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40 Online Chat Support Jobs You Can Do From Home [2024 Updates]

Home, Casa, Ghar, Maison, Bahay; whatever you may call it, it is truly the place where you get the most comfort. But do you even believe that you don’t need to leave that comfort to earn an equal salary for an office job? Yes, this is now very much possible with the online chat jobs available worldwide.

Wherever you are right now on this blue planet, all you need is a laptop with an internet connection to get started. Receiving payment is also not an issue, as all the major players in this industry support electronic transfers all over the world.

But you may still face legitimacy and payout-related issues. Isn’t it?

So, we have thoroughly researched and tested all the available platforms that provide paid online chat jobs. We mainly emphasized four factors; legitimacy, timely payment, at least a $10/hour rate, and availability in remote locations.

Moreover, we preferred those platforms that offer WFH opportunities for beginners too. So, let’s dive in!


Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links. We may receive a small commission when you make a purchase (No extra cost to you). Please read our Affiliate Disclosure for more information.


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Requirements Needed to Become An Online Chat Agent

You don’t need many things, but there are some necessary requirements you should have to become an online chat agent. Those are:

  • A computer or smartphone,
  • Good internet connection,
  • Fast typing skills with good accuracy,
  • Good English language skills,
  • Good communication skills.


Earning Potential of Online Chat Jobs

Coming to the most important point in the discussion, As a chat specialist, you can pocket around $15 per hour on average. Totally, That brings around $40,000+ per year if you work as a full-time chat specialist.

These figures are not fixed and may vary based on the company you are working with. And coming to payment methods, make sure you have either a bank account or a PayPal account or both to receive payments.


Online Chat Only Support Jobs From Home


1. Accolade Support

Pay rate: $12-$15 per hour

online chat jobs - accolade support

Source: AccoladeSupport

There is no other company than Accolade Support that witnessed this much craze in the global market in recent years. It mainly works to improve the ROI of any company through dynamic customer support.

On the other hand, it is also among the very few companies that offer many benefits to its freelancers and remote workers.

However, you do need to match certain criteria to get through the selection run for their online chat jobs. Firstly, you need to have native-level English writing and speaking proficiency.

They also prefer USA accents and unmatched communication skills. You have the highest chance of selection if you have previous experience in technical support.

You should have a windows system with a wired internet connection. Right now, you can get around $12 to $15 per hour, depending on your experience and customer-handling abilities.

But the fun part; this company also offers complete medical insurance, paid vacations, and 401(k) benefits to many of their independent contractors.


2. Arise

Pay rate: $10-$19 per hour

Laid its stepping stone in 1994, the cloud-based platform called Arise now works with several Fortune 500 companies in the United States.

Besides, it is now working on its global presence and started operating in the UK and Canada as well. It now has a flawless A+ rating on Better Business Bureau to prove its trustworthiness globally.

Right now, they are offering many online chat agent jobs for various industries, including healthcare and roadside assistance. You will have an edge if you already come from a customer support background, although this company also loves newbies.

Just update your resume and submit it to the career segment to get an official response within five working days.

You get the fastest response if you live in Texas, Florida, Tennessee, and Georgia. However, for each new entrant, Arise offers dedicated support via online videos and meetings.

You don’t need to commit to any specific time as this company supports flexible work hours. They currently offer an industry-standard hourly rate, although the final payout depends on several factors.


3. The Chat Shop

Pay rate: $10/Hr

This UK-Based company called The Chat Shop currently offers complete CX service to global leaders. They are known for delivering optimum lead generation and seamless customer support for a very long time.

And for that, they often have vacancies for their online chat agent jobs. You can choose between inbound and outbound, including selling service as your preference while applying.

You should have native-level English proficiency and unmatched communication skills. Besides, you must have 65+ WPM typing speed with at least 97% accuracy.

You also need to match their tech requirements, like an updated computer with dual monitors. Most importantly, you should have a stable broadband connection.

This company now only accepts applications from a few states in the USA, including Texas and Florida. You can easily fetch around $10/hour, even if you are a newbie.

But yes, this company doesn’t offer any flexible opportunities as they hire only full-time employees rather than individual contractors. You also need to commit up to 40 hours per week while working.


4. ModSquad

Pay rate: $10/hr

ModSquad is the 2021 Bronze Stevie Award winner in the customer service outsourcing category. Since its establishment in 2007, they have almost dominated the western CX market.

But, they have recently ventured into social media and online community moderation services as well. Right now, they have more than 10k Mods around the globe working as customer support agents.

You can also become a part of this team as they are accepting applications from all over the world. However, you do need to have excellent customer-handling qualities with native-level language proficiency to get selected.

Technically speaking, you should have a quiet home-office setup with high-speed internet connectivity. The application process is pretty straightforward, and they typically respond within 72 hours.

