80 non-phone work from home jobs for everyone in 2019

80+ Companies Offering Non-Phone Work From Home Jobs

Are you working from home or any part of the world, in a field where you are forced to answer phone calls even after your official working hours?

Do you feel uncomfortable to take calls? Do you have an infant or a toddler in your home? Or do you live in a noisy neighborhood?
It is pretty clear that taking phone calls under such circumstances is a bit difficult. Do you need any alternate work at home job that doesn’t need you to be on the phone?

I can help you to resolve the problem.

To help you and people like you, we have handpicked and listed 80+ legit companies that offer non-phone work from home jobs.

You can select any of the below non-phone work from home jobs which will help you with healthy earnings by fulfilling your interests as well.

So, why waiting? let’s jump into the list.


Non-Phone Work from Home Jobs for Everyone:


Non-Phone Work From Home Jobs – Quick Cash:

Want to earn some quick bucks in your free time? If yes, these jobs are for you. These offers cannot earn you full-time income but you can make some extra bucks doing simple tasks.

And the best part of these jobs is you don’t need to allocate any special time for completing these tasks. Actually, you can work in your free time to make extra bucks while enjoying what you are doing.

These tasks include watching videos, playing games, taking surveys, participating in contests and etc. Are you interested? Let’s see the list.


Companies That Pay You Quick Cash

Survey Junkie:

With over 5 million active members, Survey Junkie has become one of the top survey platforms on the internet. SurveyJunkie is well-known for easy, short, and legit surveys with a high acceptance rate.

Reportedly these offers can gift you between $3-$75 per each survey.  This website is definitely worth your time. Signup at Survey Junkie and start answering simple surveys.


No wonder this is the best paying website for doing tasks like watching videos, playing games, taking surveys, and shopping online.

Till now, InboxDollars has paid $57 million direct cash to its users for doing those daily activities. Aren’t you a member of it? why are you waiting then?

Signup for InboxDollars today and get a $5 instant welcome bonus. InboxDollars (for USA residents), InboxPounds (for UK residents), DailyRewards (for Canadians).

Confirm your registration through email and get a $5 sign-up bonus immediately.


OpinionCity is completely for surveys but you need to know how this is different compared to others.

This website connects all the other survey sites and brings high-paying survey offers to your fingertips. Sounds great right?

You can even find the offers that pay up to $100 per survey. Don’t wait, Complete your signup at OpinionCity and start earning.

Vindale Research:

Earn up to $50 per survey you take at Vindale Research, one of the leading best survey platforms on the internet.

Not only surveys, but you can also make money doing various tasks like watching videos, referring friends, reading emails, submitting payment proofs, etc. Join Vindale Research here.


Non-Phone Work From Home Jobs – Online Tutoring:

I have always dreamed of being a teacher but when I started my career as a teacher, my interest slowly got reduced.

Later I personally did not like the way these commercial situations in schools or colleges work. Then we could not cope with 40 students together.

Later, I found out these wonderful online tutoring jobs where I can fulfill my interest in teaching.

It is also one of non-phone work from home jobs, where I started tutoring online, yet you need a webcam to interact with the students.

All you need to have is a good knowledge of a subject and there will be many companies which will hire you. Such companies will pay you weekly or on per hour basis. You need to select companies accordingly.


Companies That Offering Tutoring Jobs

Universal Class: A four years degree with a Teaching Certificate is all you need to get selected in UniversalClass. It also takes care of the quality of the classes being delivered.

Shmoop: If you are good at preparing test papers or create study material, this will be a good start. You need to have a degree to be hired as a home-based writer.

Qkids: Eligibility criteria for Qkids are either you have a qualified degree or you should be an active student of any university.  One needs to belong to Canada, the UK, or the US.  Pay here is again hourly based. It is around $20.

ESL Tutoring:  Easily enjoy around $25 – $30 per hour, being skilled at a particular subject. Schools take primary choices to select ESL tutors.  ESL Certificate helps you to grab the opportunity.

Math ELF: Help kids to work on Math 24×7. You should have a good experience certificate.

Quarasan: Wonderful start for a bright career in preparing test papers or to create educational content.

Cambly: Here, you will be basically dealing with informative tutoring as in social chatting.

Elevate Learning: The previous experience is required and you will be paid approx $10 hourly.

Chegg:  This job pays you weekly and it is one of the flexible non-phone work from home jobs.

Measurement Inc:  It is again a freelance work with an average pay of $10 per hour. Open to the United States only.


