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50+ Most Profitable Crafts To Make & Sell In 2024 [$100K+/Year]

Making beautiful crafts is not just a great way to exercise your creative quotients, but it is also a great way to have the internal satisfaction of creating something truly unique and beautiful. But, do you know there are the most profitable crafts to sell online these days that can also fetch big money?

Yes, it is now absolutely possible! And in the era of eCommerce dominance around the globe, you can easily and effortlessly start selling your crafts.

But, before we dive deep into the realm of the crafts market, let’s clear your basic doubts first!

Disclaimer:  This article contains affiliate links. We may receive a small commission when you make a purchase (No extra cost to you). Please read our Affiliate Disclosure for more information.


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What Are The Most Profitable Industries To Sell Crafts?

There are the most profitable crafts to make and sell online. But you need to choose the right industry to maximize your profitability.

There are several money-making crafts to sell online that you can efficiently market through your social media handles too.

And the best industries to select the products from are as follows.

  • Beauty & Lifestyle: Handmade soaps, lip balms, bathing salts, towels
  • Wedding– Crown, flower bouquets, and party props
  • Home Décor– rugs, mats, wall decals, wallpapers, and lampshades
  • Holiday-Themed– Bells, Christmas decors, and artificial trees

Besides these four, you can also try other lucrative industries like pet products, baby products, and woodworking items.

Moreover, jewelry is also a great industry to start selling, although it is a little overcrowded.


What Are The Most Profitable Categories Of Crafts?

If you have the correct understanding of customer insight, you won’t face any issues finding all the most profitable crafts to sell.

But there are a few distinct categories that can fetch you better profit than others. And those are as follows.

  • Jewelry: Earrings, imitation & junk, pendants, bracelets, and rings
  • Bath Accessories: Towels, soaps, loofahs, and bathing salts
  • Interior Decoration: Wall decals, rugs, mats, pillows, and cushions
  • Photography: Prints, poster arts, photo frames, and customized mugs & toasters

The items of these categories are easy and less time-consuming to make. And you can easily source the raw materials from local manufacturers to reduce the manufacturing cost.


Most Profitable Handmade Crafts

most profitable handmade crafts

Get this thing straight; handmade items are the most profitable crafts to sell on Etsy and other platforms.

Besides, making handcrafted items is also one of the money-making hobbies that pay pretty well. But among those, here are the top five to go for!


1. Plush Toys

If you are looking for the most profitable crafts to sell online, you should start with plush toys.

Also known as soft toys, these items are not only cute but also have huge sales volume. It is also pretty easy to make one if you have the right supplies.

There are thousands of YouTube videos available that can teach you all the steps to make unique plush toys.

But it is better to develop your own design to create a USP.


2. First-Aid Box

First aids are necessary not only in every household but also for elementary and mid-school students. Do you know why?

Because, like us, they also need to make their own boxes as their school projects. And now, you can grab this opportunity.

You can easily create a custom-made first-aid box with a few supplies like cardboard and lean woods.

Besides, you can use either oil or acrylic paint to make it look stunning. You can either sell it with the supplies or without it, depending on your choice.


3. Hair Bow

Oversized hair bows are exceptional items, especially for teens. And every gorgeous lady loves to have a chunky flannel bow on their head to complement their beautiful outfits.

Besides, many also love to wear it simply to accessorize their overall look. Believe it or not, it is one of the highest-selling items in the handicraft category.

But yes, you need to make a stunning design of your bows that stands out. Go for a floral or abstract painting. Besides, you can also incorporate anime figures to create a USP.


4. Cash Organizer

You may not believe it, but there are more than 1k listings of cash organizers just on Etsy itself.

So, it is quite understandable that this item has huge demand and is one of the most profitable crafts to sell. Making one organizer is also pretty simple.

You can find numerous blogs and YouTube videos from where you can learn the making procedures.

Although it is better to create your unique design, you can get design inspiration from famous artisans.


5. Mobile Covers

It may sound crazy, but more than a billion copies of mobile covers are sold each year just on Amazon.

But sadly, it creates a whole new bunch of solid waste. You can now take advantage of both these things and start making trendy back covers with recyclable materials.

If you can design a sustainable model to create a recyclable mobile cover, your success is just a step ahead.

