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15 Best Ways To Make Money With Woodworking In 2024

We can all agree that money can’t buy you anything other than a penthouse or a private jet or maybe a trip to the Bahamas in your own yacht. But, not many people need more than this.

So, money has already become one of the significant aspects of our lives, even if you don’t want to recognize it. And, a little extra income is beneficial for everyone.

In these changing scenarios, we also need to have a good financial backup to be prepared for our future. One in the list of a sector that is everlasting is furniture making; the need is constantly progressing.

If you have that proper skill with wood, you should even know about the ways to make money with woodworking. The market for good wooden products and art installations is rapidly growing all over the world.

And with the ease of delivery, you can directly sell your woodwork to global clients from the remotest corner of the world. So, it is now very much possible to do just woodworking and live a financially stable life.

Even if you don’t want to take it as a full-time profession, you can also boost your income quite significantly by just taking it as a hobby. But to make money with woodworking, you definitely need to have proper skills and marketing techniques in 2022.


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How To Make Money With Woodworking?

One can never yield the optimum financial output without properly planning before doing any woodworking projects. You also need to chalk out the products that will sell in today’s market.

One should also be aware of the selling channels that are available both online and offline. But, you do need to take these five steps to start any successful woodturning business.


Step 1: Research Your Niche

There are several niche markets that you can choose from if you want to start woodworking. From home decor to large art installation, you need to select the type of market you want to dive into.

And even if you choose a specific niche like small presents, you can still research new designs and techniques in your work area.

Always choose the products that are rarely available in the market and are absolutely unique. If you can make anything ordinary with extraordinary design, the selling potential will be instantly increased.

Apart from this, you should also research the trending items before any occasion to gain more orders.


Step 2: Select Your Product Category

As we have already mentioned in the first step, you need to choose the niche that you want to enter first. But that’s not enough because you need to be specific about the category.

If you’re going to make gifts, you should narrow it down to gifts for children or gifts for ladies. You can concentrate on making event-specific items like a heart-shaped box before Valentine’s Day or a cigar holder before Father’s Day.

It will significantly boost your sales. Besides, you can opt for furniture-making. You’ll get product ideas from eCommerce platforms like Amazon or eBay.

Moreover, you can also surf through YouTube videos to get the idea. But, you need to make sure that your furniture should always creates fresh and original designs.


Step 3: Do Market Research

You need to do thorough market research before starting your woodturning project to increase its salability. You must also make sure that your product will do well in the offline or online market by analyzing trends in the market.

Visit your local market and inquire about wooden products to get an idea. You can also check out online stores like Etsy and Craigslist to learn about the trending products in your selected category.

After getting a similar product in eCommerce stores, analyze the product description, customer reviews, and price. In this way, you can have a proper idea about the performance of that particular product in the current scenario.


Step 4: Make Unique Things

The possibility is very less that you will find any low-competition niche or product category. But, you can still make a significant impact even in a competitive market with your unique products.

Don’t follow conventional designs and color patterns. You should make your own unique things. Apart from the product, you should also concentrate on the packaging and other external aspects.

Good packaging increases the overall salability of any wooden merchandise before any occasion, like Christmas or Valentine’s Day.

Check out all the similar items and come up with a unique design. Draw inspirations, but do something new. And then market it as no one else has.

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Step 5: Make Cost-Efficient Products

You also need to do proper market research to source your raw materials. If you want to purchase a block of teak wood, you should visit the nearby stores and check out the online marketplaces to get the best price.

However, you should never compromise on the quality of your raw materials. After sourcing the material at the lowest possible price, you should plan appropriately before starting the woodturning project.

You also need to ensure minimum wastage of wood and plan accordingly. Always remember that if you save a penny from your resources or during the project, it virtually adds up to your overall profit.

So, these are the five key steps that you need to follow to make money with woodworking. After completing all these necessary steps, you can start your woodturning project.

You can also make a video of your project and upload that to your YouTube channel to make passive income through Google ads.