Non-Phone Work From Home Jobs – Data Entry:

Data entry jobs are one source of easy income where you can think of non-phone work from home jobs. It is just transferring data from one source to the other.

You have to be very particular in working with Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.

Usually, these companies do not require any experience. Although for a stable income it is better you aspire one.

Basically, the work here will be a similar project and you should not mind the repetition if you are willing to work for data entry jobs from home.

These jobs are considered to be a much comfortable and easiest opportunity that can help you earn from the home without much stress.


Companies That Offering Data Entry Jobs

Cass information system: This company looks for an experienced person. It is a total location-based position for data verification and data entry works. Onsite training is usually required before starting to work with this company.

Amazon MTurk: This is a place where you can find micro schedules to work on. It is an easy procedure where the general non-phone work from home jobs take care.

You have to look after data entry in the search box to find the short tasks where you can start earning some extra money.

Flex Jobs: you can get a genuine data entry work from various companies at a minimum payment of around $10 per project.

Once you get into their website you will have a column for the data entry section. Select one which suits you best and start to earn.

The Smart Crowd: Dwolla is the payment site they follow. The SmartCrowd pays you according to the file and it is accessible from any part of the world.

Xerox: This is again a location-based company that provides non-phone work from home jobs. All you have to do is type “work from home data entry” on the career page and search for a suitable data entry job for you.

Fiverr: If you are very skilled in data entry jobs, Fiverr is a better option to promote your skills. The payment is easier again based upon the file you select.

Data Trace: DataTrace is a rebranded form of RedVision. To find opportunities on DataTrace you have to check on Indeed and Glassdoor for openings.

Great American Opportunities: As the name suggests, this company hires people from the US only. You will receive around .10 to .15 cents depending upon the type of form you select. The payment will be sent weekly through wire transfer or direct deposit.

Smart locating: This company needs to be able to meet in-person first. Being a Texas-based company we recommend the person to be near to that location as you can have a face to face interview.

Konsus: Data entry, content writing, graphic designing, researching, lead generation, website development, PowerPoint designing, software engineering, etc are the basic dealings Konsus does.

The pay rate is not clear on their website yet looking after the variation in their jobs we can expect a better deal from Konsus. This company pays monthly.


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  2. SurveyJunkie (Top-rated, short, and easy surveys. Up to $3 – $7 per each task).
  3. OpinionCity (Up to $100 per survey & browse all high-paying offers at one place).
  4. Pinecone Research (Up to $3 – $5 per each survey & $7 per each product test).


Non-Phone Work From Home Jobs – Transcription:

A transcriptionist will have the job to convert an audio file into a written document in any language.

When you are looking for a non-phone work from home jobs, transcription should be the best option as you will not use the phone in your entire schedule. Even the companies prefer email procedure rather than a phone call.

Before you start searching for transcription jobs you need to have the knowledge of what the basic requirements are.


Companies That Offering Transcription Jobs

Scribie is the company that does not require any experience the payment would be made through PayPal and approximately around $10 for a complete audio hour.

Tigerfish hire only US-based people. Payment will be made based upon the number of lines you have transcribed.

Appenscribe also requires experienced people. There are specific tests where you need to get qualified. The payment will be made through PayPal based upon the number of lines you have transcribed.

3PlayMedia hires US people only. The payment will be made on an hourly basis at an approximate rate of 10 to 30 dollars.

Babbletype is open worldwide but needs an experienced person to get through their tests. The payment is made through PayPal weekly. The payment is between 0.40 cents to $1 basing upon the difficulty of the audio file.

AccutranGlobal is open to Canada and the US only. Cheque payment or wire transfer is the mode of payment Accutran Global prefers to. Payment is made once in a month ranging from 0.005 t0 0.01 dollars per word.

TranscribeMe is open to all countries. Payment is made weekly through PayPal and the amount paid depends upon the project.

Crowdsurf requires a low specific experienced person. Weekly payment is processed by the company. Even a short audio file will give you a start for extra pay.

1-888-Type-It-Up is open for only US persons. Low specific experience is preferred and new transcribers are always welcome to enter. PayPal payment is made every fortnight.

Recommended Article: 35 Companies That Offer Online Transcription Jobs.


Non-Phone Work From Home Jobs – Freelance Writing:

Freelance writing is one of the creative jobs if you have good writing skills. This is one of the best non-phone work from home jobs where a person can easily fulfill their passion for writing.

There is no need for any particular experience to get into freelance writing works.