Try incorporating newer materials like plant-based biopolymers to make these covers. Besides, price it on a bit lower side to increase the sales volume.


Most Profitable Beauty Items

most profitable beauty crafts

Beauty, including skincare and haircare, is a trillion-dollar industry. It is also one of the best crafts to sell to make money.

If you know how to make high-quality beauty items, you can also start a business on Instagram and become rich in no time. But yes, you should be absolutely strict about the quality.


6. Organic Soap

Handmade organic soaps made of natural ingredients without any harmful chemicals have been in trend for a long time.

And with more and more people inclining toward herbal products, the soap industry will rapidly revolutionize in the coming decade or so.

You can now become a part of this industry if you can make high-quality bathing soaps. It’s better to try unusual designs with distinctive fragrances to make them stand out.

You can also use herbs and petals to make it even more appealing to premium-class buyers.


7. Lip Balm

Lip balms are necessary for everyone, especially if you live in a cold climate.

Although it comes within a dollar or so, you can’t believe the overall sales volume of this product. So, it is better to aim for quantity if you want to sell lip balms online.

But to make it sales-worthy, you need to create newer designs with herbal and organic ingredients.

Besides, you can also try unique flavorings and designs to make it even trendier.

You will also get a considerable sale if you can promote your lip balm through lifestyle or beauty bloggers and IGers.


8. Bath Bombs

Who doesn’t love bath bombs? We all lobe the fizzes and bubbles that we can have on our bathtubs with these bath bombs.

But, do you know it is also one of the most profitable crafts to sell these days? Yes, you can make this luxury product with inexpensive items.

Just start with bathing salts and add ingredients and fragrances depending on your choice.

It is also better to go for a new shape to make it stands out. You can also try to incorporate contemporary flavors.


9. Sugar Scrub

Scrubs are excellent products. It not only exfoliates your skin gently but also rejuvenates it from the inside.

And for that, the demand for good scrubs is constantly increasing. And if you talk about herbal or natural scrubs, they are soon going to dominate the bathing accessory market.

You can simply make a sugar scrub with a few simple items like brown sugar, olive or jojoba oil, and essential oils.

Once you make it, you can go for trendy packaging to create a USP.


10. Essential Oil Diffuser

It is pretty easy to make an essential oil-defusing bracelet. All you need is three thin strips of leather or cotton threads and a button.

Start by cutting them into 20 inches in length. You need to tie a knot at the end and leave a one-inch gap before tying another knot.

You can then create a whole different weaving design with the rest of the leather strips after the knot to create stunning bracelets.

Don’t forget to add a button to close the loop. You can then add a few drops of essential oil to sell it at a higher price.


Most Profitable Jewelry Crafts

most profitable jewelry crafts

Jewelry is the most profitable craft to sell at craft fairs. Besides, they also sell well online.

You can either make it your own or buy from the flea market and sell it online. Believe it or not, it is one of the best things to flip for profit these days.


11. Metal Jewelry

Precious metals are not the only material used to create stunning jewelry these days. You can use metals like copper, bronze, and even steel to create artwork-inspired jewelry.

The aesthetic value will also increase if you can use recycled metals. Everyone loves to have their names printed or engraved on the jewelry.

So, you can list the jewelry on websites like Etsy, where you can offer customized name printing services.

Besides jewelry, you can create sterling bookmarks and pet’s silver IDs as well.


12. Beaded Jewelry

Believe it or not, Gen-Y is more inclined towards beaded jewelry than classic jewelry made of precious metals.

It has also become one of the most profitable crafts to sell online, all thanks to a vast customer base, especially teens.

Beaded jewelry is not just extremely easy to make but also requires a handful of items to design.

Moreover, the raw materials are extremely affordable to increase your overall profit margin. But yes, don’t forget to list in with a lower price to get more customers.


13. Recycled Jewelry

We have now become quite a climate-conscious people. And that can be reflected in our clothing and jewelry as well.

More and more people are now concentrating on using recycled materials to use stunning art pieces, especially jewelry.

Starting from discarded toys to old smartphones, from scrap fabrics to old laptop accessories, you can use almost anything to make attractive jewelry.

You’ll not only source the raw material at a lower price, but the product itself will have a USP.


