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14 Best Mystery Shopper Jobs To Try in 2024 [Earn $20/Hr]

Do you love shopping? If yes, won’t you feel excited if any company promises to disburse your shopping bills? Yes, it is now very much possible with legit mystery shopper jobs.

Mystery shopping is a relatively new profession where you can easily make more than $20/hour. And if you live in Tier-I countries, you can make much more than that.

Mystery Shoppers America(MSA) mentions that- This is a $1.6 billion-a-year industry that employs over 1.5 million people worldwide. But still, like any other industry, this industry, too, is not free from scams.

So, we have tried and tested all the available options to filter out the best options for you. But before we start, let’s first understand what this profession is all about!


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Who Is A Mystery Shopper?

what is mystery shopping

I first learned about this profession when I saw an ad for mystery shopper jobs near me. And one thing that I learned is that if you don’t know how to make money without paying anything, becoming a mystery shopper can be the best option for you.

Most market research and consumer analytics companies hire mystery shoppers as their undercover agents to test and audit products, services, and after-sales support.

In this profession, you need to act like any regular buyer because the staff may behave differently if you are not undercover.

Companies will tell you to do specific tasks, such as buying something from a grocery store or making a food order at a restaurant. And in return, you need to submit your feedback about the company’s sales, customer handling, and quality.

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How Much Does A Mystery Shopper Earn?

There are now many online mystery shopper jobs in almost every part of this blue planet. And if you want to make money without a job, it is truly among the best options to hop for.

You may not believe it, but according to a ZipRecruiter report, the average median salary of a mystery shopper now stands close to $42k/year.

If you divide those total earnings by a projected work hour, the hourly rate will be close to $20, although it is only valid for full-time mystery shoppers. And if you take it as a side hustle, you can still make around $10 to $15/hour on average.

Note: Apart from making money from this profession, you can also earn free goodies, free samples, and even complimentary services from companies.


How To Become a Legit Mystery Shopper?

how to become a mystery shopper

You need to get this fact first! Getting legit mystery shopper jobs is challenging, especially if you are eyeing a high-paying one.

However, you can adapt four steps in your professional career to make a name in this industry. And those are as follows.

  • Research About The Company: Before indulging in any mystery shopping activity, you must check the company’s terms and conditions. Knowing if the company has specific terms and policies is also necessary.
  • Submit Within TAT: Every mystery shopping assignment comes with a specific time frame. And you need to submit your detailed report within that specified time. So, it is necessary to plan accordingly.
  • Submit Honest Feedback: Never ever try to write false statements or misleading comments while submitting feedback. You also need to remember that companies will hire you to point out their flaws, not to hear praise from you.
  • Read The Instructions: Every mystery shopping assignment comes with specific instructions, such as visiting time, things to purchase, what to observe, and a lot more. So, you need to read the instructions carefully beforehand.


Qualities Of A Good Mystery Shopper

As you already know, mystery shopper jobs are all about being agile and precise in providing tasks. Here are other traits you need to develop to be a good mystery shopper:

  • Idiosyncrasy: You must stand out from the rest in the attention to detail and always be in a position to improve and offer customer-centric services.
  • Better Communication: It is always important to communicate well and understand the rightful needs of the clients and execute them well.
  • Organizational Behaviour: Try to take care of essential things like receipts, business plans, cards, and action plans well organized to get reimbursed later.
  • Understand thoroughly: It is quite important to read, understand and execute the job description relative to the requirements.
  • Personal Traits: Must be well-versed in Honesty, Friendliness, Writing skills, and decent memory.

After incurring these skills into self-traits, the next task for you is to find the best-paying mystery shopper jobs. So follow this article to get the details of them and learn how to get started:


9 High Paying Mystery Shopper Jobs In 2024

Although there are many companies that now provide mystery shopper jobs, not every company is legit, and they also don’t pay the same.

So, we have filtered nine such options that can fetch you the most money with the least effort.

1. Ipsos (i-Say)



Nothing can be better for legit mystery shopper jobs than this brilliant panel called Ipsos from the house of i-Say. It is also widely dubbed the most extensive consumer panel in the USA.

This company also has a reputation for having the most assignments at any time.

How It Works

You can create an account on Ipsos in minutes and start getting assignments from the very first day. Although the projects they will assign will be easy, the reporting process can be time-consuming.

Earning Potential

You can expect to make around $10 to $15/mystery shopping assignment. On average, most users on this platform earn between $50 and $100/per month.

And you can opt for a cash-out through PayPal transfer or gift card purchase once you accumulate at least $5 in your wallet. You can also earn $1/referral through its unique referral program.


2. Field Agent

Not just mystery shopping assignments, you can get various high-paying short tasks from this incredible platform called Field Agent.