You can try out the below-listed companies or can also try with direct clients or private clients who can offer you a very better deal of your choice.


Companies That Hire Freelance Writers

HowStuff Works: This site helps you to find a better deal with very good pay and very good clients. It is very exclusive and high pay writing jobs.

CrowdContent: The payment is made every Friday via Paypal and this company usually hires people from the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. You can draw around $10 per project.

Scripted: This company again pastry paper at around 10 to 25 dollars for assignment. It is mostly open worldwide.

TextBroker: The payment is made once in a week via PayPal and ranges between 0.7 to 0.8 cents per word.

TheContentAuthority: It is again open worldwide. Any person who is searching for non-phone work from home jobs can opt for this company. The payment will be made once in a week via Paypal and an approximate arrangement of 0.7 cents per word.

OnlineWritingJobs: Usually open for the US-based people and payment is approximately $10 for a project. Paypal is the mode of payment made once a week.

BoostMedia: Boost Media also does payment through PayPal once in a week. The payment depends upon the project use select.

CopyPress: It is open for the people residing in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, and a few other countries. CopyPress follows fortnight payments through PayPal.

BlogMutt: The payment is made weekly through PayPal and it is accessible for the US only. The amount ranges from $8 to $72 depending upon the post.

Copify: The work at copy file depends upon the feasibility you need to inform the company. The payment would be approximately $30 for 500 words written.


Non-Phone Work From Home Jobs – Search Engine Evaluation:

According to my personal knowledge, the search engine evaluator is the job one can easily prefer when looking for non-phone work from home jobs.

The basic job is to find out the relevancy of the pages you get out of the specific search terms.

If you are a great internet researcher, you will excel at search engine evaluation.

There is no specific experience required as most of the companies that hire for search engine evaluator will only have to possess multiple projects available.

Your search needs to be specific enough to start earning.


Companies To Find Search Engine Evaluation Jobs

Lionbridge: Lionbridge deals with the multimedia judge, internet search administrator, spell web content assessor, query understanding judge, add assessor web content assessor, internet crowd worker internet assessor social media internet assessor, and so on.

You can take Lionbridge as one of the legitimate non-phone works from home jobs to get started on. Lionbridge usually pays once in a month for approximately $10 per project.

Appen: It is open to worldwide users. Payment depends upon the project you select from the company. The company pays you on a monthly basis via direct deposit or the cheque.

Leapforce: It is open worldwide and pays about 13.5 $ per hour. You will be paid once in a month through cheque or a direct deposit.

KarmaHub: It is open for the US only and pays around $11 per hour. As we are looking for non-phone work from home jobs, KarmaHub has a flexible schedule.

ISoftStone: I am not sure but maybe this company is open worldwide. This pays you around $12 per hour. You will get paid monthly via Paypal or direct deposit.

Amazon MTurk:  Though the information is not relevant enough on this site, they still have some search engine evaluation openings for you. Request you to directly check on their website for clear postings.


Non-Phone Work From Home Jobs – Proofreading & Editing:

Proofreading and editing is a job where you need to have a particular certification or you need to have a degree in the related field.

The basic concept of proofreading and editing is you need to have excellent grammar spelling skills or can read and scan documents quickly so that you can spot the mistakes and other contents in the text.

There are great opportunities for the proofreaders who are looking for total non-phone works from home jobs.


Here Are Some Companies

Book In A Box:  The openings are not regular, but if they hire you, they will pay you up to $3000 per book. Now, this website changed its name to Scribe Writing.

Enago: You must have experience and education to get qualified. It hires freelancers.

Gramlee:  This has general openings for proofreaders and editors.

Kibin:  Usual openings are not provided. You need to fill a form and the company will let you know about the position when they are ready to hire.

Cactus: This offers editing works for freelancers. People who are looking to work for non-phone works from home can try Cactus for their freelance works.

Scribendi: Scribendi lets us work from home as freelancers to proofread or edit the content they are hired for. The payment is made via Paypal and the openings are only for the US-based.  The payment depends upon the amount of work or project you select.

Edit911:  Proofreading is applicable only for the doctorates at Edit911. The payment is not mentioned clearly but looking for the qualification requirements, we can guess that pay will reach your requirements.

OneSpace:  This company not only provides options for proofreaders and editors but also takes care of Image Tagging and Website Categorisation and other things.

ProofreadingPal: As the name suggests, it takes care of specifically proofreading and editing, so you need to be an expert to get hired for ProofreadingPal. Once you are through, I can tell you-you will start earning your living with ease.