14. Flower Crowns

From wedding festivals to beach photography, crowns are essential for gorgeous ladies on many occasions.

And those crowns become even more beautiful if you use the right flowers to design one. They are lightweight and easy to create as well.

People love to accessorize on special occasions like their wedding days, prom nights, and even Valentine’s Day.

So, it is better to start selling these flower crowns around those dates to witness a surge in sales in no time.


15. Enamel Pins

If you don’t want to invest in raw materials at the start, you can simply start designing enamel pins.

These pins are significantly cost-effective and can be created with a few simple items that are readily available at a lower pocket pinch.

You can use other things like glitters and acrylic to make it even catchier. As you can make enamel pins at a meager cost, it will significantly increase your overall profit if you can list them at the right price online.


Most Profitable Fabric Crafts

most profitable fabric crafts

There are many crafts to make and sell that can fetch your profit. But nothing can compete with high-quality fabric crafts.

If you can create attractive fabric items, there are many great apps to sell clothes online that you can try to make a decent profit.


16. Kids’ Clothing

New moms and dads love to see their newborns in cute clothing. And now, you can also take advantage of this ever-expanding market by designing adorable kid’s clothing.

Although sewed clothing is cheap due to retail giants, handmade fashions are the only exception.

Try something unique! Go for a newer design, a newer pattern, or even a new cool quote while making kids’ clothing.

And if you can create a USP in this field, you can soon become a top seller on online platforms.


17. Scarves

Who doesn’t love to accessorize their outfit with a fabulous scarf? But, do you know it is also one of the most profitable crafts to sell these days?

Yes, it can simply double up your profit if you know how to create catchy and trendy scarves.

Just remember; you need to concentrate on the maximized visual appeal to make it catchy for the teens, as they will be your primary customers.

Besides, you can also design themed scarves that you can sell before any vacation and holidays.


18. Sustainable Shoes

More and more industries are now incorporating sustainable ingredients as their raw material for manufacturing.

And the shoe industry is not an exception. Rather than using traditional animal leather, more and more people are designing good shoes with recycled materials.

You can use almost anything to manufacture sustainable shoes. From old rubber tires to nylon, from plastic to acrylic, ingredients can be anything!

You can also use unconventional materials like Marino wool or bamboo fiber to make shoes.


19. Pillows & Cushions

We all love to have classy-looking cushions on our sofas and recliners. And it will increase the overall aesthetic of the room if you can use handmade cushions and pillows.

You can now also design such pillows and cushions all by yourself and sell them online for a higher profit margin.

You need a few basic items like fabric, colors, buttons, cotton, and all to make stunning pillows and cushions.

However, you can use old curtains and even discarded tee shirts to make the outer cover of the pillow. These designs are bound to stand out!


20. Tote Bags

With the sharp decline of plastic bags throughout the world for a greener planet, canvas and fabric are rising.

And people are now getting used to canvas tote bags or reusable jute bags. You can now take this a step further and design stunning totes.

Start with something very inexpensive but recyclable, like jute or bamboo fiber. You only need basic sewing skills to make one.

But yes, you can either paint it with fabric colors or can accessorize it with pins and glitters to make it trendy and stylish.


Most Profitable Home Décor Crafts

most profitable home decor crafts

We all love to have a well-decorated house, isn’t it? We all invest time and effort in picking things that will perfectly complement the interiors.

Needless to say, these are the reason why home décor items are among the most profitable crafts to sell on the internet.


21. Art Prints

Do you know what the most expensive thing anyone can buy is? It is not a property, car, or even a yacht.

It is legendary art that sells to millions on a daily basis. And there are arts like Monalisa, which are literally priceless.

Just take any copyright-free painting and photographs, and print them on different surfaces to create stunning art prints.

You can start with fabric, canvas, and laminated photo paper if your budget is on the lower side.


22. Wall Decals

Decals improve the aesthetic appeal of any room. But, do you know decals and wallpaper are not just easy to make but are also among the most profitable crafts to sell?

Yes, you can design and print at a lower price from the wholesale market and then sell it online for a higher price.

Try to create a USP to stand out in the overly crowded market. Start with designing new prints and incorporate newer elements in the design.

Besides using general papers, you can also use customized papers.


