17 hobbies that make money

17 Money Making Hobbies That Pays You Every Day

So, you are searching for some interesting ways to make extra money. Here in this post, we are going to discuss 17 money-making hobbies that pay you every day!

A hobby isn’t something that is done in free time, rather it is something that we do by creating some free time.

It is something that even after doing it thousands of times we still want to do a thousand more times even though no one pays for doing it.

And now the time has changed. Just assume that you get paid every time you follow your passion and pursue your hobby.

Yes, you’ve heard it right, the internet made impossible things as possible. It’s like a cherry on top of a classical cool cake.

A rare wonderful combination. Just by sitting at your home, in your own chair with a computer just by pursuing your hobby, you can earn thousands of dollars per month.

Make your hobby earn for you. It can be defined as the best “DREAM JOB”.

So we have hand picked for you the best money making hobbies through which you can earn a lot in 2019.


Money Making Hobbies That Will Pay:


1. Gaming:

We all love to play games. But none of us know that we can actually be paid huge if you can master the art of playing games.

There are tournaments, leagues held online with the least amount of entry fees, you can compete with teams around the world, and using your mastery if you manage to win its a jackpot.

Most of the gamers earn thousands of dollars per day through these tournaments.

You can choose among a wide range of games to compete with from the counter strike (90’s version) to the latest PUBG master any game and be the master of your destiny.

Love playing games? Check GamerSaloon | GamerzArena and win rewards by playing in a competition.


2. Photography:

Probably the most productive of all hobbies, photography is a very interesting and profitable hobby.

There are two ways through which you can earn money.

First being. A candid photographer covering all events. This requires some reputation as a photographer. You can start posting them online through which you can get orders.

The second being shooting demonstrative pictures that many bloggers or web page makers want to add them to their work.

The usage of random pictures is restricted, so you can take orders to shoot pictures according to their needs and earn money.

There are some online platforms that will buy and pay up to $100 per each photo. Why are you waiting still?

See who would like to buy your photos: 20 Best Platforms To Sell Photos Online.


3. Surveys and Opinion Polls:

It seems to be an easy and boring but very effective way of making money. Make answering surveys and opinion polls as a habit.

Answers surveys and post suggestions related to your areas of expertise. Some sites even offer as huge as $50 per survey.

Want to get paid to take share your opinions online? Then signup for Vindale Research | SurveyJunkie, two best platforms in the industry that genuinely pays you for your opinions. You can earn up to $50 per each survey you take.

  • PineCone Research (Get paid up to $5 per each survey and $7 per each product review).
  • MindsPay (Earn up to $50 per survey & $0.50 per each email you read).
  • SurveyJunkie (Make-up to $75 per a valid survey submission).
  • OpinionCity (Connects all high-paying survey platforms in one place. Make-up to $100 per survey.)

An article you might enjoy reading: 5 Legit and High Paying Survey Sites for Everyone in 2019.


4. Watching Videos Online:

Ever expected that you get paid to watch videos online? Yes, you heard it correctly. This InboxDollars is a popular company that rewards its users for watching videos, playing online games, taking surveys, and shopping online.

This platform has already paid $57 million to its users for doing the same things we discussed above. Aren’t you a member of this platform? You are leaving your money on the table.

Signup today to get your $5 welcome bonus and earn real money every day doing the things you like and enjoy.

  1. InboxDollars (for residents of the United States).
  2. InboxPounds (for residents of the United Kingdom).
  3. DailyRewards (for residents of Canada).


5. Posting Videos on YouTube:

A company that has experienced drastic growth and windfall profits. Innovation and co-operation is its main strategy.

The growth of this company is inclusiveness and making everyone part of its growth and profits mainly YouTubers the people who post their videos online.

It’s is the only place where even though there is a huge supply of videos the demand always exceeds the supply thereby ensuring profits.

You can find videos on YouTube dealing with almost every aspect of life. Everyone gets more than what they want and that includes profits too.

You can make and post interesting videos related to anything and everything. The number of views your videos get the more you earn. So what are you still waiting for, stop thinking and start making videos?

Starting uploading videos and build followers and subscribers. Later you can make money by monetizing videos in many different ways like displaying ads, promoting products, amazon affiliate, CPA marketing, selling own products, driving traffic to a website, and a lot more ways.


6. Blogging:

Let the whole world know your experience and struggles you face at every step in your life. Using all your knowledge and expertise helps them to get out of them easily.

For doing so you require a stage and the grandest stage in the entire world “ the internet “ provides the best platform to share all these.

Just by starting and updating a blog every day, you can earn thousands of dollars and lakhs of audiences. Many bloggers earn more than thousands of dollars just by updating the blog from their home in free time and earning a lot.

What are you waiting for, like you’re waiting for a hobby that pays, the world is waiting for the knowledge you share.

