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19 Places To Find Online Consulting Jobs From Home [2024]

Changing job trends and a surge in work-from-home patterns have given a spike in demand for online consulting jobs from home.

It is common to see people shifting the way they work or provide their services – from tradition to online consultation. This shift can be attributed to a change in consumer behavior or a new digital trend.

Businesses and individual customers are now beginning to feel the need for specialized consulting services to get solutions to their problems or challenges.

From the point of view of consultants, the digital revolution has made it easier for them to seamlessly provide specific services to customers from the comfort of their homes.


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What is Consultancy?

what is consulting

Consultancy is a professional term for providing advice and expertise to individuals and organizations to help them improve their business performance.

This gig also refers to the act of improving or fixing a particular component of a client’s business. These services were introduced way back in the 19th century and mainly focussed on technical and financial concerns as third parties.

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How to Build Remote Consulting Business?

If you have honed your skills and have gained lots of knowledge in a particular business area, then it means you are ready to build a remote consulting business venture and start a journey that will be professionally fulfilling as well as financially rewarding.

The good news is that many individuals and businesses constantly post remote consulting jobs entry-level on the internet.

So, you need to know how to build a remote consulting business and take advantage of the fast-emerging trend. Here are some steps for the same:


Choose Your Niche and Prove Your Worth

Identify a niche in which you are exceptional. Also, to validate your incredible ability, provide some real-world examples.

It could be anything like awards, certifications, portfolios, case studies, etc. Choosing your niche and proving your worth will take time. So, you need to be patient and constantly try to master your craft.

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Build Your Online Portfolio

You need to build and maintain a portfolio to make it easier and more convenient for potential customers to know about you and your credentials even before they contact you with their requirements.

Whether you wish to start a recruitment agency, work from home, or do any other consulting business, you have two choices to maintain an online portfolio – your professional website or your LinkedIn profile.

If you choose to build a website, make sure to include the list of services you offer, awards you have, credentials, and other important details.

Similarly, your LinkedIn profile should have all the basic information up-to-date. Showcasing client testimonials will also be beneficial to you.

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Find Online Consulting Jobs

consulting jobs

You need to be patient while pursuing online consulting jobs from home. This is especially so at the beginning of your career.

The good news is that plenty of websites will help you connect with potential clients. Therefore, these platforms can serve as the best starting point for your consulting career.

A majority of websites do not require you to pay for membership plans. However, you need to provide your basic details while registering with them.

To take advantage of online consulting websites, budding consultants should keep their profiles interesting and up-to-date. After all, your profile will decide how clients will take your services.

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Promote Your Services

Independent consultant jobs from home can be converted from a casual freelancing gig into a successful and financially rewarding business through efficient promotions.

If you are confident about your skills and the area of your work, then do not hesitate to invest your energy, time, and money in your marketing campaign.

For example, you can consider email campaigns and use your colleagues, family, and friends to spread them even further. You can also use social media marketing strategies to your advantage.

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Price Your Skill Appropriately

As an independent consultant, you need to know how to price your services correctly. Also, you need to be prepared for clients bargaining for prices.

The consulting rates depend on a lot of factors, including your expertise, your industry type, your experience, the size of the project, etc.

While publishing your rate card on the website is not mandatory, it will not harm you if you put up a rate card for some common tasks that clients frequently ask for.

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How Much Do Online Consultants Make?

consultant salary

Source: Glassdoor

The average salary online consultants make is about $77,638 per annum, with a high-end range of $113,000 and a low-end range of $53,000 per annum.

However, if you work as an independent consultant, you can make as much or as little as you want.

An online consultant’s price depends on different factors, like area of expertise, years of experience, full-time or part-time consulting, and personal expenses.

Also, income from online consulting jobs from home can be increased by offering courses and products in addition to your regular consulting services.


Best Websites to Find Online Consulting Jobs

1. Clarity

online consulting jobs


This is a popular learning platform and online consulting marketplace. Experts in international remote consulting jobs get to create professional profiles and sell their services to clients.

