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20 Easy Ways To Make Money With PayPal – [Get $100 Today]

PayPal is one of the most convenient ways to send and receive money, especially if you are an international freelancer. Although you will be charged a bit in order to use PayPal.

This platform probably will serve as the safest way to receive and send money throughout the world.

But, do you even know that there are other ways where you can make money using PayPal? Yes! You read it right.

According to a 2023 survey by Statista, PayPal now has more than 350 million active users worldwide.

And out of those, 43.86% are from the United States alone. Another 2017 financial study also reveals that around 87.5% of online buyers mainly use PayPal as their payment system.

But it is not all, isn’t it? There are certain things that you need to understand and learn if you want to unlock the full potential of this fantastic payment system.

And it may surprise you that you can even make money with PayPal these days. And to help you with that here goes our complete guide.


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A Brief About PayPal

PayPal is known to be one of the biggest and most well-known online payment systems; PayPal started its operation way back in 1998.

However, since the start of the last decade, its popularity has started growing rapidly all over the world.

This American corporate house currently operates in most of the countries in the world.

PayPal has now become the most trusted alternative electronic method. It replaces paper currency with electronic money transfer.

However, it charges a small cut as the transfer commission. In the USA, it takes 2.9% + $0.3 per transaction. And the rate can vary depending on your country and the type of payment.


Step-By-Step Guide To Open A PayPal Account

Although it is pretty easy to open an account on PayPal, many people can find it a little tricky to complete the process.

And for them, here goes the complete step-by-step guide:

  • Step 1: If you want to use it from a computer, visit the PayPal website. And if you’re going to use it from your smartphone, download the PayPal app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • Step 2: Click on the “Sign Up” button to start the account creation process. You can complete your signup from both the computer and the app.
  • Step 3: Put your email id and enter the desired password in the respective box. You need to choose a strong password that contains upper cases and special characters.
  • Step 4:Fill up the boxes with your personal information. You need to be extra cautious while entering your name, address, and phone number.
  • Step 5: You need to enter the debit and credit card details, although this step is entirely optional. And it is only necessary if you want to use it to send payment.
  • Step 6: You need to link your existing bank account by giving the proper credentials such as account number, bank name, account type, etc. It is necessary if you want to receive payment.
  • Step 7: Check your email inbox to confirm the email id that you have entered on PayPal. You need to click on the confirmation link in that email to start using your newly-created PayPal account.

So, these are the main steps you need to take to create a new account on PayPal. You can also verify your mobile number from your account by generating an OTP on your number.

20 Best Ways to Make Money With PayPal


1. Take Part In Online Surveys

Taking part in online surveys is probably the only option where you can make money with PayPal without having any expertise. All you need to do is to give your honest opinion about a product or service-related survey.

There are mainly two types of online surveys that you can take part in. You can either take detailed surveys or can also take a short questionnaire.

It is not easy to find legit survey websites that also pay you well. However, websites like InboxDollars and SurveyJunkie can assure you of this opportunity.

You can earn as much as $50 per survey from these platforms. Here is the list of a few other legit websites where you can take part in surveys and earn money:

Apart from this list, If you are really interested in filling out surveys, these 14 Legit Paid Online Surveys can add extra bucks by filling in your free time.


2. Earn From Cashbacks

It is not a conventional way to make money with PayPal. However, a penny saved is a penny earned, as we all know. There are now various apps and websites available that can give you exciting cashback for your daily purchases.

Besides, multiple platforms are available where you can find great discount coupons from your favorite retail stores.

Formerly known as Ebates, Rakuten is one such website that can give you up to a 40% discount on your favorite product.

Besides the instant discount, you can also earn cashback, which you can redeem for real cash once you reach the minimum threshold of $5.

Moreover, you can try platforms like OhMyDosh, ShopGala, and Mystery Shopper, which can also find you excellent deals for your daily staples.


3. Start Amazon FBA Business

There is nothing better than starting your own Amazon FBA business if you want to make money with PayPal.

The FBA stands for “Fulfillment by Amazon,” where Amazon takes care of each and every backend work.

And in that way, you can take care of the product development and marketing while Amazon takes care of the shipping and delivery.

Although it sounds relatively easy to start an online store at Amazon, you will face several difficulties during the initial process.