Right now, they are offering around $10/hour, although you can fetch much more if you have previous experience in this industry.

You need to have a PayPal account, as they use it as their payment gateway.

For more details, check out our complete ModSquad Review here.


5. Operadorchat

Pay rate: $200/week

A relatively new player on the market, Operadorchat, took the world of customer care to a whole new level in 2016. They believe in unmatched customer service through virtual chat agents.

And with its rapidly expanding clientele, it now accepts applications from enthusiastic independent customer care agents to work on their online chat agent jobs.

It has one of the simplest joining procedures that take just a few clicks to submit your application. Although this company accepts freshers, you’ll get an edge if you have experience in this industry.

They typically respond fast. All you need is impeccable communication skills in native English to crack the selection process.

Once they approve your application, they will assign you a personal guide to give you proper online training. This company currently offers both part-time and full-time opportunities.

You can fetch around $0.35/message while working. Several independent agents reported that they are comfortably earning around $200/week on average.


6. Uber

Pay rate: $15- $25 per hour

Life is so easy and effortless with Uber, isn’t it? Yes, we do depend on this premier cab service whenever we are stuck somewhere or our cars get broken.

And with its rapid expansion in serviceable areas, Uber is now in a constant search for high-quality customer support staff. So, you can grab these online chat jobs if you have experience in this industry.

This company is known for assuring attractive salary packages to its customer support staff. Besides, it offers several additional benefits, including paid vacation, holiday retreats, and medical insurance.

You also need to go through a fully-paid training program before your final joining. But yes, Uber solely hires full-time employees who can work from their office.

The demands for these openings are way too high, thus stricter selection criteria. You need to have unmatched communication skills and unprecedented customer-handling ability.

Besides, you should also have at least a Bachelor’s degree in any discipline from an accredited organization.


7. SiteStaffChat

Pay rate: $10/hr

online chat jobs - sitestaffchat

Source: SiteStaff

Over the last few years, SiteStaffChat has shown steady growth in the CX industry. And now, they are planning for their global footholds with newer and bigger clients.

So, they now have frequent openings for talented customer care executives. It is also one of the best places to look for chat support jobs online for beginners this year.

This company typically hires part-time workers, although you may need to spend up to 40 hours each week. Right now, they are assuring around $10/hour to their new entrants.

However, it also has incentive schemes and additional benefits for top performers. You will also have a steady flow of projects once you pass through the selection process.

You mainly need three key skill sets to lock this job. First, you should have at least 75 WPM typing speed with absolute accuracy. Second, you need to have quick problem-solving skills.

Third and most importantly, you should be fluent in native-level English and can also multitask.


8. Live Person

Pay rate: $500/week

In simple words, Live Person is an AI-powered command center that delivers seamless consumer interaction. This company now works with several techs and consumer giants on this blue planet.

And to give their customers a never-before after-sales experience, it is now binding artificial and human intelligence together.

You mainly need to interact with the customers through emails and live chats. But at times, you may also need to address the issues of the customers through texts and Facebook messenger.

This company currently pays up to $2/minute, depending on the skill and experience. So, you won’t have any issue earning around $500/week even while working as a part-time worker.

But yes, the selection procedure is unimaginably tough. You get an edge if you have an MBA degree from an accredited university.

Besides, this company only accepts applications from people having at least seven years of experience in the account management and customer handling industry.

But yes, this company now offers flexible work hours to its independent agents.


9. LiveWorld

Pay rate: $10-$15 per hour

Headquartered in California, LiveWorld is known for delivering excellent social media solutions. And if you are looking for non-sales conversations, it is also the place to go.

Right now, this company is hiring both full-time and part-time independent contractors to work on their online chat jobs. Besides, they also have vacancies for community moderators and social media support.

You need to have an excellent grip on the English language as this job needs you to write a lot. You get an added edge if you are bilingual and proficient in Italian, Portuguese, Hebrew, French, German, or any Nordic language.

Besides, you also need to have at least 2 years of experience in online community moderation.

The basic payout is around $10/hour. But, this company pays up to $15/hour for bilingual agents. On top of that, you can even earn attractive incentives.

And the best part, this company currently pays twice each month to all their independent contractors through direct deposit.



Pay rate: $12/hr

There is no better tech support company than itself. It mainly focuses on troubleshooting and after-sales support of electronic devices such as PC, Macs, smartphones, tablets, and other windows or iOS-based gadgets.

This company currently offers both chat and email support positions along with inbound telephonic support.

You mainly need two things to grab this opportunity. First, you need to have multi-customer handling ability with the quickest possible troubleshooting and problem-solving.

And second, you should have at least 1-year of experience in tech support. Besides, you also need to have excellent communication skills and a zeal to learn new things.

This company is currently accepting joining applications from all over the world. Although the final rate may vary, you can easily fetch around $12/hour while working.

