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89 Money Making Hobbies That Pay Real Money [2024 Update]

All of us at some point in life feel vexed or incensed with the job we do. However, we convenience ourselves and continue doing them to meet our needs and desires.

Blessed are those who are doing the job of their dreams. Well, not everyone is blessed in the same way. Because who dreams of doing a 9 to 5 job with the same mundane work every day.

So why not make yourself a career where you can enjoy and still make money? It may sound unlikely, but it is possible and pretty easy. Want to know how? Keep reading then.

Think of the work that you have fun doing and cash it. Not clear? Let me make it clear.

If you are good at singing then brush up on those skills and make money by finding gigs that pay you for singing at their parties or events. This way you can make money with the hobbies you have been doing for ages.

It may be singing for some, dancing for some, and completely different like coding for some others. This way there is a hidden skill or hobby that you do which you can cash out and make a business for yourselves on the go.

Do you have a hobby/hobby? So now you know what to do. Just start making money with hobbies. However, most of you might be unsure of what to do as a hobby to make money.

For all such people, I have made this article where I will be listing hobbies category-wise so that you may find the ones suitable to you easily.

All the hobbies you find in this article are the ones I feel can help you rake some good dollars. Some of them may also shape out to be a successful business with time.


Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links. We may receive a small commission when you make a purchase (No extra cost to you). Please read our Affiliate Disclosure for more information.


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The Best Hobbies That Make Real Money

These are some best hobbies that you can enjoy doing and make some decent cash. If you feel like you have never done them before, then I am sure you will have a lot of fun learning something out of your bubble and making money.

These hobbies are sound in the fun as well as the money they have in store.


1. Get Paid To Play Video Games

make money with hobbies - playing video games
Ever thought of getting paid to play video games? That’s true and it is happening to a lot of people for years.

According to WePC, there are more than 2.5 billion video games around the world, and on average, each gamer spends nearly 6 hours per week on video games.

These stats are making the online video gaming industry grow exponentially and this industry is expected to hit 180 billion in revenue by 2022. As the industry grows, gamers are fetching opportunities to earn millions by playing these games at home.

If you have a hobby of playing games often and spend several hours gaming every week, then it’s time to monetize it. You don’t need to be a PRO gamer to make money by playing video games.

There are several platforms available on the Internet where you can use them to earn a few bucks every month while enjoying your favorite hobby.

Check the list right below and start playing using these platforms.

Playing video games is no longer a hobby for some people as they are doing it full-time and making millions of dollars every year.

Did you know, Tyler “Ninja” Belvins, an American PRO Gamer & YouTuber earns 18 Million+ a year playing video games. That is just from Youtube Ads, Live Streaming, Donations, and Sponsorships. Prize money from Contests is not included above, so any content he wins will add some more millions to his pockets. And reportedly, he already won many.

So, next time you tell yourself or your siblings/kids to stop playing video games, think twice.

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2. Make Money With Your Voice

voice actor jobs

Are you good at modulations? Can you change your tone of voice according to the situation? Then make it a money-making hobby while you enjoy doing it.

You can lend your voice for tv commercials, characters in a serial, or for a movie to make real money. As a voice-over artist, you can make an average amount of $39.87 per hour.

This is a great deal right! While it sounds so unique there can’t be a better opportunity for you if you have the desired skills.

This is the job you can do from the comfort of your couch. If you think you don’t have these skills but love this unique idea then you can still earn by practicing this hobby by following the experts.

How To Get Started?

  1. First of all, I would recommend you join a course and hear what experts are saying. Know the things about the industry and learn how to record your voice according to the employer’s requirements.
  2. Once you get a clear idea, get the required equipment ready.
  3. Now, start searching for clients on freelancing platforms & also join voice acting platforms.

Best Platforms To Offer Voice Acting Services:

  1. VoiceBunny (You need to set your pay rates)
  2. (Earn around $100 for a 15- second recording)
  3. Voice123 (No sources)

These are some best places online where you can lend your voice and earn money. However, there are many such opportunities if you can find them.

To know more read our article: 25 Best Voice Over Jobs For Beginners – ($1500 Per Project)


3. Proofreading

make money with hobbies

Are you a Grammar Nazi? Do you love playing with words? Then why not make money with this hobby of yours?

Proofreading is nothing but finding errors in a document or any text file and marking them. It is that simple. You need not correct any of them just simply find and mark the errors.

With a lot of documentation happening around the world, there is no shortage of proofreading jobs. According to, the average proofreader pockets around $17.82 per hour and the pay rate will go up to $30 as you get the experience.

To be a professional proofreader, there are certain requirements such as:

  • Bachelor’s degree in English,
  • Computer with reliable internet connectivity,
  • Basic computer knowledge,
  • Some practical experience.

How To Get Started as a Proofreader?

Once you meet all the above requirements, then you can start making money as a proofreader in your free time. There are several ways to find your first client.

Simply reach out to bloggers, content marketers, sell your services on freelancing platforms or join the websites that offer online proofreading jobs.

Still, feeling the emptiness of prior knowledge? Try joining Caitlin Pyle’s Free Webinar to understand the potential of proofreading and learn how to leverage it.

hobbies that make money

Students who follow her guidelines properly are nearly making $4k/month on average. Dedicate your efforts by starting your journey with her free 76-minute proofreading workshop.

Silas Haigh one of her students who hailed from Britain made nearly $22800 extra income in a year by hardly working for 10-20 hours a week. Watch him sharing his success journey here.

To know more about proofreading, read our complete guide on how to start a proofreading business.


4. Take Paid Online Surveys In Your Free Time

survey sites

Several market research companies wish to know the customer’s interests and help businesses improve accordingly.

For this purpose, they collect information directly from the customers themselves by asking them to take surveys. The customers will be paid in return for taking these surveys.

So why not try a hand at these surveys. They are easy, less time-consuming and also it is great fun to earn money in your spare time.

One thing everyone should remember about these survey sites is that there are more spam or fraud survey websites than the real ones. So, taking surveys without researching the platform might cost you valuable time.

And a legit survey platform will never ask you to pay money while signing up. They offer a signup bonus for users.

If you are stressed about finding the best survey platforms that pay real cash, don’t worry. We have done the research on behalf of you and listed some best sources right below. Take a look and join as many as you want to make more bucks.

  1. SurveyJunkie (Rated 4.5/5 stars on the Trustpilot. Earn up to $25 per survey).
  2. OpinionOutpost (Earn up to $25 per survey. High acceptance rate).
  3. InboxDollars (Get paid to take surveys, watch videos, play games, $5 instant signup bonus).
  4. Vindale Research (Up to $50 per survey & $5 per referral).
  5. Pinecone Research (Make up to $7 per product test & $5 per survey).
  6. Swagbucks ($5 welcome bonus for all new users. Make real cash by doing your daily activities).