15 Best Woodturning Product Ideas In 2022

Some products can guarantee a sure-shot success if you do a little marketing and also make them unique.

However, you can sell almost anything made of wood if you are skilled enough or if you have the right marketing skills.

Some of the most popular wooden items are as follows:


1. Wooden Furniture

Making furniture is the best way to make money with woodworking. For a long time, wooden furniture pieces have been the most popular and most used items worldwide.

And with time, it doesn’t show any sign of decreasing popularity.

So, it will be the safest bet for you to make wooden furniture. However, the furniture market is densely crowded, with some of the biggest manufacturing companies.

You can still make an impact on this market by using the best quality woods and with a unique design. Besides, you need to make it sturdy enough to last long.


2. Wooden Toys

Toys are trendy not only among children but also among adults as they use them for home decor. And unlike plastic toys, wooden toys are completely eco-friendly and non-toxic unless you use toxic or lead-based paints.

Wooden toys also look fabulous when used as vintage decorative items. You can make good quality wooden toys and sell them to your nearby gift shops or local market.

Wooden train sets, puppets, and dolls are always in demand in the international market due to their aesthetic values.

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3. Wooden Utensils

The whole world is now rejecting plastic products and incorporating eco-friendly items in their daily lives. Utensils are among those which we use regularly.

And by decreasing the use of plastic utensils, we can significantly reduce the use of harmful products and make the world a better place to live. Besides, wooden utensils look good and last longer.

You can not only make bowls and trays with wood but also make forks and scissors. Besides the usability factor, wooden utensils also have a vintage factor.


4. Wooden Pallet Christmas Trees

We all love Christmas trees, as it is an inseparable part of our vacation calendar. Since our childhood days, we cherished and waited beside a Christmas tree for our beloved Santa clause.

But, people are now looking for quirky alternatives to traditional Christmas trees. You can make Christmas trees with small wooden pallets and make them look unique.

It will sell like a hot cake if you sell it on your local market or even in online stores. However, you will witness the maximum sale in the winter months only.

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5. Wine Racks

A good wine rack is a symbol of classiness. And for that, the demand for an excellent wooden wine rack is ever increasing. It looks not only attractive and compliments a pleasant dining room but is also extremely sturdy.

It also lasts much longer than iron racks if you take good care of the wooden rack. You can make good-quality wine racks and sell them to your local market.

Moreover, you can also personally reach out to wine lovers and show them your products. However, you need to choose a good design and make it look unique.


6. Wooden Fruit Bowls

Fruits bowls are used not only to store fruits but also as decor pieces on your dining table. A good fruit blow instantly increases the beauty quotient of any table.

This can also assure that the wood itself will never react with the outer skin of the fruits, unlike the bowls made of other materials. So, you can create eye-catching fruit bowls and sell them in local stores.

Besides, you can also sell it on online marketplaces. Don’t forget to give it catchy packaging to increase its gift worthiness. If you take all these steps with utmost care while making bowls, you can make money with woodworking.

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7. Sturdy Plant Boxes

The whole world is now looking forward to making this planet a greener place to live. And for that, we not only emphasize planting saplings outside but also decorating our houses with real plants.

You can make use of this opportunity and design robust plant boxes. It is also effortless to make and can be done with little woodworking skills.

But to increase its value, a good design is a must. You should also take care of the color theme to make it suitable for planning on the terrace or patios.


8. Decorative Photo Frames

Those days are long gone when we only have photo prints to recall our beloveds. We now have almost everything starting from a mobile screen to a projector where anything can be displayed.

And, people don’t even use photo albums; rather store photos in memory cards instead. But still, a good-quality photo frame didn’t lose its charm.

It can be used as home decor and to complement wooden interiors. You can design some unique photo frames and sell them. It is also very inexpensive to make, which assures a better profit ratio.

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9. Coat Racks

A vintage-looking rustic rack for coats can instantly transform the overall aesthetic of your home. Besides, it is one of the most useful things that need to last long.

You can make beautifully crafted coat racks and sell them to your local shops. Moreover, you can also take photos and post them to your social media handles to attract customers.