Besides, it will also be pretty challenging to maximize your income, especially if you are a complete newbie in this field.

amazon fba business

However, you can join this amazing FBA course by The Selling Family that can give you a perfect step-by-step guide to starting your own Amazon FBA business.

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4. Start Affiliate Marketing

In affiliate marketing, you earn a commission for each product you sell through your own selling channel.

Be it your blog or a YouTube channel – you need to create a sales funnel for specific products to earn a commission.

And there are several excellent websites like AmazonShopify, and ClickBank from which you can get affiliate products.

However, you need to remember that each affiliate product and affiliating platform works differently. So, it can be a little tough to make big money if you don’t have expert guidance.

make money with paypal instantly

And to help you, Michelle recently launched a fantastic initiative by starting an affiliate marketing course.

Anyone can join this affiliate marketing course in order to max out their earnings in this relative field. 


5. Start A Flipping Business

A flipping business is something where you need to purchase saleable items from yard sales and online auctions and resell those to online platforms like eBay.

And the main motto is to earn profit by buying at a lower price and selling at a much higher price. You can also check out local thrift stores and flea markets to get good quality products at a much lower price.

However, it can be a bit difficult to maximize your profit from this business. You not only need a good selling strategy but also need to understand the salability of a product.

Rob & Melissa Stephenson of Flipper University are the true maestros of this industry.

make money through paypal

And now, they launched a unique course that can lead you to success in this business. So, join this flipping business course right now.

After acquiring passable knowledge in flipping, as a start, you can try these 13 Easiest Things To Flip For Profit and Make Decent Money.


6. Earn As A Blogger

Days are gone when blogging happens to be a hobby rather than a full-time profession. Several bloggers now even earn millions.

You can choose any niche to start your own blog, let it be the latest tech, finance, or fashion.

You can even choose to write about your daily life. But, it should be good to write and should also give something more than usual blogs to get some decent traffic.

It takes much more than just writing skills to become a successful blogger. Learning to achieve what you like is never the wrong thing.

When it comes to blogging, Greg Johnson his income potential of around $50000+ a month can show how successful he is in this field to add his name to the list of millionaire bloggers.

For many upcoming aspirants like you, he is constantly sharing his immense knowledge online in an easy way, and following his suggestions can lead you to edge out the others in this competitive race of blogging.

Try to pick his fantastic blogging course today to become a millionaire blogger in less time by your constant efforts in the right way.

If you are ready to pick blogging as your next career option, then here is our detailed step-by-step procedure on How To Start A Money Making Blog


7. Earn As A Writer

Writing is not everyone’s cup of tea. But if you have the right skills to write a great piece of content, there is no better way.

Along with this, it is one of the best ways to make money with PayPal, as many writing platforms prefer this payment option.

However, you do need to have specific skills to become a successful writer. And for that, you surely need to train your mind; it is the most powerful asset we all have.

Apart from this, proper guidance from an acknowledged writer is the key factor here in maintaining the level of efficiency and consistency.

To guide you this way, Holly Johnson launched her one-of-a-kind course that can help you make more money with writing.

paypal free money

So, don’t hesitate to join this free writing workshop to become a successful freelance writer.

There are plenty of opportunities where you can work as a freelance writer. Websites like Textbroker and Verblio are currently offering this opportunity.

Gaining skills alone is not enough to make money if you aren’t aware of the right opportunities. To help you with this, we prepared a compiled list of 150+ Sites That Pay You $50 – $1000+ Per Article.


8. Earn By Proofreading

Writing is not everything to make great content. Writing skills, followed by proper proofreading, can always add extra value to the content you write. 

A good proofreader or editor is always necessary to make the content error-free and increase overall readability. To start with this gig, firstly, you must know what proofreading is.

Also, a good editor can guide the writer to create even more engaging content. But if you really want to become a great proofreader, you need to have impeccable language skills.

However, there are several other inside tricks that you need to learn to become really successful in this industry.

One of the highest-earning proofreaders, Caitlin Pyle, now offers her a step-by-step guide to make you achieve your dream come true.

how to make money online

Still waiting? Enroll in this free proofreading webinar to kickstart your profession as an editor. And after that, you can take freelance proofreading projects from websites like Lionbridge and SmartBrief.

For more detailed opportunities, go through our compiled list of 27 Best Online Proofreading Jobs For Beginners(Earn $30/hr).