It is also among the few WFH companies that pay weekly, even this year. You can access the panel on the go, as it has a lightweight mobile app.

mystery shopping sites


How It Works

Along with doing the general mystery shopping tasks, you can also take part in performance audits of the retail stores, price checking of your nearby shopping outlets, and doing market research on specific items.

But in all these assignments, you must physically visit the stores or kiosks.

Earning Potential

Although the payment will vary depending on the nature and difficulty level of the mystery shopping assignment, you can easily make around $25 to $30/hour on average.

This company offers its loyal users several other benefits and incentive programs.


3. Confero

If you are looking for high-paying mystery shopper jobs, Confero is the company where you should start your quest from.

From food services to movie theaters, this company covers almost every industry in the mystery shopping segment. You may also need to give feedback after giving specific theme parks or even fairs.

mystery shopping sites


How It Works

You need to visit the official site to get started. And it takes hardly a minute to open an account here.

However, you need to sign an independent contractor agreement with the company before you can actually start working.

Earning Potential

For each project contract, you can earn as much as $100. According to current users, on average, you can easily make around $500 to $700/month on this platform, although it depends mainly on your demographic profile.

And you can directly cash out through a bank or PayPal transfer.


4. Intellishop

Intellishop is probably the only company with a wide array of customers from different industries.

So, if you don’t know how to make $300 fast this year, especially from the mystery shopping industry, you need to try this site.



How It Works

As a member of this unique platform, you may need to audit fitness services, food services, insurance, real estate, shopping malls, sports venues, and even transportation companies.

However, you don’t need to physically visit the outlets in all the assignments, as some projects may require you to audit over the phone.

Earning Potential

The payment here is also on the higher side. But yes, it can take up to 30 days after the successful submission of any project to get paid.

And this company usually pays on the 20th of each month. However, you need to link your PayPal account on this platform, as this company exclusively pays through PayPal.


5. BestMark

BestMark is undoubtedly among the biggest and most trusted platforms for mystery shopper jobs. You can become a field representative of this company simply by opening an account on this platform.

And you need just some basic details to complete your signup process. In most cases, this company also offers instant approval.

mystery shopping jobs


How It Works

Once your account is ready, you can visit the dashboard to check the available opportunities in your area. And you can even search for projects through your area code.

Once you accept any project, you’ll get all the details about the job. And you need to submit the report in a specified TAT.

However, you need to follow a specific format while submitting your report. Or else your account may get rejected in no time.

Earning Potential

For each successful project completion, you can expect to make around $20 to $50 on average.


6. SeeLevel

Mystery shopping jobs


SeeLevel is a company that specializes in mystery shopping assignments for the retail sector, food services, automobile industry, and financial establishments.

And it is also among the few short-task sites that pay according to the industry standard. However, the joining process on this platform can be tricky at times.

How It Works

First, you need to visit the official site of this company to get started. And once you fill out the joining form, you may need to wait for up to a month to get the final approval.

Once you receive the joining approval letter in your inbox, you can start receiving mystery shopping projects from that same day.

Earning Potential

Depending on the length and difficulty level of the assignment, you can expect to make around $30 to $50/per project.

However, if you work sincerely, making up to $200/day from this platform is not very difficult. And you can cash out anytime through PayPal transfer.


7. Shopper’s View

You can blindly trust Shopper’s View in terms of mystery shopping assignments, as it is among the founding members of MSPA.

It is also among the few mystery shopping companies that currently have an A+ rating on Better Business Bureau to prove its legitimacy and trustworthiness.

shoppers view - mystery shopper jobs


How It Works

Although this company covers almost every sector, you can expect most retail, food, and sports projects.

One of the best things about this company is that you can even opt for telephonic assignments if you are not comfortable visiting the place physically.

So, it is also an excellent option for stay-at-home parents and even aged people.

Earning Potential

And each of these assignments can fetch you between $50 and $100 on average, although it depends on several factors. This company also offers frequent incentives to top performers.

And as this company claims, you can make up to $20k/year while working as a full-time agent of this platform.


8. About Face

About Face is a platform you must try this year if you are looking for legit mystery shopper jobs. It is also among the founding members of MSPA.

It has an A+ rating on Better Business Bureau as well. And as this company has been in operation for more than 20 years now, you can rest assured of its legitimacy.

Mystery shopping sites


How It Works

Most assignments on this platform may not even need you to visit the place physically, as you can also conduct telephonic audits.

So, if you are looking for easy jobs for lazy people, it is also among the best platforms to try.

Earning Potential

You can expect to make around $20 to $30/assignment on average, although it will depend on a couple of factors, including the difficulty level and your demographic strata.