23. Christmas Decorations

Jingle all the way but no decoration in the house? Certainly not possible, isn’t it?

Christmas is the time when everyone loves to decorate their homes with miniature pine trees, bells, and colorful balls.

Besides, it is also the time when everyone loves you have Christmas presents. You can enter the market around October and November to properly utilize the Christmas gift market.

It is better to design Christmas-themed accessories. But yes, you can make home-décor items as well.


24. Candles

We all love to have candles in our house. A good candle can instantly light up the mood and can create a pleasant atmosphere for a romantic night out or a candlelight dinner.

The aesthetic value will further increase if you have a scented candle on your side. It is also one of the most profitable crafts to sell.

You need a few basic things to make one. But you can sell it at a much higher price in the online store.

It is better to create new designs and introduce fresh scents to increase the selling potential.


25. Farmhouse Signs

Trust me; days are gone when people tend to love sharp images with precise edges to hang on their beautiful walls.

Today is the time for hand-painted items with a bit of imperfection. And everyone now loves hand-painted bold farmhouse signs to decorate their beautiful walls.

Making these signs are also pretty easy, and it takes a few items to create one. Start with driftwood or canvas and paint it with acrylic or oil colors.

But yes, incorporating newer designs with cool quotes and taglines further increase its charm.


Most Profitable Paper Crafts

most profitable paper crafts

There are many things to make and sell from home that you can design with inexpensive items, such as papers.

Yes, you can find thousands of paper-made items in both online and offline retail stores that are bound to catch your attention.

And you can also start making these papercrafts to sell them online.


26. Paper Flowers

If you talk about the highest-selling papercrafts, you talk about paper flowers.

It enables you to have the highest return on investment as you need just papers and a few inexpensive things to make paper flowers.

And on the contrary, you can sell it online for a much higher price. You can fetch even more money if you take this craft a step forward.

Incorporate newer elements like origami-style designs or make it with handmade crêpe papers. Don’t forget to take a bit over-saturated images to make it look stunning online.


27. Invitation Cards

Cars, especially invitation cards and greeting cards, are the most profitable crafts to sell that anyone can make.

You can broadly divide these cards into two categories. First, it is the printed one. And second, the handmade and hand-written one.

If you want to go for the first one, you can simply design stunning cards with software like Photoshop. But yes, do print it on high-quality paper.

And if you want to go for the second option, select a nice-looking handmade paper to start with.


28. Scrapbook

Scrapbooks are inseparable parts of any high school memories, isn’t it?

And even in this era of digital media, this old-school item is still equally popular, especially among teens.

It not only captures emotions but also secures precious memories. Making scrapbooks is pretty easy, and you need a few basic stuff to start with.

But yes, you can use handmade papers and use unconventional color inks to design unique scrapbooks. You can also further customize it with glitters, stickers, and more.


29. Paper Purses

Like paper flowers, paper purses are also among the most profitable crafts to sell these days. They are easier to make and have high sales worthiness.

You can see thousands of paper purses listed under $10 or less on online platforms. Start with colorful handmade papers and ribbon handles.

You can also incorporate other things like sparklers, glitters, buttons, and even artificial flowers to make it even trendier. Besides paper, you can also use canvas and fabric to make fabulous purses.


30. Laces

Can you imagine any Christmas or event décor without paper laces? Yes, these thin paper strips are the core material of any party mood.

However, you can use these paper laces for several other things besides using them to set the party mood.

High-quality paper laces made of handmade papers are well-suited to use as a frame or border for a photograph.

Besides you can also decorate your scrapbooks, tags, and letters with these paper laces. But yes, stick to a lower price to increase the overall sales volume.


Most Profitable Wood Crafts

wood items

Woods are the prime component of any premium crafts wince ages. And there are now many ways to make money with woodturning.

But we have only selected those platforms that assure the highest profitability.


31. Decorative Trays

From makeup trays to tabletop fruit bowls, any item that has a wooden touch has the highest aesthetical value.

Besides, wooden things are not just great to look at are also eco-friendly. But you can make use of recycled wood or wooden board to minimize deforestation.

If you can incorporate trendy but classic designs on wooden trays, it will surely be going to sell like hotcakes.

Don’t forget to market it through social media platforms to boost sales properly.


