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20 Best Online Jobs For Housewives & Moms [2024]

Are you a housewife? Then your day might go on with just doing the daily chores and errands and nothing more. I’m sure every lady enjoys doing their household chores without getting vexed.

But at the same time, you might be missing something. Which woman doesn’t like to have economic independence? No one, right?

Similarly, you, too, might wish to contribute to your family financially. But you might also have several doubts in your mind about starting working again. Age, experience, time gap, and many other silly questions might run through your mind.

To keep all those doubts at bay, I’m here with good news for all you housewives.

There are many jobs available that you can do from your home. You need not worry about your personal and professional lives anymore, as there are a ton of online jobs for housewives. Make use of these opportunities to fulfill the dream of living a professional life too.

Go through the below list further to know the different types of online jobs available.


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20 Best Online Jobs For Housewives

To guarantee you a professional career, these jobs are not any side hustles or side income-making ideas.

All the jobs listed below are something that you can make as your full-time career just by doing it from the comfort of your home and satisfying yourselves with a great professional life as well.

So without any delay, dive in to learn about these online jobs for housewives.


1. Start Your Own Blog Today

Blogging is one of the best income-making ideas for anyone because this is something that has nothing to do with your location.

Apart from location independence, you can be your boss, and you can have extreme exponential growth.

So if you are somebody with good writing skills and have a nice topic to share with people, then I recommend you start a blog.

Whether you are a newbie or not, you can make blogging a lucrative source of income just by learning some hacks. However, it is not so easy to start one.

I started this blog as a side hustle in 2018, and I invested money in many things like courses, promotion tools, website setup tools, services, etc, in the beginning.

Most importantly, what makes the difference here between full-time bloggers and giving up bloggers is perseverance and continuous efforts. We have to put in months of hard work following experts’ guidance and tips, even if we are not making a single penny in the beginning.

Coming through this pierced period of time is not that easy, but once you do, it changes your life completely. Because it has multiple ways of generating revenue like display advertising, sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, course selling, ebooks selling, and more. Here is a sample for you.

mediavine payments

Blogging is now my full-time income, and currently, it is making me around $7000+ per month. Want to change your life with blogging?

My friend Greg Jhonson, a six-figure blogger at Club Thrifty made a course named Earn More Blogging, where you can learn all the tips and hacks of blogging and make it your profit-making machine.

Read to know how Greg Jhonson is making $400,000+/year from blogging, and he is also teaching many aspiring bloggers to start and achieve full-time income from blogging.

Also, check out how I made $381,212.85 from this blog.


2. Start Providing Virtual Assistant Services

All businesses and entrepreneurs these days require people to do certain things for them, like managing calendars, emails, appointments, etc. And usually, they hire people who work remotely for this job. They are called Virtual Assistants.

You can be a virtual assistant offering services from the comfort of your home. Mostly these jobs don’t require any particular qualifications except for some good communication and management skills.

My friend Gina Horkey made her side hustle into a full-time Virtual Assistant business, and she makes hundreds and thousands of dollars every month now.

Wondering how? Learn from Gina Horkey in her course 30 Days or Less to a Successful Virtual Assistant Business.

You need to work only for certain hours a week, so you can use the rest of the time to manage your house or to offer VA services to other companies. 

There are a host of services that you can offer as a Virtual Assistant. VAs are in demand, so make the most of this opportunity, dear housewives. You can earn between $20-$100 per hour depending on the company and job.

Look to know how Hailey Thomas and Elizabeth Neumann are making an average of $4500 per month with the help of Gina Horkey’s course.

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3. Become a Bookkeeper

Bookkeeping is one of the lesser competitive and high-paying online jobs you can do as a housewife. If you are good at keeping track of finances, then this is the best fit for you.

Some companies need you to have a degree in Commerce and Accounting to do this job. However, a Level 2 certificate in either Accounting or Bookkeeping or Manual and Computerised bookkeeping can also help you earn this work. 

You can earn around $50 an hour in this job. So, what’s your excuse?

Learn for free from this Bookkeeping Free Series course by Ben Robinson about how to work from home and earn good money through a virtual bookkeeping business.

The competition you face in this job is less, so jump and grab one soon if you are eligible and interested.

Read: 13 Best Bookkeeping Jobs That Pay Up To $60 Per Hour.


4. Earn From Proofreading And Editing Services

Are you good at detailing? Have you got an Eagle’s eye? Then you are good for a proofreading or editing job. You require good grammar and English skills to work as an online proofreader or editor.

You will be required to proofread documents, blogs, newsletters, books, etc, according to the company’s recruitment.

This job requires you to have a bachelor’s degree in the respective field. However, you will be able to know this during recruitment only because few companies give importance to your skill rather than qualifications.

No matter whether you are a beginner or an expert, you can brush up your skills with a good course to proofread online well.