This is a huge list. You can signup for any of these sites or can sign up for all of them to take full advantage. Most of these sites offer a signup bonus of $1-$5 for free (This differs for each survey site).

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5. Get Paid To Write Articles

freelance writer

Is your job paying you a six-figure income every year? That’s great if yes. If not, then this is the hobby that can fill the gap. Writing is one of the most lucrative hobbies that make real money.

As freelance writers already earning good fortune, offering this hobby as a service not only brings you good pay rates but also helps you in earning fame and in achieving quick financial freedom.

Unlike hourly pay rates, this job pays you on PER WORD basis. Following that, a 1000 words article could make you something between $50 – $1000. Remember it completely depends on your skills and expertise.

If you have good writing skills then there are several ways you can make money out of it. Some of them are:

  • Write articles for magazines,
  • Start your own blog,
  • Become a copywriter.

How To Get Your First Client as a Freelance Writer?

There are several possible ways to find clients on the Internet. In fact, there will be no shortage of clients anytime. You can find your first client by following any of the below-mentioned ways.

  1. Create a portfolio and reach out to bloggers/website owners.
  2. Write some sample articles and send them to bloggers.
  3. Search “Your Topic” + “Write For Us” on Google (like Finance Write For Us – But make sure they are going to pay you or not.)
  4. Create service gigs on platforms like Fiverr or PeoplePerHour.
  5. Bid on clients’ gigs on platforms like Freelancer o FlexJobs.
  6. Join writers’ communities or groups on social media platforms.

That’s it. These are the most promised ways to get your clients. And always remember that “Word of Mouth” is the most effective way than all the above-mentioned ways but you can only get that by offering the best services you can.

high paying hobbies

Before getting started, I recommend you attend this FREE workshop by Holly Johnson, who earns more than $200,000 a year working as a freelance writer. She discussed the tricks and tips that she used to reach this level.


6. Invest Your Spare Change Using Acorns App

how acorns app works?

People usually save money instead you can invest them in the stock market to double or triple or make manifolds. Stock markets rarely get you failed. There is always a profit in this business only if you know the correct place to invest.

This will become a much hobby once you learn the tactics and do your homework on the kind of stocks you want to invest in. This is a limitless profit-making option that is quite fascinating. But be alert before heading to it without research.

If you are a beginner in investing, then make yourself familiar with this by starting with the Acorns app

The Acorns is a micro-investing app. You need to link your credit or debit card with the Acorns app and when you make a certain purchase the spare amount will be set aside by rounding off your bill. All the spare amount accumulated will be invested in stocks.

For example, if you buy a coffee for $3.40 then the remaining $0.60 will be invested by the Acorns app automatically.

This is such a fun and legit process where you can learn the hows and whats of investing while they do it for you. If you gained good experience then you can start investing huge amounts directly into the market.


7. Drive With Uber or Lyft

make money hobbies - become a uber driver

Go on a drive around your city and make money on the way. Who doesn’t like driving? If you have a professional driving license then apply with different driving companies and drive for them. 

As you would practice your hobby of driving every day in your free time, use the same time to drive for money instead. The cab services companies available today are mostly flexible and allow you to work in the schedules you wish to. 

Some of the best companies that you can drive for are:

  • Uber (Pay rate: $16 – $20 an hour)
  •  Lyft (Pay rate: up to $20 an hour)

Apart from these pay rates, these two platforms also offer bonuses for new drivers when they reach the number of target rides.

Currently, Lyft is offering a $1000 bonus for completing the first 125 rides. And coming to Uber, new drivers can claim a $500 bonus when they complete their first 50 rides.

One more way of getting free bucks with this hobby is TIPS. Yes, many passengers give some tips to the drivers, and luckily both of these platforms give 100% tips to the drivers.

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8. Review/Test Upcoming Market Products

make money hobbies - make money rating products

Don’t think that you need a YouTube channel or huge following to become a product reviewer or tester. As a normal consumer, you can still test and review the upcoming market products and get paid for doing that in your free time.

And the best part of doing this is you can keep the products for free after reviewing them. Yes, not all but some companies allow you to keep the products for free.

This won’t happen every day and you don’t get your house full of free products. When there is something for FREE, there will be huge competition right? Though the deals and offers are very limited, still it is worth joining these platforms. So whenever they get deals, they will notify you via email.

Best Platforms To Test Products Online:

You will also get to keep the products after testing and reviewing them. So make this your hobby and eventually make money out of it.

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9. Take Dogs For Walking

dog walking

If walking is in your daily routine, then this hobby alone has several ways to earn you extra bucks. While some apps pay you to walk daily, there are some other apps that pay you to take dogs with you when you are going for a walk.

Who doesn’t love dogs? If you are a pet lover then you would love doing this job. Playing with pets is a hobby for many of us so why not make money with it?

Don’t know where to find deals? Then download the Rover app now.

The Rover app helps you connect with pet parents. You can create an account on this app and set your schedule and prices.

People can access your services by booking on this app. You can earn up to $30 an hour for taking dogs walking.

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10. Spend Some Time With Kids Online & Teach English

money making hobbies - teach english

Are you a native English speaker? Do you love spending time with kids? If yes, then make it a hobby and start earning from it.

There are several platforms online that hire online tutors to teach English as a second language to 5-12 years old kids. Mostly these kids are from China or eastern countries.

Depending on the level of expertise and qualification, you typically can make around $10 – $40 an hour. The qualification you need is a bachelor’s degree in any field if you are from an English-speaking country.

You can still teach English without a college degree but to do that, you need to be TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certified.

Best Platforms To Teach English Online:

  1. VIPKID (Up to $22/hr+ incentives)
  2. Magic Ears ($9 – $12 per 30 mins class + incentives).

How To Get Started?

  1. Visit the platform you want to join and make sure you meet all the employer’s requirements.
  2. Fill out your details and submit your application,
  3. Take the test or go through the interview process,
  4. Once that is done, schedule your demo class,
  5. Give your best and get approved as a teacher.

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11. Make Money Referring Friends

get paid to refer friends

If we find a good app, we do share it with our friends and family members most often, right? What if you get paid for doing that.

Well, you may know about some referral programs but in most cases, you’ll get paid only if the other person buys something or pay for something.

But there are a few platforms that are paying users currently to refer friends to join the respective platforms.

The best part of these apps/websites is these platforms are not only limited to referring friends but also pay you to take surveys, watch videos, play games, shop online, and more.

So check out these amazing platforms that are paying some decent bucks to refer friends.

  1. Swagbucks (100 SB Points + 10% of referral income forever)
  2. Vindale Research ($5 per referral)
  3. SurveyJunkie ($1.50 per each friend you refer)
  4. Rakuten ($10 signup bonus & $25 per each member you refer to use this app).

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12. Run A YouTube Channel

start a youtube channel

Do you feel like your hobby won’t make sufficient income? Then you are wrong. With YouTube no habit of yours is unworthy.

