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Nike Product Testing Review In 2024 (+ Get Free Nike Shoes)

Many sports manufacturers offer their products to testers which they can keep after reviewing. And Nike being my favorite, I always wished to have a free sample or two. So, I took up the challenge to test and review Nike product testing jobs to know if I could have a free sneaker.

Established in 1964, Nike started selling sneakers in the USA in 1972. And since then, iconic athletes like Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, and Serena Williams have vouched for this amazing brand. From Air Jordan to Air Max, these are gems for sneakerheads nowadays!

Many opportunities are available to earn money as a tester, as you can now even get paid to test websites. But Nike, as a global giant, operates a bit differently.


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What Is Nike Product Testing?

Nike's Voiceoftheathlete website for testing their products to review.


As a part of their product development program, you can start testing Nike products from home. And it is not the only company where you can get paid to test products, as many other sports manufacturers, such as Adidas and Under Armor, also offer this.

Nike has a separate subdomain called “Voice of The Athlete,” where you can apply and join their product testing team. However, you must undergo an eligibility test to become an approved tester.

Once you receive the green signal from Nike, you can participate in various testing campaigns according to your expertise.

They send everything they manufacture, from sneakers to jerseys. But yes, you must return the product once you test it and submit your take.

Note: As of 2024, Nike is only taking joining applications for kid’s product reviewers. You need to keep an eye on their site if you want to become an adult tester as they post their future openings.

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How Nike Product Testing Works?

The testing process of Nike products.


Nike actively recruits product testers to assess and identify the flaws of their prototypes. It also means that the products you’ll be testing may not even hit the mass market.

It’s a one-of-a-kind offer for Nike lovers, as they can test unique prototypes that are not even available anywhere! New opportunities are emerging globally, as you can now even get paid to surf the web.

And this product testing hustle falls right onto that! Nike will use your testing results and feedback to improve and further tweak their products to cater to particular target groups.

This is how it works in 2024:

  • Apply as a tester, wait until they approve, and send you a confirmation mail.
  • Depending on your expertise and background, Nike will then send their prototypes.
  • Each product comes with distinct instructions, such as running 15 miles/week wearing a particular jogger or wearing their cleats for a 30-minute soccer game/day.
  • Each product also comes with a strict deadline, within which you need to wear, test, and submit your detailed report.
  • Once the testing period is over, you need to return the product. Yes, there are no freebies!
  • If you can prove your credibility and help in their improvement, you’ll keep on receiving new prototypes.

Note: The testing deadline can vary significantly from product to product. And it can be days, weeks, or even months. But throughout the testing period, you need to keep confidentiality intact!

My Findings: Nike conducts annual reviews for its product testing team. You need to prove your effectiveness in their development process to keep on receiving products. If you fail to match their standards, your participation will be canceled without prior intimation. So, no fake reviews, no deadline misses, and certainly no showoff on your IG profile.

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Eligibility Criteria To Become A Nike Product Tester

Three groups of Nike testers during the application process.


One thing is clear, you can’t make extra money from these Nike product testing jobs, as it is only suitable for Nike fans and sports buffs. You’ll not be paid, can’t even keep the product, neither can you flaunt wearing them.

Nike has three distinct age-wise categories for their testers

  • Adult: You can apply as an adult (18+ years) to receive products made for the masses.
  • Minor: It is for the age bracket between 13 and 17 but with parental consent. You’ll receive products designed for teens.
  • Child: Only parents can apply for their child aged 12 years or below. They will receive kids’ products.

Each of these age categories has three different criteria which you need to disclose before you start receiving Nike prototypes. And they will only send products that match your vitals and stats.

Three basic parameters

  • Activities: Tell them about your sports activities and background; they will send products accordingly. If you are a soccer player, you’ll receive cleats; if you are a skateboarder, you’ll receive skating shoes.
  • Measurements: You need to give them the vitals of your height, chest/bust, waist, hips, and shoe size. They will then send you products that fit you properly.
  • Location: Depending on your demographic profile, you’ll receive products that target your country. Not all products are targeted toward every country.

Primarily focused on the USA, Nike has six core target countries: Japan, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. Besides, they have 35 other countries where they actively recruit product testers.


How To Become A Nike Product Tester?

The process of how Nike product testing application works.


The Nike product testing application process is simple and takes just a few minutes.

You won’t get paid to write reviews, but you’ll receive prototypes of your favorite sports brand if your application gets accepted!

The signup process

  1. Visit the official “Voice of The Athletes” site and choose your age category.
  2. Choose your country (Parents must create their profiles first to apply for their kids).
  3. Select your date of birth through the drop-down menu.
  4. Declare if you are a present Nike employee.
  5. Declare if you are or are soon to become an NCAA athlete.
  6. Enter your credentials (First name, last name, ID, and password).
  7. Select your preferred mode of communication between SMS and email.
  8. Digitally sign a “release and waiver” document.
  9. Declare your gender and contact details.
  10. Write in brief how you heard about this testing program.

If they like your application and it matches their requirement, Nike will send you a confirmation mail (probably within three weeks). You can only go for further steps once you receive the green signal.

The Testing process

  1. Once approved, you’ll start receiving invitations that match your details.
  2. Accept the product testing invitation.
  3. Receive the product/prototype through delivery service.
  4. Test it while complying with the instructions.
  5. Submit your genuine and detailed feedback within TAT.
  6. Return the product through courier service (prepaid shipping label will be provided).