Besides, this company also offers additional benefits like life insurance, paid vacations, and tuition reimbursements.

And the fun part, it pays up to $0.50/hour additionally as non-taxable reimbursement for WFH.


11. OutPLEX

Pay rate: $14 per hour

Let’s understand the timeline of OutPLEX first. They started operation way back in 2001 with just a small team of 15 enthusiastic people.

Jump to 2012; they have become one of the fastest-growing employers in the USA. Cut to 2021; they are now almost dominating the global chat support market.

Besides the usual inbound support, this company now also specializes in sales lead generation. Although this company operates in both the United States and the Dominican Republic, it currently hires only applicants from the USA.

Depending on your skill set you can choose between customer service and sales chat. And in both cases, you can earn up to $14/hour with additional benefits like timely incentives and performance bonuses.

You should have at least a GED or equivalent. Besides, you should also have at least 50 WPM typing speed with utmost accuracy. This company also prefers bilingual applicants proficient in French or Spanish.

Talking about the technical aspect, you need to have a windows-based PC with high-speed internet connectivity in your home office.


12. Needle

Pay rate : $15 per hour plus benefits

online chat jobs - needle

Source: Needle

If you talk about the fastest-growing eCommerce company, you talk about Needle. But do you know what the main USP of this establishment is?

They offer one-to-one shopping support to each of their customers. And to boast those genuine conversations with real people, they are now recruiting talented individuals for their online chat jobs.

You mainly need to solve the queries of the customers regarding any particular product or brand. Besides, you also need to give proper product suggestions to ensure a better buying experience.

And to do that, you surely need to have marvelous communication skills and a thorough understanding of consumer products and brands.

It takes around 30 minutes to complete the application process. And they usually respond within 2 business days to each of the applicants.

This company prefers previous experience in eCommerce, although it is not mandatory. Right now, you can earn up to $15/hour with several additional benefits.

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Chat and Voice Support Jobs From Home


13. Concentrix

Pay rate: $11-$17 per hour

online chat jobs - concentrix

Source: Concentrix

Concentrix is known for delivering seamless customer support to more than 80 Fortune 500 companies.

And with its nationwide presence, this company is now looking for enthusiastic individuals with strong communication skills to join its customer service team.

So, if you are looking for online chat jobs, it is surely the one to go.

Right now, this company offers both full-time and part-time opportunities. However, it is currently accepting applications from just 35 states in the USA.

After the initial joining process, you need to go through fully-paid online and in-person training. Even after you successfully complete it, you again need to go through an evaluation test to prove yourself fit for this job.

You can expect around $11/hour initially, although it can shoot up to $17/hour if you have previous experience. On top of that, you can get medical and dental insurance, performance incentives, and 401(k).

This company currently pays its independent contractors every two weeks. Besides PayPal, you can also opt for a direct deposit facility.

For more details, check out our complete Concentrix Review here.


14. Apple At-Home Advisors

Pay rate: $28 per hour

Do you know Apple is the first company in the history of mankind to cross $2 trillion in revenue? Yes, there is no bigger company than Apple, not even Tesla or Amazon. It is a dream for anyone to work for Apple.

And now, they are hiring customer support experts that they call At Home Advisors. Currently, they have open positions for the United States only.

You need to have at least 2 years of experience in technical support to become eligible. Besides, you should be familiar with Apple products like iPhone, MacBook, and iWatch.

You also need to have at least a 40 WPM typing speed. On a different note, each of the new applicants to Apple should go through complete background verification.

You need to go through 3 to 6 weeks of a fully-paid training program once they select you. Right now, Apple is offering around $19/hour to its fresh recruits.

But if you have the right set of talents, you can fetch up to $28/hour. Wait; don’t forget about the additional benefits like paid leaves and product discounts.


15. BestBuy

Pay rate: $11-$22  per hour

If you talk about buying electronic gadgets at the best possible rate, you talk about BestBuy.

And to support its skyrocketed customer base, this company hires WFH customer service agents periodically.

While working, you need to help the customer to complete their orders. Besides, you need to deliver after-sales support and troubleshooting as well.

The application process is simple and takes merely a few minutes to complete. But yes, you do need to have a thorough understanding of consumer electronics and smart devices.

This company also prefers candidates having previous experience in product support. A high-school diploma or equivalent is preferred, although not necessary.

You can expect around $11/hour after joining. But yes, many new entrants also reported up to $22/hour, depending on their skill set.

Although this company allows flexible work hours, you may need to work on weekends and on evening shifts too. This company currently offers monthly payments through electronic transfer.


16. KellyConnect

Pay rate: $13-$14 per hour

If you are tech-savvy, you’ll surely get the most joy while working for this amazing company called KellyConnect.

You mainly need to deliver a detailed walkthrough to the customers to make the most out of their electronic devices.

