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28 Proven Ways To Make Money Right Now (Get Over $125 Free Money)

We all have our requirements apart from the basic needs that are necessary for survival. However, fulfilling all these needs and requirements is not possible with the monthly income we earn. To help ourselves with this issue, all of us look for a side hustle to make money right now.

Most of the side hustling jobs (part-time/remote jobs, etc.) usually require a broad time from you to make earnings. But with our regular 9 to 5 job, we may not be able to take time for such time-consuming side jobs.

So to help you out of this, I in this article mentioned some amazing and real ways through which you can make money right now.

These ways of making money instantly don’t require you to do anything. That means you need not do anything extra to earn this extra income.

You can earn just doing those simple works that are involved in your daily routine.


Disclaimer:  This article contains affiliate links. We may receive a small commission when you make a purchase (No extra cost to you). Please read our Affiliate Disclosure for more information.


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SurveyJunkie – Earn a quick $20 for taking surveys & reviewing products. Signup here.

OpinionOutpost: Get paid up to $30 per answering simple questions. Join now.

Nielsen App: Earn fixed $50/year. Also, get redeemable points & enter $10000 monthly sweepstakes automatically.

InboxDollars: Get paid to watch videos. One already made $75 within a week. $5 Signup bonus.

Pinecone Research: Up to $3 – $5 per survey & $7 per each product test. Join now for FREE.


Ways To Make Money Right Now

These all are some legitimate and real means through which you can make money fast.

Use these fun and time-saving methods to supplement your income and use for your holiday, clear your debt-off, shopping, etc.


1. Make Money With Postmates by Delivering Food & Groceries

Postmates is a delivery company that offers delivery of food, groceries, and alcohol. Working with this delivery company as a food delivery agent is one of the best ways you can improve your income.

Postmates food delivery jobs are extremely flexible and allow you to work according to your feasibility. All you need is a vehicle(car/bike), not necessarily a car.

You can start working with them for free just by going through a background check. After that, you’ll receive a delivery bag, and a prepaid do card to shop and deliver to the customers.

This is a great side gig that you can do after your 9 to 5 job or on your off-days. You can work as much or as little as you want.

You will be able to see how much you can earn from the order and can choose from them which order you will deliver and can take 100% of what you have earned.

As a food delivery driver with Postmates, you can earn up to $25 per hour, and you can withdraw your earnings every week. This website is also offering a signup bonus of $150 to $1025 for newly joining drivers. So, what’s your excuse?

For more detailed information, you can read our full review of Postmates here.


2. Money Making With Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is also one of the most popular places online where you can get rewarded for sharing your thoughts.

This survey app will ask you a few questions when you sign up and gives surveys that are suitable for you. Answer these questions properly to get more surveys to work on.

The best thing about Survey Junkie is it has daily surveys, so keep going back to it every day to find suitable surveys for you. This is one of the highest-paying survey sites on the internet. You can earn up to $1-$20 per survey you complete, which takes only a few minutes.

The points earned can be redeemed for cash via Paypal. Like other survey sites, this one also doesn’t take much time for you to take surveys.

You can use your free time to do this job whenever and wherever you want. So signup with Survey Junkie and use it to make money right now. 

Survey Junkie has rated 4.5 stars out of 5 on Trustpilot.

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3. Get Paid To Share Your Opinion

As you see the name, you can understand that this is an easy job. But let me explain to you more clearly. There are several market research websites or apps online where you can have your say to earn some extra cash.

Yes, you heard that, right it is as simple as that. You just need to give a review of a particular product or brand on websites like InboxDollars, Survey Junkie, andVindale Research and get paid for the review.

There are a whole lot of such research websites, and there is no harm in signing up with all of them to make as much money as you can right now.

However, one must be careful and choose legitimate websites. I’ll help you with how to do it later but let me tell you that these research websites also pay you a bonus of $5 as soon as you signup. Isn’t that cool?

You will have to do some easy jobs like watching videos, playing games, etc, to earn money with these GPT sites. Here are a few websites worth joining now.

  1. Survey Junkie (Earn up to $20 per each survey)
  2. Pinecone Research (Get paid up to $5 per survey & $7 per product review)
  3. InboxDollars ($5 instant joining bonus. Get paid to watch videos and play games)
  4. Swagbucks ($5 signup bonus. Take surveys and get cash-back on purchases)

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4. Install Nielsen App & Earn Money

Are you browsing your web for free? Oh no, then you are losing a lot. There are several panels or apps that pay you for surfing through the internet.

Why not earn money for browsing your web whenever when there are opportunities to get paid?

