90 Companies Offering Non-Phone Work From Home Jobs

Are you the one who is searching for work from home jobs that don’t require you to be on phone all the time? Well, then you came to the right place.

I can understand the hardship of handling work calls especially if you are a work-at-home mom or dad, have pets, or you live near a noisy neighborhood.

To help you with that, I’ve done some research and curated a list of non-phone work from home jobs. None of these non-phone jobs require you to be in a quiet background or talk on the phone for hours.

So, go through this list and pick the right opportunity to change the way you work if you really want to balance work and family life.


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Best Non-Phone Work From Home Jobs

Work from home jobs has no scarcity on the Internet. However, here is my best list of work from home non-phone jobs for everyone.


1. Proofreading – #1 Non-Phone Job For Everyone

Proofreading is absolutely a great non-phone opportunity for grammar freaks. This job requires no greater skill than catching the errors/typos/mistakes in the content you read.

These jobs are on the fire for several years and being a native English speaker is what fuels the fire. Since English is the global language of business, almost every business operating its services online requires proofreaders to protect its brand authority by keeping its platform errors-free.

According to Salary.com, you can earn up to $40,000 per year working from home as a proofreader. That brings the pay rates of $20 – $50 per hour.

Well, there are several online proofreading companies to find jobs, but a few companies hire based on your editing skills or proofreading experience. But no need to worry.

A veteran proofreader is here to help you with that. Attend Caitlin Pyle’s FREE Freelance Proofreading Workshop and learn everything you need to know about proofreading and editing.


Caitlin is a great example to understand the true potential of a freelance proofreading job. She is earning six-figures from it.

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Companies To Find Non-Phone Proofreading Jobs

Book In A Box:  They hire proofreaders to proofread books. Their openings are not regular, but if get selected, they pay up to $3000 for proofreading a book. Now, this website changed its name to ScribeWriting.

Enago: You must have experience and education to get qualified. It hires freelancers.

Gramlee:  This has general openings for proofreaders and editors.

Kibin:  Usual openings are not provided. You need to fill a form and the company will let you know about the position when they are ready to hire.

Cactus: Offers editing works for freelancers. People who are looking for non-phone work from home jobs can try Cactus.

Scribendi: This company lets us work from home as freelancers to proofread or edit the content. The payment is made via Paypal and the openings are only for the US-based.  The payment depends upon the amount of work or project you select.

OneSpace:  This company not only provides opportunities for proofreaders and editors but also hires people to work on Image Tagging, Website Categorisation, and other tasks.

ProofreadingPal: As the name suggests, this website hires proofreaders and editors. You need to be an expert to work at ProofreadingPal.

SmartBrief: An experience of a minimum of 3 years is mandatory for enrollment. You will be earning $15 per hour. You need to have very good language skills for the job.

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2. Paid Online Survey Jobs

Paid online surveys are another productive way to turn your free time into real cash. These platforms also come with a variety of paid tasks like watching videos, playing games, reading emails, referring friends, and more.

It’s really fun making money by doing these tasks in leisure hours. You can take these surveys in the evenings or on weekend days.

On average, you can make up to $5 per 20-minute long survey. But, some companies like Vindale Research, MindsPay pay up to $50 per survey. These surveys may take a bit longer to be completed. However, they worth taking in the end.

Best Survey Platforms To Join Today

Survey Junkie: With nearly 8 million active members, Survey Junkie has become one of the top survey platforms on the internet. SurveyJunkie is well-known for easy and short surveys with a high acceptance rate.

Reportedly these offers can gift you between $1-$25 per survey. Signup at Survey Junkie and start answering simple surveys.

InboxDollars: No wonder this is the best paying website for doing tasks like watching videos, playing games, taking surveys, and shopping online.

Till now, InboxDollars has paid more than $57 million in direct cash to its users for doing those daily activities. Aren’t you a member of it? Then, why are you waiting?

Signup for InboxDollars today and get a $5 instant welcome bonus. InboxDollars (for USA residents), InboxPounds (for UK residents), DailyRewards (for Canadians).

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OpinionCity: OpinionCity is completely a different platform compared to others. This website connects all the other survey sites and brings high-paying survey offers to your fingertips. Sounds great right?

You can even find offers that pay up to $100 per survey. Don’t wait, complete your signup at OpinionCity and start earning.

Vindale Research: Earn up to $50 per survey you take at Vindale Research, one of the leading survey platforms on the internet.

Not only surveys, but this platform also allows you to make money doing various tasks like watching videos, referring friends, reading emails, submitting payment proofs, etc. Join Vindale Research here.

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3. Non-Phone Work From Home Virtual Assistant Jobs

Virtual assisting is another great opportunity for people who are searching for non-phone work from home jobs. These jobs are in demand for years and no signs of out of demand in the foreseeable future.