Clarity specifically looks for the services of consultants who specialize in business development, user growth, and customer acquisition areas of startups.

Clarity was established in 2012 with a focus on start-ups. So, if you are a consultant with lots of knowledge and experience in start-ups, entrepreneurship, etc., then you can defiantly try this platform.

As a consultant, using the platform of Clarity is simple. All you need to do is complete your profile after signing up on their platform. Thereafter, you can start applying for consultancy jobs matching your skills.


2. GLG

online consulting jobs


It is common to see different types of online consulting jobs on this platform.

GLG has clients spread across different industries like consumer goods, technology, life sciences, market research, investments, and private equity.

If you have a specialization or have an interest in any of these fields, consider GLG for your consulting business.

GLG is an experienced online consulting marketplace. It has more than 1,400 clients on board and more than 650,000 expert consultants who ably support them with varying skill sets from across the globe.

With GLG, consultants are free to fix their own rates.


3. Acorio



Owned by NTT Data, Acorio is one of the largest and most trusted online consultancy marketplaces in the world.

Acorio has hundreds of consultants on board to serve clients on a contract basis. Therefore, if you are someone looking for online consulting jobs from home with a penchant for serving Fortune 1000 companies and Global 2000 clientele, this online platform is just right for you.

Nearly 85 percent of consultants working through Acorio’s platform are remotely-based, far away from the company’s headquarters in Boston.

Consultants with extensive experience and knowledge in healthcare, government, retail, manufacturing, and finance will find lots of jobs matching their skills on Acorio’s platform.

The key to the success of Acorio lies in its belief in using technology to their transform its business.

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4. ExpertConnect

consulting jobs


Consultants attached to ExpertConnect work towards helping organizations, private financial companies, and investors run their businesses.

ExpertConnect is New York-based and has consultants on board with specializations in different fields like real estate, business services, accounting, policymaking, telecommunications, technology, etc.

Experts can join the platform for free and attach a profile. Also, they can set an hourly rate for their services.

ExpertConnect has a strong network of specialists who clients can consult through phone conversations, custom surveys, educational meetings, and seminars.

The consultants on ExpertConnect’s platform provide important marketing decisions that can positively impact clients’ business prospects.

Consultants can easily join the ExpertConnect network by creating a profile and uploading a resume.

After setting the hourly rate, the customer care of ExpertConnect will connect with consultants if a client requires your expertise. Consultants, on their part, can accept or decline an engagement.


5. Consultport



Consultport is one of the best platforms for international remote consulting jobs. Here, you can easily find projects matching your expertise.

If the pitch you submit against a project is approved, you can start working on Consultport immediately.

More than 3,000 consultants are registered on the network of Consultport with specializations in fields like digital space, business, and management.

Once you sign up with the network as a consultant with certain skills, you will be notified whenever a client is seeking your skill contacts the Consultport.

You can start working if you submit the pitch to the client and the pricing is accepted.

Consultport has an excellent track record of working with SMEs, large multinational companies, start-ups, PE firms, and consultancies of all sizes.

The quality, agility, and speed with which Consultport provides its service ensure that clients keep coming back to them for different needs.

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6. Alight Solutions

online consulting jobs


Considering Alight Solutions for your consulting work is beneficial if you are skilled in information technology and related fields.

Formerly known as Aon Hewitt, Alight Solutions is an IT services company that specializes in providing management and human capital services to help businesses and individuals with their requirements.

Alight Solutions provides an excellent platform for consultants with rich internet marketing experience.

Like many other online consultancy services platforms, Alight Solutions offers clients a wide range of online business and human capital solutions.

The 16,000-odd consultants working with Alight Solutions use proprietary AI and data analytics to optimize their client’s business processes and serve them better.


 7. Conrati

online jobs


Conrati’s platform can be used by consultants to provide valuable advice to people on different matters.