All of us, on average, use the internet or search engines for 60% of our doubts, and these unique programs like Nielsen Panel just want to know our browsing habits and frequency.

If you are ready to share this data with them, then this will turn into a great side gig for you. You just need to install their app on your phone, and the rest is done by the Neilsen Panel’s AI program. it collects inferences about your internet usage and the apps installed on your phone, etc.

Don’t worry this app will not slow down your device. It just runs in the background and does its work.

The flow of income through this is comparatively slow compared to the other ways I mentioned. However, you can earn $50 per year just for keeping their app installed on your device.

You can also get an entry into $10,000 monthly drawings. know about this more at the Neilsen Computer and Mobile Panel website.


5. Start A Money Making Blog

If you have sound writing skills and are used to the world of the internet, then there is an amazing side job for you with which you can make money fast. Use your skills to start a blog and run it by posting articles in your spare time.

Blogging is the best business idea that is ruling the world right now. You can make a quality income if you have a blog.

The success of your blog depends on the niche you select. There are bloggers who make over $100,000 per month. Looking at this figure, you can understand how profitable a business idea is.

You can write about anything ranging from money-making to reviewing products or beauty to cooking or lifestyle, etc. The only thing you need to make sure of is that your content must be able to drive traffic to your site. 

You can create a blog with just a $2.95/mo investment with the Bluehost web hosting service. This website also gives you a free “.COM” domain when you signup.

So with less than a $100 investment, blogging can give an opportunity to change your financial status permanently.

If you are interested in blogging but don’t know how to start and what to write, then I recommend this Earn More Blogging course by Holly Johnson, a six-figure blogger who earns more than half a million dollars every year from their blog.

Check: How to Start a Blog and Make Money From it.


6. Get Paid To Review Products on Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research is one of the best survey platforms on the internet. You can earn money through this app by taking surveys, testing products, and many more.

By taking a survey, you can earn $3-$5 and $7 for testing products.

Pinecone Research sends products to your home to review them and allows you to keep them for free after review. This is like two birds for one shot. Cool right! $7 and free product even before it is out in the market.

You can cash out your earnings in $3, $5, and $15 increments. You can get a check or Paypal payment of your earnings.

Besides the money, you can also get gift cards that you can redeem for cash at Amazon, Walmart, etc. You can join Pinecone Research here.


7. Join InboxDollars & Claim A $5 Signup Bonus

InboxDollars is also a market research company. Get paid to watch videos, play games, take surveys, shop online, etc with InboxDollars. You will also get a $5 signup bonus.

Like all other survey sites, this site also pays you for doing microtasks. All these tasks require almost negligible time from you to make money. The surveys on this site pay you money ranging from $0.50 to $10 and $20 per survey.

Unlike other survey sites, InboxDollars is a cash-only program. This feature helps you in earning real cash than getting points.

Also, you no need to tackle all the point converting or gift card cashing out processes. On the whole, you can earn up to $100 a week by fulfilling all the tasks available to you on this site.

Signup for InboxPounds or DailyRewards if you are from the UK or Canada, respectively.

For more detailed information, you can read our full review of Inbox Dollars here.


8. Share Your Opinion With LifePoints and Earn With It

LifePoints is a survey site where you can earn rewards for voicing your opinion on the products that are used daily.

This company takes surveys with the help of its members to provide product reviews to brands and companies and let them know the customers’ pulse.

The members can get points for the surveys they complete, which here are called “LifePoints”. You can redeem these LifePoints for gift cards or amazing rewards.

LifePoints offers you 10 bonus points as soon as you register to join them. You can earn between $0.50-$1.00 and 10 bonus points for each survey you complete.

Since these surveys don’t take much time to become a LifePoints member and make use of them to make money right now. You can work on them anytime and anywhere to make instant money.


9. Get Paid To Search The Web With Swagbucks

Like the Neilsen panel, you can also browse the web to earn with Swagbucks.

Make Swagbucks your default search engine and relax. You don’t need to do any extra work. Use this search engine whenever you want to browse the web and earn 10 to 20 “Swagbucks”(the points here are called so) for every 10 to 20 likely searches. If you want to earn more, you can do more searches.

There are other ways through which you can earn money with Swagbucks. Some of them include cashback programs for shopping, taking paid surveys, watching videos, etc.

Here, 100 SBs (Swagbucks) is equivalent to $1. If you turn out to be an active user, you can earn over $100 every month. Join Swagbucks now and claim your $5 signup bonus here.

For more detailed information, you can read our full review of Swagbucks here.

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10. Deliver With Doordash

Similar to delivering with Postmates or Ubereats, you can also earn money instantly by delivering food with Doordash. This is one of the booming delivery programs in recent times.

