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Are you searching for top ways to start a side hustle from home which is not SCAMs? Blogging with WordPress is one of the best ways. It’s the largest platform on the internet for blogging. We can earn money with a blog by writing what we love. Let’s check the 20 best ways to monetize your blog.


Best Ways To Monetize Your Blog:

There are several ways to monetize a blog. All these works better when you have a good amount of readers.

To start using any of these methods, first, you will need a WordPress blog.

WordPress is so easy that people of any age can use this. Once you are finished with your blog set up you can start using these methods.


1.Monetize Your Blog With Google AdSense:

Displaying Google ads on your blog is one of the easiest ways to make money.

You can apply for Google Adsense when your blog is ready. Once you get the approval, you can simply add the ad script to your website to display ads.

If you are a newbie blogger then you have to consider this as your first income method to start.

Google pays when anyone clicks on your ads and number of times ads are shown totally.

These are called CPC and CPM based income. CPC means Cost Per Click, The amount you will get when someone clicks on your ad.

And CPM means Cost Per Thousand Impressions, The amount you will get when ads displayed 1000 times.


2. Sell Ads Directly On Your Blog:

Although Google Adsense is an easy way to monetize a blog, simultaneously you can also sell ads to people by placing their banners on free space on your site.

You don’t need any third party people, you can directly fix your price and can negotiate with the buyer.

Better use BuySellAds to meet the website owners and advertisers to negotiate about ads.

3. Affiliate Marketing:

For bloggers, Affiliate Marketing is like a gold mine.

Affiliate Marketing means promoting someone else’s products. They will pay you commissions when a purchase made with your referral link.

A blog with a good amount of visitor is more enough to start making money with affiliate marketing.

All most all products on the Internet have Affiliate Program to encourage people to earn commissions by promoting their products.

Sign up for popular websites like Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and other online product sellers Clickbank, CommissionJunction, ShareASale etc to monetize your blog.


4. Make Money By Flipping Websites:

If you are good at creating WordPress blogs/websites, then this is an extra way to earn some bucks.

Some people like to buy websites that are already published and getting few visitors.

So if you have such websites or can able to create now, then consider this option to make some extra dollars.

You can sell your Websites for a good amount of money.

You need some skills like website demand, how to price a website and sell them. These are the basics you should know to rock this business.

Try Flippa and it’s alternative websites to put your websites into the auction and to sell some brokers.


5. Selling eBooks on your Blog:

eBooks are the best option to generate secondary income. These are very easy to produce and sell.

You can create eBooks by sharing your experience and skills. Many people who want to learn the skills that you already have, would like to buy your eBooks.

Even you can convert your popular blog posts as an eBook and publish it.

Design a catchy cover page to grab the audience’s attention. Try to impress them by sharing some highlights of the book.

So they will want to see what is really inside and will purchase your book.

Using WordPress WooCommerce plugin you can sell them on your blog.


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6. Sell Freelance Services:

Since you are a blogger, you are an expert on your topic and know some techniques, have some skills, maybe you already a veteran in your field.

Try to offer all your skills as a freelancer. Freelancing is another popular way to make money online by offering your services to people.

This won’t need any investment and you can convert your free time into money.

There are many websites to sell your services as a freelancer. You have to signup and build your portfolio. Upwork and Freelancer are the most popular sites for freelancers.


7. Sell Online Courses:

Selling an online course is another best way to monetize your blog.

These are quite different from eBooks because this may contain PDF files or Video lessons or Web-based Modules.

The price ranges of courses are also bigger than eBooks. Creating a course take a lot of time, you need to plan everything how you gonna teach people with your course.

Once you completed creating a course, you can place it on your blog and sell it to your readers.

Not only on your blog, but you can also publish and promote your course on many other websites too like Udemy, teachable, CourseCraft etc.


8. Place Sponsored Blog Posts of Others:

Placing sponsored posts of other bloggers is also will help you to make some bucks.

It is like promoting a product or providing an information to your visitors related to your niche.

You can sell these posts for money or you can ask them to sponsor a post of yours on their blog.

This is also like exchanging backlinks. People who are focusing on SEO and building backlinks will try these methods.


9: Write Paid Reviews:

There are two types of paid reviews. One is you can give a review for money without knowing and using the product. Actually, we are not talking about that type of reviews.

Secondly, Someone who wants a review of their product will approach you and give you the product for free.

You can use the product freely and if you like their product, then you have to post a review on your blog and they will pay you.