It requires minimal woodworking skills to make coat racks. However, this idea can only be successful in colder countries where coats are traditionally used in daily life.


10. Wall Shelves

A beautiful shelf can provide the needed charm in your drawing room. And, a tidy shelf can make room for your books in your study. A good corner shelf can also increase the contemporary value of any modern home.

It is a multi-use item that can fit anywhere and doesn’t look odd. Making a wooden wall shelve is also fun to try and requires minimal wood-crafting skills.

You also need minimum resources to create a beautiful shelf. So, you can make a good profit by making wall shelves.

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11. Kitchen Racks

Racks are necessary for all modern houses. Even if you have a modular kitchen, you’ll need a few racks to store your coffee mugs or other utensils.

It is actually the same as the wall shelves we have mentioned above but on a much smaller scale. And the dimension of the racks varies according to the items they are made for.

People now also use this as a gift on Christmas or Easter. So, you can make kitchen racks or coffee racks and sell them. You can also simply list it on eBay or Etsy before the vacation.


12. Decorative Headboards

An excellent and vintage-looking headboard not only changes the look of your bed but also wholly transforms the overall aesthetics of the bedroom.

Classy people tend to go for the handmade wooden headboard in their bedrooms to match their taste. It will always remain in demand, no matter where you live in this world.

So, you can make this stunning piece of furniture with your woodworking skill and sell it. You can also flaunt your headboard on your social media handles to get more customers and also to make money with woodworking.

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13. Wooden Jewelry Box

A wooden jewelry box always compliments precious ornaments. So, many prefer a beautiful wooden box to store their jewelry.

It is also extremely popular as a gift item for a wife, mother, sister, or girlfriend. So, you can design and make a good-quality jewelry box to make money with woodworking.

You will require limited resources as you can make a box with small pieces of wood that remained from a big project. A high-quality box can easily give you a good profit if you sell it online.


14. Birdhouses

Any outdoor garden or even a good backyard needs a beautiful birdhouse to look complete. It gives a place for the spectacular birds and increases the overall beauty quotient of a garden.

A birdhouse made from good-quality wood looks even more splendid. And with a little extra care, it can also last for a lifetime.

You can easily make birdhouses by crafting them with hardwoods like cedar, cypress, or redwood. If you can build strong and charming birdhouses, bird enthusiasts will waste no time buying those from you.


15. Dog Beds

Canines are men’s best friends. And like they care for us like anything, dog owners also love their beloved pets like no one else.

They always want the best for their dogs to give them the best comfort. And for that, many dog owners often look for wooden dog beds as an alternative to traditional plastic dog beds.

Wooden dog beds not just look stunning but also provide an insulating layer beneath the mattress. So, you can make a good dog bed and can start to make money with woodworking.

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Other Side Hustles To Making Money

Here are a few other side hustles where you can make some extra money besides woodworking. Have a glance and pick up your choice and feasibility.

1. Find Work From Home Jobs at Amazon

Many people know Amazon only as a place to buy products, but this e-commerce giant offers multiple positions for freelancers.

These jobs are mostly unaware, and you can easily pick one if you are interested.

The pay depends on the task you perform or the position you are in.

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2. Try Flipping

Flipping is nothing but purchasing an asset for a short duration with the intent of selling it for quick profits.

As you are looking forward to making money with woodworking, you can also flip the furniture you have manufactured.

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3. Try Installing New Apps

The majority of us hold a smartphone, so use this device in your free time to install a few apps using Neilson Computer and Mobile Panel to win up to $10000 as a reward.

Just install the apps and wait for your turn.

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4. Try Playing Games

Make use of your free time more productively in a creative manner by playing games.

All you have to do is to play games through the websites where you can get paid to play games online. Earn $50+  in no time.

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So, these are some of the items to make money with woodworking. However, you can also go for customized things like an art installation or a decorative wall piece.

It depends solely on your preference. But, you should go according to your market preference.

And don’t forget to use all the marketing channels to showcase your product in front of the maximum number of potential buyers.


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