You can create a YouTube channel and upload videos of your hobby or you doing your hobby. Apart from the money made through YouTube ads, brand sponsorships and affiliate income would also contribute substantially.

Be consistent and post at least two to three times a week to keep your audience engaged. If you have more video content ready you can post every day.

Do you think how much money does YouTubers make? The below table explains how much revenue it would generate for a certain number of views.

S.No Number of Views Estimated Revenue
1 1000 views $4 – $7
2 10,000 views $40 – $70
3 100,000 views $400 – $700
4 1,000,000 (1M) views $4000 – $7000
5 10,000,000 (10M) views $40,000 – $70,000
6 100,000,000 (100M) views $400,000 – $700,000
7 1,000,000,000 (1B) views $4,000,000 – $7,000,000

The above rates are not fixed and earnings may vary from person to person.

Your earnings would be even a bit higher or a bit lower than the above values because of several factors like video length, niche, viewers’ demographics, viewer engagement, and more.

How To Get Started?

  • Decide your niche,
  • Get the required equipment,
  • Start shooting/making videos that stand out,
  • Keep uploading as many videos as possible in the beginning (at least 2 – 3 per week),
  • Find affiliate platforms and products related to your videos,
  • Start monetizing videos before getting YouTube AdSense approval,
  • Promote & collaborate with other influencers and promote well,
  • Get the required subscribers and watch hours to be eligible for ads,
  • Apply for ads and get the approval,
  • Grow the channel and earn hands full of cash.


13. Make And Sell T-Shirts

T-shirts are a staple fashion and you won’t find the demand to go down anytime soon. Design and print beautiful t-shirts and sell them on your website or platforms like Shopify, Etsy, etc.

Since the market is saturated you need to make something different to stand out. T-shirt selling is a profitable business so if you take the extra time and do it right this hobby will keep you making huge passive income.

You don’t need to worry about the printing and shipping process. With some companies, you only need to care about the design as they take care of the printing and shipping process if you get any orders for your designs.

They’ll share the profit with you and the more sales you get, the more money you’ll make. It is that simple.


14. Flip Old Items For Profit

There might be many unused items left back there in your home. Go list them and sell them online to make extra bucks.

Before setting a price for the product do research and find the price of similar items on other platforms.

As you understand the process of flipping the old items in your house, you can use that knowledge to create a business out of it. If you love doing it, you can do it daily as a hobby.

All you need to do is to search for available yet useful stuff that people listed to sell, buy them for cheap prices, modify them if damaged, and list them again on the same platforms to sell for profits.

It is that simple and you’ll be wondering how much people are earning by doing it already.

Meet my friend Rob Stephenson and he made $130,000 in sales in a year doing the same thing we just discussed above. In order to learn those skills, you can join his FREE workshop for aspiring flippers where he trained more than 1000+ students.

money making hobbies for stay at home moms

One of his students named Stacy, a nurse and FMF graduate has made $60,000 in just two years working part-time using those skills.

Here are some platforms you can use to flip items for profits.

  1. LetGo.
  2. Facebook Marketplace.
  3. Poshmark.
  4. Decluttr.
  5. The RealReal.

Still, confused about what to sell/flip for profits? Check out these 13 easiest things to flip for profits.


15. Coding/Programming

Are you a software junkie? Then coding would be your love. Use your coding skills to grab high-paying jobs in different companies. Or you can make an app or software on your own and sell them to make huge profits.

Apart from great money, coding also gives huge career flexibility. You can learn extra skills such as teamwork, resilience, empathy, etc while preparing code with your team.

The best coding languages you can learn as of now to expand your coding skills are Python, Java, JavaScript, Swift, C#, Ruby, etc.

Apart from incoming bucks, coding is a must-have knowledge these days for everyone because it will teach you how the Tech & Cyberworld works.

Moreover, it will not only get you good pay rates but also makes you smart enough to save yourself from cyber attacks, spammers, and gamblers. Believe me, your behavior of using the internet will be in a different way if you know how to code.

It’s never been late to learn a new skill.

As mentioned, according to, 71% of all new STEM jobs are in computing, yet only 8% of STEM graduates are in Computer Science. That’s a SERIOUS shortage of CS majors.


Well, these are the most common hobbies that most of us have in our daily life and we have discussed the best possible ways to leverage these hobbies for extra bucks.

Don’t worry if your daily hobbies are not in the above list, still, we have listed some more hobbies which are quite uncommon yet have good earning potential.

We have categorized this big list into small sections to make browsing easy for you. So, let’s jump into the list again.


Money Making Hobbies for Guys

Certain hobbies mostly are done by men which can make a good income. Most of the hobbies in this list require physical strength to do.

Though these hobbies are typically done by men, all the women out there can also try them to make money. You can do these alone or with a friend in some cases.


16. Make Money Gardening

Time in the greens makes you feel rejuvenated. Ever experienced the special feeling that comes when you eat the fruits or vegetables that you harvested?

Make use of that place in your backyard to plant and grow some fruits, vegetables, or flowers.

Once it becomes a hobby, then you can explore the different ways to make money from your garden. Fortunately, there are several ways to make it happen and a few are as follows.

  1. Sell plants
  2. You can sell seeds
  3. Grow mushrooms
  4. Sell cut flowers
  5. Grow and sell garlic
  6. Teach classes or start your own YouTube channel
  7. Host your farm to parties and table dinners and more.


17. Become A Standup Comedian

Standup comedy is a comedy program where the comedian needs to make a live audience laugh. The comedians who perform in such shows are called Standup comedians.

It is a blessing to be able to make someone laugh. Do you have a freaking sense of humor? Then use this skill and join stand-up comedy programs or start a one on yourself. This helps you earn a lot of fame along with money.

Making a live audience is tough but if you think you can pull it off the stage is all yours. Though it is not everyone’s cup of tea, if you really want to jump into this field, you should definitely know the avenues of revenue as being a standup comedian.

  1. Stand-up and perform in comedy clubs,
  2. Perform in corporate events ($500 – $5000+ per gig),
  3. College comedy shows ($1000 – $3500 per show),
  4. Write for late-night talk shows ($4000+ per week),
  5. Work in cruise ships (up to $4000 per week),
  6. Create a podcast or YouTube channel and grow your following.

Still, there are many other ways to make money as a standup comedian. Apart from that, this job requires a lot of traveling, and you’ll get the travel allowances for free from the hosts.

So while earning good figures, you can also travel the world, explore new places, and meet new people every time.


18. Woodwork

Woodwork means working with wood to make things out of it. This includes carpentry, woodturning, joinery, woodcarving, cabinet making, and many more.

Working on wood apart from a hobby is a great physical activity for anyone. You can use this hobby of yours to make handcrafted items, furniture, and many more.

Find a store and deal with them to sell your goods. You are going to get huge gains with this hobby as people love buying handcrafted goods.

