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Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) Review: Is It a Scam or Legit?

There are many people around the world who are making plenty of money online each and every day. And on this mTurk review, we are going to reveal a special way to make money this year.

Out of these plentiful options, Amazon Mechanical Turk is one of the greatest websites people are taking advantage of. Today we shall review MTurk regarding the same home-based opportunities.


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About Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk)

MTurk basically provides micro-tasks that are carried out by every individual associated with Amazon Mechanical Turk.

Different organizations submit their work to Amazon, and then each individual is assigned to choose their microtasks according to their choice and caliber.

Literally, there are thousands of Human Intelligence Tasks available that have to be completed at a given period of time.

Every task has a different payroll and a different time limit.

Also, to be frank, these tasks do not need any sort of specific skills to be learned.

Truly speaking, there are many tasks that a machine cannot do as effectively as a human can. Identifying particular objects in a video or a  photograph or transcription or research data or de-duplication of data or any tasks.

These tasks are not only time taking but also require more efficiency than a machine can perform. Here is where Amazon MTurk comes into consideration with its effective manpower.

Also to mention there are many tasks which are very small enough and so the payment is also proportionate.

Microtasks is the magic word behind the success of MTurk. You will have to invest a minimum of 10- 20 minutes for a single task, and you can earn money for the same.


How To Get Amazon Mechanical Turk Job?

The procedure is all easy to sign up at Amazon Mechanical Turk.

There is a specific website known as MTurk, and it is internally related to Amazon, which makes it easier to sign up with the already existing Amazon account.

Later you need to specify your details like address, name, and phone number, and then a couple of questions are to be answered.

General verification takes about 48 hours, and when enrolled, you can start your work and pick your tasks accordingly.

Also, I have come across a few applications that have been suspended temporarily from some countries (so be sure).

As the main criteria are to make real cash, and for this section, only US citizens and Indians have the feasibility of collecting cash in real through Amazon Mechanical Turk.

Other people can collect their earnings in the form of Amazon gift cards which are only accessible on

You can already use your Amazon payment account to get your payouts into your bank directly.


What Are The Different Tasks At MTurk?

There are many tasks that can be performed at Amazon Mechanical Turk. Depending upon your talent, you can pick your task and work accordingly.

If you check during regular business hours, you will find plenty of HITs available for work.

This doesn’t mean if you search for odd hours, you wouldn’t find any work. Even if you search on Sundays and over 3 am, you can still find options.

One can hit multiple requests at a single time and can still find plenty of jobs.

During your starting 10 days after your verification, you are limited to accepting around a hundred tasks per day. Later as days pass on, you can work for as many as 4000 on a daily basis.


Data Processing

The whole process is divided into minute tasks, which further is divided into microtasks. You can easily pick any of the tasks and can finish them off in no more than 5 to 10 minutes.

Payment and its bonus depend upon the work process. Even though you would have confidence in your typing speed but sometimes the audio quality may let you down.

Transcribing, Translating, Editing, Checking Accuracy, and Categorizing Products based on the information are a few tasks included.


Online Paid Surveys And Collecting Information

After stressing yourself in the transcribing sections, you may want to relax a bit. Now, it’s time to fill in some bubbles by answering a few questions. 

Usually, you will answer questionnaires that college students perform or conduct. Also, you can answer some product reviews as a part of the surveys. 

There are filters that you can add, and MTurk will sort surveys that may let you earn $0.50 each. You can pocket around $5 if you answer 10 surveys. This would let you invest around an hour for the task. 

Remember to put in your concentration, or there are chances that your survey may get rejected.


Get Paid To Use Search Engines

Online search engines are a great place to make some money. You will be given some words to search on specific search engines. 

Later, the result has to be posted in the MTurk panel. These HITs may take a minimum of 15 seconds to complete. And you can make around $15 on an hourly basis. 

You will have to be quick in picking your HITs and submitting your reports.