9. Earn From Transcription

Transcription is something that is now in high demand as more and more companies are now converting their audio files to word documents for ease of storage. But, you need certain skills to become a great transcriber.

First, you need an excellent typing speed, preferably more than 60 words per minute. And secondly, you need great ear-hand coordination for minimal error.

But there are several other things that you need to consider to bag good transcription projects. And only an expert in this industry can assure you of the right guidance.

Transcribe Anywhere is one such company that now offers a complete course of general transcription to help you achieve success.

earn paypal money fast

And after that, you can take freelance projects from websites like TranscribeMe and BabbleType.

Transcription is not as easy as it seems; you must have complete knowledge before stepping into this field.

For a quick view about transcription, have a look at our set ailed article on What is Transcription?- How to Start a Transcription Business


10. Become A Virtual Assistant

More and more companies are now looking for virtual assistants as they are emphasizing cost-cutting.

By hiring a good VA, they can minimize the burden of several employees’ benefits without hampering the quality of the work. And for that, the demand for a good VA is rapidly increasing.

However, you do need to have excellent communication skills for this work. But that’s not all, as you need to learn the craft of assistance in a virtual atmosphere.

One of the most successful VAs, Gina Horkey, recently launched a course that can guide her to success. So, join this VA course now to become a successful virtual assistant within 30 days.

virtual assistant

And if you can prove yourself to be a great VA, you can take freelance VA jobs from websites like WoodBows, Prialto, and Belay.

To know more about virtual assistance, have a quick tour of our detailed article on How To Start A Virtual Assistant Business With No Money


11. Become A Bookkeeper

Although it is not for everyone, you can make money with PayPal if you have expertise in bookkeeping. But yes, you do need to have an academic background in commerce or finance.

You also need to have the ability to maintain accounts for multiple clients. You can take it either as a full-time profession or just as a side hustle.

But to taste real success in the bookkeeping industry, you need to learn the actual tricks to get high-paying clients. Ben Robinson is one such coach who can easily guide you to success.


So, you need to join the fantastic bookkeeping course to make money from this profession.

However, you can start taking freelance projects from BookMinders, ClickAccounts, and ClickNwork if you already have previous experience.

If you have all the eligibility skills to get going with the bookkeeping, then these 12 Legit Part-Time Bookkeeping Jobs From Home can let you earn visible bucks.


12. Install the Nielsen Mobile Panel

Although it will not give you a chance to earn as much money as you want, Nielsen gives you the opportunity to make a fixed amount of money without doing anything at all.

You just need to download the Nielsen Mobile Panel on your smartphone or any mobile handheld device.

And the app will work in the background without disturbing your activity or even without collecting your sensitive data.

It mainly collects data to know about the behavioral pattern of the consumers. Several leading consumer brands use this data to develop new products according to the needs of the consumers.

And they try to develop their existing products to ensure a better user experience. And in return, you can earn $50 per mobile device per year.


13. Become An Online English Tutor

Teaching is a noble profession that always gets tremendous respect for ages. But days are gone when the teachers tend to earn less money than corporate people.

You can now earn pretty good just by teaching. And you can easily make around $20 per hour if you teach English online. There is a massive market for English teachers all over the world.

And you can make that work in your favor to earn good money. You can become an online English teacher on websites like VIPKid and Magic Ears.

However, you need to have at least a graduation degree with a teaching certificate to start this job. Besides you can also get online teaching opportunities on websites like Teach Away and Qkids.

Always remember tutoring is a responsible job; once you are up to the mark and accountable, there is no stopping for you from earning money and gaining a reputation.

So, here are the other 16 Best Platforms To Get Paid To Teach English Online.


14. Work As A Customer Care Agent

If you have strong communication skills and the talent to handle multiple clients at a time, a customer care job is an ideal profession for you.

But yes, you do need to have convincing power as well as analytical skills.

There are two main genres of customer care jobs, i.e., inbound and outbound. In inbound jobs, you need to provide support. And in outbound, you need to go for a sales pitch.

You need to have basic computer knowledge and a good typing speed to start this job. You can either take it as a full-time profession or as a part-time opportunity.

However, you need to commit at least 10 hours per week. You can get high-paying customer care opportunities on websites like Ver-A-Fast, CallCenter QA, and Humanatic.