So with excellent native-level English proficiency, you do need to have sufficient knowledge about smart devices.

You just need a high school degree or equivalent to get started. However, you need at least 6 months of experience in customer support with the ability to handle up to 3 clients at once.

You also need to be familiar with Mac and iOS. But sadly, this company is currently accepting joining applications from the United States only.

After you receive the initial approval, you need to attend a 3-week fully-paid training program. For the initial 90 days, you can fetch around $13.5/hour.

Once you complete that probation, you are eligible for a $1/hour top-up of your existing rate with a $500 joining bonus. All their independent contractors get weekly payments through electronic transfer.


17. Sutherland

Pay rate: $12/hr

If you still don’t know which company delivers the best business process transformation in this digital age, it is Sutherland.

And with its rapidly expanding clientele, there is an infrequent need for talented people for their paid online chat jobs.

But unlike most companies, this establishment now accepts applications from 19 countries around the globe.

You just need to have your home office set up with high-speed internet connectivity to get started. However, you do need to have noise-canceling headphones.

Talking about personal skills, you mainly need to have two things. First, you should have at least 30 WPM typing speed. And second, you should have at least 1-year of experience in the customer care industry.

This company currently offers both part-time and full-time opportunities. You can expect around $12/hour in the beginning, although it depends on several factors.

On top of that, you can get several additional benefits like medical and vision insurance, holiday retreats, performance bonuses, and a lot more.


18. Amazon

Pay rate: $15 per hour


Source: Amazon

There is no bigger force than Amazon in the eCommerce market. And with its global presence, it now has huge vacancies for its paid online chat jobs.

You mainly need to communicate with the customers and solve their issues through various channels, including email and chat. Besides, you may also need to take phone calls occasionally.

You should have at least a high school diploma or equivalent to become eligible for their customer service associates. You also need to have at least 6 months of experience in customer support.

Talking about the technical aspect, you need a windows-based PC with hard-wired internet connection. You also need to have the updated version of Microsoft Outlook.

You can expect around $15/hour as a new entrant. However, this scale can go even higher, depending on your skills and expertise. But yes, you have to commit around 20 to 29 hours each week.

And on the holiday season, you may also need to work for up to 60 hours each week. Amazon now also offers fully-paid career training to its new members.

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Live Chat Agent Jobs


19. Weebly

Pay rate: $15 per hour

Do you know which is the fastest-growing website builder in the world right now? Yes, it is Weebly. You can simply create a stunning and dynamic website without knowing a single code.

Ahem, that’s easy. But this company is not just known for its easy user interface but also for its excellent customer support.

Right now, they don’t offer chat support jobs online for beginners. You need to have at least 1-year experience in the tech support industry.

Besides, this company also prefers applicants with basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and various CMS. You also need to have a quiet home office to start it remotely.

Weebly mainly offers full-time opportunities, although they occasionally have part-time opportunities too. Currently, they are accepting applications from all over the world.

You can expect around $15/hour while working as an independent agent. This establishment pays monthly through PayPal and similar gateways.


20. Sedgwick

Pay rate: $14.5 per hour

Sedgwick has recently set foot in more than 65 countries all over the world. They mainly offer insurance and claim settlement services to leaders in the industry.

As they now have their global stronghold, they are accepting joining applications from enthusiastic and self-motivated people around the globe.

From property damages to short-term disability claims, you may need to handle all kinds of insurance genres. And for that, they prefer candidates with at least 1-year of experience in the insurance sector.

You also need to have at least a bachelor’s degree in any discipline to become eligible. Besides, you should have a good typing speed with the utmost accuracy.

This company offers around $14.5/hour to all their recent recruits. However, you can fetch even higher if you have the right skills. This establishment also supports rapid career development.

So, you can receive frequent incentives and performance bonuses for doing your job efficiently. And yes, these positions are completely remote, and you can do it from your home office.


21. ECS Virtual Support

Pay rate: $12/hr

As the name itself suggests, ECS Virtual Support now focuses on remote customer care and client management services.

However, it is actually a third-party company that connects talented agents with dominant forces in the customer care industry.

So besides a handsome hourly payout, you will also have the chance to work for some of the Fortune 500 companies.

You need to fulfill certain criteria to become eligible for most of the remote jobs posted here. First, you need to be at least 18 years old. Secondly, you need to be a permanent citizen of the United States.

As you may need to take inbound audio and video calls, you should have an HD webcam and noise-canceling headphones to get started.

Right now, it doesn’t offer any fixed hourly payout as it depends on projects. But yes, you can definitely expect at least $12/hour.

Several of the open vacancies also offer additional benefits and over-achieving incentives. Sadly enough, this company only offers full-time opportunities as of now.


22. Talk2Rep

Pay rate: $12/hour

Now revamped as OutPLEX, Talk2rep is among the talismans in the customer support industry. They mainly specialize in delivering seamless chat and text support to giant corporate houses.