Here are a few woodworking projects you can build and sell either online or offline:

  1. Coat Racks
  2. Picture Frames
  3. Wooden Furniture
  4. Fruit Bowls
  5. Wooden Toys
  6. Plant Boxes and more.

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19. Renovate Old Cars

Restoring or repairing cars is a great skill that men easily learn and often love to do. Find some old and classic cars and restore them to functioning.

Add some more details to the look and make it funky. This hobby requires a capital investment but once you sell the car you will enjoy the profit as much as you enjoyed restoring the car.

PRO TIP: To monetize this hobby on a large scale is to choose old cars whose model is near to similar to the latest ones. If you do so people will easily be attracted to buying it from you.


20. Go Fishing

Such a pleasant hobby!! I love this one personally as there is something serene about spending time by a lake in the early hours or during sunsets. This hobby would be of great benefit if you deal with local markets or restaurants to sell them the fish.

For people who do fishing as a sport, it turns into a more profitable business if they learn the techniques. You can also catch other aquatic animals and sell them to aquatic museums to make some extra money.

Best Fishing Business Ideas You Should Know:

  1. Make and sell fishing lures
  2. Breed fish for formers
  3. Breed and sell tropical fish for Aquariums
  4. Participate in contests and competitions
  5. Run a fishing YouTube channel (Honestly, I can watch those videos all day)

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21. Play Instruments

If you are a musician or know how to play any instrument, then the opportunities are unlimited. And the best part of having this hobby is that it teaches discipline and patience.

One with having a good sense of business, making money as a musician isn’t really that hard. Now, any person with access to the Internet can sell their services or expertise online without struggling that much.

By allocating a few hours of time every day, musicians can really earn good fortune these days. You can sell courses that give you unlimited passive income, teach live classes, create and sell sound files, sell your music, and open a YouTube channel to upload tutorials.


22. Fitness/Personal Trainer

Most men love to do the gym and get themselves ripped. If you are one among them and have been doing it for years then why not use all the experience and become a fitness instructor yourselves.

We all know how fitness trainers are getting paid. Communication, motivational and leadership skills, planning, etc. are some skills that can help you make a professional and successful fitness trainer.

Fitness is now nearly a $100 billion global industry and nearly 200 million people already become members of health/fitness clubs, members, online. If you are fit and ready to teach people, instead of being chained to one particular gym, you can use the internet to explore even more ways to make money as a personal trainer.

Several Ways To Make Money As a Personal Trainer:

  1. Offer one to one services at People’s home
  2. Work in a gym and get clients
  3. Teach online classes
  4. Build an Instagram following and promote band products
  5. Start a blog and publish articles
  6. Open a website and sell your services
  7. Modeling or brand ambassador and more.


23. Sports Coaching/Referee

If sports are one of your daily hobbies, then becoming a sports coach or referee is the best way to make serious cash while enjoying your hobby.

If you are good at any particular sports and love being on the ground then offer sports coaching to children in your area. You can also do it another way by becoming a match referee in any local sports tournament. Enjoy your game and earn a paycheck for it.

Experienced sports coaches make $23,000 to $52,000 per annum. This implies that you can easily make some decent cash.


24. Traveling

Love for travel opens up a great way to make income. However, it requires an investment in the beginning. Start with a travel blog and write reviews about the places, food, restaurants, etc you visited.

Once your blog becomes popular, apart from the income from your blog you will also earn perks like free stay and food from hotels, free entry to events in exchange for your reviews.

No need to mention that YouTube is another gold mine for travelers to share their travel experience and make money from the platform.

However, what we mentioned above is cannot be achieved overnight. It’s a long-time game but if it is built once, it lasts a long time.

Feel free to join this FREE workshop by Greg Johnson, who made $500,000 last year from his own blog. Now he is sharing the top 6 techniques he used to scale his blog to six figures.

For beginners, it is great to learn from setting up a blog to bringing traffic to your blog. Check out Earn More Blogging Workshop here.


Hobbies For Couples To Make Money

Are you not able to spend quality time with your better half because of the daily hustle? Then this list of money-making hobbies is for all you couples out there.

Do something exciting and new to spend time with your loved ones. Keep it stress-free and feel like you both are on a date. Let the money flow while you enjoy spending time with each other.


25. Crafting

As we all know crafting means making different things with our hands without using any large machinery. Yet, it is one of the greatest hobbies that one can use to make big money.

Craft anything out of love and have a quality time doing it together. There are different things that you can easily craft without much investment or effort just from your home. For example, you can make things like,

  • Coasters
  • Phone cases
  • Resin jewelry and many more.

You can put the crafted items for sale on different online platforms to earn some cash. Some of the best places on the internet to sell your products online are:

All these online selling platforms allow you to create a store for yourself and list the products for sale.

To know more about what and how to make and sell things online read our detailed post 50+ Most Profitable Things To Make And Sell Online [$100K+/Year].


26. Painting

This is a gratifying hobby that can help you make a good income. You need not be a professional or a legend to sell your painting. Some decent painting skills can help you enough.

Knowledge to make and sell the best selling paintings can help you make good money with your hobby. Some of them are:

  • Canvas size paintings
  • Abstract paintings
  • Impressionism paintings

These are some of the most popular painting styles that are mostly purchased and sold. Your art can be sold on platforms like:


27. Photography

Do you love photography? Then take the chance of spending some beautiful moments with your spouse as you go to exotic places to shoot pictures.

You can sell these pictures to businesses or stock photo websites and make huge benefits.

Some of the best places to sell your stock images are:

By selling your stock photos at such places you can earn loyalty when your photos are sold. You can also earn a commission when people download your photos from their websites. So this is a great hobby that can help you make good fortunes.

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28. Dance Together

Learn dancing together and strengthen your bond. Once you feel like you have mastered the moves you can earn by offering dance classes or uploading your dance videos on Youtube.

As a dance instructor, you can earn nearly $22 per hour. If you go online and build your brand, then you can even earn more bucks.


29. Run A Web Store

Though you use different platforms to sell your products, selling on your web store gives completely different satisfaction.

So why not sell your products on your own. You can also resell, or look into drop shipping if you wish.

Some different things that you can sell online are:

  • Handmade craftworks
  • Knitted apparels
  • Soaps
  • Books
  • Dropshipping items and more.

And many more like these. You can create your web store by using platforms like:

Recommended Article: 25 Easy Money Making Crafts To Sell Online.


30. Baking

Bake together some delicious cakes and cookies and deal with a local bakery or cafeteria to sell those to them and eventually make money.

The best way to make consistent money with this hobby is to bake a staple food. And everyone knows that bread is the commonly baked and most consumed ones from the bakeries. You can also bake the ones that are loved by children to make great profits.

Some of them are:

  • Cookies
  • Cup Cakes
  • Brownies


31. Babysitting

fun hobbies that make money

This is a wonderful job that you can do with your significant other and one of the great hobbies that make real money. Babysitting helps you gain some experience to deal with babies if you are newly married and you can also make good cash. Doesn’t that sound lovely?!!!