You can offer services like content writing, social media management, email management, keyword research, graphics designing, and more.

There are nearly 150 different types of services you can offer as a virtual assistant. As a virtual assistant, you can charge your clients based on the type of service you provide. For instance, you can charge up to $100 an hour for services like keyword research, landing page writing, etc.

To get started as a virtual assistant, first, you should have knowledge of picking the right service to offer, estimating its demand, fixing your hourly pay rates, and most importantly finding potential clients.

No need to worry if it is not your cup of tea. Gina Horkey is here to help you with that.

Gina is a very successful VA for years and now she is helping people to become virtual assistants through her 30 Days Or Less To Virtual Assistant Success Course.

She has already taught thousands of students and most of them have benefitted from this course. Her students are currently making $3000-$5000+ per month working as VAs.

So, don’t be so late to book your spot and try this course. Enjoy success in less than 30 days.

Companies To Find Virtual Assistant Jobs

FancyHands – Open for the US only. Payment will be made through Dwolla on every Tuesday.

RedButler – Mostly US, and occasionally hires from other parts of the world. Flexible schedules with decent pay rates.

Worldwide101 – This company is open to the UK and the US people only. Payments will be made through direct deposit once a month.

Equity – Basic requirements are a Bachelor’s Degree, a phone, and a laptop. Must take an Interview (easy one).

NS Virtual Services – Easy enrollment and decent pay.

VA Sumo – You can offer services like writing, graphic designing, and transcription, and social media.

99 Dollar Social –  As the name suggests, you need to handle client’s Social Media handles remotely and the pay is around $11 per hour.

Belay – Bachelor’s Degree and 5 years of experience are mandatory.

Virtual Gal Friday – Easy to get enrolled. You can give it a try.

Vicky Virtual – Bachelor’s degree is required. A great option for people with accounting knowledge.

Team Delegate – Calendar management, travel arrangements, creating PowerPoint presentations, taking meeting notes are the main duties here. Try if love any of those.

Contemporary VA – Open worldwide and pay is approximately $12 per hour.

Time Etc – Open only for the US and UK. Your pay rate will be fixed according to your experience and it is between $11 and $16 per hour.

Accounting Department:  Requires 3 years of experience.

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4. Home-Based Transcription Jobs

A transcriptionist’s job is to listen to audio or video recording files and typing what they hear in a word document. This job is a good addition to your pockets if you have good typing skills and leisure hours at night.

As a beginner transcriptionist, you can earn a minimum of $15 an hour, and based on your experience & accuracy, you can earn up to $40 an hour.

We have discussed online transcription jobs everything in detail in this article and here you can find the companies that are currently hiring.

Though some companies hire candidates with no experience, it is better to try after being into some practice and gaining some knowledge.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to pay anything to get the required basic knowledge. Janet Shaughnessy, a transcription expert sharing her experience through this FREE Transcription e-Course.

Surely, this will help you to jump-start your transcription career. Her advanced paid course is also a great resource to achieve transcription success in very little time. Sign up for TranscribeAnywhere Free Course Now.

For now, here are some platforms that are hiring to fill their work from home transcription job positions.

Companies To Find Online Transcription Jobs

Scribie is a company that does not ask for any experience to be a transcriber. The payment would be made through PayPal and approximately $10 per hour.

Tigerfish hires only from the US. No experience required. Payment will be made based upon the number of lines transcribed.

Appenscribe requires experienced people. There are specific tests where you need to be qualified. The payment will be made through PayPal based upon the number of lines you have transcribed.

3PlayMedia also hires US people only. The payment will be made on an hourly basis at an approximate rate of $10 to $30 an hour.

Babbletype is open worldwide but only hires experienced candidates through their tests. The payment is made through PayPal weekly. They pay is around 0.40 cents to $1 per audio minute. It depends on the difficulty of the audio file.

AccutranGlobal is open to Canada and the US only. Cheque payment or wire transfer is the mode of payment at Accutran Global. Payment is made once a month ranging from 0.005 t0 0.01 dollars per word.

TranscribeMe hires worldwide. Payment is made weekly through PayPal and earnings depend on the project.

Crowdsurf requires a low specific experienced person. Weekly payments.

1-888-Type-It-Up is open for US citizens only. Low specific experience is preferred and beginner transcribers are also preferred. PayPal payment.

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5. Freelance Writing Jobs From Home

Putting the starting struggles aside, freelance writing jobs are the safest, creative, highest paying, and come with long-term potential growth.

I can say that writing is not for everyone but it is surely for committed and hard-working people. Anyone with passion and determination can be a great writer. Yeah, no rocket science inside!

But you need to be very creative and impress people or clients with your writings every time. That’s the hardest part here. And that’s why writers get paid higher pay rates.