And with their ever-expanding clientele, this company now looks for people with unmatched communication skills and multitasking ability to hop on board.

As this job mainly involves writing and chatting with customers, you need to have around 50 WPM typing speed with utmost accuracy.

Besides, you also need to have a windows-based PC or laptop in your home office with stable internet connectivity. Educationally speaking, a high school diploma or GED is enough.

You also need to have the ability to perform independent research. Right now, this company is also hiring bilinguals with proficiency in French or Spanish.

But, you must have native-level English speaking and writing ability with a thorough sense of grammar. You can expect around $12/hour as a new entrant.

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Online Chat Job Websites to Find Clients


23. Fiverr

Pay rate: $5- $995 per gig

If you talk about the best online marketplace for freelance projects, you talk about Fiverr. This Israel-based company now acquires around 46% market share as an online project provider.

Besides, it now has its presence in more than 100 countries around the globe in 7 different languages. So, if you are looking for online chat support jobs from home in India, it is also the one to go.

It is actually an online marketplace where recruiters post their queries to get talented freelancers, and freelancers can post their skills to attract the attention of the recruits.

It is surely a win-win game to try if you are hoping for legit online chat jobs. But yes, you do need to showcase your experience to get good projects.

You can set your preferred rate anywhere between $5 and $995 per gig. But if you are talented but a newbie, set your rate on the lower side to get as many clients as you can on the initial days.

This company also offers complete payment protection, and you can withdraw your earnings through PayPal or Payoneer.


24. Upwork

Pay rate: $10-$12 per hour


Source: Upwork

If any online project provider is as competent and efficient as Fiverr, that is Upwork. You can make a free profile and showcase your skill set to get freelance projects.

Besides the usual chat and text support jobs, you may get high-paying telephonic support projects as well. And thankfully, this platform is now available all over the world.

Although the main working principle is similar, Upwork is a bit different in terms of payout. They charge 20% of your first $500, 10% till $10k, and 5% afterward for a lifetime.

Besides, you need to pay $0.15/search when you look for fresh projects. It is actually a good thing as the competition is on the lower side due to the involvement of monetary investments.

Most of the jobs posted here offer around $10 to $12 per hour. However, you can fetch quite more with additional incentives in online chat projects.

But yes, commitment is a must as you will lose your credibility if any of your clients give you bad ratings. On a personal note, check the Payment Verified status before applying to any project on this platform.

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25. FlexJobs

Pay rate: depends on the project

There is no other website as popular as FlexJobs in the job board genre. Like most other job search engines, you can find hundreds of remote and WFH opportunities in your demographic profile.

But do you know what makes it stand apart? Its internal team crosschecks each job posting to understand its authenticity, thus no chance of fraud and scams.

There are several amazing things about this job board that can make your project-finding saga a lot easier. You can filter the open positions according to location, payout, experience, and a lot more.

Moreover, you can get both full-time and part-time projects from reputed clients around the world. You can also set your own alerts for any new project availability.

But the sad part is, it is not free anymore. You need to pay $14.95/month to unlock the full potential of FlexJobs. But, they indeed provide a full refund if you don’t like the membership.

Once you become a paid member, you can access the full job board and can use all the job-searching resources.


26. Freelancer

Pay rate: depends on the project

The oldest and most trusted, Freelancer is at the top of the league if you talk about remote opportunities. Not just online chat jobs, but you can get any kind of freelance and WFH projects.

But beware; many of the opportunities posted here are straight-out scams. So, you need to cross-check the available project and the company, too, to be extra confident.

But like most good things, Freelancer is also not free anymore. You can choose its introductory plan that starts from just $0.99/month.

In this plan, you can showcase up to 30 skills and can bid 15 times each month. You can also go for the higher plans if you want more bidding opportunities and other paid features.

You need to create an attractive profile while showcasing all the good things about you. Don’t forget to highlight your key expertise and list your experience.

Always remember; a tailored and professional cover letter is a key to getting the initial attention of your potential clients. And once you have it, apply your negotiation skill to get the best rate from your client.


27. Indeed

Pay rate: depends on the project

Indeed is the largest online job board, indeed! And another best thing, it is completely free right now. All you need is to create a profile on this amazing platform to get started.

You need just an email id and a permanent phone number to open it. And once you are done, you can search through the sea of job posts for various niches including online chat jobs.

You can either sort the opportunities through its remote positioning or can also search some precise search terms like remote chat jobs and freelance chat support to get the result.

The best part, you can view the quick summary of each job right on the search result page itself. So, you don’t need to visit the landing pages of each company to apply for it.

Right now, it is available all over the world. But, you should highlight your experience and key skill sets to attract your potential clients.