Babysitting is also very good in terms of the money you can make through it. One can make around $17 an hour for babysitting one child.

Some best places to find babysitting jobs are:

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32. Decorate Homes

Do you have good taste in designing interiors? Do you love decorating homes? Then create an ad offering interior designing services and go decorating homes with the help of your spouse.

Interior designing gives a sense of job satisfaction too. You can earn around $50-$150 an hour doing this.


33. Make Chocolates

This is such a delicious hobby!! Who doesn’t love chocolates? No one. And artisan chocolates have a big market. So make some sweet profits with your sweetheart by making and selling chocolates.

Making Artisan chocolates give creative satisfaction to you because you can make them in many designs. These chocolates are mostly given as gifts, so you will always have a good market.

To make a market for yourself try selling your chocolates at unique places such as:

  • Airports
  • Book stores
  • Hotels

So these are some of the best hobbies you can do with your other half to give each other ample time and make money simultaneously.


Money Making Hobbies For Retirees

Retirement is something that keeps you so leisurely that you might sometimes get frustrated to fill all the free time you have.

Here is a list of some great hobbies you can do to fill your leisure time and also make some money. All these hobbies are easy to do and don’t require much physical effort from you.


34. Sell Books

Now that you are retired why not sell old books on your shelf that no longer help you but can help the world? By doing so you can make money as well as keep the knowledge circulating in the right place.

There are websites like:

where you can sell books for good prices. The kind of books that are in great demand are:

  • Textbooks
  • Old Classics
  • Novels, etc.

You can also sell your college notes if you have preserved them. To know where to sell them read our article Sell Notes Online.


35. Pickling and Canning 

Artisan-made pickles are in great demand these days. Use your free time at home preparing pickles and canned foods that can be preserved for a long time.

Keep some for yourself and sell the other batch to local stores to make great money. This is not any labor-intensive work and you can do it easily in your home with the help of your family.


36. Designing Bonsai Trees

This age-old Japanese art is an extremely relaxing hobby that one can practice. Bonsai trees are unique and attractive.

So why not design and maintain a bonsai tree to sell it. Find a buyer and obtain a massive price. This relaxing hobby would add great zen to your retirement days.


37. Woodburning

This is a great hobby you can practice after your retirement to pass time in your home and make money simultaneously. Woodburning involves drawing and woodworking softwood into different designs. You can make many products out of woodburning and sell them online.

Some articles that you can make out of woodburning and sell for great profits are:

  • Keychains
  • Pendants
  • Utensils
  • Pens

and many more. Try making table legs and furniture for huge profits if you can.

Again you know where to sell if you have read the above part of this article.


38. Become A Local Guide

Since your young days to your retirement if you have lived in the same place or city, then this can turn out to be a fabulous opportunity to pass your time while making money.

Become a tour guide of your city and help the tourists while enjoying a trip yourselves. 


39. Art Collection

This is a hobby that most older people would be interested in. Collect some vintage or trending art from the local community and then slowly from the entire world.

You can sell this collection of yours online and make a handful of benefits.


40. Beekeeping

Beekeeping is nothing but maintaining bees in a bee colony or man-made hives. Everyone loves local honey. So why not make some honey by the end of the season and also some money for keeping the bees.

Beekeeping gives you a chance to go outdoors and have some relaxing time in nature. Mostly beekeeping is done in bee yards and we commonly know it in the name of Apiculture.

These are certain hobbies that retired people can practice for making money without much effort.


Indoor Money Making Hobbies

Relax on your couch and take up some hobbies from inside your house to make money!


41. Design Phone Cases

Phone cases are always in demand as people keep changing their phone covers very frequently. The global mobile protective case industry is growing proficiently and it is valued at $20+ billion.

Well, today begin with the designing process, I wouldn’t say that you need to be a designing expert, because moderate level skills are enough and you can get the required designing skills within a week if you are determined to learn and stay focused.

But the major skill required here is the Selective Skill. Yes, you need to guess what people might like and make designs according to that.

For example, if you are focusing on making phone cases for girls, then you should do research on what colors they prefer the most, what designs they may get attracted to, what type of quotes they would like, and more. That’s what makes difference here.


42. Make Snow Globes

Some snow globes make as much as some thousand dollars. So making snow globes can prove a great hobby if you find the right buyers.

These are such charming pieces that people can’t ignore buying them, so you are going to make profits. First, learn how to make snow globes using old jars at home.

Once you get a clear idea of how to make these snow globes, then you can produce them on a large scale and sell them online or at local gift stores.


43. Shoe Making

Do you think shoes will go out of demand anytime? No right! Then why not make shoes and create a brand for yourselves while at home to make money.

You can make many other such things like phone cases, snow globes, key chains, etc. easily from your home and sell online. Want to know what they are?

Read this article Things To Make And Sell Online.


44. Grow Herbs

Plant and grow some herbs in your garden and sell them to a local store or physicians who make medicines out of herbs for good money.

The best thing about this hobby is you can do it even if you don’t have a garden. There are certain herbs such as Parsley, Basil, Coriander, Mint, Oregano, etc that you can easily grow indoors and make good profits.


45. Design Cards

Starting from greeting cards to invitation cards and many more there is a lot you can design with some piece of cardboard.

You can sell these handmade cards online for a profit. You can even customize them on your customers’ requests.

Handmade cards are a craze and are sold for great profits online. Some places where you too can sell your handmade cards are:


46. Organize Events

Help others organize parties and events in their companies or families. Socialize and let others socialize while making money.

You can organize events of all sizes ranging from a wedding to in-house gatherings, etc. One can easily make $17-$24 an hour for organizing events.


47. Design A Planner

Design and sell planners with various themes. You can make them for a particular event or can make them in the general style. This hobby of planning can help you make a full-time selling business.

Pretty-looking planners are the best sellers, so make sure your planner looks attractive.


Fun Hobbies That Make Real Money

A hobby is something that gives you fun while doing. And that is the whole concept of hobbies.

If a hobby is getting you money but no fun then it is more like work. So here is a list of fun hobbies that give you both money and joy.


48. Run A Podcast

Do you have good orating skills and a pile of topics to talk about? Then why not record them and start your podcast?

Like blogging and vlogging, podcasting also has huge income potential and different ways to monetize your content. And it’s human nature that we generally prefer to hear or watch content rather than reading word to word.

To fill that gap, a lot of people have already gotten started and become successful in the podcasting business. Coming to monetization, you can do affiliate marketing, sell courses, sponsorships, services, coaching, consulting, and more.

Here are some best platforms you can use to get started with podcasts.


49. Couponing

This is a fun hobby that people used to do. Though this doesn’t help make money it helps you save instead. So collect all those coupons whenever you find them and go to the prescribed place to gain the offer.