Delivery drivers at Doordash are called Dashers. And as a Dasher, you are flexible to work when, where and however you want.

Make most of this opportunity to make money right now. You can deliver near your home or your work or also in the city you are just up for a visit.

Doordash doesn’t have any minimum requirements to have you registered. You can come and go whenever you want. All you need to do is register on the Doordash delivery driver app. Once you are approved, you can start making money.

This app also allows you to see how much you can make with a particular order. With this feature, you can select the most profitable deals and do them.

You can earn around $2-$10 per order as a Dasher. Deliver in free time, on weekends, and make instant money.


11. Make Money By Flipping Books on Bookscouter

Flipping books means buying and selling books immediately for profits. This is a great side gig to make money instantly. There are several platforms online where you can flip the books for profit. BookScouter is one such platform.

You can sell your textbooks or used books with BookScouter. I can suggest selling textbooks is a good option as they cost hundreds of dollars. If they are related to some higher studies like engineering or medicine, then you can get more than $1000.

If you are a student and have books of previous semesters piling up in your house, then BookScouter is a great platform where you can sell them.

There are 30 buyback vendors on this site; you can compare the prices they offer and sell to the ones who offer the best price. It is that simple.

Run an ISBN with BookScouter here and make profits as soon as you see an opportunity to flip a book.

For more detailed information, you can read our full review of  Bookscouter here.


12. Make Money With Your Car

Renting your car out is one more amazing way to make some immediate cash these days. If you don’t use your car much or if you work from home, or else if you have more than one car, then rent it now to make money right now.

There are several platforms online where you can place your car for renting out. Some of the best online car renting platforms are Turo, Carcloud, and GetAround.

Just signup and list your cars on any one of these platforms to earn money on the side. Besides, you can also get free insurance coverage for up to $1 million for your vehicle so that you do need not worry about your vehicle asset.

Apart from these online platforms, you can also directly rent your car to companies that they want for office purposes usually.

By doing so, you can earn throughout the week and can get your car back during weekends as companies are closed then. This way will also be able to use your car on your weekends as you need it badly during that time.

By renting cars, you can earn over $1000 per month. This is indeed a great side gig, right?


13. Rent You Extra Space With Airbnb

Do you have a spare room in your house? Or do you live out of the city most of the while? Then make use of your house or a part of your house to earn a handsome amount.

You can rent this extra space of yours by listing it on Airbnb. We often rent our house to people locally but renting on Airbnb can earn you comparatively potential income.

All you have to do is signup at Airbnb, create a listing by describing the space you are to rent out, and click and upload pictures of the place.

Once your listing goes live according to the dates you made your place available, guests will find it to reserve, and you can start earning.

The best part of renting your space with Airbnb is you can avail yourself of insurance of $1,000,000 for your property without being worried about its security.

Average monthly earnings as an Airbnb host can be over $900. This is completely variable depending on the time frame you put it for rent. If your place is available for rent always, then you can be a super host earning $100,000 per annum.


14. Make Money With Ubereats by Delivering Food

Just similar to the one I said above i.e. delivering with Postmates, you can also earn by delivering with Ubereats.

You are flexible to work at any time you wish. You can use your weekends, holidays, or your leisure hours to go out and come back with some extra bucks.

All you need to do is just signup with them on the Ubereats driver app and start earning. This is indeed a real way to make money right now because it offers instant pay. It allows you to cash out your earnings up to 5 times per day instantly.

With such instant cashout chances, you can multiply your earnings on top of base fares by finding out surge zones, quest goals, and choosing your quest. As an Ubereats delivery driver, you can earn $10-$15 per hour.

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15. Get Paid To Unlock Your Phone Using Slidejoy

We use phones 24/7 and don’t even know how many times we unlock them in a day. So why not make money while unlocking it?

Sounds crazy, but you heard that right. There are many apps online that pay you to unlock your phone.

These are apps that help you unlock your phone screen, similar to the inbuilt screen locking and unlocking system on your phone. The difference is they offer different attractive screen unlocking themes and designs. One such app is Slidejoy.

Install the Slidejoy app on your phone and rent your lock screen to them. By just doing this, you can earn different rewards such as gift cards and points that you can turn into cash.

Slidejoy shows the latest news and trending topics and personalized advertisements on your lock screen once you install and start using it.

The points you earn on Slidejoy are called carats, and you can earn 200 to 500 carats per day by just using their lock and unlock feature. You can cash these carats once you reach the minimum limit of 2000 carats which is equivalent to $2.

The more you lock and unlock, the more you earn. This is just a money-making app that can be used only as a small side gig to earn some extra bucks.