This platform also allows you to send multiple applications at the same time. Besides, you can register and create job alerts for instant pop-up notifications of future openings.


28. SimplyHired

Pay rate: depends on the project


Source: SimplyHired

Like the name itself tells, SimplyHired is the platform to get hired. And it is also true if you want to get online chat jobs from remote locations and other WFH opportunities.

Right now, it is available in several countries around the globe. But yes, you can unlock a few premium features like tailored search advice and local job information only in the United States.

This job search engine is helpful for non-native speakers as well, as it is now available in 12 different languages including Spanish, French, German, and Italian.

You can directly sort your preferred projects and job openings according to WFH opportunities. Besides, you can also use search terms like online chat agents and remote chat projects to get tailored results.

Till now, it is completely free to use, although it has the option for paid profiles. All you need is to create a free profile with proper credentials to get started.

You should highlight your key area of expertise to attract the attention of global employers. Besides, you also need to showcase your experience as a chat support agent, if you have any.

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Online Chat Jobs With No Experience


29. TeleTech

Pay rate: $12.73/hr on average

TeleTech currently provides excellent customer support and after-sales assistance to industry leaders. It is also among the very few companies that allow remote positions for their online chat jobs.

However, you may also need to attend frequent phone calls, although your key responsibilities rely on chat and email support.

Right now, this company offers two main positions for paid online chat jobs. If you are new in the customer care industry, you can start working as a freelance customer support agent.

But if you already have vast experience in this field, you can also opt for the customer service supervisor position. And in both cases, you need to commit at least 20 hours/week.

You must be at least 18 years old to become eligible for these positions. Besides, you also must have at least a high-school diploma, GED, or equivalent.

Talking about the technical aspect, you need an updated PC with wired internet connectivity. You need to have noise-canceling headphones as well.


30. Paperless Pipeline

Pay rate: $15/hr

First, you need to understand what Paperless Pipeline really does! It mainly develops real estate software to enable seamless transactions and effortless commission management.

While using this system, real estate businesses can automate several things such as agent tracking, documentation, task management, and a lot more.

So, if you want to opt for their online chat jobs, it’s now a must to be familiar with customer care, especially in the real estate sector.

Besides, you also need to have native-level English prowess with unmatched communication skills.

You must have an updated computer setup with wired internet connectivity as well.

This establishment right now hires only talented individuals from the United States. If you crack through the selection process, you need to opt for a fully paid short training program.

And after that, you can expect around $15/hour, although it depends on several factors, including your experience.


31. Site5

Pay rate: $12-$15 per hour

Site5 is a hosting service provider that recently witnessed a sudden surge in popularity. It is probably among the very few websites that offer unlimited bandwidth and complete unmetered disk space.

Besides, they are also known for delivering 24×7 technical support. As they guarantee 99.9% uptime, their customer support team works round the clock to ensure it.

You mainly need to assist the customers with direct chat conversation. But yes, you may need to occasionally communicate and troubleshoot through emails as well.

This company prefers applicants with previous experience in the technical support sector, although it is not at all mandatory. You can still apply it as a fresher.

This company doesn’t have any fixed rate for its independent customer care agents. However, you can expect around $12 to $15 per hour as a new entrant.

On top of that, they also offer frequent additional benefits, including performance bonuses and other incentives.


32. Convergys

Pay rate: $10 per hour

As we all know, Convergys has made its name in the customer support field since its establishment a decade ago.

But right after Concentrix acquired it in 2018, it became the second-largest service provider in the customer engagement and support industry.

And right after this massive boost, they started to have frequent openings for WFH independent customer support agents.

All you need is your home office set up with a high-speed broadband connection to become eligible for their online chat jobs. It is among the most legit sites where online chat support jobs no experience is required.

But yes, it is currently accepting applications from 35 states in the USA only. Besides, this company also doesn’t have any part-time opportunities.

You need to commit at least 40 hours each week to do this job. It is great if you have previous experience, but they provide paid training to all the new members.

After the successful completion of training, you can expect around $10/hour at the start. Oh wait; you should have at least a high school diploma or GED to become eligible.

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Other Ways to Find Online Chat Jobs

online chat jobs

Now, let’s talk about some unconventional ways to earn money from online chat jobs.

Although these are a bit different, you can still make a great amount of money without facing any trouble, legally and personally, at all.


33. Dreamlover

Pay rate: $2/minute

If you don’t have any inhibitions to flirt with unknown men, Dreamlover is truly the euphoric destination to opt for. You mainly need to have short or long stints of adult chats with paid members of this company.

But yes, this opportunity is exclusively for the gorgeous ladies out there. Just use your skill to engage with the gentlemen online, and you will have your cut for those conversations.

This company doesn’t have many criteria; you need to be at least 18 years old, that’s all. Besides the usual text chat, you can also opt for video calling to earn more.