If you have any excess coupons which are not going to be used, then you can list and sell them on platforms like CouponFeed, Tradebit, and FeedShare.

To get unlimited gift cards or coupons, use popular platforms such as Swagbucks, SurveyJunkie, or InboxDollars and start completing the daily tasks. You can also earn a $5 signup bonus by signing up with those platforms.

Coupons Aren’t Rare – Each American Could Find Over 1000 Coupons a Year.


50. Sewing/Stitching

Put all your creativity together and sew anything you wish and make a market for your products. Have fun stitching clothes you love and making money.


51. Becoming Makeup Artist

Doing makeup is almost every girl’s hobby and they love doing it. So why not offer services to makeup people in your group and slowly expand your business.


52. Create Stock Photos

Are you good at photography? Then what can be a cool hobby than this to make money? 

You can sell the pictures you clicked to different stock photo websites and make money. You will enjoy this one as you need to do nothing more than click and upload the pictures.

Once the photos you uploaded meet their quality and other requirements they get approved and can be used by people for which you will be paid loyalty.

Some of the best places to sell your photos online are:

  1. Getty Images,
  2. iStock Photos,

There are many such platforms online that will pay you for your hobby of photography.

Read our article, 22 Best platforms To Sell Photos Online to learn more about the stock photo business.


53. Write Ebooks

Writing and selling ebooks is one of the best money making hobbies that creates passive income.

Use your vocabulary and write a book. Make your love for writing into money by publishing the book you wrote.

You need not publish it as a physical book instead you can make it an ebook. In this digital era, people do everything online including reading books.

Certain places where you can publish your ebooks for free are:

  1. Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing
  2. Apple ebook Store
  3. Smashwords
  4. BookRix

These websites help you self-publish your books without spending a penny. So start with them if you want to write and sell ebooks.

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54. DJ Events

Are you a music lover? Do you love spending your time just listening to songs? Then this hobby of yours can help you earn for mixing songs and playing them at events.

Yes, you are right a DJ (Disc Jackie) is what you should be. This is a cool hobby to make money if you have good taste in music.


55. Design And Rent A Room

Do you have some extra space in your house? Do you love decorating your house? Then do what you love i.e. decorate that extra space or room and list it for rent on online platforms like Airbnb.

Airbnb is a platform that connects people with places to rent and people looking for accommodation.

Doing this is such a cool job if cleaning and decorating your home is your hobby. All you need to do is create an account on Airbnb, click and upload photos of the room you want to rent, keep your room clean between the change of tenants, and collect rents.


56. Start A Band

Make your love for music into a business. Start a band with a group of your music-loving friends. Start giving concerts in small or local parties and events and slowly spread the business.

Once you get a chance to perform at some big event your name will soon become famous. This is the coolest hobby that you can make money into.


Unique Money Making Hobbies

Why join the bandwagon when you have some unique skill of yours? There is a special skill that develops with a hobby in everyone.

This is mostly unique for everyone. So why not put your unique hobby to work to make some money. Here are certain unique hobbies that I think are most successful.


57. Offer Translation Services

Are you bilingual? Can you speak and write more than one language as if you are a native? Then you have a unique skill that you can make into money.

With these bilingual skills, you can offer translation services. The translation is nothing but translating a document or written text from one language to another.

If you do the same orally then it is called Interpretation. You can do this for the company by working full-time or working remotely.

Some of the best places where you can find translation jobs are as follows:

  2. Unbabel

And there are many more such places where you find these jobs.

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58. Shovel Driveways

We all enjoyed shoveling our front yard as a kid during winters. It is such fun and fulfilling work to do. You can also gain physical fitness as a bonus. Shovel driveways and earn money.

If you live in a place where snowfall is common in winters then don’t miss this opportunity. Snow shoveling jobs are in great demand and you can find some on different job boards online.

Some places online where you can find snow shoveling jobs are:

  2. ZipRecruiter


59. Work As A Clown

There are several events where we see clowns and different characters joying the people around. Why not become one such clown and entertain people.

Entertaining and making people laugh is such a blessing and art that not everyone has. So why not make money when you are blessed with such art.


60. Fly Drones

Are you good at flying things with remotes? Yes, the game or the toy we all had in our childhood the remote helicopters. Who knows one-day people will get paid for doing the same thing. 

I am talking about flying drones. This is such a unique and fun job. With everyone wanting to capture their important events in life without missing a frame, drone videography has become popular.

So learn this unique hobby and make money by finding opportunities where you can fly a drone.


Money Making Hobbies For Women

Till now most of the hobbies I mentioned above are gender-neutral and require more physical work from anyone doing them.

However, now I am going to give a list of hobbies that any woman can do from anywhere to make money. These hobbies are more creative and interesting than the others on this list. Let us have a look at them.


61. Earn With Antiques

Do you have some antique pieces with you? Then why not make their money?

The ancient and historical look of an antique piece is something that attracts people to buy them at any cost. This is why the business of antique pieces is such profitable.

You can sell any antiques you have on different online platforms such as eBay.

If you don’t have any antiques with you, buy them and flip them for high profits in a nearby flea market. This is a fun way of buying and selling that keeps you engaging and helps you make money.

Some of the best places where you can sell or flip the antiques are:

  1. eBay
  2. Craigslist
  3. OLX
  4. Facebook Marketplace

Do you find this idea of selling or flipping antiques interesting? Why not when it is so profitable?

There have been incidents of people making $130,000 in a year by flipping items. And those people are none other than my friends Melissa & Rob.

So Jump Onto This Course From My Friends Rob & Melissa and how to make huge benefits in this flipping business.


62. Cooking

Cooking food is a daily routine for women and no wonder to say that every woman is a cooking expert. And now with the help of the Internet and social media, perhaps this is one of the most profitable hobbies to make money.

Start recording videos of your cooking and post them on YouTube and on Facebook and all other social media platforms. Meanwhile, a food and recipe blog also helps you in achieving quick success.

Food videos are one of those that people are most attracted to. And that skill is in your hands. So, start doing and build the following. You can monetize in multiple ways and earn handsful of income.

Pinterest is the place for food! 70% of Pinners cite “cooking and recipes” as the top items they pin.

Food bloggers have four times as many followers than any other industry.


63. Yoga Instructor

If Yoga is your cup of tea, then this could be one of your money making hobbies in your free time because hundreds of people out there are willing to pay to learn to do Yoga at home.

If you go through statistics on the internet by different organizations you can find that yoga is a female-dominated practice. This reflects that women are more into yoga than men. 

So if you are a fitness freak and have been practicing yoga for ages then why not start yoga classes on your own to help other women achieve health and fitness.

Here you will have no changes in your daily routine. You will be teaching yoga at the same time you do daily. Do and make others do, earn. Yes, it is that simple.

It may be initially a bit difficult to find students but as a few join the word about your classes, that will spread soon and will help you make good fortunes.