A beginner writer earns anywhere between $30 – $50 per 1000 word article, on the other hand, experienced heads charge $500 – $1000 for writing the same length article.

Well, there are a bunch of websites out there to hire beginner writers but that’s not the recommended approach. Those platforms pay very little and good for gaining some experience in the beginning only.

Once you get some experience, you should start pitching high-paying clients through cold emails.

To get into a successful path, you must follow the successful person who already did it. Holly Johnson is the right person to learn the required knowledge from.

She started as a freelance writer and now she earns $200,000+ a year from her freelance writing business alone. That’s a jaw-dropping six-figure, right?

Enroll in Earn More Writing FREE Workshop and learn how she made it from zero to whopping six figures.

Companies That Hire Freelance Writers

HowStuff Works: Helps you in finding well-paying clients. High pay rates.

CrowdContent: Hires people from the US, UK, Canada, and Australian writers.

Scripted: Hires writers from all countries.

TextBroker: Pays once a week via PayPal and pay ranges between 0.7 and 0.8 cents per word.

TheContentAuthority: Open worldwide. Any person who is searching for non-phone work from home jobs can opt for this company.

OnlineWritingJobs: Usually open for the US-based people and payment is approximately $10 for a project. Paypal is the mode of payment. Weekly payments.

CopyPress: It is open for people residing in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, and a few other countries. CopyPress follows fortnight payments through PayPal.

BlogMutt: The pay ranges from $8 to $72 depending upon the post. They pay weekly through PayPal and hire only from the US.

Copify: Pays around $30 per 500 words long post. Weekly payouts.

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6. Non-Phone Work From Home Jobs – Data Entry

Everyone likes data entry jobs as they are relatively easy and don’t take much time to finish. These jobs are completely beginner friendly and anyone with a basic knowledge of computers can start working.

These jobs involve different tasks like data transferring, typing, and more. As per pay rates, these jobs pay comparatively a bit lesser than other jobs but they are a great start for beginners.

If you really want to get started on your own, I personally recommend you to go with Fiverr or FlexJobs first.

Fiverr is the best marketplace on the internet to find work from home jobs, or non-phone gigs like data entry, proofreading, virtual assistance, or freelance writing. Here you can fix your pay rates.

And FlexJobs is no lesser than Fiverr in terms of housing remote opportunities for almost everyone. Besides these two great platforms, there are several other platforms available. I have mentioned a few of them right below.

Companies That Offering Data Entry Jobs

Cass Information System: This company hires experienced people. It is a total location-based position for data verification and data entry works. On-site training is usually required before start working with this company.

Amazon MTurk: Is a place where you can find micro jobs to work on. A great place to find non-phone work from home jobs

The Smart Crowd: Pays you according to the work completed and this company is accessible from any part of the world. They use Dwolla for payments.

Xerox: Xerox is another location-based company that provides non-phone work from home jobs. All you have to do is type “work from home data entry” on their career page and hit the search button. All the available data entry jobs will pop up.

DataTrace: DataTrace is also known as RedVision. To find opportunities on DataTrace, you have to check on Indeed and Glassdoor websites.

Great American Opportunities: As the name suggests, this company hires people from the US only. You will be required to fill forms online and each form gets you around $0.1 – $0.15. Weekly payments through wire transfer or direct deposit.

Konsus: Data entry, content writing, graphic designing, researching, lead generation, website development, PowerPoint designing, software engineering are the main tasks here. Pay depends on the type of project you deal with.

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7. Online Tutoring Jobs

With the help of the internet, teaching jobs are at everyone’s fingertips. Students, graduates, retired people, housewives, and everyone who has something to teach now have an opportunity to fulfill their dream of becoming a teacher.

By joining the online tutoring platforms, you can teach languages, subjects, and other important lessons to students all across the world.

If you have a bachelor’s degree in your hand, then you can earn around $20 – $30 an hour sitting at home and teaching online.

Besides other subjects, English teaching has its own space separately in the online tutoring industry. Platforms like VIPKid and Magic Ears are great places to teach English to 4-12 years old kids from China and other Asia region countries.

Companies That Offering Tutoring Jobs

Universal Class: A four years degree with a teaching certificate is all you need to get selected to UniversalClass. It also takes care of the quality of the classes you teach.

Shmoop: If you are good at preparing test papers or creating study material, this company will be a great fit. You need to have a bachelor’s degree.

Qkids: Hires bachelor’s degree holders or currently enrolled students. Also, you must belong to Canada, or the UK, or the US.  Pay is around $20 an hour.

ESL Tutoring: Pays around $25 – $30 per hour. ESL Certificate helps you to grab this opportunity.

Math ELF: This is for mathematicians. You should have experience in order to get this job.