My Take: Each product will come with separate instructions to test it in a certain environment and timeframe. You need to test it accordingly and try to give every minute details that you have found.


Can You Become A Nike Product Tester If You Live Outside The USA?

Yes, you can indeed become a product tester for Nike, even if you live outside the USA. But don’t treat this as a way to make money without a job, as it will not pay you anything, irrespective of your demographic identity.

Currently, Nike is looking for product testers in 41 countries (6 core + 35 others).

They primarily focus on these countries because of their existing customer base and the potential to grow in their respective markets. However, you can still apply from other countries.

Application process from non-eligible countries

  1. Don’t apply through the “Voice of The Athlete” domain.
  2. Email them at [email protected] with your details.
  3. Put “NPT Support (Apparel)” for clothing and “NPT Support (Footwear)” for shoes in the subject line.
  4. Write a short description of why you are suitable as a product tester.
  5. Give your complete demographic details, your background, and sports expertise.

Note: If Nike finds your application suitable, you’ll receive a final signup link through email. But it can take up to a month to hear anything from the NPT team.


The Non-Disclosure Agreement Of Nike Product Testing

You cannot start testing Nike products without signing the NDA, as they are very strict about the confidentiality of their prototype.

It does not work the same way as the platforms to get paid to review music or any SaaS product.

Four core parameters of Nike NDA

  • You cannot take photographs of the product, not even for personal use.
  • You cannot go to a party or gathering wearing the product where photographers/reporters will be present.
  • Sharing product photos, videos, and feedback via social media handles or any medium is prohibited.
  • To keep confidentiality, you can’t discuss the product with anyone, not even with your friends.

My Take: While I went through their NDA, it became clear that Nike is very concerned about the confidentiality of their prototypes. And any noncompliance with the NDA can land you in trouble.


Things To Consider While Applying As A Nike Product Tester

The signup form for Nike product testers.


You may not get your place in the Nike product testing team in one go, as many people reported that it took 3-4 attempts for them to get approved.

However, certain things can definitely increase your chances.

What you need to do

  • Fill out the application form honestly with genuine details. Don’t include any wrong or misleading information.
  • Give them reasons why you are the best fit for their product testing team.
  • Declare your sports expertise, activities, performance level, and training schedule.
  • Give your apparel and shoe measurements in US units.
  • Select your closest whole shoe size. (If you wear 8.5, you should declare your shoe size as 9)
  • Try to ensure prompt responses when you receive any mail, query, or instructions.

My Take: You need to give them every reason why they should select you. Thousands of people apply each day, and you need to prove that you are the best fit. Faster responses and clear communications will let them know you are interested and responsive.


How Often Can You Test Nike Products?

Nike product testing is an exclusive offer for sports fans and Nike enthusiasts. And once any test is available that matches your vitals and expertise, they will drop you a mail.

So, it can take months and even years before they can find the best fit for you!

You also need to understand that it is not a place to make $500 quickly, as it is a voluntary program where Nike is the only governing body.

You shouldn’t expect to receive tons of offers even if it falls into your category and expertise.

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How Much Money Can You Make From Nike Product Testing?

As I’ve said earlier, Nike product testing is a voluntary and unpaid opportunity best suited for sports fans and Nike lovers. You cannot make money fast and easily by becoming their tester.

You also cannot keep the product, as you need to return it after the testing period. So, it will stay with you just for a few weeks (or months). You also can’t show the product to anyone to maintain confidentiality.

So, what do you get? You only get the joy of trying Nike shoes and apparel prototypes before they hit the market. Besides, you will also get the satisfaction of becoming a part of the sports revolution.


Pros And Cons

Nike product testing jobs are geared toward sports lovers, as it doesn’t give any compensation than an exclusive feeling. But still, it has some advantages and disadvantages.

  • You’ll get an exclusive chance to test Nike prototypes.
  • You’ll test rare products that may not even hit the mass market.
  • As a part of their testing team, you’ll contribute to product development.
  • You don’t need to pay any shipping fees.
  • No monetary compensation is involved. Completely unpaid!
  • You cannot keep the product after the testing phase.
  • You cannot share its picture anywhere.
  • Depending on your location and expertise, you may need to wait for a long time.
  • Testing jobs are not available in every country.


Can You Get Free Nike Shoes As A Tester?

Technically, yes, you’ll get free Nike shoes. But you cannot keep it or sell sneakers for cash. That product will belong to Nike; you must return it after a specified testing time.

If you test that product, Nike will not give you any shoes as a freebie. Every product they dispatch comes with a prepaid shipping label. You’ll get it right when you receive the product for testing.

You need to stick that return label to the box and send it back after the testing phase. So, if you ask how to get free Nike shoes, it is not the right suit.


Other Sports Manufacturers Offering Product Testing Jobs

Homepage of the Adidas product testing website.


Becoming a Nike shoe reviewer, even with a sports background, is hard. But other equally famous companies offer testing jobs.

My top recommendations are

Bonus: If you are a sneakerhead with a good collection, you can now encash those. You can even sell used shoes online and make more money than aftermarket.


Final Note

Undoubtedly, you’ll get the feeling of exclusivity by taking up the Nike product testing job. But you won’t be compensated monetarily (cash or kind), and there is no chance of getting freebies either.

You also can’t flaunt it online. Collecting sneakers and reviewing them is undoubtedly one of the best money-making hobbies that pay.

But in the case of Nike, it is not the same. You’ll only become a part of their team and keep on receiving prototypes.


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