64. Play Music

If you love music and know to play any instrument then this hobby of yours is going to take you places. Join a band and play instruments at different events. This is one of the best hobbies you can earn with as you will be doing only what you love nothing more than that and can get to earn.

If your music is loved you will be called to play from any corner of the world. With this, you can get to travel for free. Isn’t that a great bonus?

So why late? brush your skills and start finding gigs now.


65. 3D Printing

Wow, 3D printing!! If you are someone who knows how to do 3D printing then you have a profitable business standing out there. This is such an addictive hobby that you will end up making 3D prints of everything you see.

But for those who don’t know exactly what it is here you go,

This is simply the printing of a computer-aided design layer by layer to give it an object look. This is usually done using plastic for ease. Ranging from a car to a rice grain you can 3D print anything.

The uses of 3D printing are huge. The things you can 3D print to earn money are:

  • Customized toys
  • Consumable chocolates
  • 3D selfies
  • Jewelry molds 

And many more. You can make these items and sell them on your online store for profits.

Though this is mostly done on a large range, you can also do it from your home and earn money if you are ready to invest initially in the machinery.

You can find a 3D printer for $700 but the cheapest one is around some $200.


66. Organize Events

This is in the blood of women. They are the best organizers of any event. Although I am not putting down any male event organizers, women are mostly chosen for these jobs.

Organizing events is such a fun and joyful thing to do. You will always be surrounded by people and will be engaged in festivities all the time. 

Helping make someone’s memorable day beautiful and organized gives a sense of satisfaction by the end of the day along with money. You will get to learn a lot of cultures, traditions and meet new people.

So if organizing is your hobby then this money-making opportunity is for you.


Creative Money Making Hobbies

If you are somebody who looks for creativity in everything you do then this list of hobbies is for you. Let that creative soul in you get satisfied while you make use of these hobbies to earn money.


67. ArtWork

Are you good at art? Do you have creative work that can attract thousands?

Then why not make and sell them online to make money. If you are an artist I need not tell you what and how to do it. But I can help you know what kind of art is most profitable for selling.

Some of them are as follows:

  1. Landscapes
  2. Wildlife
  3. Beach scenes
  4. Dogs
  5. Abstracts and semi- abstracts
  6. Modern landscapes

According to the current market, these are the ones that are best sold. Now I would like to recommend some best places where you can sell your artwork online for good profits.

  1. ArtPal
  2. Art Please
  3. Etsy
  4. Redbubble

So if doing artwork is your hobby then make money from your hobby by using the above-said platforms.


68. Knitting

Knitters gonna knit!! Do you love knitting? Then make it your financial flow by knitting everything you love to knit and putting them up for sale.

You can sell your knittings in your community for side cash. But if you are looking to develop a business out of your hobby then you need to sell online.

Some best selling things that you can knit to make profits are:

  1. Crochet baby hats and mufflers
  2. Scarves
  3. Baby Rompers and one-piece jumpsuits
  4. Gloves and many more.

You can sell these knitted items in your online store. If you don’t have one you can create free online stores on platforms like:

  1. Amazon Merch
  2. Etsy
  3. Shopify, etc.

However, you need to pay a certain commission on the sales in return for using their platform.


69. Acting

If acting is your hobby, then with proper efforts and zeal you can end up in the dreamland of Hollywood. Brush your skills by attending acting classes and then attend theaters to learn more.

You can then join the theater to earn some pocket meaning initially and then can make big eventually if your fortune is good.


70. Build Dollhouses

We all as children would have built dollhouses or castles by the seashore or with cardboard pieces at our home. Is this hobby still sustaining in you? Then why not make it money?

Dollhouses have a huge market because not only do parents buy them for their children but many older people have the hobby of collecting them. So make your hobby into money by encouraging their hobby.

You can make plain houses, make houses with interior decoration and many other themes. This hobby will cost you some investment to make it a business but you can eventually make profits more than your investment.

If you don’t know how and what it takes to build a dollhouse you can still start this business by learning from different YouTube tutorials.


71. Design Hats

There are countries where wearing a hat is a tradition. However, the kind of hat they wear differs from country to country. So why not target such countries and design hats according to their requirements and sell.

Hats are fun things to do and even to wear. Everyone loves wearing them. May it be a hat, a cap, a visor, or beanies, people just love to style themselves with different accessories.

So if you love designing hats then start a millinery of yourself to make profits. If you don’t know how to design hats then Youtube is there for your savior.

Customize them on your customer’s wish and sell them online on platforms like Etsy.

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72. Make Cosplay Costumes

As we know cosplay is wearing the costume of our favorite character. Though many cosplayers flaunt the costumes so perfectly most of them are not capable or good at designing their costumes.

If you are someone who loves designing clothes and have that extra creativity to design character costumes, then promote your work as much as you can so that these cosplayers approach you for help.

Cosplayers usually make an average of $52,000 per year. So just imagine the kind of profits you can make by helping them out by designing their costumes.


Investing and Trading Hobbies That Make Good Money

Here is the section for the people who wants to build habits in an effective way such that they keep money first to work and later it can potentially create their expected wealth.


73. Start Investing As a Hobby

Investing is one of the fine money-making hobbies that everyone must consider from their early stages of life.

As investing is all about controlling your money make sure you follow healthy ways to make your money count for you. Never expect early returns, always learn the basics before you start and get aware of the risks involved.

For to start refer to our detailed article – 22 Fastest Ways To Double Your Invested Money.


74. Invest In CryptoMarket

This is the latest trend where you can give it a try if you want to avoid regular stock trading and want to try something new with your trading skills.

Here you need to conduct proper prior research on various cryptocurrencies and invest accordingly. Your margin will change depending upon the broker and how large your trade is.

You can use various platforms like Coinbase, Binance, etc to start crypto trading.


74. Try Stock Market Investment

You can make stock market investment a hobby only when you are aware of the complexities involved. This is a form of investing where it prioritizes short-term profits over long-term gains.

It is simple science that all you do is to buy and sell the company’s shares using various available platforms. Make sure to build your knowledge before this investment to avoid and manage the risks in the market.


75. Make Passive Investing A Hobby

This is one of the best money-making hobbies for those people who can’t afford more time for stock market trading. Here all we do is maximize the returns by minimizing the buying and selling of shares.

In passive investing, we buy and hold portfolios for the long term with minimal trading in the market, this strategy is affordable, less complicated, and generates superior after-tax results.

Here our main goal is to earn money gradually, in addition to that we can have fewer processing fees, tax efficiency, and also transparency. Invest wisely!


Other Money Making Hobbies


76. Sell Products With Amazon FBA

As well all aware of Amazon, do you also know that Amazon has its very own selling channel? i.e, Amazon FBA network!

Here using this network you can sell items in bulk, the best part here is that you need not take care of branding and manufacturing as you sell the products of other companies for wholesale prices.

If you have any own products you can also sell them through this network, create a blog, promote your products and drive your traffic from your blog to Amazon FBA to boost your sales.