This versatile platform lets consultants do payment processing, invoicing phone and video consultations, and booking and calendar integrations.

Conrati platform makes it easy for users to procure a consultant, coach, mentor, tutor, or therapist. Therefore, finding an advisor matching your needs and skillset is hassle-free and quick with Conrati.

Users will also not encounter problems while booking the time slots with the consultants, making payments, or invoicing. Also, with Conrati, digital assets get delivered quickly and in a secure environment.


 8. Biologics Consulting Group

work from home jobs


This company will appeal to online consultants specializing in product development and the regulatory environment.

Biologics Consulting Groups assists companies of all sizes by bringing effective, innovative, and safe products to market. The platform employs a competent team of biological and pharmaceutical advisors and devices.

The Biologics Consulting Group was established with an understanding that pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and biotechnology hold a lot of potential and make a better future for everyone.

With close to three years of experience on the market, the Biologics Consulting Group has helped clients across the globe handle product development and clinical, nonclinical, and regulatory challenges.

The group takes a lot of pride in having consultants on board with an incredible experience on different subject matters and provides clients with valuable ‘inside’ perspectives to bring in lots of positive changes in their business.

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online consulting jobs


Consultants with rich experience and interest in niche areas like organizational design, change management, growth strategy, supply chain management, and others will find COMATCH a great place to start their consulting career.

This consulting marketplace also supports multiple European languages.

Consultants working through COMATCH earn attractive income as they can define their own daily rate. Also, consultants get to focus only on their work as the platform provides you with suitable project options free of cost.

There is also a lot of flexibility in terms of work. You can decide how much to work or take extended time off. COMATCH platform is also where there is an active consultant community.

Consultant members get an opportunity to build relationships with professionals from other parts of the world and even attend skill development workshops regularly.


Independent Online Consultant Jobs from Home

10. ModSquad

online consulting jobs


ModSquad provides an intuitive platform for online consultants with expertise in graphic design, product management, customer service, and marketing to support its clients’ requirements across the globe.

For those looking for online consulting jobs from home, ModSquad provides an opportunity to work with clients ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

ModSquad has been a flexible employer since its inception in 2007. It specializes in providing modernized outsourcing services to clients across the globe.

It supports its clients by establishing a wide network of Mods (virtual moderators).

Consultants working for ModSquad encourage clients to use social media platforms proactively.

If you are a consultant with interest in managing web content and moderating online groups, then ModSquad is the right platform for you.

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11. FlexProfessionals

side jobs from home


Your search for recruitment agency work from home ends with FlexProfessionals, as it provides many opportunities for consultants with expertise in areas like marketing, human resource management, and sales.

Consultants with expertise in areas like accounts management, business management, finance and accounting, web development, technical and proposal writing, etc., also have a lot of scope on this platform.

FlexProfessionals encourage consultants to work remotely and follow a flexible and hybrid style of working.

Consultants working with FlexProfessionals can choose how, when, and where to work.

This platform is perfect for consultants looking for part-time jobs and project-specific requirements.

Consultants connected with FlexProfessionals can choose to work either on a contract basis or an hourly basis.

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Part-time Online Consulting Jobs from Home

12. Equivity VA

online consulting jobs


Consultants working in the VA space can use the platform offered by Equivity VA to expand their business.

The platform always looks for experienced consultants working in fields like real estate, finance, technology, legal, and insurance to serve their clients.

Equivity specializes in providing convenient and long-term outsourcing solutions to clients to enable them to grow their businesses easily.

Consultants working in paralegal, marketing, and virtual administrative spaces are likely to find lots of work opportunities through this platform.

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13. BlackLine

make money from home


If you are doing recruitment agency work from home with a commitment to hiring finance and accounting specialists, then BlackLine is the best platform to try.

BlackLine has on its platform experienced accounting and finance professionals who can be counted for delivering accurate and assured financial solutions all the time.

BlackLine has been in the business since 2001 and is one of the leading solution providers in the finance and accounting space.

