network. It works quite in a similar way as a regular seller on Amazon. However, it has an advantage over it.

You don’t need to take care of the manufacturing or branding part of your product as you’ll sell the wholesale product of other companies.

And with the growing popularity, this wholesale business through FBA has become one of the lucrative options. It is not very difficult to make up to $4k per month while putting in minimal effort. However, you can scale up pretty rapidly if you want it.

This business also has a drawback, as it will never promise you the same kind of scalability as a private label. You also need to sharpen your bargaining skills to get the lowest price from the manufacturer to increase your overall profit.

Here you can sign up for Amazon FBA. If you are interested in this idea, then take a look at this FREE Amazon FBA Starter Course from a six-figure Amazon FBA seller.

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3. Start Your Private Label on Amazon

Earning Potential: $0 -Unlimited.

We have already discussed the most profitable opportunity you can grab from the Amazon FBA (Fulfillment-by-Amazon) network.

However, you can also use this network to start your very own private label that offers you infinite scalability. There are lots of pre-existing items on Amazon which need improvements.

You can make that product improvement and make your line of products with your personal branding. This strategy is now also dubbed white-labeling.

While you take care of the product and branding, Amazon itself will take care of the shipping and delivery. Besides, there are several online tools available, such as JungleScout, which will estimate the number of sales you can generate on Amazon.

You can also source your product from Alibaba and similar platforms at a lower price. A newbie in FBA can easily make around $2k per month as the profit can go as high as 25% of the selling price.

Look at this amazing course that helps you to launch your private label on Amazon.


4. Sell Handicrafts on Amazon Handmade

Earning Potential: Earn in thousands per month.

Amazon has an excellent platform called ‘Amazon Handmade,’ where creative people can easily sell their art and craft with complete freedom.

However, this platform currently operates on the ‘invitation only’ method. So, you need to get a direct invitation from Amazon itself or from any other artisan already on the ‘Handmade’ platform to start your very own online craft shop.

You need to take care of the branding and marketing, too, besides just creating a spectacular piece. But, the platform that Amazon is now offering promises massive exposure.

The only downside is that you have to pay a fee on this platform, which is a little higher in comparison to its competitors like eBay or Etsy. But for that higher cut, Amazon offers you a more substantial audience size.

According to inside reports, it is quite easy to earn around $100 per day from this platform. But you definitely need to be a gifted artist to become a top seller on this platform.

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5. Deliver Goods For Amazon

Earning Potential: $16- $25+ per hour.

We all know that Amazon has its own delivery system. But, do you know that you can easily join the delivery fleet of Amazon as a driver if you have a valid driving license?

Yes, you can certainly do that. And as a matter of fact, Amazon also offers up to $10k worth of assistance to their fleet members.

There is a dedicated program called Amazon Flex through which you can join their fleet. All you need is to go through a short questionnaire, followed by downloading the dedicated fleet app.

Once you are selected, you can start making money by working as a delivery agent for Amazon. And it is just like Uber, but for Amazon.

You can easily make around $100 each day while working for about 5 hours. Amazon typically pays around $16 to $25 per hour to their fleet drivers.

Even if you complete your deliveries before five hours, the company will pay you for at least five hours each day.

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6. Create An Amazon Affiliate Website

Earning Potential: $1000 – $100,000+ per month.

It is probably the most popular way even today to make money by creating an Amazon affiliate website.

It is a very simple and straightforward program from Amazon, where the company pays the content creators and website makers to funnel targeted audiences to particular products of Amazon.

All you need is to make good quality content on those products and put your custom Amazon link to funnel the traffic. And for each sale that is generated through your custom link, Amazon will pay you your commission.

It is the best option to create a niche website about a particular genre of products and to give detailed reviews and buyer’s guides.

However, it has now become pretty hard to make good money from Amazon affiliate websites as the competition is pretty high.

Besides, it has now become even harder to make someone buy a product through your affiliate website in this post-pandemic situation. But it is not at all impossible.

With sufficient hard work and proper knowledge, you can make around 1% to 10% profit, depending on the number of sales you generate.

