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Phrendly App Review – Make Money Flirting Online ($1000+/Mon)

We once had the stigma of meeting unknown people online. But the days are gone as most adults now trust websites like Tinder to find their ideal date.

Besides, there are several other websites like Phrendly that offer online speed dating and virtual dating services. You can easily enjoy an intimate online date through this incredible platform.

And for ladies, you can also make money with Phrendly just by flirting with handsome men. But to start with, check out our detailed review.


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Phrendly App Review – Make Money Flirting Online

AOL first popularized virtual meetings through its incredible chatting platform. And then, Yahoo messenger came into action and almost dominated the market. These are the golden days for the 90s kids.

But now, it has taken a step ahead, and online chatting has transformed into online flirting with people.

Phrendly is one such company that assures this opportunity while having the provision for ladies to generate a good income. And here goes the complete guide to making money with Phrendly in 2024.


What Is Phrendly?

phrendly app review

Phrendly came into the market at the start of this decade and instantly became a hotcake for adults all over the world.

Phrendly provides online flirting platforms for people around the globe according to their preferences. Besides, it also assures the chance for beautiful ladies to make a pretty good income.

This company built this platform while focusing only on online relationships. So, you can connect, chat, and flirt without worrying about meeting in person.


What Do You Need To Join Phrendly?

Anyone can join this platform to find their ideal online date. But, the money-making opportunity is now only available for gorgeous ladies.

Although it doesn’t have any specific academic or other criteria, you need to possess a few skills to generate good income through this platform. The basic requirements, both personal and technical, are as follows.

Personal Requirements

  • You need to have an extrovert and joyful personality to attract more men online.
  • You should have some good photographs, ideally clicked by professional photographers, to make your profile.
  • All ladies should have excellent communication skills and native-level English proficiency.
  • You need to have the ability to continue talking and reciprocate while chatting.

Technical Requirements

  • You need to have an updated computer, either based on Windows or Mac, with the necessary software.
  • All the ladies should have a high-speed and stable internet connection, preferably wired.
  • You need to have your audio device with a microphone featuring a noise-cancellation facility.
  • You should have a high-quality HD webcam if you want to opt for a video chat option.

So, these are the essential criteria to join this fantastic flirting website. You also need to have a legit phone number to verify your account during the joining process.

You can hide the phone number from public display after completing the verification process.

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How To Download & Join Phrendly?

Anyone can download the app and join this website completely free of cost. Search Phrendly in your App Store or Google Play Store. You need to create an account by filling out a simple joining form.

But you need to upload a few of your good photographs to attract more men. A good GIF of your face will also do well on your profile.

After creating an account, you will need to verify your account by providing your phone number. Don’t forget to link your bank account with your profile to get the payment.


How To Make Money With Phrendly?

You can earn on this website in three main ways.

  • Chatting
  • Audio calls
  • One-on-one Video Calls

You can chat with your online friends or have a conversation through audio calls. And lastly, you can also have a one-on-one video-calling session with your friend.

Earn With Chatting

You can make $0.35 per chat if you reply within a day. But don’t be the first person to start a chat because you will get charged by Phrendly if you start the chat first.

There is an option to let them know if you are interested in a person. You don’t need to start the chat first if you want to make money with Phrendly.

Since the payment from chats is a bit less, you need to focus on adding more friends to your list. The more friends you make, the more you earn.

Audio or Video Calls

Audio and Video calls will earn you more money than chatting if you are comfortable with video chats. Actually, they pay you in “Drinks,” and each drink equals $10.

Here also, the one who makes the call should pay the price for it, and the one who receives the call gets paid.


Phrendly allows your friends to send you virtual gifts for any reason, like birthdays or any special day. They can send anything between $5 and $100 as a gift. Phrendly takes 10%, and you will receive 90% of the gift’s worth.

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Phrendly Income Potential

As we discussed, each chat will earn you around $0.35, although you need to reply within 24 hours to become eligible.

You can set your audio call rate up to $48 per hour and your video chat rate up to $66 per hour. However, you can also have additional tips that they call ‘share a drink’ or can even get virtual gifts from your friends.

