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29 Legit Websites To Make Money Referring Friends [2024 Update]

With everything getting online these days, a lot of online money-making opportunities have also been created. In this article, I am going to share with you one such online money-making idea.

We have seen brands advertising their products on television, with print and digital media. But now, companies and brands have come up with the latest trend of promoting things online with the help of customers. This promotional trend is called the Referral program.

Businesses came up with this idea because people trust a product more when suggested by a friend or family member rather than a T.V. commercial.

You need not do it for free; companies will pay you for this. So make much of these referral programs by suggesting trusted products to people in your circle.

This trend of promoting through referral programs is present in all kinds of businesses. In this article, I am going to list a set of companies that can help you make money by referring friends.


Disclaimer:  This article contains affiliate links. We may receive a small commission when you make a purchase (No extra cost to you). Please read our Affiliate Disclosure for more information.


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Platforms To Make Money By Referring Friends

There are a lot of platforms where you can make money by referring friends.

There is a whole range of businesses, starting from survey sites to cashback apps, travel services to shopping websites, and money apps to blogging tools that run referral programs. I’ve listed them here category-wise for your convenience.


Paid Online Survey Sites

Survey websites are the platforms that help businesses and brands to understand their customers better. They do this with the help of customers themselves.

If you register on survey websites, you will be asked to fill out some surveys, watch videos, play games, do online shopping or use their search engines, review products, etc.

They will attract you to do this by paying you real cash, gift cards, etc. They do this just to learn consumer tastes and improve products accordingly. And hence they are called market research companies.

So if you are ready to share some of your details with them, signup for these survey sites and start earning some side cash.

These websites also pay you to refer new users. So have another chance of making money by referring friends. Now let us look at some legit survey sites offering referral programs.


1. Survey Junkie

This most popular and high-paying survey platform on the internet pays $1.50 per person, you refer. However, you will get this amount when the referral signs up with SurveyJunkie.


2. Swagbucks

This survey site pays you $5 when your referral signs up. If you have never used Swagbucks, you can signup now and here. You will also be given a signup bonus of $5 once you confirm your joining.


3. InboxDollars

InboxDollars is another survey site that also offers to pay you for referring friends. You can earn $1 per referral for up to 5 referrals when they signup. You also get 10% of their earnings forever.


4. Vindale Research

This is also a survey site where you will be paid for surveys, product reviews, watching videos, etc. Apart from these, with Vindale Research, you can make money by referring.

You will be paid $5 per friend you refer to. The more friends you refer, the more you earn. There is no limit to the number of friends you can refer.


5. MyPoints

MyPoints will award you 25 points once the person you referred signed up. You can also earn 750 points if the referral shops at least $20 within the first 30 days with them. At MyPoints, $5 are equivalent to 700 points. So you are likely to win almost $5 by referring a friend.

You are free to refer to an unlimited number of people. You can also earn 10% of your friend’s earnings.


So these are the legit survey sites where you can earn decent cash for referring friends. Now let us have a look at the cashback sites or apps where you can make money by referring friends.


Cashback Sites/Apps

The concept of cashback sites is very simple and befitting to the customers. All of us go shopping in different stores for different things. But with these cashback sites, we can get to save some amount we usually spend on this shopping. Let me get the point straight.

Instead of going directly to the store for shopping, you can use the links of the retail stores of your choice available on these cashback sites to shop. You can order everything you want online from these stores. For doing this, the cashback sites will give you a certain percentage of your expenses which is called cashback.

How cool is that! You are shopping from the comfort of your home but still getting your products directly from the retailer. Besides, you are also saving by earning cashback. Sometimes instead of cash-back, you may also receive almost similar discounts.

These cashback sites partner with the best brands, such as Amazon, Walmart, eBay, etc, to satisfy the customers. You can also earn by referring to these cashback sites or apps to your friends. Let us see how much you can make.


6. Rakuten

Formerly called Ebates, Rakuten offers 40% cash back on purchases made. You can invite your friends to Rakuten app through your social media handles.

Once your referral signs up and shops for at least $25, they will receive a $10 bonus. And you will receive $25 for each referral. This is a win-win situation.


7. BeFrugal

BeFrugal pays $15 for referring a friend. You can earn this once the referral signs up and makes a shopping bill of at least $25. The referral will also get a $10 signup bonus.


8. TopCashback

This cashback portal offers a $10 bonus for each referral. The string attached here is that you can earn this bonus only when your friend joins and earns up to $10. Signup for TopCashback and know more about the offers.


9. Ibotta

This cashback app has many free coupons as well as in-app offers. Ibotta will pay you $10 per individual when your referral joins the app. The referral will also be given a bonus of $5 for signing up. Signup for Ibotta here.


These are some of the legit cashback apps/sites where you can make money by referring friends. Now, read further to know the travel services that offer money to refer to friends.


Travel Services & Websites

Most travel agencies have also come up with the idea of referral programs to promote their travel services.

They provide different kinds of offers through these referral programs. Some of them include paying real cash, offering to choose from gift cards or top brand merchandise, etc, for referring a friend.

They do this mostly through their apps. You need to refer their apps to your friends to make money.

Traveling is not cheap. So why not make use of these referral programs and earn some cash so that your travel becomes cheaper? Here are some of the travel services that offer some of the coolest amounts for referring friends.


10. Uber

This famous car-sharing app offers a $20 credit to your account on your first ride. You can also earn $20 per friend for referring to the Uber app.


11. Lyft

The Lyft app offers you a $5 bonus credit on your first ride. You can refer new riders to Lyft, and both of you can earn a free ride the next time you travel with Lyft.