However, this company claims to pay at least 15% more than any of its competitors in the US market. And you can make around $1k/month if you work full-time.


9. Helion Research

If you want to work with international brands as a mystery shopper, nothing can be better than trying this fantastic Helion Research platform.

mystery shopping jobs - helion research


How It Works

It mainly works for its customers to analyze the market to understand what consumers want from a specific company or product line.

And to evaluate any company and its operation, it sends field representatives to audit the company. However, you may need to go completely undercover and act like a usual customer while doing your job.

Earning Potential

On average, you can expect to make around $50 to $100/assignment. You get your completed projects consolidated report for a month on the last day.

And you will get your payment for all the approved mystery shopping assignments on the 20th of each month through direct bank deposit or PayPal transfer.


Best Companies To Consider For Mystery Shopper Jobs

Not every company pays the same rate for mystery shopper jobs. There will always be a chance of getting scammed if you don’t take cautious steps.

So, to help you, we have already found five of the best options you can try this year.


10. Market Force



Market Force is a legit market research and mystery shopping company specializing in retail and food services. With a BBB rating of A+, this company has clients from various industries.

And if you want to get paid to eat, it is probably among the few platforms you can rely entirely upon. While doing your project, you may also get a lot of free food.

How It Works

You can create an account on this platform by filling out the joining form. And it takes just a day or two to get your approval.

The best thing about this company is that you can redeem the total amount you have spent while doing any mystery shopping assignment.

Earning Potential

Users of this platform tend to get more freebies than money. And this company also pays a lower rate than the industry standard, as they offer free goodies with it.

And this company usually dispatches the payment within a week of successful project submission.


11. Signature Worldwide

mystery shopping sites


Signature Worldwide is undoubtedly among the legit platforms for mystery shopper jobs.

As this company works with a wide array of customers from various fields, you can get mystery shopping projects in the casino, party rentals, food, sports venue, and movie theaters.

How It Works

This company mainly specializes in telephonic mystery shopping assignments.

And you don’t need to visit the place physically to submit your report. But yes, you will only get the projects if it is in your local area.

However, you must act like any usual customer while conducting your telephonic audit to know about the service response.

Earning Potential

It is probably among the few companies that assure their field agents at least $10/hour.

You can withdraw your earnings through a linked bank or PayPal account twice each month.

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12. Secret Shopper

Since 1990, Secret Shopper has been almost dominating the mystery shopping segment. This company is also among the charter members of the Mystery Shopping Provider’s Association to prove its legitimacy.

Secret shopper jobs


How It Works

This platform has a steady stream of project availability at any given time.

However, it would be best if you were at least 18 years old with permanent citizenship in the United States to start working. But you don’t need previous experience in this industry to get started.

Earning Potential

While working for this company, you can expect to make between $10 and $15/hour on average.

You will also get full reimbursement for all the spending you need to bear while doing any project, such as your restaurant bill.

But yes, you need to submit bills to get reimbursement. And you will get your payment within seven business days.


13. Service Evaluation Concepts

shopping sites


Service Evaluation Concepts is another excellent platform to try if you are looking for legit mystery shopper jobs. And this company is currently working with some of the most reputed brands, such as Macy’s, Lego, Kroger, Cartier, and many more.

While becoming a member of this platform, you can get a lot of exposure in various industries.

How It Works

Joining this platform is also relatively easy, as you must fill out a simple joining form to get instant approval. And you can choose between available projects in your dashboard to get started.

If you prove your worthiness, you can also get certified by this company.

Earning Potential

Although it depends on several factors, you can expect to make between $10 and $50/assignment.

And certified mystery shoppers tend to earn much more than the base rate on this platform. You can also get various incentives and performance bonuses as an accredited member of this community.


14. Sinclair Customer Metrics

Secret shopping jobs


Sinclair Customer Metrics is a legit company specializing in mystery shopping projects in various industries, primarily banking, grocery stores, financial establishments, restaurants, food chains, and retail.

Besides the physical mystery shopping stints, you can also get video and telephonic mystery shopping projects on this platform.

How It Works

You only need to visit the official site to make a free account. And once you fill out the joining form, you must sign the independent contractor agreement.

After you get the initial approval, you need to pass the Sinclair new shopper challenge to get the final support from this company.

The complete sign-in procedure can be time-consuming, and it can take several days to get your final approval. However, once your account is approved, you can start taking projects on the very same day.

Earning Potential

Each mystery shopping stint on this platform can earn you around $15 to $40 on average if you need to visit the store physically. However, a telephonic mystery shopping stint will make lesser than that.

But yes, this company disburses all the bills and payments you must make while conducting your mystery shopping project.