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15. Become A Graphic Designer

Graphic design is one of the most lucrative professions as it is now needed in several industries. From online marketing to film production, graphic designers are an integral part of many genres.

And now, you can also make money with PayPal if you are good at this. However, you need to have certain skills to make your mark in this industry.

You also need to have a creative mind to deliver your best work. And there are plenty of online marketplaces where you can sell your art.

If you want to work as a freelance graphics designer, you can make accounts on online platforms like Fiverr and Upwork.

Besides, you can also showcase your work on Facebook and Instagram to attract potential clients.


16. Test Websites

More and more companies are now looking for good website and app testers as they are willing to deliver the best user experience to their consumers.

However, testing can be of two types, i.e., technical testing and usability testing. If you have a technical background, you can opt for a technical path to find and fix errors and bugs on any website or app.

But there are several options available to test websites even if you are not from a technical background. UserTesting is one such platform that offers this opportunity.

You can earn around $10 to test a website that hardly takes 20 minutes to complete. Besides, there are other websites like Enroll and TestingTime that you can also opt to make money through Paypal.

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17. Save Money From Grocery Shopping

Grocery is something where we invest around 20% to 30% of our monthly income. And it can vastly vary depending on our lifestyle and the number of family members.

But nothing can be more lucrative if we can get a good discount on our daily grocery shopping. There are several apps and websites available that assure us of this opportunity to get cashback and discounts on grocery shopping.

Ibotta is one such app that gives you this opportunity to get a great discount. Besides, you can get cashback just by scanning your grocery receipt.

And once you accumulate enough cashback, you can directly withdraw it through a linked PayPal account. Besides you can also use other platforms like Fetch Rewards and Checkout 51.

Download the Fetch Rewards app here: Android, iOS.


18. Sell Old Items

We don’t realize that we are actually sitting on a stack of cash. And even people who are aware of it don’t understand how to convert the old junk into hard cash.

Now, there are several options available where you can sell your old junk and make a good amount of money through Paypal. From old laptops to your unused clothes, you can now sell almost anything.

If you want to sell your electronic devices like a laptop or smartphone at a great price, Decluttr is the best option for you. You can get an instant selling price just by scanning the barcode of your item.

This website also offers free shipping options. And if you have old clothes to sell, you can try websites like Etsy, Etashee, and ThredUP.

Not only old items but here are 32 Super Easy Things To Make And Sell Online From Home to make some decent money.


19. Sell Your Old Books

Textbooks are something that gets old and irrelevant after our semester. There are very few people in the whole world who actually touch their textbooks after their courses get over.

And in the case of storybooks, we don’t often read them after reading them just once. But it sits still and unused in our bookshelves and cupboards for so long.

Now, you can make money by selling those old books for a fair price. Bookscouter is one such website that instantly compares the prices from many buyback vendors and helps you make money with Paypal.

Besides, you can easily get the final price just by searching the ISBN of your book. You can also use other platforms like ValoreBooks and CampusBooks.

When it comes to selling old books online, you have many other websites where you can sell and make money in return easily; here is the list of 15 Best Places To Sell Your Textbooks For Extra Cash.


20. Rent Out a Room

If you have an empty property or even an empty room in your house, then you can make money with PayPal just by renting that out. One of the best places to list your property is Airbnb.

You can easily become an Airbnb host and cater to people from around the world. You will not only get a pretty good rent but will also have your chance to know globetrotters.

Listing your property is also pretty easy on this platform. However, you need to take some good pictures of your house and then upload them to attract more travelers.

You also need to have good reviews from your previous visitors to get guests in the future. And one of the best things about this website is that you can choose your own rent amount.


Best Alternatives to PayPal

There are several other options that you can also try if you don’t like to use PayPal. If you have a Google account, you can use its own payment wallet system.

However, it is not available for corporate bodies. Besides, you can also use other payment methods like Amazon Pay and Amazon Pay.

But knowing everything about PayPal is not everything. You need to figure out the best ways to make money with PayPal.

But finding those options is not at all easy, and you may encounter fraud. So to help you, here goes our complete guide to making money with this payment system.

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So, we have discussed all the possibilities of making money with PayPal. However, not everything is for everyone. So, it is better to choose which you are good at to earn more money.

You can also use YouTube tutorial videos and free courses to sharpen your skills. Besides, you also need to have the patience to become successful in any field.


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