12. The Clymb

This is an adventure travel agency that pays $10 to you as well as your referral on spending $50 for their services. Find your next adventure with  The Clymb and earn great rewards.


13. Airbnb

Apart from hosting services, Airbnb also offers travel booking services. You can earn a $25 bonus for trying it. You can also refer your friends to Airbnb trip booking services and can earn up to $100 for each referral.


14. Turo

You can call Turo an Airbnb for cars. This is everything similar to Airbnb. Even their referral program. So you will get $25 for trying their services for the first time and up to $100 for each friend you refer to.


These are some travel services to which you can make money by referring. Keep reading to learn about the shopping sites that will pay to refer to new users.


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Shopping Websites

Nowadays, we find all major brands selling their products online with the advent of eCommerce. It has become easy to buy anything from anywhere. As brands started expanding their online services in each country, they introduced referral programs there to easily reach everyone.

We see several major brands to small brands selling their products online, may it be apparel, electronics, or any other. Now let’s see a list of a few shopping websites that offer incentives for referring a friend.

The rewards may be cash bonuses sometimes, and sometimes may be gift cards. Anyway, you can use those rewards for your shopping or save them for the next time you shop.


15. Groupon

This eCommerce marketplace offers great discounts and deals to its users.

If you refer a friend and they make a purchase within 72 hours, then Groupon will give you a $10 gift card. Refer as many friends as you can and earn a $10 gift card for each reference.


16. Amazon Prime

Amazon, the well-known eCommerce giant pays you $5 when the person you referred signs up for Amazon Prime.

This Prime program opens the gate to great discounts and deals on every product. You will also get free delivery for all your orders with the amazon prime program. The referral also gets a 30-day free trial.


17. Amazon Prime Student

This is similar to Amazon Prime, but this is for students. Refer your student friends to this program and earn $10 per friend on their signing up.

Your friend will get a 60-day free trial for signing up with Amazon Prime Student.


18. Living Social

This is also a popular shopping website with daily deals. Living Social offers you to pay $5 for every referral.


These are some of the shopping websites where you can get paid to refer to users. Now let us learn some of the money tools that offer referral programs.


Money Making Apps

There are many money-making apps and services available online such as money transfer websites, investment services, etc. However, only a few of them pay you for referring new users. Let us have a look at which are those money tools and services providing companies.


19. Acorns

This is a great money tool. Acorns app helps to invest in the stock market the spare money left after your purchases (i.e. rounds up your spending each time you buy something)without just drying up in your savings account.

For this, you need to link your credit card to the Acorns app. For referring friends, Acorns will invest $5 each into both of your accounts.

Latest– You can earn a referral bonus of $250 for 4 Acorns referrals once they all sign up. This is the latest referral offer, so check here for the T&Cs and avail yourself of the benefit before it is gone.


20. Mylo

This is also an automated financial services tool that is similar to Acorns. The working of this tool is also similar to Acorns i.e. Mylo rounds up your daily expenses and invests the spare change.

Mylo pays you $5 for referring a friend, and your friend also gets a bonus of $5 for signing up using your link.


21. Paytm

This is an instant payment app that helps you make online payments using UPI from any bank account. Paytm offers cashback for making payments through its app. You can earn a bonus of $10 for each person you refer, and they will also get a $10 sign-up bonus.


22. TransferWise

This is a London-based financial services company that helps you transfer money online internationally. TranferWise pays you a $50 bonus for every 3 friends you refer to.


23. Wealthsimple

This is an online investment management financial service tool. With Wealthsimple, your money will be automatically invested into low-cost index funds. You can either earn a $50 bonus or get $10,000 managed for free for every referral you make.


24. Betterment

Betterment is an investment company that advises investing and retirement plans and manages your cash smartly. By referring a friend, you can get three months of free management, and your friend gets one month of free management.


These are some genuine money tools that pay you for referring friends. Read further to learn another way to make money referring friends.


Blogging Tools & Services

If you are an upcoming or full-time blogger, then you will require a lot of money to maintain and grow your blog. You can earn some side cash for your blogging needs with the blogging tools you use.

Yes, most of the blogging tools you are using now offer you to pay for referring friends. Here are some blogging tools and what they have to offer you for referring friends


25. ShareASale

ShareASale is an affiliate marketing network that offers a lot of affiliate programs for bloggers to make money. You can refer this to your friends and earn $1 for each reference.


26. FlexOffers

This is also an affiliate program. With FlexOffers, you can earn $1 plus 5-50% of the earnings of your friend who is referred by you. You can make money this way for each friend you refer to.


27. Google Apps

Google Apps combines all the productivity and collaboration tools by Google. You can earn $15 per friend by referring the G Suite to your friends, and they can also receive 20% off for the first year.


28. Bluehost

This is one of the best hosting websites to get started with if you are a new blogger. Bluehost offers a bonus of $65 for each referral you make.


29. WP Engine

WP Engine is a WordPress host category hosting management tool that improves the performance of your website. You can earn at least a $200 bonus per head for referring it to your friends.


These are some blogging tools that are legitimate and help you earn large bonuses for referrals.


With this, we come to the end of this post. I have sorted all the referral programs category-wise to give a clear picture. The most appealing thing about these referral programs is you, and the person you referred to both will be benefitted.

With the benefits evident, there are high chances that your referral uses your references, and both will end up making profits.

Let me know in the comments if you have used any of these tools before. And also, tell me if there are any other platforms or tools that offer you to make money referring friends.


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