But for that, you need to have an HD webcam besides a personal computer or laptop with a high-speed internet connection. Right now, you can earn up to $2/minute while having adult chats.

Dreamlover takes utmost care of the personal details. So, you don’t need to worry about your sensitive data of yours as it won’t ever get disclosed.

You also don’t need to commit any fixed work hours and can work independently.


34. Flirtbucks

Pay rate: $5 per minute

Want to earn while chatting with complete strangers? If yes, Flirtbucks is the utopia to hop for. It is a social media platform for adults. All you need to do is to create an account and start chatting.

Although this website mainly prefers beautiful ladies out there, you can still earn even if you’re a guy.

You should have a fun-loving eccentric personality to become popular on this platform. Besides, you should be able to make any conversation interesting and engaging.

And for that, you can earn up to $5 per minute. Besides the live chat, you can also opt for 1-on-1 sessions and private video calls to boost your earnings.

You must have a PC with stable internet connectivity to get started. Opening an account here is easy, although it may take some time to get verified.

Right now, this company pays twice each month to all their members. But yes, you do need to have an associated PayPal account to receive it.

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35. MyGirlFund

Pay rate: $2 per minute

MyGirlFund is a unique platform where guys pay to have flirtatious and sometimes adult conversations with hot ladies. And in return, they fund the girl to have her dreams fulfilled.

So, if you are a lady looking for legit income from online chat jobs, it is the one to go for. But yes, you should be comfortable with adult chats while working.

Right now, this platform has more than 20k ladies registered. And you can be one among them to earn up to $2 per minute just from online chats.

But if you opt for video and audio chats, you can earn much more. And the most important thing; this company takes utmost care of your privacy. You can completely customize your privacy setting.

This establishment doesn’t tolerate online bullying. And the chance to encounter a fraud profile is close to zero. You need to have just a PC with internet connectivity to open a free account.

But, you shouldn’t disclose your real identity or personal information for your own safety.


36. Lip Service

Pay rate: $1/minute

Since 1996, Lip Service has consistently ranked among the top service providers in the paid online chat jobs sector.

As the company itself says, it can deliver “custom call center service without the call center cost” and any additional responsibility.

Right now, it is available throughout the USA, Canada, and Europe. On top of that, it assures the lowest possible rate to all its clients.

You mainly need to assist customers through communication. You can either opt for email support, live chat support, or direct telephonic support as per your choice.

But in all these genres, you can earn up to $1/minute. While working for this alternative staffing agency, you must have your quiet home office setup with high-speed internet connectivity.

You just need to be 18 years old to become eligible for this job. The initial application process is pretty straightforward and takes just a few minutes to complete.

You will surely receive a response within 72 hours from their side.

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37. Premium.Chat

Pay rate: $3.99 per minute

Premium.Chat is a company where clients from all over the world hire experts to solve queries and assist. It is also a great platform for the influencers as they can connect to their fans and followers through this.

While working for the clients, you mainly need to do video calling or text conversations. But if you use it to talk to your followers, you can choose your own way.

You need to create an account to receive open orders from the clients. But yes, you do have the freedom to accept or decline any order.

You just need your computer, internet connection, headphones, and a webcam to start this one. It is a plus if you have previous experience in social media or client management.

The best thing; you can set your own rate. However, many of the existing chat agents reported that they are earning up to $3.99/minute.

This company also has a two-tier referral program. You will earn 2.5% of what your referrals earn. Besides, you will also get 2.5% of what the referrals of your referrals earn.


38. JustAnswer

Pay rate: $5-$30 per hour

If you are an expert in any field, you are most welcome at JustAnswer. This platform currently has close to 15k registered experts. From science to DIY, experts of specific genres need to solve queries and answer questions.

So, if you have sufficient grip over any particular subject, go on and make an account to get started.

You can set your preferred rate for answering any question. Interestingly, we have discovered that it ranges between $5 and $30 per hour.

You can earn even more if you have expertise in trending subjects like healthcare, law, finance, and business management. But yes, you will get the payment only for the approved answers.

This company currently pays via electronic transfer and direct deposit. It is probably the only platform on this list that doesn’t even need you to have a PC or laptop.

You can comfortably answer questions from your mobile, too, on the go. Currently, this company is accepting joining requests from all over the world.


39. Asurion

Pay rate: $13.5 per hour

Tennessee-based insurance house Asurion currently has 49 offices in 19 different countries. It mainly deals with the insurance of smartphones, home appliances, consumer electronics, and jewelry.

Currently, it serves more than 250 million customers with its 20k+ employee strength. And now, you can also hop on board to join their chat support or technical support team.

You must have at least a high-school diploma, GED, or equivalent to become eligible. Besides, you should also have at least 6 months of experience in the customer service sector, although they often hire freshers as well.

But yes, you should also be comfortable with weekends, nights, and even holiday shifts while working.

