Mobee App Review – Money Making App or Waste Of Time?

Who doesn’t want to get the money back that they spent? Probably no one. Nowadays, many apps are coming up with this offer that they will give you cash-back for shopping or dining at restaurants and more… Mobee is one of them which claims to give you cash backs.

You may shop groceries at a nearby store, go-to a restaurant for dinner, make trails on your products. To make all these missions (as per the Mobee app this term is used) you can use this app.

You get points for every mission you complete and those can be redeemed as cash or gift cards. Later those can be used to shop or pay your small bills.

In this article, I am going to review the Mobee app and let you know how does it work, how to start with it, and what are the pros and cons of it.

Read this complete Mobee app review to decide whether it is a legitimate app or not. Here Initially, I am going to tell you about what is Mobee app. So let’s begin…


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What is The Mobee App?

mobee app review

MobeeApp is a shopping app that makes you earn money to shop. This app is more beneficial for shopping lovers as they get points for doing their favorite thing.

Later, these points can be withdrawn as cash or gift cards once you reach the payment threshold.


How to Start With Mobee App?

Install the Mobee app from the play store or app store to get started. After installation, you may get confused about the few things that you see in the app.

No need for confusion we are here to help you to get rid of that. Follow the below content in which we have described briefly.

Open the app and sign up with your Facebook id, then it asks you for a referral code. You can enter the code there if you have any. You can skip if you don’t have any referral codes.

That’s it. Now, we will know how the Mobee app works and how to get rewards/cashback from it.

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How Does it Work?

how does the mobee app works

You can work with this app through your GPS location. It accesses your location to know where you are and then it indicates the missions near you.

To start getting your cashback, you need to complete the missions provided on the Mobee app. Those missions include dinner at a restaurant, shop at a store, trying out new products, even getting a cup of coffee. You have to choose the local missions which are near to you.

Follow the below steps to get rewarded for completing missions on Mobee.

  • Search for the local mission
  • Complete the mission
  • Earn rewards 

1. Search For The Local Mission

Mobeeapp automatically turns on your location through GPS to find where you are. It will show you the available missions list. From them, you can choose the local mission and start to continue with it.


2. Complete The Mission

After selecting the nearest mission, you can start working and complete it within the specified time. 

It may take around 5-15 minutes to complete the missions that are in a specific location. after completing the missions, they will ask you a few questions/feedback. In some of the missions, they will ask you to take photos of the location where you take tasks.


3. Earn Rewards

After answering all the questions, the Mobee app teams review your mission within 48 hours and lets you know the status of whether it is approved or not.

If it is approved you will get rewards for the mission which can be redeemed as cash or gift cards.


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4. Referral Earnings

Along with the above-mentioned offers it also includes referral earnings, you can earn points by referring to others as well.

In the referral earning, you can earn points by entering your referral code in the app. By using this referral code, you both claim for 300 points which later can be changed into cash or gift cards.


5. Anywhere Missions

Anywhere missions have sub-options such as Mission Recon, Favorite Shopping spots, Health & fitness habits from them you can choose your favorite option to continue to work with it.

You can work with Anywhere missions from any of the locations. It is not fixed to the local missions only. Unlike the nearest missions, they offer to work anywhere in the U.S… This is Awesome! right?


6. Achievement Badges

MobeeApp also offers badges for its users to earn some extra cash. You can claim 500 points from each badge when you get to unlock all the steps included in it.


How Much You Make With Mobee App?

earn rewards with mobee app

By reading all the above content you might think this is a good commercial app that helps to earn more. if this is the thought in your mind, please ignore it. Yes, of course, this app helps you earn some extra money but that doesn’t extend to $5.

You can earn nearly 100-500 points for the time you spent 5-15 minutes for a mission that redeem into cash as $1-$ 5. Which is not enough resource for livelihood.

And one more thing, you should be aware of is, the missions probably are not at the place where you stay. Sometimes you need to go away from your place, which means you need to travel from one place to another. You need to bear the transportation charges and in some cases, it also offers very few missions to work.

This is a good app for those who need side hustles but actually, I don’t recommend this for full-time income. This probably helpful to you when you think of a small amount.


Is It Suitable For All or Not?

mobee app review - achievements

I raised this question because some people around the cities may get available missions to work and some people who are outside of the cities may not get them.

This app is available only for U.S. residents and outside of this doesn’t work. The missions depend on your area and the current tasks. 

Even though you are in the city of the U.S., there is no guarantee for your missions as there is a lot of competition in the cities. So, you need to grab the missions as soon as possible before someone reaches out there. 

To get the missions, you need to travel to different places and bear the charges. So, if you are the kind of person who loves traveling, then this suits you otherwise it may not.


Is This Worthy or Not?

Like every coin has two sides, the Mobee app also has both negative and positive sides. Let’s see the pros first and later we can move on to the cons.



  • It takes very little time for completing the missions that are near you. Sometimes it maybe 3 minutes.
  • In these missions, you no need to work with lifting the heavyweights it’s just to go near the mission they are given and answer the questions they ask you. it is very simple and easy to do.
  • You can fulfill some of the small payment bills you have with the cashback/reward points you got.



  • It has a very low rating on the Play store.
  • Sometimes, you may get missions that are around 15 miles away from your place. You may miss the mission even after reaching there then, it is a waste of time and fuel too.  
  • Sometimes it pays less than 300 points for 15 miles of distance i.e., you get nearly $3 bucks and traveling allowances need to bear by you in some cases.



Like many other apps, the Mobee app also has both positives and negatives in it, but it depends on your receiving. The main disadvantage is, sometimes it will take more time to complete the task which is far away from your place. Other than that, remaining everything is good.

This app is just to get extra money not a full-time income. Keep this in your before trying Mobee. Just make a free trial first and if you enjoy doing their missions, then continue doing them for side income.


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