Grab this free 76-minute workshop named General Proofreading Theory and Practice Webinar by Caitlin Pyle, a successful proofreader who earns six figures from this business, to improve your editing and proofreading skills before going into the game.



5. Work As An Online Transcriptionist

Transcription is a job that requires you to have good listening skills, great English and grammar, and typing skills. In this job, you need to convert audio files into text.

Transcription is another best field that provides great online jobs and opportunities for housewives. Most companies don’t need any qualifications for you to hire for this job, except a few ask for at least a bachelor’s degree. They train you before doing the job. However, there is no exception for beginners to work as a transcriptionist.

The average salary of a transcriptionist is around $46,500 a year, and on an hourly basis, it is up to $30 per hour. Several courses on the internet can help you become a decent transcriptionist to start your own transcription business.

Make use of this free mini-course on General Transcription by Janet Shaughnessy to make yourself familiar with Transcription.

To transcribe, apart from the skills mentioned above, you need certain tools such as a Headset, Footpedal, Transcription Software, Time tracking software, and Grammar/Spell checker.

Learn more with this Theory And Practice program by Janet Shaughnessy, who has around 10 years of experience in Transcription.

Read: 27 Best Online Transcription Jobs For Beginners – $15+/Hour


6. Flip Your Products Online

You must be familiar with the term flipping. The flipping business is nothing but buying a product and selling it immediately to make huge profits. This is great and easy work that you can do as a housewife.

It is similar to the online shopping you often do. Starting from vintage accessories to websites & domains, there are several things that you can flip and make profits.

This job doesn’t require any educational qualifications except for some smart business techniques. There are people who make a six-figure income from this flipping business.

Join a free course at Flipper University to learn how to make huge profits in the flipping business and also draw inspiration from success stories where people make up to $2000 for each flip.

Does it sound absurd? But I’m not exaggerating.

You should read how Rob & Melissa Stephenson made over $100,000/year by flipping products.


7. Become An Affiliate Marketer

Do you own a blog or run a website? Then why not try affiliate marketing to make money while sitting at home? This is one of the best jobs you can do as a housewife, where you need not do much except promote a brand or a product.

However, you don’t necessarily need a blog or website to be an affiliate marketer. An online presence on any social media platform with a great following(audience) can help you do affiliate marketing.

So go and focus on enlarging your followers’ list who become a great part of your business.

Enroll in the course Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing by Michelle to learn the tactics involved in this business and grow your income.

This course will be super helpful if you have a blog or are about to have one. In this case, we are the best testimony of this course because it helped us in increasing our affiliate income to $3000+/month from this blog alone. Here you can see a few picture proofs of it.

affiliate income

Want to make really big figures from affiliate marketing? They see how Michelle is making $50,000 per month through affiliate marketing.


8. Teach English To Chinese Kids

Have you ever dreamt of being a teacher? If yes, then you can be one now online. The most lucrative opportunity for online teaching is teaching English to Chinese kids.

To do this job, you need to have a bachelor’s degree but not necessarily in English only. If you have the proper equipment like a computer, webcam, and audio devices, then you can apply for this job without a second thought.

A previous teaching experience, if any, would be an added advantage. I have two personal and best recommendations of places for you to work as an Online English teacher.

VIPKID is an online tutoring service that needs English teachers to teach Chinese students. It pays $22 an hour for your teaching services. You need not have any teaching experience or any knowledge of foreign languages to work with them.

This company has rated 4./5 stars on Indeed by nearly 1000 online tutors worldwide. Signup with VIPKID now and work in your schedule whenever you want.

MagicEars is another platform where you can earn by teaching English to Chinese kids online. You will get to teach kids aged 4-12 here in flexible time hours. They pay you $20-$26 for an hour of teaching. 

Start teaching with Magic Ears in a 1- on-4 unique classroom experience. 



9. Be a Freelance Writer

Do you love writing? Then there are a lot of writing genres that you can explore. All you need is good English reading and writing skills. 

There are many bloggers, brands, and companies that require people to write for them. You can freelance with such companies and earn from your home. Most companies pay between $100 cents to $1000 per article you write.

Well, you can even earn more if you write for popular magazines, i.e, up to $2000 per article.

Writing is a flexible job, and only a few companies require qualifications, while many others only look at your skills and quality of writing to hire you. And finally, there is never any shortage of work.

Most importantly, this is the only job that pays comparatively big bucks to beginners than any other job in any industry. Even as a beginner with good writing and language skills, you can demand up to $100 per article.

Freelance writing is a great opportunity both as a business and a job. This is the industry that will never get saturated, and there are uncountable blogs and websites to find freelance writing jobs.

If you want to enter into this field, then I recommend you to take a look at this 30 Days or Less to Freelance Writing Success course by Gina Horkey, who is a six-figure freelance writing business owner. And she is training thousands of people to achieve the same success within less amount of time.