Join this useful course and learn how to create an affiliate niche website for Amazon.


7. Online Arbitrage on Amazon

Earning Potential: $100 – $300+ per day.

In simple language, online arbitrage is just working as a middleman or broker between Amazon and any other eCommerce website.

You’ll only need to buy from sites like eBay and then sell it to Amazon at a higher price to earn a profit. It is a similar method to retail arbitrage but with less effort.

However, you need to choose your buying website pretty cautiously to book a good profit once you sell that thing on Amazon.

According to recent reports, an average guy working online arbitrage can make around $1000 per month. The main advantage of this program is that you don’t need to make your own brand or worry about the supply chain.

This program also has two significant disadvantages. Firstly, there is a minimal chance to scale up. And secondly, there is enormous competition in the online arbitrage market.

Despite all these issues, you can still make a handsome profit if you can get some excellent products and pick a low-competition niche through proper research.

Recommended Course: Amazon Online Arbitrage Bootcamp (enroll now).


8. Retail Arbitrage on Amazon

Earning Potential: $100 – $300+ per day.

It is the same thing as the online arbitrage that we have already discussed but with a small difference. In retail arbitrage, you need to buy items from retail stores and then sell those on Amazon for a higher price to make a profit.

Most of the people in this business prefer retail chains like Walmart or Target for product purchases, as these two stores usually sell items at a heavily discounted price. A lower purchasing price means higher profit.

Several successful Amazon sellers started their journeys in this lucrative business, although the competition has become a bit intense these days.

Amazon recently changed its algorithm slightly to make it difficult for anyone to sell branded products on its website unless you are the manufacturer. However, you can still make a good profit with diligence and brainpower.

First, you need to choose the products that have high selling potential in the online market. And then, you need to sell that at a lower price than your competitors to drive more sales. Usually, you can generate around $2k per month from this.

Recommended Course: Retail Arbitrage on Amazon Masterclass (enroll now).


9. Start Kindle Direct Publishing

Earning Potential: $1000 – $10,000+ per month.

It is the best option for you to make money on Amazon if you are a creative person, although it is not a cup of tea for everyone.

As we all know, you can write eBooks to make a good amount of money. Let it be fiction or non-fiction; your books will sell like hotcakes if it is outstanding.

Most writers often face issues regarding their publishing as a good publisher is extremely difficult to find. But now, Amazon has solved that issue by launching a revolutionary reading platform called Kindle.

And you can easily publish your book on Kindle in a few simple steps. Within a maximum of 48 hours after submission, your eBook will appear on the Kindle platform.

You will start making money almost instantly once your book starts selling on this platform. However, you need to do some marketing for your book to generate more sales. It will be easy to funnel more customers to your eBook if you already have a reputed blog or have a good amount of social media followers.

Recommended Courses:

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  2. Amazon Kindle Publishing Masterclass – Self-Publish Your Book.


10. Amazon’s Trade-In Program

Earning Potential: $1000+ per month.

Amazon has its own trade-in program where you can earn Amazon credit for trading your unwanted items. Technically, you can’t mark it as a way to make money from Amazon, although you can fulfill all your shopping needs through this.

Starting from the old camera that you have discarded after buying a new full-frame DSLR to the books that you are no longer reading, you can trade almost anything through this platform.

There is no fixed amount of money that you can generate through this platform, as the final trading price will broadly vary on the quality and rarity of the product.

Amazon tends to give around 25% of the original selling price of any product through this platform. However, it can go slightly up or down, depending on several factors.

But, one of the most significant disadvantages of this trade-in program is that you can’t sell just any junk here, as Amazon is pretty selective. After taking an in-depth look at this platform, we discovered that Amazon prefers non-fiction and textbooks.


11. Make Use of Amazon Merch

Earning Potential: $1000 – $5000+ per month.

If you are a graphics design artist ready to flaunt your skills, then Amazon Merch can be your ideal option to make money. The earning procedure is pretty simple, as you’ll get your cut from the product that features your graphic art.

Firstly, you need to upload your best graphics creation on this platform. And then, you need to select the products in which you want to print your art. After these two simple steps, you have to choose a listing price for those products to start selling.