The best part about working with BlackLine as a consultant is that you get a lot of flexibility in terms of working schedules.

There are plenty of opportunities available for consultants in areas like education, accounting, customer service, and IT.

BlackLine has its main office in California but has overseas offices in Australia, Germany, and the UK.


14. HubSpot

online consulting jobs


Online consulting jobs from home become easier and assured with HubSpot, a leading online workspace for consultants specializing in areas like operations, customer service, marketing, sales, project management, etc.

Over the years, HubSpot has emerged as one of the leading players in digital marketing and inbound sales area.

Consultants love working with HubSpot as it offers freelance, temporary, alternative schedules and a hybrid working place.

HubSpot aligns products and strategic and technical expertise so that the client’s goals are achieved easily.

This platform also provides a variety of professional services, from interactive training to one-to-one consulting.

The consultants working on the platform will help increase the knowledge of clients to enable them to use the platform to the fullest.

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Freelance Online Consulting Jobs

15. FlexJobs



If you are looking for online consulting jobs from home that provide a lot of flexibility to your business, then FlexJobs is for you.

Whether you are looking for part-time, freelance, or remote work, there are plenty of work options for you on this website.

The best part about the consulting jobs you will find on FlexJobs is that they are legitimate and real.

The team at FlexJobs makes sure to verify the jobs posted on the website for legitimacy so that you have peace of mind.

With FlexJobs, consultants can work like never before. The platform will appeal to anyone who wishes to experience remote and hybrid-style working.

The platform offered by FlexJobs is easier, faster, and safer and offers excellent support and resources to ensure your work experience is great.

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16. GrowthMentor



It is an on-demand platform that helps connect businesses with consultants who have relevant experience in their chosen domains.

Those looking for part-time consulting jobs from home can use GrowthMentor to connect with marketers, entrepreneurs, and startups to help them grow their businesses.

GrowthMentor is an excellent option for you as a consultant because it lets you build your personal brand.

You can easily create a profile and start garnering testimonials and reviews from mentees. Also, it is possible to expand your network with other professionals within your community.

GrowthMentor also allows you to set your availability and charge as much as you want.


17. Maven



It is easy for consultants to register with Maven and start using its platform for offering consultation services.

An ideal place for those looking for online consulting jobs from home, Maven lets users start working on projects immediately and get paid for attending phone calls, responding to questionnaires, etc.

Maven is an excellent platform for consultants to connect with other professionals and be a part of a global consultant network.

As a consultant, you will consistently get the opportunity to serve clients belonging to different walks of life, from recent high school graduates to global CEOs.

Maven’s consulting platform is secure and gives you the power to control your work and network.

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18. Zintro

Zintro helps connect consultants with various projects that clients regularly post on the platform.

Consultants can look forward to earning a substantial amount for rendering their expert services and earn additional income by referring other consultants to the website.

The best part about Zintro is that consultants belonging to different geographies and industry sectors can join its platform.

Zintro is based in Boston, serves more than 300 clients, and is backed by a seasoned management team.

Consultants associated with Zintro can look forward to working on projects of different sizes.

When you sign up with the platform with your details, Zintro starts matching with the clients seeking solutions and requiring your expertise.

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19. EPAM Systems

online consulting jobs


For those looking for international remote consulting jobs, especially in the IT field, EPAM Systems comes across as a serious option.

This platform helps consultants connect with clients who are looking for innovative designs and technical expertise to handle their projects.

The consulting services on offer through EPAM Systems’ platform include Brand & Marketing, Data & AI-Powered Transformation, Experience Transformation, Enterprise Technology & Operations Transformation, Platform & Product Strategy, and Organizational Enablement.

EPAM Systems provides consultants with creative, passionate, flexible, and honest working conditions to ensure clients are served better.

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How to Get a Job as an Independent Consultant?

how to be an online consultant

The best part about the job as an independent consultant is that you get to choose the type of work you are interested in and follow your passion.