You can negotiate your prices. This method gives you two benefits, one is the product is free for you, and you will be paid for posting a positive review.

There are few websites to find these type of offers, check PayPerPost and SponsoredReviews etc.


10. Create A Paid Group:

Creating a paid group is another great idea to monetize your blog when you have a great following and your followers like to learn more from you.

You can share your premium posts, videos, other stuff in the group. People who want to join this group will pay you.

It is also a good idea to teach all your paid students on one platform.

You can use social media like Facebook to create a group and can restrict non-paid people from joining.

Or else use WordPress membership plugins to create membership groups.

11. Create Paid Forum:

A forum is a good way for your visitors to get advice from you. Forums help members to post questions and sharing solutions.

These previous discussions solve other members issues when they have related queries.

Since creating a forum for your site is a great move and a paid forum will help to earn lots of recurring income from your blog.

To get started with creating a forum, you should need a forum website or you can search for WordPress plugins on your WP dashboard to create a paid forum.


12. Host A Paid Webinar:

Webinars are something similar to online courses but these include live sessions and discussions with your audience.

So many bloggers host webinars often to build their audience, share their experiences also to grow their brand awareness and business.

Meanwhile, it is also a great way to turn your effort into money.

Make your webinar as paid and get paid by the people who are interested to join.


13. Earn From Consulting Business:

Starting consulting services on your blog is a great idea when you have years of experience.

With consulting services, you can sell your expertise, your advice, your strategies to your clients.

This is also like a freelancing and doesn’t need any investment to start.

You can simply add your consulting services to your blog by creating a page and publishing it.

This helps your clients to learn from you and helps you to make a good amount of money.


14. Become a Coach:

Becoming a coach is also similar to consulting services. Here also you offer your advice, guidance, and help your students to reach their goals.

You can offer your guidance on different topics like blogging coach, writing coach etc.

Giving Coaching service is like improving someone’s life. You can provide coaching sessions to your audience in the area where you are an expert.


15. Sell T-Shirts Online With Your Blog:

Are you creative? Selling T-Shirts is a great way to show your creativity to your audience.

Almost everyone love & wear T-Shirts. If you can design awesome Tees, then add your T-shirt shop to your blog.

There are some services helps you to design and sell T-shirts. You only have to create a design and upload to shop. They will print and ship them. You will get profit share.

Using this WordPress plugin WP-Spreadplugin by Spreadshirt, you can add your T-Shirt shop to your blog.


16. Sell Your Designs & Graphics:

If you are a graphics designer, sell your designs to people using your blog.

Place your works on a page and link it to your blog. Drive visitors to that page and sell your designs there.

People who like your designs may ask you to design stuff for their site. In this way, you will get easy deals and you can make money.


17. Amazon Affiliate Shop On Your Blog:

Unlike WooCommerce store, if you want to set up an online store without having any shipping issues to yourself, then try to create an Amazon affiliate shop on your blog.

Find out the affiliate products related to your niche and add them to your shop. Promote regularly to get sales.

Although there is a competition for amazon affiliate shopping, still you can make money with this affiliate shop.

Use this Amazon Affiliate for WordPress Plugin to set up your affiliate shop easily on your blog.


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18. Create & Sell WordPress Plugins:

If you know how WordPress works and have some knowledge of basic PHP, then you can develop plugins for WordPress.

Plugins are used to customize your website. these make your website flexible and powerful. You can offer some new features to WordPress users by developing plugins.

Once you finished developing the plugins then you have so many platforms to advertise them to get installs and money. You can sell these plugins on your own blog.


19. WooCommerce Store:

Not only T-Shirts, but you can sell your own products also on your blog using the WooCommerce plugin.

You can create a store for your products, promote, and provide service to customers.

You don’t have to bother about shipping and delivery. For shipping and delivery, there are some drop shipping services to that job for you.

Install WordPress WooCommerce plugin on your blog to create a store. For the dropshipping purpose, you also need WooCommerce – Dropshipping addon plugin.

20. Sell WordPress Themes:

Do you know how to design a website template using PHP and HTML? Developing WordPress themes and selling them also a great idea to make money.

You must have design skills as well as technical coding skills too. You have to know how to design a good looking website template.

Make a great & good looking theme and promote it. If it went viral, then you will get tons of purchases that give you thousands of dollars per day.

Here we are at the end of this article, these are the Best 20 Ways to Monetize your WordPress Blog.


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20 smart ways to monetize your blog

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