30% of your total earnings go to Phrendly, and you can withdraw the remaining 70%. Earnings from “Gifts” are not included here. It takes only $10% of the gifts you receive.

Coming to the monthly income potential, you can easily make $1000+ per month by spending very little time. An hour of video chat per day is more than enough to make some decent bucks every month.


How To Withdraw Earnings?

As of 2024, this company only pays its users through direct monthly deposit to any US bank account and also with Express Pay.

However, in both cases, you will need to cross the minimum payout limit of $10 to become eligible. It can take up to 10 working days to reflect the amount on your bank account after Phrendly processes your payment.

This company doesn’t have an option for withdrawal through PayPal or any other online wallet.

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How To Make Money On Phrendly?

The best trick that works here is making your profile shinier to attract more men. So, try your best to impress more people. Apart from that, here are a few useful tips to make more out of it.

Take Care Of the Camera

Always take care of your camera, lighting, and mainly your background. Make sure your smartphone has a high-quality front camera as your look in a video call completely depends on that. If your camera quality is bad, your friends may end the call very soon, and that impacts your earnings.

Write a Nice Description or Bio

People read the bio. If you can write an impressive one, that could add some extra people to your list. Writing about your hobbies and interests will make the conversations more interesting.

Keep Alerts On

The saying “The Early Bird Catches The Worm” is true here. Nobody waits for you if you don’t respond quickly. That’s why you should keep your alerts ON. You can keep your friends happy and engaged by giving fast replies.

Check-In With Old Friends

Don’t let your Phrends go away when both of you run out of topics. Phrendly has an option called Long Lost Phrends which can be used to nudge the old ones to start fresh conversations. Using this trick on holidays or any other special day is the right way to chat with them again.

Refer Friends & Earn

This platform allows users to earn money by referring friends to this platform. You will earn a free Drink ($10) when someone signs up with your link. But that’s not immediate. You will receive this free drink when your friend either spends or earns $15. Signup now and start sharing your link.


Pros & Cons of Phrendly App

Although it is safe for ladies to use this fantastic flirting website, there are certain disadvantages too. But this website will outrun those through its vast advantages.

Some of the most notable pros and cons of Phrendly are as follows.

  • This website assures complete personal security as you will never need to meet anyone outside or even share your phone number.
  • You can earn as much as $66 per hour just by video chatting through this website.
  • You can get virtual gifts for up to $100 each time from your online friends.
  • This website assures timely payment, and you will receive the amount within ten business days.
  • You need to have a US bank account to get the payment, as there is no other way to get it.
  • You should reply to text messages within 24 hours of becoming eligible.
  • It is impossible to set your audio call rate above $48 per hour and your video call rate above $66 per hour.
  • This company will charge 30% of your earnings.

These are the major pros and cons that you will face as you make money with Phrendly. If you have the right kind of personality and a winning attitude, then you can make some serious money through this website.

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Is Phrendly Legit And Safe?

Most of us have a big question relative to the dating website about the safety of our data. Have you got the same query –“Is Phrendly a good site”? 

Here is your answer! When you register with dating websites, that would be your own decision and choice to share your personal data or not.

If you decide to share, then do check the safety instructions and policy terms of the respective dating site you are joining.

 There are many websites where you can register and earn without sharing personal data. Coming back to the question of the legitimacy of Phrendly, this has a Google Play rating of about 3.1/5, which can state as an above-average to good choice.

Definitely, Phrendly is a legit one, but many  Phrendly users share their opinion, as recharging ‘SIPS’ frequently is a bit annoying. Be prepared for that and do the proper groundwork before joining.


Apps Like Phrendly To Make Money

Besides Phrendly, there are now several websites that provide an excellent platform for everyone to make money by doing something. Here are a few websites you can signup for to make money in your free time.

  1. SurveyJunkie (Online Surveys – Earn up to $25 for each survey).
  2. Pinecone Research (Get paid for reviews & surveys. up to $7 per each).
  3. Swagbucks (Surveys, discounts, free gift cards – $5 instant bonus).
  4. MyGirlFund (Flirting & Chatting).



We have discussed all the things that you need to know to make money with Phrendly.

However, you need to keep your identity, phone number, and address secret for personal safety. Other than that, it is a great way to earn money in 2024.


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