But, you must have the proper knowledge about recent trends to attract more customers to your designed merchandise. From a coffee mug to cool t-shirts, you can print your design on many things and market it to millions of customers through Amazon’s platform.

However, you need to do thorough research to select a proper niche before entering this field. With a creative design and adequate marketing through ads and social media channels, you can drive the right number of targeted customers to your products.

Join Amazon Merch here.

Recommended Course: Merch by Amazon – Learn To Design And Sell Custom Products.


12. Sell on Amazon Ignite

Earning Potential: $2000+ per month.

Selling educational materials and lesson plans through Amazon Ignite can be a great option for you if you are a teacher or belong to the teaching industry. It is a platform that specializes in study materials and course printables.

From kindergarten to high school, you can make digital educational content for school students and sell them through this platform for a good price. However, this platform still operates on an ‘invitation only’ basis, although it is not very hard to get an invitation.

You can simply get the joining invitation by requesting the website itself. As soon as you get acceptance from their side, you can start listing your course planning and study materials on their website. You get up to 70% profit sharing for each of the digital materials you sell through this platform.

Amazon takes a $0.30 transaction fee for each of your materials that costs less than $2.99. One of the best things about this program is that Amazon doesn’t hold any rights to your educational material, and you can sell that on other platforms as well.

Sign up for the Amazon Ignite program here.


13. Join the Amazon Influencer Program

Earning Potential: $1000 – $3000+ per month.

Becoming an influencer is one of the most sought-after professions, be it on social media or through blogging. And now, Amazon also gives you a chance to become an Amazon influencer and earn money.

After witnessing the raging influencer market all over the world, Amazon also decided to jump into this field. And now, they have made their name as one of the biggest players in this market.

You can join this program in a few simple steps, although you need to have qualified social media handles like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Amazon will let you create your vanity URL through this program. Once you successfully create your influencer account, you can apply for your customized storefront to attract more customers through your social media handles.

You can also easily share the products that you love with your fans and subscribers. However, the joining process can be a little longer as Amazon manually verifies several aspects of your social media handles and their engagements before giving you the final approval.


14. Join Amazon Camperforce

Earning Potential: $550+ per month.

We have previously discussed the ways to make money on Amazon by joining their fleet and by delivering items.

But for heavy vehicle drivers and mobile RVers, Amazon also offers a great opportunity. However, you need to have a passion for camping and the ability to drive RVs to join the Amazon CamperForce.

Amazon currently offers seasonal assignments through its CamperForce programs to mobile RVers. They mainly started this program to have mutual benefits to the campers where RVers get extra work and Amazon gets extra staffing.

Right now, Amazon gives up to $550 per month to each of its campsites. Besides, they also offer $0.50 assignment bonuses for each working hour and $1.00 for each extra hour (overtime).

This program also offers several other facilities like weekly payments, 401(K) benefits, and medical coverage. However, these benefits can be availed only in selective regions in the United States.

Learn more details at Amazon CamperForce.


15. Freelance with Amazon Services

Earning Potential: $1000+ per month.

Most of us know and recognize Amazon as one of the best eCommerce platforms in the world. But very few of us know that it also has a dedicated platform called ‘Amazon Service’ that offers work opportunities to freelancers.

And in 2024, Amazon has already become one of the biggest players in the gig economy market. By joining this platform, you can easily sell your services to potential customers.

Starting from pet care to plumbing, from lawn mowing to giving guitar lessons, you can sell almost any service you want.

And the best thing is that there is no limit to your earning potential, as you can list almost any price you want for your gigs. However, you need to set a competitive rate to attract more customers.

Joining this platform is also pretty simple, as you need to fill up the requisite application forms to get the initial approval from their side.

And once approved, you can start listing your gigs and services directly to the platform. You can also track your orders live through this platform.

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So, here are the best ways to make money on Amazon that you can try.

But to gain success and earn the kind of money that can support your lifestyle, you need to work hard and smart. Besides, you need to be super-efficient to make the most out of these opportunities.


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