However, targeting independent consultant jobs from home means you need to be prepared to deal with irregular workflow.

If you are comfortable with the whole arrangement, there are some ways to get a job as an independent consultant.

Given below are some of these ways:

Make Use of Online Marketplace

Online marketplaces are fast becoming popular with independent consultants to find long-term and short-term work.

Typically, on these sites, you must fill out a standard profile and start searching for jobs or positions matching your skill set.

There are plenty of online marketplaces that are industry-specific.

For example, some marketplaces look only for management consultants, and other marketplaces look specifically for IT professionals.

If you are lucky enough to find a reliable marketplace that matches the industry you are interested in or have experience in, then you can make good use of it to find a consultant’s job.


Keep Your Marketing Strategy Ready

You should constantly try to better your personal marketing efforts.

For example, if you blog regularly, consider sharing them through social media platforms.

If you have a professional website, then use that to update others about your latest works or projects.

When you develop a strong personal brand, it will not only highlight your professional credibility but also improve visibility.


Keep Updating Your Credentials

Irrespective of the marketplace you choose to search for jobs, you will likely fill out a resume wizard, some sort of profile, or pass on information about your credentials.

Therefore, when you prepare your credentials ahead of time, you are ensuring the processes are completed smoothly.

Your resume is an important tool that can be used to set you apart from the competition.

So, make sure it is in an easy-to-read format and showcases your skills, top works, and experience.


Build Your Network

When you are going through a dry spell professionally, efficient networking can come to your rescue.

You can talk to colleagues and friends to find out if there are people in their network whom you can reach out to.

If you have an ongoing and positive relationship with a client, then you can find out if they have any other projects lined up for you or know someone who may be interested in your services.

Another great way to secure consultant jobs is to partner with other consultants.

You can partner with the consultant to get the job done if a large ongoing project a consultant is working on.




Can I work from home as an online consultant?

Yes, you can definitely work from home as an online consultant.

However, there are a few things you need to consider. These considerations will help you stand out in the crowd and make the best use of the opportunities that come your way.


Am I qualified for Online Consulting Jobs?

If you want the clients to start beating on your door to hire you for your professional services consistently, you need to be a qualified and experienced consultant.

If you are not qualified, then there are fewer chances of clients placing their trust in your capabilities as a consultant.

 For example, if you want to be a fashion consultant, then you need to be up-to-date in the fashion industry.

You need to be well-versed with all the changes and trends that happen in the fashion world and so on.


Are there any special licensing and certifications needed?

Depending on your profession, you may or may not need a special license or a special certification.

You need to verify this before you operate as a consultant.

For example, if you choose to work as a fund-raising consultant, then a special certification is not required for you.

However, you have the option to get the certification, if required, from the National Society of Fund-Raising Executives.

Before starting your business, you may need to register as a fund-raising consultant in some states. You need to consider this seriously before starting your job.


Can I do networking?

Networking is important if you wish to target independent consultant jobs from home. You can start building your network as soon as you decide to be a consultant.


Can I remain organized to be a successful consultant?

Whether you are doing part-time consulting jobs from home or full-time, you need to remain organized all the while.

If you are an expert in time management, then there are high chances that you will succeed as a consultant.

Planning and time management are the key aspects to be considered at all times and cannot be compromised under any circumstance.


Do I have short-term and long-term goals?

To be a successful and satisfied consultant, you need to have short-term and long-term goals set.

Also, you need to verify if your goals allow you to be a consultant.

If you feel the goals you have in mind to be a successful consultant will take up a lot of your energy and time and this is difficult for you to deliver, then you should consider moving in this direction.

If you are interested in building your own online consulting business, then the time is right for you to get started!

There is a plethora of online platforms that can help you start your consulting career.

While each of the platforms is different, you can follow the basic guidelines, set up your profile, and provide basic details to start with your consultation work.

The whole process is simple, easy, and hassle-free.