10 Important Money Tips For Teenagers

Do you know a simple fact that teenagers are the most misunderstood people in this world? Teenagers are treated as children and expect to act like adults.

According to the World Health Organization(WHO), Adolescence(Teenage) is a period of life with specific health, developmental needs, and rights as well. This is also the time where have a high scope to develop your knowledge and skills.

This age where you learn to manage emotions and relationships. This is the age where you acquire attributes and abilities.  If teenage giving these many abilities and sparing the zone for you to learn. 

What you are waiting for? Learn some important money tips too. You can rule your world and can be financially independent in no time.

So when coming to the article topic what are some money tips for teenagers that every teenager must learn, We tried our best to cover them. Have a glace!


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Important Money Tips For Teenagers


1. Know The Importance Of Prioritizing

As a teenager, you may have many dreams and aspirations either it may be related to studies or lavish things. Dreaming is not a failure, But only dreaming without achieving is a failure. 

You must learn the things to prioritize, Should learn what to keep on top of the list. If you got money as your birthday gift from your parents never go for expensive gadgets to just show off in front of your friends. Just learn what can balance your cost-benefit analysis. Sometimes gadgets with lower prices can even serve your purpose better.

Whatever you are purchasing always look for better offers, Make sure your reviewing capacity is on full length. Whichever product you purchase that must be stand. 

You should also know saving should be your priority than spending. Gain responsibility nature by own hard efforts. Prioritizing things is not so hard as you think. All it expects is your Hard Work, Patience, and Thinking Ability.


2. Aim Your Targets

 Remember a man without ambition is similar to a bird flying without direction. Both are of no use even though they have the caliber to reach the destination. 

Always try to keep the targets to save or invest money you hold. You can start with any minimal amount because everything needs is a little push to generate momentum.

You can even keep daily targets if you have regular pocket money. Money saved is always money earned. If you miss your target for a day for any reason, Just add this target to the next day this can create an additional burden on another day which can give momentum for you to earn/save more.

Try saving by marking targets you may see significant changes in your expenses and the way of financial thinking. 


3. Never Be Indebted To Any

For any reason, If you have taken money from someone try to repay it as soon as possible. Debt taking should odd out from your list as early as possible. Sometimes if you repay them slowly that can affect your relation too. 

Your financial decisions should never show an impact on your mental and physical health. Make a habit of not being in a debt trap from the initial stages itself this can affect your whole life and can fill it with more stress and anxiety.

Make a habit of avoiding credit cards, They can smite you with decent interest rates which can be an additional burden and make you stay on the low-income scale if you fail to manage your debt.

Check: Destroy Your Debt: 10 Expert Ways To Become Debt-Free.


4. Start Earning Early

There is nothing called a wrong time to do the right thing. So, What is the right thing here? Learning and earning are never wrong things. What if it comes to earning by learning? Sounds great right?

Teenage is the right age to know and decide on how to earn and the ways to earn. There are ample opportunities waiting for you to take up in your free time which won’t affect your studies in any mean.

What are those ways? Dreaming high is what everyone does, But very few people achieve them and make them real. Choose the stand where you want to stand.

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On relative to blogging, Freelance writing has a uniform scope where you can earn as much as blogging. All you should do here is to gain knowledge in writing, efficiency, and patience. Don’t worry if you don’t possess any of those skills.

Thanks to the digital era where this is a wide range of scope which is letting you learn any course within your hands away in no time. Learn freelance skills and start your part-time right away!

Not only are even many opportunities if you really want to start earning early like:

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5. Enhance Your Saving Pattern

When comes the earnings there comes the savings. You must imbibe and follow the best saving pattern to use the maximum potential of the financial resources you hold. Imbibing this at this early age can help you tackle some stern situation in the future.

So what could be the best savings pattern, I think you must be aware of  Elizabeth Warren, She invited a new saving pattern of 50-30-20 rule. This states how well you need to ramify your savings into these 3 sections.

The first 50 percent from your pocket should go to your necessities which you cannot skip in any sense like Household expenses, Loans, Bills, etc. And next 30 percent section should go into your wants and desires. You should not cross your limits in any case. Contain yourself to the sections, No money should be interchanged or used for any other purpose unless and until it is an emergency.

The final 20 percent should directly go into your savings, this should always be your priority. Make a habit from the initial stages themselves. Follow this rule, So that you can rule your financial world.


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6. Habit To Lifestyle Rule

Yes adolescence age is the age where we cannot stand up on one single nature, Our mood fluctuates and we cannot concentrate on one whole thing. But I am sure if you could able to manage your all forces to concentrate on the single focal point, No force can stop you from reaching it.

What can you do to imbibe this nature, When it comes to the financial restrictions we have many things to mind to get like we want to purchase a luxury bike or car or anything. But try to hold your feelings if your parents are not in the situation to afford it.