32. Wooden Toys

Although more and more people are now inclining toward plush toys and soft toys, wooden toys are still among the most profitable crafts to sell.

They not only have nostalgic value but also sustain for a longer time than soft toys.

Whether for the kid’s bedroom or a grand dining room, wooden toys can perfectly complement any setup.

But yes, you need to have the right sorcery in woodworking if you want to sell those toys at a higher price online.


33. Card Holder

Every professional, especially businessmen, always love to have fantastic-looking cardholders.

They never hesitate to spend big money if you can bring a great piece to suit their personality. So, you can design some high-quality wooden cardholders to sell online.

You can even take it a step forward and start customizing it. Let it be a name or a sign that your customers love; give it a personalized tough to sell it even at a higher price.

And don’t hesitate to flaunt it on your social media profiles to get more buyers.


34. Custom Name Signs

Nothing can be better than a custom name sign. Let it be for your house or for your office; a high-quality custom name sign made of solid wood is bound to appeal to you.

Besides, it also has an aesthetical appeal that nothing could compete with.

But remember, you can’t create multiple copies at once. All you need is to give a unique touch to each of the name signs you design to create a USP.

But yes, you should have some samples in your inventory.


35. Picture Frames

Days are gone when picture frames are crafted with precious metals and gemstones.

However, people still love to have stunningly beautiful wooden frames to complement their most loved photographs and paintings.

You can either make a block-style wooden frame or go for more innovative things like a palate or a mosaic design.

Besides, you can either go for a regular or an irregular shape to make those stand out. You can also give it a personalized touch with unique color shades and highlights.


Most Profitable Resin Crafts

pillows and cushions

If anything is as trendy and customizable as wood, it is resin. And anything made of this unique material can claim its place among the most profitable crafts to sell these days.

Resin is not just easy to handle but also takes less time to master the art.


36. Coasters

If you want to preserve any special moment of your life, print it for something that you use daily, such as a coaster.

These coasters are not just inexpensive to print but also a great thing to test your craftmanship. They are also equally trendy as a gift.

You can either make the entire coaster with resin or can also create the base with it. After creating the base, paste the photo you want to embed.

And then, pour another layer of resin to seal it thoroughly.


37. Notebook Covers

Although a pretty unconventional thing, notebook covers are among the best collectibles for any book fanatic.

And if you can create it with resin, it will look stunning due to the glass-like texture that resins can ensure.

Start with using a silicone mold of your notebook. You can also use a clear epoxy or resin cast.

Just top it with stickers, glitters, and colors to make it look amazing. Don’t forget to seal it with another layer of resin on top.


38. Thumbtacks

Honestly saying, thumbtacks are still among the most profitable crafts to sell online. Mostly, thumbtacks are made of sturdy and durable materials.

So, the resin is definitely the best choice which is strong and flexible at the same time. Besides, it is pretty inexpensive.

From college-goers to business people, thumbtacks have an eternal charm for everyone. Besides, they are pocket-friendly and sell pretty fast.

It is also a great craft to start with if you are looking to create a market presence.


39. Pendant

Nothing can be as great as gifting someone a customized pendant. And resin is the best thing that you can use to make a shinier and trendy-looking pendant.

All you need is a pendant tray, resin or epoxy, a cutter, and a photo to start this project.

Use the pendant tray as a base and pour a small amount of resin before you stick the photo in it.

Once everything is set, you can pour and fill the rest of the tray to seal it. Once it gets hardened, you can start wearing it or even sell it online.


40. Clear Casting Paperweight

Paperweights are still a must-have office supply. Besides, they are equally important for many people, whether a businessman or a high-school student.

And now, you can create stunning paperweight with resin and sell it online to make a profit.

All you need is a mold to get started. Once you pour the resin into 1/4th of the mold, you can start sticking small stones, fossils, and even small collectibles.

And then, pour the resin till the mold gets full. Don’t forget to cure it for a week or more.


Most Profitable Personalized Crafts

most profitable personalized crafts

Without any doubt, personalized items are not only the most profitable but are also the best things to sell on Etsy and other similar platforms.

People tend to love any items with their own unique touch. And for that, they never hesitate to pay a good amount of money.


41. Bracelets

Nothing can showcase the love you have for your social people other than having a customized bracelet.