All you need to do is to create a profile and apply for the open positions with your proper credentials.

Besides chat support, you can also opt for corporate assistance, supply chain, and technical support. And in all these positions, you can fetch around $13.5/hour at least.


40. Presto Experts

Pay rate: $3/minute

Presto Experts is a freelance marketplace that works quite in a similar fashion as Fiverr or Upwork. It currently has 30k+ registered experts in 600 categories, including online chat jobs.

And the best part, it is completely free to register. You can create a profile and showcase your skills to people looking for freelancers and WFH agents.

This marketplace frequently has chat support projects, although you can opt for telephonic support or email support as well. There is no fixed rate for these projects, and the final payout will depend on several factors.

But, several of its existing experts reported that they are earning up to $3/minute while working as a WFH chat support experts.

While creating your public profile on this platform, you must enlist all your skill sets and your previous experiences in this field to attract potential clients.

And technically speaking, you just need your computer, internet connection, and maybe a headphone at the most for doing these projects.


Pros & Cons of Online Chat Jobs From Home

  • Time flexibility
  • Employee benefits
  • Improves your communication
  • Pay Increments
  • Low wages at the beginning
  • Some people may behave rudely
  • Odd working hours sometimes


How to Qualify For Online Chat Jobs

There are two main aspects of the criteria; personal requirements and technical requirements. Talking about the personal skillset, you should have:

  • Native-level English proficiency, both speaking and writing
  • Excellent grammatical prowess with minimal typos
  • At least 35 WPM typing speed with more than 97% accuracy
  • Excellent communication skills and quick decision-making competence
  • Ability to handle multiple customers at a time

Although a few companies may have some specific technical specifications, the general criteria are:

  • Updates PC or Laptop with Windows or Mac operating system
  • Stable internet connection with at least 5 Mbps speed
  • A few companies may want you to have a noise-canceling headphone

Just remember, you do need to have a disciplined work schedule to earn from these WFH jobs. And if you work more, you have a better chance to earn incentives and bonuses as well.


Important FAQs

How much do online chat jobs pay?

Most of these online chat jobs offer around $12 to $20 per hour if you have at least 1-year experience in the customer support sector. But as a fresher, you can expect around $10/hour on your initial days.

You may also receive additional benefits like medical insurance, paid vacations, and performance bonuses even in entry-level positions.


What tasks do work from home chat jobs require?

There are two main variations of the WFH chat jobs; inbound and outbound.

In inbound projects, you mainly need to troubleshoot, solve queries, and help customers through chat, email, or even telephonic support. These positions usually don’t have any sales target.

But in outbound projects, you mainly need to make sales calls. Although it is a bit tougher than inbound projects, you can fetch a higher remuneration in outbound.

Most interestingly, outbound projects offer better incentives and performance bonuses than inbound projects.


What are the minimum working hours?

While doing online chat jobs, you have two main options to choose from, in terms of work schedule. If you choose to work on a part-time basis, you need to commit around 15 to 20 hours per week.

But if you hop for a full-time position, you need to commit up to 40 hours per week. Remember the basic principle; your work hour will be directly proportional to the customer volume.

So, you may need to commit more working hours on holidays and weekends as the customer traffic is at its peak during these times.


Can I still apply if I’m not US-based?

Of course, period!

While some companies do prefer USA-based freelancers, most of the companies offer vacancies all over the world. Tier-1 countries like Canada, Australia, and the UK have the highest acceptance rate besides the USA.

However, you can still apply for these online chat jobs if you are from Asian countries like India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan.

Even if you want to apply for a USA-based project, do check for the availability in your particular state. Companies may not accept joining applications from certain states due to legal reasons.

But wherever you are from, you definitely need to have a native-level English proficiency and at least 35 WPM typing speed to crack the selection process.


Are all these online chat jobs remote?

Most of the online chat jobs are truly remote in nature. You can comfortably do it from your home office if you have the right setup. But yes, exceptions are also there.

A few companies may need you to attend the training session in person. However, many companies now also prefer online training these days.

A handful of companies may also want you to work from their office for the first few months or even a year before you start doing it from your home.

So, it is better to select only the positions as an independent contractor if you are exclusively looking for remote and WFH opportunities.



If you are looking for a job that offers flexible work hours and industry-standard hourly rates, online chat jobs are among the top selections.

It is not just a great alternative for your full-time job but you can also take this as your side hustle to boost your income quite significantly.

If you are a student or a homemaker who doesn’t want to invest the whole day, these jobs can be the ideal options. Online chat jobs with remote offerings are also well-suited for pensioners, veterans, and stay-at-home parents.

Most of these jobs are actually part-time opportunities that support a wider variety of people from different age groups and skillsets.

So, these are all, folks! In case you have any suggestions for us, feel free to drop those in the comment box below.


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