SmartBrief: An experience of a minimum of 3 years is mandatory for enrollment. You will be earning $15 per hour. You need to have very good writing skills for the job.


Non-Phone Work From Home Jobs – Interpreters and Translators:

This is one of the best options for people who are bilingual or multilingual with super spelling skills and grammar skills.

Your basic job as a translator will be converting a language from one form to another which could be spoken word or audio or written file.

For the people who are looking for non-phone jobs from home, this could be the very best option as the timings would be very flexible and easy for you.

There are plenty of companies that hire translators to help them with converting the files which are related to calls document meetings or any.


Companies That Offering Translation Jobs

Interpreters and Translators Inc: You need to have a good grip over multiple languages. Once you get through the selection procedure, you will start drawing income from a home-based job.

Verilogue: For this secured job, you will be paid every fortnight. Approx a cost of $5 for every audio minute. The payment will be made through cheque or direct deposit.

TextMaster: Positions are open worldwide. Payment is made through PayPal. Earn approximately around $1.30 – $10.

Gengo:  Payment is made through PayPal every fortnight. Positions are open worldwide.

VerbalInk: Open for US only and payment is through PayPal weekly.

Andover – You can start earning as freelance correctors or translators with specific experience. 

Multilingual Connections – This company hires home-based translators and interpreters.

World Lingo – If you are looking for a non-phone home-based job, and you are good at handling different languages, you can choose WorldLingo.  The payment will be made twice a month through direct deposit.

Paid Experts: This is one of the best places to find your earning through non-phone jobs from home. You need to be an expert in a specific field of language. Earning will be credited through PayPal, weekly.

VerbalizeIt: You will be credited through PayPal every week for your expertise at Interpretation, Translation, and Transcription.

ProZ: If you are looking for freelance work,  Proz could be your option to step on.


Non-Phone Work From Home Jobs – Virtual Assistant:

I don’t say it is a total non-phone procedure but usually few clients prefer email communications only.

You need to handle works like social media management, internet research, answering emails, and so on.

There will be a few situations where you need to answer the calls and explain to the clients about their doubts.

Please go through the below companies who you can start working with.


Companies To Find Virtual Assistant Jobs

Fancy Hands – Open for US only. Payment will be made through Dwolla every Tuesday.

Red Butler – Maybe open for the US and other parts of the world.  Virtual Assistant working from home is easy with RedButler.

Worldwide 101 – This company is open to the UK and the US only. Payment will be made through direct deposit once a month.

Equity – Basic requirements are a Bachelor’s Degree, a Phone, and a Laptop. Then start earning an easy interview.

NS Virtual Services – Easy enrollment and easy pay.

VA Sumo – With different tasks including writing, graphic design, and transcription, and social media, this company helps his clients to handle work easily.

99 Dollar Social –  As the name suggests, you need to handle the Social Media remotely and you’ll be earning $11 per hour.

Belay – Bachelor’s Degree and 5 years experience is mandatory.

Virtual Gal Friday – Easy to get enrolled. You can give it a try.

Vicky Virtual – Bachelor’s Degree is required and Accounts is the job you need to handle.

Team Delegate – Various duties like calendar management, travel arrangements, creating PowerPoint presentations, taking meeting notes, etc, can be the possibilities you need to handle.

Contemporary VA – Open worldwide and paid approx of $ 12 per hour.

Time Etc – Open only for the US and UK. Payment will be fixed based upon experience and it is between $11 to $16 per hour.

Accounting Department:  Need 3 years experience.


Non-Phone Work From Home Jobs – Chatting:

I hope you are aware of the “live chat support” which recently few companies have started on. The people who help with live chat support are usually the ones who earn from home.

You will need customer service skills or experience and a little knowledge about the computer so that you can handle the clients easily according to their requirements.

The chat shop: This company hires people worldwide as they have various businesses. An approximate pay rate would be from 9 to 10 dollars hourly. Any person with the required qualification can apply and start earning.

Apple: Apple is open to the US only. Apply for the position and if you are selected you can get going.

Emerge BPO: A minimum of a High School diploma is required and this company encourages any person with clear qualities of the requirements above listed.

Ginger.io: you need to have a degree in a related field all the jobs at a total contract basis. Ginger.io is only open to the US.



Here we are at the end of the article. I hope this list of 80 non-phone work from home jobs will help you to find the best side hustle for you.

You can try one or multiple ideas based on your interest and time availability. If you still have any queries, please leave a comment below.


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