You can customize it with their names, star signs, any significant dates of life, and a lot more.

You can choose various materials to design stunningly beautiful bracelets. But yes, you will get the highest profitability if you stick to inexpensive items like beads, wooden blocks, and shells.

And if you want to become a high-ticket seller, go for gemstones and precious crystals.


42. Keychains

We all love to have beautifully crafted keychains, isn’t it? And it can be even more appealing if we can get it in our desired shapes, sizes, and styles.

So, you can cover that vacuum in the industry and start selling customized keychains online.

You can start with inexpensive items, which are wood and resin that are easy to handle. Besides, wood has its classical value, while resin has a glass-like charm.

You can also use flowers, petals, glitters, and a lot more to complement your keychain material.


43. Stickers

Stickers are still among the most profitable crafts to sell both offline and online. All you need is a high-quality printer and sticky paper to make brilliant stickers.

Start with designing unique stickers with software like Photoshop. And once you give a unique touch, print it on high-quality sticky paper.

But, always remember to use original printer cartridges and thick GSM papers to maintain excellent quality standards.

You can also add a little bit of cuteness while adding pop colors to your stickers.


44. Rugs & Door Mats

Do you know only 9% of the total manufactured plastics are likely to be recycled, and around 91% remain on the ocean floor as waste?

Yes, this is the sad truth. But you can now turn these plastics into customized doormats and rungs.

Start by collecting small discarded plastic items like pet bottles. You can easily make strings out of that by cutting the bottle into small stripes.

You can then easily create a woven design with those recycled plastic threads to make beautiful rugs and mats.


45. Custom Decorated Mugs

We all have a smile on our faces when we see the face of our beloved people or a motivating line on the mug while sipping a hot cup of coffee.

These customized mugs are not just loved by everyone but also extremely sale-worthy, especially during the festive seasons.

Try to make some generic mugs, like “Best Dad In The World,” “You Are The Best Mom,” “Love You For Life,” and more like that.

You can print images and motivational quotes on the coffee mugs as well.


Most Profitable Hand-painted Crafts

handmade crafts

Hand-painted items have been in trend for a very long time. And in this era of digitization, anything hand-painted has its own appeal and charm.

Besides, these items are easy to make and are also among the most profitable crafts to sell.


46. Wine Glasses

You can instantly increase the price of a wine glass by giving it a personalized twist.

And to do that, you need just a metallic nail polish or glass color and a Q-tip. Start by cleaning the glass until it becomes spotless.

Dip the Q tip in nail polish or glass paint, and then start painting the glass from the bottom.

You can paint whatever you feel like, let it be abstract or just simple patterns. Let it cure for a day or two, and then sell it online at an attractive rate.


47. Tumblers

Tumblers are necessary for any good bar accessories set. And almost every household now prefers to have hand-painted or customized tumblers on their set to perfectly complement their aesthetical values.

And making one such is also pretty simple. Start by taking a high-quality tumbler, probably from Amazon or Walmart.

Then use some epoxy resin to give it a nice shine. You can then top it with glitters, stickers, photos, and more before sealing it with a final layer of epoxy.


48. Tissue dispenser

We all love to have a nice-looking tissue dispenser in our makeup room or our car. But do you know you can design one with the utmost ease?

Moreover, you can easily sell these customized hand-painted tissue dispensers online.

Use some high-quality glass color to paint an empty glass jar. Once you complete the base layer, seal it with either resin or enamel paint.

You need to then bake the painted glass jar in an oven for 20 minutes. Let it cure for a week, and you are all set to sell it.


49. Handwash Dispenser

Like tissues, we also love to have customized handwash dispensers on our sink.

Believe it or not, it is also among the most profitable crafts to sell, as you can make it with a few inexpensive things like a glass jar and some glass colors.

You can also use nail polish to paint it. Follow the same procedure as the tissue dispenser.

But, cut a hole in the cap of the glass jar to fit the handwash pump inside. Once everything is set, and your paint is cured, you are ready to pack and sell it online.


50. Clay bowls

Bowls made of ceramic or just clay are one of the most collected pieces around the globe. And you can also easily make one without having any pottery skills at all.

It is also one of the best entry-level crafts you can make and sell on platforms like Etsy.