Getting things to just show off never helps and that can eventually make you think in a non-progressive way. This can cost your whole career too. Try to practice your goal schedule for 21 days without any procrastination soon or later you can continue your streak for 21 compete days.

Once you come to the end of your streak this will become your habit then continue this for another 90 days this will be your new lifestyle. Not only financial habits that can be of any nature.

So, This 21/90 rule is a successful mantra for you to achieve anything you desire and deserve.


7. Building Decorative Mind

 Youth are very much attracted to decorate the things around them, They always want to see things in a more attractive way. Either it can be their personal room, vehicle, or any other thing. 

For decorating things they spend more money than the limit, Is this really necessary? really a big No! They are many ways you can learn from digital platforms to use your free time to decorate things more efficiently than what you spend on decorative items.

Example: DIY (Do It Yourself things), Self-made things not only create additional beauty to your area but they can gain you more self-satisfaction. They can save your money more than you expect.

So immediately start building your skills to decorate your mind to build this decorative nature. 


8. Use Money-Making Apps

A Mobile survey stated that about 95% of teenagers in the United States hold a smartphone. These stats vary from country to country but they may weigh more or less the same. 

Every coin has 2 sides, Even mobile can be used in productive ways if you have true intentions. You might be downloading various apps on your smartphone for your regular use. May those apps be gaming, study, or any other.

But do you know one thing by installing and using some apps you can earn money? Interesting right? Yes! We are here to help you with the list of those apps. Just have a glance!

Acorns: Acorns offers a micro-investing app that helps people save and invest for their future. Over 3 million Americans use Acorns to help set aside a little from their everyday purchases.

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Sweepcentral: Join for a chance to win a free $100 Dollar General Gift Card!

VIPKid: VIPKid needs thousands of work-from-home teachers to teach English online to kids in China. This is a fantastic work-from-home opportunity – and don’t worry, users do not need to know any foreign language or have formal teaching experience. Teachers can earn as much as $22/hour working on the VIPKID platform.

There are many more, We can make a list of all available apps on request. For what you are waiting for? Download and start earning!

Do Check, 24 Apps That Pay You Real Cash- The Best Money-Making Apps of 2021.


9. Know The Real Meaning Of Money

Do you know the famous saying by Jim Rohn i.e, ‘Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money, But you cannot get more time’. This shows how time is important in life. Time is ticking to learn more and more things quickly within your teenage where you can use these skills in the future.

When you don’t have money, you may never know the real value and meaning of money. Many teenagers think money can buy happiness, Money can buy relations, etc. This is just a societal interiorization of our thinking pattern. In reality, it is nothing but important.

So, where money there comes financial freedom. When you know how to manage and budget you can never waste your money. Investing and savings are to be prioritized.   

When you know the real meaning of money there comes the responsibility. Never waste your money, Invest in the best way, Never get into the debt cycle.


10. Be A Wise Shopping Freak

This is the age where we want to shop a lot. This shopping can be for anything like electronic gadgets, Clothes, etc. Our suggestion is not to avoid shopping completely but you should think and analyze before shopping. Cashout the most possible discounts.

Check the offers before you purchase, Cost-benefit analysis, Review analysis must be done for any item you buy. Sometimes buying from a charity cloth center is not the wrong thing, You can avail them for a very better price.

Now online shopping is trending all over the world, So why can’t you grab this opportunity and grab max out. We are helping out by mentioning a few apps and websites where you can cash out the best offers just by shopping from them.

OhMyDosh: Join OhMyDosh, a cashback site, that allows members to earn money online by completing surveys, offers, free trials and even shopping on your favorite online stores.

Fetch Rewards: Fetch Rewards is a free grocery savings app that rewards you just for snapping pictures of your receipts. That’s really it. Fetch Rewards works anywhere you buy groceries. Scan receipts from big box stores, mom and pop corner shops, drugstores, liquor stores, and hardware stores – it’s all fair game. Best of all; there are no hoops to jump through. No pre-selecting offers, no scanning barcodes, no surveys, no ads – you scan your receipts and you’ll earn points!

Charlie: Charlie is your personal financial assistant, ready to look out for you 24/7. Charlie will constantly monitor your transactions, finding you ways to save money, cut expenses, and understand your spending. With Charlie on your side, you can spend less time worrying about money and more time enjoying life.

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Successful people don’t do different things, They do things differently. There are no wrong time and age restrictions to learn things. You should never stop learning things whatever the situations may be, this learning knowledge can be either financial knowledge, general knowledge, or any other. your brain must function enormously to gain more and more knowledge.

With efforts there build the thinking ability, with thinking ability there comes the productivity. If you turned a teen learn the above important money things where you can imbibe them in your regular life.

When you do something with more interest, You can show your high potential of outcome from that. Have a great life! Thank You, for sparing us time. Comments are very much welcome.


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