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Other Companies to Find Mystery Shopper Jobs Near Me

  1. Perception Strategies: This mystery shopping gig is primarily focused on health care.
  2. Customer Impact: This retail merchandise service also provides Mystery shopping services.
  3. ACPView: This customer service offering firm partnered with more than 100K retail shops.
  4. iSecretShop: This company has joined hands with more than 1 million shops to offer services.
  5. Second To None: Offers customer experience consulting and mystery shopping services.
  6. Mystery Shoppers America: Partnered with retail stores, restaurants, hospitality, and theatres.
  7. Bare International: Try this local mystery shopping service to feel valued and earn extra income.
  8. Pinnacle: Provides mystery shopping programs that measure sales and service quality.
  9. Globis Survey: Earn here by being a secret shopper or filling out money-earning surveys.
  10. AQ Services: One of the global mystery shopping and auditing specialist company.
  11. National Consumer Panel: Create an impact as a secret shopper and earn exciting rewards here.
  12. Reality-Based Group: They conduct written and video mystery shops throughout USA and Canada.
  13. Amusement Advantage: Add yourself to already working 40K+ mystery shoppers on this platform.
  14. Shoppers Confidential: Deliver customer experience, insights, feedback &mystery shopping services.
  15. Intouch Insight: Well known for its remarkable customer experiences like web solutions and mystery shopping.


How To Avoid Mystery Shopping Scams?

There is no doubt that mystery shopping is among the money-making hobbies that pay. And although it is now not that difficult to get mystery shopper jobs, not every company is legit in this sector.

So, it is better to stick to the abovementioned platforms, as we have tested them personally.

There are a few red flags that can give you a clear sign of a possible scam:

Mystery Shopper Red Flag Alert

  • Companies that ask for upfront payment, such as registration fee or joining fee.
  • Sites that offer exuberant rewards for very minimal tasks.
  • Mystery shopper sites that don’t hold any secured HTTPS certification.
  • Some may also offer fake screenshots for rewards to lure innocents.
  • There will be no particular user info or contact details mentioned.
  • They market aggressively, stating their company as legit through fake promotions.

Tips To Avoid Mystery Shopper Scams

  • Check for domain-specific email IDs mentioned on the website.
  • Always check for genuine reviews on websites or surf the Internet.
  • Never ever make upfront payments and share your personal info.
  • Don’t get trapped into high-reward offering programs easily.
  • Check for genuine advertisements, and don’t click malicious links.
  • Avoid sharing personal information on 3rd party websites and apps.
  • Don’t get registered with email newsletters and fall trap to phishing.


Pros and Cons Of Mystery Shopper Jobs

  • Feels appealing to shopping enthusiasts.
  • Get paid to visit your favorite places and stores.
  • It is always fun to play one or more roles.
  • Work is always exciting and varied.
  • Get an appreciation of products and services.
  • Opportunity to become a shopping expert.
  • Repetitive tasks can turn boring.
  • You can feel redundant sometimes.
  • This industry is riffed with scams.
  • Work may feel tedious with fewer rewards.
  • It cannot serve as your full-time income.
  • Needs to travel long distances on the same day.


Is Mystery Shopping Worth It?

Mystery shopper jobs are considered one of the best side income ideas in order to gain lots of exposure. However, it may not turn you financially independent, but it can surely add a source to your pocket.

With this gig, you can surely learn a better business, gain exciting experiences, Easy money, and accountability. Considering all these positive gains, we can clearly say the Mystery shopper job is worth considering as a side hustle.

Note: Make sure to watch out for scams and adapt to time management to be confident and effective as a Mystery shopper.

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Mystery Shopper Jobs – Conclusion

You need to have a lot of patience while trying to become a mystery shopper, as you may get your first project after many days and even months.

However, once you become a regular in this industry and make some connections, you can ensure a steady supply of projects. So, these are all the legit mystery shopper jobs you can confidently try this year.

If you think we have missed any platform or know about any other company that ensures similar opportunities, feel free to drop your suggestions and feedback in the comment box below.


Mystery Shopper Jobs: FAQs

What Are The Best Mystery Shopping Companies?

No mystery shopping company can fully compensate for your full-time income; all you need to do is consider them as their part-time jobs in your free time.

But still, for better pay, you can consider MarketForce, Bestmark, or Intellishop.


Are All Mystery Shopping Companies Legitimate?

Every possible income source has a few downturns, and so is this field. There are many illegitimate companies serving as legit and luring innocents for money.

Be cautious and follow all the tips mentioned in this article to avoid them.


How Much Do Mystery Shoppers Make?

By considering Mystery shopping income stats from ZipRecruiter, it is stated that they can make around $300-$1900 per month working part-time.

Indeed mentions that one can earn between $9-$43 per hour based on the availability of work.


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