Image Processing

Companies usually hire people to pick relative images that suit their requirements. Choosing images and tagging them to relative objects. 

You can also submit your videos or images to the audit section for further proceedings. 


Data Verification

Organizations that have great catalogs and online directories use Amazon Mechanical Turk to find out if any duplicate entries are listed.

This is where a worker is needed to help websites to clean and verify the data with the related tasks below.

  • To remove duplicate entries from the business listings.
  • To identify any incomplete details missing from the product lists in the catalog.
  • Check or verify if any details, such as phone numbers or hours of functioning, are missing.
  • Connecting the GPS to someplace or re-structuring the information about the locations and addresses.


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How Much Do We Actually Make From MTurk?

My intention of not to put you in the dark, so the payment is not very high.

The more time you invest in completing a HIT, you will make out of that task. And not to forget, the more successful HITs, the more benefit of being qualified for a better payroll.

This literally means rather than three or four cents for each task; you can make around 40 to 50 cents accordingly.

Surely, you cannot compare this to your regular jobs. But Amazon mechanical Turk will easily let you make around $50 or more on a weekly basis.

According to MTurk reviews from TrustPilot, you will find out interesting threads stating that they have made around $15 on an hourly basis as well.

For the above, speed and technical knowledge are the x-factors required.


What is The Payout Procedure At MTurk?

One of the most relevant points of MTurk is good reviews about its payouts.  There is no point in skipping a day promised on this website.

Once your work has been approved (how small it could be), your payment appears on your dashboard. This can be directly transferred to your personal bank account or can be converted to purchase any gift cards. 

Rejections are a part of the everyday schedule, and so the same applies here. Here you can find out the reason behind your rejection as well. This will help you in avoiding mistakes in the future.

Frankly, if you are working on a heavy number of tasks, acceptance and approval may take a longer time. 


Pros And Cons

This section truly helps you to make a wiser decision, right? Let’s look at the good and bad sides of MTurk.


  • Flexible work hours and work schedule, as you can operate this from any corner of the world.
  • It is both a part-time and full-time opportunity, so you can earn accordingly.
  • Payments and payouts are simple and easy, as promised.
  • Easy tasks are mostly micro-tasks that will help you in regaining your interest.
  • They have a helpful private team as customer support. 
  • Amazon Mechanical Turk has an uncomplicated interface.


  • You can only get cash rewards if you are from India or the US.
  • You can only get points (redeemable through gift cards) if you have a different citizenship.
  • In most of the tasks, you can only earn a few cents.
  • You will find requestors offering very little for the work. At times they even reject your work after submission.
  • The repetition of work sometimes leads to loose interest.
  • Promotions are slow, and expectancy never soothes up.


Is Amazon MTurk a Scam or Legit? Let’s See Our MTurk Review

Truly speaking, this option cannot become your primary source of income. It is totally your extra gig that could help you in solving a few bills. 

Quality time you can invest in earning could be during TV commercials or browsing time, or anything else. You should be patient enough to find actual work and cross your probationary period.

There are many people who have shared their views about MTurk. They shall share all the tricks and tips that will turn helpful to you.

This website has the most positive reviews everywhere. It is rated 3.5/5 stars on the Trustpilot website and 4/5 stars on the G2 website.



It is no use sharing other reviews when you haven’t tried anything personally. With its free schedule of earning from anywhere, it has helped me in making money even when I travel.

Security at the Amazon payments account is very clear as it asks you to provide your social security number during your registration.

According to my personal interest, MTurk has good feedback from my end.  This is truly dynamic and different for each of us. 

You can try this site and check if it is valuable to you. Instead of using your free time for something useless, try to make money off that too. 

This will surely evolve you and help you in various ways. For sure, it does improve your confidence in multitasking.

Please lemme know if you have tried the same and are continuing it. I will be happy to hear some stories from your end about Amazon mTurk. 

Make your friends and families know about various options to help them make money. After all, sharing your knowledge and helping them grow financially is love.


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