Start your blog today with Bluehost that offers hosting services just for $2.95 per month and also gives you a free. COM domain address.
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7. Social Networking:

Nowadays society revolves around social networking. Be it news, new sense, or a nuisance it’s always trending.

Winners never wait for opportunities, they go in search of opportunities and use each and everything to achieve their goal. Social networking is not out of its purview.

You can promote your own business or layout marketing strategy for someone.

Even you can try managing profiles, pages, and groups of celebrities. All you require is basic knowledge about social networking sites, the ability to manage multiple sites and publish creative and witty lines.

You can earn as much as you earn through your routine boring jobs.

Know the popular ways to make money on social media:

  1. 7 Smart Ways To Make Money On Facebook.
  2. 6+ Creative Ideas To Start A Business On Instagram.


8. Buy and Sell:

You can buy and sell products online, just like the e-commerce platforms out there. Almost all products can be bought and sold online.

You can sell your products on a platform or make your own firm for the purpose of basing on your area of expertise and need.

By going online you can fetch the global market to your local products. Start your dropshipping store today with Shopify and start selling your products.


Need Easy & Extra $300/Mo For Free?

SurveyJunkie: Take short, easy, and selected surveys and get paid up to $3 – $75 per each survey. The only site has more than 4.5 stars rating on Trustpilot. Signup here.

InboxDollars: Get paid to watch videos, play games, and shop online. $5 Signup bonus. One already made $75 within a week. Try it now.

Pinecone Research: Up to $3 – $5 per each survey & $7 per each product test. Also, get FREE products. Join now for FREE.

LifePoints: Earn $1 – $5 per each quick survey & Also participate in regular contests to win Amazon, Walmart gift cards. Sign up now.

OpinionCity: Connects all high paying survey platforms in one place. Earn up to $100 per survey. Limited Joinings. Signup here NOW.


9. Investments and Banking:

If playing with financial trends is your strength, then don’t wait for the next day.  Start investments on shares, funds, or some bonds that fetch greater returns according to your knowledge.

If you want to do on a high level it’s complicated, but smaller investments are as simple as playing a game on your mobile.

Start small, and make it large. There are a few websites that will give you good returns on your investments.  Do some research before investing money to lower your risk of losing money.


10. Web Designing:

Designing web pages is fun. Designing an effective and attractive page is not everyone’s cup of tea.

If you have a hobby of playing with web pages start doing the same for a client who pays you pretty well. You can demand high bucks for this job. Maybe more than $1000 sometimes based on their requirements.


11. Writing:

Let the poet from the deep of your hear awaken. Gather all your professional and language skills and train them to write the best-suited documents for various purposes.

Be it an article, or a letter or a business document. From powerful political statements in newspaper articles to Witty lines in a comic book, everything can be your work you pretty good amount.

There is a big demand for online writers, If you have a habit and wish to become a writer, then this job could be your full-time career.
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12. Arts and Crafts:

Mastering a form of art is an art in itself. If you have done so, you can actually help someone to master it.

Guide your next generation and train them to be artists. You can also exhibit and sell them through your personal exhibition or on your personal online store or else some popular online stores like Etsy.


13. Teaching:

One of the noble hobbies one must-have. If teaching is your hobby, why restrict it to a small arena.

Be enthusiastic and let the world know the teacher in you by taking your hobby online start making interesting slides, videos, webinars, and gain a lot of reputation and money.

This hobby pays you up to $30 per hour if you start teaching online.

Check more to earn money from this hobby: 10 Best Platforms To Get Paid To Teach English Online.


14. Musician:

If you are a musician, you can actually earn a lot with the musical sense you have. May it be posting your talents online and getting views or composing for small and medium projects.

Start slowly and as time goes on your demand will gradually increase and so are your earnings.


15. Cooking and Recipe Making:

Is cooking your hobby…? Do you try new recipes…?

Be a part of cooking networks online and share your delicious recipes. You can start a blog, post videos on YouTube or may start online teaching with cooking classes.


16. Shopping:

Earn money through the shop? Are you serious? These are the lines I’ve used when I first heard it. But yes, it’s true.

You can earn not actually with shopping but with the experience, you gain while shopping. Be a fashion guide, learn about pricing, list out products according to needs, help people who don’t know what to buy.

Share the best offers and the places that offer the best. Start advertising about the best places. And all these earn you a lot of money.


17. Traveling:

Traveling is a very interesting yet expensive process. What if someones pay for every trip you take. Yes, you heard it right, but to make it true you have to prove your credentials as an expert in observing and reviewing.

Post and share your experience with every place your travel. The more you share the more you earn and the more you can travel. From making maps to guiding other people, a lot of opportunities waiting for you.


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These are the 17 best money making hobbies that will pay you every day.

So, which of these you are interested to join. Please leave a comment below and share your experiences if you already earning from any of these money-making hobbies.

If you still have any queries regarding this article, you can comment below or contact me at any time. I am always happy to help.


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