But yes, do give it a personalized touch to make it stand out among the crowd. You can either use unconventional colors or can replicate ancient designs.

But you should use long-lasting, high-quality ceramic colors to paint those.


10 Best Platforms To Sell Most Profitable Crafts

Although there are several most profitable crafts to sell online, not every platform offers the same opportunity and the same rate.

So, we have handpicked the most legit websites to sell crafts.


1. Etsy

The oldest and the most popular place to sell crafts, Etsy, now has global coverage.

It doesn’t matter where you live; if you are good at making crafts, you are suitable to open an account with this platform.

Once you create an account here, you can start listing your craft with a small listing fee of just $0.20/product.

However, this company also charges up to 15% of the selling price as their commission.

But you’ll be exposed to millions of potential buyers around the globe. And there are many easy things to make and sell on Etsy that can fetch you some serious money.


2. eBay

The grand-old daddy of eCommerce, eBay, still has its own charm, especially if you talk about art and craft.

This unique platform not only offers listings but also offers auctioning facility, unlike other regular online shopping sites.

All you need is to take some great photographs of your craft, pen down a suitable description, and list it on this website.

Besides making, you can also buy any item from websites like Amazon, Walmart, and Target and then sell it here at a much higher price.

But yes, you need to learn the craft of flipping if you are aiming for big money. And for that, you can join the completely free money-making flipping course designed by Flipper University.


3. Handmade by Amazon

Although there are many ways to make money on Amazon, many people don’t even know that it has a dedicated segment to sell crafts called “Handmade by Amazon.” Only artisans can open an account here.

Although they are relatively newer than Etsy, Amazon has witnessed rapid growth due to its constantly increasing customer base all over the world.

And you can open a seller’s account here just by paying $39.99/month. It charges a small professional fee to sell items.

However, this fee gets completely waived off once you complete the first month as a seller.


4. Shopify

Many people have their own website and can also design the most profitable crafts to sell on that website.

But it was pretty hard to integrate all the necessary things of eCommerce into a small website until the introduction of Shopify.

It is actually an eCommerce platform that seamlessly integrates with your own blog to let you have many ways to start a business without any investment at all.

All you need is to list your crafted items on this platform. And the platform itself will take care of the rest, from keeping the records of your inventory to shipping it throughout the world.


5. Artfire

As the name itself suggests, Artfire is the place to sell anything artistic. It provides a vast marketplace to buy and sell handcrafted items from artisans around the globe.

And you can also open a free account without any trouble. However, you need to pay a small fee of $20/month to list and sell items through this platform.

But yes, you’ll be exposed to millions of potential buyers of your crafts. The best part of this company is that it doesn’t charge any listing fee.

So, you don’t need to pay for each item you sell through this platform to maximize your profit ratio.


6. Square

If you are looking for a core online store setup, Square is the one to hop for.

And the best part, unlike most websites, it doesn’t charge any setup or joining fee at all. Yes, this platform is entirely free to use.

But yes, they do charge a small credit card processing fee once any customer of yours buys any item from your store.

And setting up the store itself is pretty straightforward and can be easily set up in a minute.

Sadly, this platform doesn’t have any active marketplace. You’ll only get the store itself. But you need to market the products all your own.


7. iCraft

This fantastic platform called iCraft recently witnessed a massive surge in popularity, especially in the USA.

It is a perfect place to sell anything handmade, from pottery to plush toys. You can simply list all the most profitable crafts to sell online through this unique platform.

And the best thing, this platform charges just $5/month to let you use their platforms for online selling.

However, you also need to pay a joining fee of $25 during your initial registration process.

You may not believe it, but this platform provides the best opportunity to sell anything vintage.


8. Bonanza

The best thing about Bonanza is that it assures dual opportunities for everyone.

You can either list your crafts on their store and start selling or can also create just the store to integrate on your own website.

You don’t need to pay a single penny to join this brilliant platform. Besides, you don’t need to pay any listing fee either.

Just set up your account with a few simple steps, and you are ready to rock.

If you have other accounts on eBay or Amazon, you can directly import those items to this store through an easy migration procedure.


9. eCrater

Not every platform gives you the same rates for the most profitable crafts to sell online. However, eCrater is one such platform that offers better than the market standard.