Check 8 Smartphone Apps That Pay You to Unlock Your Phone.


16. Find Pet Sitting Gigs in Your Local Area on Rover

If you are a pet lover, then this will be a great idea to make money right now. Once you are back from the office, you can go for a walk along with a dog and earn money. There are certain websites online where you find dogs to take with you on a walk.

Rover is one such website for dog walking and pet sitting in the US. You can signup on Rover and set your hourly rates.

You can use your neighborhood route to save energy and make money at the same time. However, you must be 18 or 18+ to get started with this side gig.

An adult dog walker is usually paid $10-$30 for a 30-minute walk. There are people who charge $50 per hour walk and earn up to $100,000 yearly. So make use of this underrated job to supplement your income.


17. Offer Virtual Assistant Services

The variety of services that one can offer as a virtual assistant is immense. This position is high in demand, for which many companies are always in search of candidates.

If you have the necessary skills and qualifications to offer virtual assistant services, then you can make money fast.

However, the skills and qualifications are not the same for all the services. The services one can offer as a virtual assistant are:

  • customer care services
  • email writing and copywriting
  • social media management
  • administrative support and many more…

There are over 150 services that can be offered as virtual assistants. Virtual assistant jobs can help you earn $19-$25 per hour.

You can also start offering virtual assistant services as a full-time business. The earning potential and demands of these jobs are comparatively higher than other freelancing jobs.

As a professional virtual assistant, you can demand up to $100 an hour, depending on the service you offer.

For more detailed information about this industry, I suggest you read our detailed article on how to start a virtual assistant business with absolutely zero investment.

If you feel you need a proper plan and expert guidance in becoming a virtual assistant, then check out this amazing course, 30 Days Or Less To Virtual Assistant Business Course by Gina Horkey, who is a six-figure virtual assistant business owner helping thousands of students to achieve success in this field.


18. Drive With Uber

Another smart way to make money fast is to drive with Uber. You can drive with them whenever you want, only just that you are approved as an Uber driver.

Along with this flexible offer of making money on our own schedule, Uber is also currently offering bonuses to drivers in certain areas, including Virginia Beach, VA. This bonus is up to $1050 and may vary in different regions.

So hurry up and grab this opportunity to make money right now by driving in your leisure hours after office or on weekends.


19. Earn As A Lyft Driver

Like Uber driving, you can also drive for Lyft and make money instantly whenever you wish. Your working hours will be completely under your control. 

However, first, you need to apply on their website or app and go through a background check to get approved before you can start earning with Lyft.

Apart from the earnings, you can also earn a bonus of up to $1000 on completing your 125th ride.

If you spend more hours on your weekends on this job at the beginning, then it is sure you can unlock this bonus. However, Lyft driving has always been a fruitful source of income for many.


20. Make Money With Listverse

If you love writing and can do it well, then showcase your skill at Listverse and earn money. Listverse is a platform where list articles that are factful, humourous,  fascinating, etc are featured.

If you have something interesting to share, then you can write an article which is usually called “Listicle,” here on this platform and get paid. Listverse pays you $100 for each article you write and send them for featuring.

So this is certainly a great idea to make money fast. Write articles on your weekends or off-days and start earning.

All you need is to have English similar to that of a native speaker, a sense of humor, and a passion for knowing and let know new and interesting facts.

Also, check 18 legitimate websites to find freelance writing jobs and gigs.


21. Get Paid To Do Surveys on Vindale Research

Vindale Research is a Market research company that helps companies and brands to learn consumer behavior. This website helps you earn money by taking surveys.

This is a popular research platform where you can get paid for watching videos, playing games, referring users, sharing payment receipts and reading emails, etc. Of all these, taking surveys and referring new users is the best option to make money right now.

You will be paid up to $50 for each survey, and you will be able to do this only when surveys are available. For referring to new users, you can earn $5 per referred user and $1 as a bonus when they signup.

The more users you refer, the more money you can earn. Create a guaranteed income stream for yourselves by registering and logging in on Vindale Research and grabbing the referral links. Find creative ways to know how and where you can find new users and make a continuous income.

For more detailed information, you can read our full Vindale Research here.


22. Facebook Ads Specialist

We often see ads on Facebook for small business most rather than big brands. This is because small and local businesses want to advertise their work to earn profits, but they mostly lack running those campaigns efficiently.

This is where an opportunity is created for you. If you are good at handling social media apps, then you can easily learn and be a Facebook Ads Specialist.

This work doesn’t require any educational background. You just need to invest $100-$300 to learn the work, and once done, it can help small local businesses to run advertisements effectively and generate leads.