Quarasan: Your job is to prepare test papers and create educational content.

Elevate Learning: Experience is required and you will be paid around $10 hourly.

Chegg: Pays around $20 an hour. Monthly payouts.

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8. Pet Sitting Jobs

Love being alone and playing with pets? If yes, pet sitting jobs are a great fit for you. As a pet sitter, you have to stay at home with someone else’s pets and they pay you for taking care of their pets.

Rover is a great platform that offers pet sitting jobs for everyone. If you like to be a pet sitter, then signup at Rover and find the available local pet sitting gigs.

You can earn anywhere between $10 and $20 an hour and some people are even making $1000+ a month using Rover in metro city areas.

Here are a few places that offer pet sitting jobs.

  • Rover
  • Petsitters.com
  • Pet Sitter International

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9. Search Engine Evaluation

A search engine evaluator is a person who verifies the relevance of search engine results for the keywords or phrases people search for.

If you are still searching for non-phone work from home jobs, then you can try these search engine evaluator jobs from home. Reportedly, you can pocket around $15 an hour by evaluating the search results.

A set of guidelines and prior training will be given before taking these tasks. By following these, you should rate the relevance of the search results of a certain query.

Here are the platforms to find work from home search evaluator jobs in 2021.

Companies To Find Search Engine Evaluation Jobs

Lionbridge: You can take Lionbridge as one of the legitimate non-phone works from home jobs to get started. They pay around $10 per project.

Appen: Open worldwide. Payment depends upon the project you select from the company. This company pays you on a monthly basis via direct deposit or a cheque.

Leapforce: It is open worldwide and pays around $13.5 per hour. Payments through cheque or a direct deposit.

KarmaHub: Hires people from the US and pays around $11 per hour.

ISoftStone: Open worldwide. This pays you around $12 per hour. Monthly payments via PayPal.

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10. Translation Jobs

One of the best non-phone work from home jobs for bilinguals or multilingual people.

The online translation industry has got its demand high these days and with the right skill, you can be a part of it. Here your job is to translate the stuff from English to other languages like German, Spanish, French, Chinese, or vice versa.

You will be asked to translate audio files, books, blogs, papers, and more. They pay you anywhere between $30 and $50 an hour.

Here you can find the translation jobs:

Companies That Offering Translation Jobs

Fiverr: Set up your own account and create your service gigs. You can fix your pay rates.

Interpreters and Translators Inc: You must have a great command of other languages. Once you are selected, you can make a serious income from this home-based job.

Verilogue: For this secured job, you will be paid every fortnight. Approx a cost of $5 for every audio minute. Payments through cheque or direct deposit.

TextMaster: Positions are open worldwide. PayPal payments.

Gengo:  They make payments through PayPal every fortnight. Positions are open worldwide.

VerbalInk: Open for the US only and pay you via PayPal.

Andover: Experience is required

Multilingual Connections – This company hires home-based translators and interpreters.

World Lingo – If you are looking for non-phone home-based jobs and you are good at handling different languages, then Join WorldLingo.

Paid Experts: This is one of the best places to find a translation job. Weekly payments through Paypal.

VerbalizeIt: Offers Interpretation, Translation, and Transcription services.

ProZ: If you are looking for freelance translation work, you can try this one.

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11. Non-Phone Work From Home Chatting Jobs

Ever used the “live chat support” feature on any website you have visited? If yes, then you must know how it works? Companies hire chat support agents to answer customers’ queries through the live chat option.

You ask your questions from your end and a chat agent replies to your questions from the other side in real-time.

As a chat agent, your job is to clear the customers’ questions through live chat or email support. And fortunately, you don’t need to talk on the phone.

Here are a few companies for reference where you can pick your choice from: 

TheChatShop: This company hires people from all across the world as they own various businesses worldwide. An approximate pay rate would be from $9 to $10 per hour. Any person with the required qualification can apply and start earning.

Apple: Apple is open to US citizens only. Around $15 an hour.

Emerge BPO: A minimum of a High School diploma is required to get this job. Visit their webpage for more info.

Ginger.io: you need to have a degree in a related field. here the jobs are contract-based. Ginger.io is open to the US only.

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12. Short Tasks / Micro Jobs

Apart from the above list, there are several websites that pay people to perform small tasks. These jobs are open for everyone and you can job without any special skills.

The pay rates would be less compared to others but you can surely earn some extra bucks working in your free time.

Here are a few legit platforms to find micro tasks:

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Final Thoughts

That’s all. You have a huge list of non-phone work from home jobs at your fingertips now. You can pick any job and start working. Whether you work full-time or part-time, you can make some decent cash from these jobs.

I welcome you to share your thoughts and experiences if you have any. It helps others and motivates us to come up with new ideas.


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