Here your earnings can vary as it won’t have the same scalability as private label products. Maintain proper communication with the manufacturer to increase your overall margin. Serve the best quality for your own products to sustain well in the market.

money making hobbies for retirees

Still confused? Learn how to start your hobby to become an Amazon FBA seller from scratch by this amazing The Selling Family Amazon Boot Camp Course where they trained 10000+ students who are nearly making $10000-$20000+/month.

One of their students named Jonathan who hailed from the USA generated over $100000+ working part-time using the skills learned from this Amazon FBA course. Read his full story below!


77. Create Niche Websites

When you are interested in any particular topic and have a decent amount of knowledge try creating a niche website on that relative topic. There is always a better chance to generate finer revenue when you focus on limited relevant topics.

All you need to do here is start a website with eye-clinching themes, search for proper keywords and pick an applicable name and start a web hosting with legit interesting content to generate traffic.

Here are the best 10+ Blog Niche Ideas That has Six Figure Income Potential.


78. Try Calligraphy

Do you have decorative handwriting? If yes! Then this is the right time for you to add calligraphy to your money-making hobbies bucket list.

You can easily turn this artistic hobby into your part-time job by using the following ways: Selling personalized gifts on Etsy, starting a blog about calligraphy, can create greeting cards, stickers, signboards, logos, and many more.


79. Restoring Old Furniture

When you have free time and leftover old furniture in your home, try turning it into something interesting so that it no longer looks old. This can save you additional bucks from buying new furniture and you can also turn this hobby into money-making hobbies.

You can also find ways to restore on youtube tutorials and can try on your furniture. This is more fun induced and can have satisfying results.


80. Surfing the Internet

The Internet has made our lives easier by making information available at the end of our fingertips. We all surf the internet at least twice a day, how about earning money for using this hobby? Interesting right!

There are many ways like survey filling, online research, review posting, where you can use surfing the internet as a hobby to make money.

You can also refer to our detailed article on 12 Insane Ways To Get Paid For Searching The Web.


81. Shop for profit

This is one of the easiest money-making hobbies that many people use as a part-time income. You must be shopping savvy and must be aware of all the knowledge to grab the best deals.

All you do here is to shop things for better deals and resell them for finer prices for the time being. Here you can use an Amazon seller account to list your purchased/own products.


82. Try Modeling As A Hobby

Modeling as a hobby can help you gain money as well as a chance to fulfill your curiosity for popularity. A part of that modeling can also help you to meet new people where you can gain exposure.

With more popularity, you can promote products and services to get paid in return. Here you can be your own boss, no need to work for a strict schedule but you can create your own flexible hours.


83. Reading As A Hobby

When coming to the perfect list of money-making hobbies, the reading hobby can top the list when you know how to get paid by reading.

Reading is something which can always be a knowledge inducer by properly utilizing our time. Reading can always helps you to grow more productively than you were, this can also increase your power constructively.

Try to incur this hobby into your routine to see some visible results in less time, there are many ways to get paid to read like email reading, book reading, content reading, and many more.

For more details check this detailed article on how you can Get Paid To Read Books – 41 Legit Ways To Try ($100/Read).


84. Get Paid to Lose Weight

Losing weight and maintaining body shape needs a lot of dedication and it expects your consistency. In order to follow it give it a try to make losing weight and maintaining a shape your hobby.

This can not only help you to stay healthy but can also make you stand out from the rest. Here are the few apps you can use to get paid to lose weight:

  • HealthyWage Earn around $10-$1400 on reaching your assigned goals.
  • Stickk Determine your own bet(Must repay if you lose).
  • DietBet  You can earn rewards and claim through PayPal on reaching targets.
  • Achievement Earn rewards for various activities like exercising, walking, eating, etc.

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85. Grocery Shopping For Others

Do you know that you can get paid for shopping for others? This can be considered as a flexible and remote job opportunity where you can turn to money-making hobbies.

By doing this you can gain ample knowledge over products from groceries to clothing by earning money. Here are a few ways you can earn to shop for others:

  • InstacartShopper You can earn by working as an in-store shopper or full-service shopper.Burpy–  Shop and deliver groceries to customers(Earn $5-$15/hour)
  • Amazon Grocery Shopper– You must shop for food items and make them ready for delivery(Earn $14/hour).
  • Intellishop  Here you work as a mystery shopper( independent contractor)-Earn $10+/hour.


86. Teach Music

Learning and teaching music can be one of the best fun induced money making hobbies that not most of us are aware of. But teaching music requires some serious skills with discipline and time management.

You can teach your music skills both online and offline, this can also relieve your stress. Platforms like LessonFace, Takelessons, Wyzant are creating opportunities to teach music online with hourly pay rates.


87. Car Mechanic

Are you a car enthusiast? There are many among us who show our keen interest in knowing things about our vehicles and their mechanics. While we learn to repair vehicles on our own, we can use those skills to even help the needy in exchange for money.

You can also modify the vehicles, there is a huge demand for modified vehicles in the market. Still for what you are waiting for?


88. Brewing Beer

Depending on the permissions/license you acquire there is a high probability that you can earn ample from brewing beer in-home hobby, do you aware of it?

Depending upon the location you live in, first, you must get the necessary approvals and follow healthy rules to make your own brewery. There are several ways you can earn from a brewery like marriage brewery, trading brewery to bars, beer treats, etc.

You can also market other companies’ breweries in exchange for some commissions.


89. Making Jewelry

Jewelry making requires some artwork, if you have these skills there are many opportunities where you can get paid to make jewelry. All you need is pliers and cutters, some glue with fancy jewelry items.

Create your own style and market them using your own website if you have any, if not you can also sell those products on different platforms:


Final Thoughts on Money Making Hobbies

The nice thing about money making hobbies is one is under no pressure of work. You can enjoy the process. If one hobby doesn’t work you can try the other.

If you are interested in the idea of money-making hobbies then you can make use of more than one hobby. For example, you can sell crafts and printables at the same time.

I hope you found the hobby of your choice from this list. Share more hobbies to make money you know if any. Also, feel free to share your experience of making money with hobbies if you have any.


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Patricia Brayboy

Thursday 7th of February 2019

I would like to know more about making money traveling and posting my trips

Siva Mahesh

Thursday 7th of February 2019

Thanks for checking out Patricia, Will add more about make money traveling.

Keri Kelso

Wednesday 16th of January 2019

Good Morning, Siva! I would like to know more about being a fashion guide shopper...and how you can make money. Also any tips or suggestions you have on blogging and affiliate marketing with Amazon, for example. I’m “old school” thinking sometimes but gaining little by little. Many Thanks! Keri Kelso

Siva Mahesh

Tuesday 22nd of January 2019

Hello Keri Kelso, If you need any suggestions or help, you can contact me via my social profiles. You can find them in the about or contact pages. I am always happy to help.