If you think the investment is more don’t worry because you are gonna earn in multiples with this job. A Facebook Ads specialist can earn anywhere between $1000-$2000 per month.

Check 7 no-investment business ideas you can start on Facebook.


23. Get Paid With MyPoints

Mypoints is a rewards program where you can get paid for doing micro-tasks such as watching videos, playing games, reading emails, etc. This is simple work that doesn’t require you to take time out of your day. You can do it whenever you are free or when you feel like time passing on your phone.

You can also just play those videos and leave your phone aside and do your other work. Points will be rewarded for accomplishing the microtasks assigned by Mypoints. You can also earn a signup bonus of $5 by joining Mypoints here.

You can cash out these points through Paypal or can redeem them for gift cards with a merchant of your choice among the 75 merchants that are partnering with Mypoints.

MyPoints allow you to earn by referring it to your friends. 25 points will be credited to your account when someone joins through your reference, and 750 points will be credited if they use $20 or more through this app. Besides, you can also earn 10% bonus points on all the points they earn every time.

At Mypoints, 1750 points are equal to $10.


24. Earn Cashbacks With Rakuten

Rakuten, formerly known as Ebates, is a cashback site or app where you can save by shopping on its partner eCommerce or online platforms.

Though you are not going to earn directly here, you can save by shopping for everything you want through the Rakuten account.

You can use Rakuten with your choice of cashback credit cards to pay 10%-40% less on everything you buy.

This way, you can get instant cashback every time you make a purchase. There are more than 2500 stores only just across the US in which you can shop to earn with this app.

Join Rakuten here to avail of a signup bonus of $10. Another bonus of $25 for referring new users is also present, which you can earn once they join. They pay this money via Paypal.


25. Earn With Acorns

Why keep the spare change after buying something stagnant in your bank account when you can invest it in the stock market? You might like spare change and stocks?!!!

Yes! it is completely possible with Acorns

The Acorns is a simple investing app that helps you invest your spare change in stocks instead of saving them. If you are new to investing, then, Acorns is completely for you to learn as well as grow your money. Let us see how it works.

When you buy something, for example, for $4.50, then with Acorns, you can invest the spare $0.50 (making a round-up of $5 as you spend).

This way, over time, all these small contributions will pile up as you invest the difference in stocks and help you grow your money. All you need to do is install their app and register with them. After registering, Acorns will deposit $10 into your account to get started.

All your earnings depend on the size of the deposit, asset allocation, and stock market performance. Start earning with Acorns by registering here.


26. Become a Freelance Writer

If you are a good writer and can write about anything, then you can spend your free time on weekends and after the office to earn money by freelancing your writing skills.

This is a real way to make money right now, as you will be paid as soon as you finish writing your assignment.

There are several places where you can freelance your writing. Niche-specific bloggers, small business owners, big brands, etc are ready to pay you enough for your writing skills.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, on average freelance writers and authors make around $61,820 annually. This is nearly $30 per hour. So why late become a freelance writer and write in your free time to make instant money?

The freelance writing business is one of the finest business ideas on the Internet these days, and one can easily earn a full-time living working from home.

Take a look at the Earn More Writing Course by Holly Johnson, a successful freelance writer who makes six figures working from home.


27. Get Paid By Being a Freelance Proofreader

Have you got an eagle’s eye? Do you have great attention to detail? Then with some good language skills, you have an opportunity to make money right now by being a freelance proofreader.

Many companies hire proofreaders to work remotely. All you need to do is to look for grammatical and spelling errors in the content they give and mark it. Yes, you don’t even need to correct it because it is again the editor’s job.

According to ZipRecruiter, freelance proofreaders earn up to $56,762 per annum. This is a great deal! You can find these jobs on job boards such as Flexjobs, Upwork, etc.


28. Make Money As A Instacart Shopper

Instacart is an online grocery delivery platform. To make some money right now, join Instacart and become an Instacart Shopper.

As an Instacart Shopper, you need to shop for the grocery orders placed and get them delivered to the respective address.

You are completely flexible to work in your schedule without any fixed working hours. Use your free time in the evenings after office or on weekends and holidays to work as an Instacart Shopper and make money instantly.

All you need to do is download and install their app and register to make yourselves available as an Instacart shopper. One can earn up to $20 per hour in this job.

For more detailed information, you can read our full Instacart Shopper Review here.



So this is a list of real and legitimate ways that can help you make money right now. One free piece of advice that I can give is to try more than one way that I mentioned above before becoming stable and comfortable with one.

For example, you can door deliver and take a survey at the same time. However, I am not telling you to use the phone while driving.

You can also do flipping and offer virtual assistance. Like this, you can do more than one side hustle according to your flexibility and make money right now.


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