Moreover, it has been operating since 2004 with complete legitimacy.

It is a hybrid of eCommerce and online stores. That means you can either list your item here or sell it to the customers.

Or, you can use this platform to list the items on your own website or blog. Right now, they don’t charge any registration fee at all.

Besides, you also don’t need to pay any registration fee.


10. Facebook Marketplace

There are several side business ideas with Facebook that you can try this year to make a profit.

And among those, selling your handcrafted items through Facebook Marketplace is the best option.

We all have our FB accounts, isn’t it? And now, you can simply list the items you like to sell and put them on the “Marketplace” segment.

Once you do it, you are directly in front of the 4 billion members around the world.

But yes, click some great pictures and put the fitting description defining your craft to make it easier to sell.

And the best part, you can completely market it locally.


What Crafts Are Trending This Year?

As we have already said, there are the most profitable crafts to sell online. But not every category has the same demand.

Here are the trending crafts that you can sell online to maximize your profit ratio.

  • Jewelry– imitation, junk, recycled, and wooden jewelry
  • Home décor– wall decals, wallpapers, pillows, rugs, and doormats
  • Papercraft– notebooks, scrapbooks, journals, stickers, and bookmarks
  • Dining Accessories– wine glasses, tumblers, clay pots, and bowls

Besides these four trending categories of items, you can also try art therapy products, scented candles, wood-turning items, and a lot more.


Where To Sell Crafts Online For Free?

Most of the websites that we have already mentioned are either free or charge a minimal registration or listing amount.

But, if you want it completely free, you can try platforms like Shop Handmade. Although it is now exclusively available in the UK, it has a significant presence.

You can also use your social media profiles, especially Instagram and Facebook, to showcase your handcrafted items in front of a massive market of potential buyers.

You can also use Yellow Pages to list your item and sell it locally. Besides, you can also organize a garage sale if you believe in hand-to-hand trading.


How Can I Make A Craft More Profitable?

There are the most profitable crafts to sell that you can tweak a little to maximize profit.

The basic rule is to minimize the production cost, simplify the shipping procedure, and rely on customer feedback to maximize profit.

But you can cut down the most expenses from the following two avenues.

  • Material Cost: You should source the raw materials from a local manufacturer to cut down the transportation cost. You can also use recycled materials to not only minimize the cost but also to create sustainability.
  • Labor Cost: Start your business while manufacturing crafts on your own. And once your business starts growing, you can take a few craftsmen along with you. Try to stick to college students as they charge a lesser hourly rate than true professionals.



What crafts can I sell to make money?

You can sell almost any craft you want, or you are good at making a profit.

Online marketplaces are not just fantastic to sell, but they can effectively expose your craft to more than a billion customers around the globe.

And, if you can select the right set of crafts, like jewelry or customized items, you are bound to fetch a better profit.


What are the creative ways to make money?

The most creative way to make money is by creating unique art and craft and then selling it online.

You will not only have huge appreciation but will also have impressive rates from the potential buyers.

You can also shoot a video of the creation process of your craft and then publish it on video-sharing platforms like YouTube. In that way, you can generate revenues in two ways.


What are the best wood crafts that sell?

The best woodcrafts to sell are definitely wooden toys and decorative trays. These two have massive demand around the globe.

Besides, these are also pretty easy to make, even for the newbies. But yes, you can also make several other wooden items like jewelry, coasters, tumblers, and even drinkware to sell it online.


What are the most profitable woodworking projects to build and sell?

Anything you can make by woodworking can be profitable if you know the best possible way to market those.

But yes, items like wooden toys, trays, jewelry, cardholders, and organizers are evergreen products.

And if you are good at woodworking, you can also capture a video of the manufacturing process and publish it on YouTube. And in this way, you can double up your revenue.



Not all the most profitable crafts to sell online are suited for everyone. You first need to know about your proficiency and comfort to start.

Once you know which you are really good at, you can sharpen your skills in that particular category.

But remember, if you are not good at the craft, it is impossible to make your name in this industry. And in those cases, you should choose alternative ways.

There are also many home-based business ideas for women that can fetch great profits.

So, that’s all for today, folks! Feel free to drop your suggestions and feedback in the comment box below.


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