Signup for Gina Horkey’s 30 Days or Less To Freelance Writing Success Course here to launch your career quickly in this field.

Another great course that is worth talking about is Earn More Writing School by Holly Johnson, a six-figure freelance writer who earns $200,000+ a year alone from this writing business.

It is always a great idea to take guidance from experts. So, if you are serious about this business, then these two courses are far enough to turn your life too.



10. Testing And Reviewing Websites/Products

Testing and reviewing websites/Products is another one of the best online jobs for housewives to do. This is a pretty easy job to do and also consumes very little time.

Companies and brands to improve their websites and their performance and test them in a real-time environment by hiring people to do so. Your feedback can help them fix any errors and bugs, thereby improving the quality and user experience of their website.

So join such testing and reviewing jobs to make around $10-$25 per test you take. There are several testing websites that pay you well in this field.

You can also earn by testing and reviewing some interesting products even before they are available in the market. Some companies will let you keep the product after testing apart from giving you your payment.

ValuedOpinions is one of the best product testing and reviewing platforms that pays you $100 for just signing up.

Pinecone Research is another great website that pays you to share your opinion and review products as well. You can earn between $7 – $10 per successful review.



11. Moderating Social Media Groups And Forums

Are you good at managing a large group of people? Are you familiar with social media groups and its working? Then this is another one of the best online jobs for housewives.

Companies and brands hire remote workers to manage their social media groups or online forums. This work is pretty simple and is similar to that of being a group admin. 

All you need to do is approve members in the forum, remove toxic people from the group, respond to comments, etc. Overall, you need to keep the group or forum safe for people participating in it from any form of online inconvenience or harassment.

As a forum moderator, you can make $16-$25 per hour. Not only moderation jobs but there are also several business ideas you can start on Facebook or on Instagram without investing money.

Read: 31 Legit Paid Online Focus Groups: Earn up to $150/hour.


12. Become A Travel Agent/ Partner

People in this hectic world don’t find enough time to plan their trips properly. So they rely on travel agents for these works for them. So why not be a travel agent?

This is a fun job that you can do from the comfort of your house. You need to book trips, find cheap and best flights, and best travel deals to impress and earn from your customers.

As a travel agent, you can earn around $14-$21 per hour in this job. You can work for a traveling company as a travel agent from your home, or you can start your own business as a travel agent.

There are many housewives who do this job on a part-time basis.

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13. Become An Online Teacher

You can work as an online teacher for many companies. This job is flexible to do providing you the freedom to set your working schedule.

Apart from being an English teacher, as said above, you can also teach other subjects to students across the world.

To get this job you need to have a bachelor’s degree in the respective subject you want to teach. There are online platforms such as Chegg,, etc., where you can find online tutoring jobs. You can make up to $30 per hour with this job.



14. Make Money Taking Surveys

This is another easy job that anyone can do in their spare time. There are several survey sites on the internet where you can signup and earn money for taking surveys.

These survey sites also pay you for doing tasks like watching videos, playing games, shopping online, reading emails, and more.

Housewives like you can signup for as many survey sites as you can and earn from them. Most of these sites pay you $5 just for signing up.

Let me put before you some popular websites that are trusted by millions of users.

1. Survey Junkie

SurveyJunkie is a GPT site where you can get paid to take surveys. Survey Junkie is one of the top-rated high-paying survey networks with more than 5 million active users.

This platform is rated 4.5/5 stars on Trustpilot. Each successful survey could bring you around $1 – $20 with very little effort. Give it a try here.

2. InboxDollars

Get paid to do different tasks such as watching videos, playing games, taking surveys, online shopping, etc., with InboxDollars. Earn an Instant bonus of $5 just by signing up here.

3. Toluna Influensers

Get paid to take surveys, watch videos, refer friends, and play games online. Earn up to $100 per month in extra income.

You can redeem your earnings via gift cards or direct cash.

4. Panda Research

You can earn cash, coupons, gift cards, offers, giveaways, and many more by taking surveys at Panda Research. Earn $3- $7 for each completed survey.

Sign up with Panda Research to earn an instant bonus of $3.

5. Opinion Outpost

Most popular platform with high-acceptance surveys. Get paid up to $20 per survey. Trusted by millions of users worldwide. Join OpinionOutpost now.

6. Branded Surveys

More than 3 million people use this platform to earn extra money online. Paid over $35 million dollars to its user community. Join now and be a part of Branded Surveys community. 100 Points signup bonus.

7. Pinecone Research

Get paid for taking surveys and reviewing products with Pinecone Research. This popular survey platform offers rewards such as Walmart and Amazon gift cards, etc.

Earn $3-$5 per survey and up to $7 for each product review with Pinecone Research.


So these are some of the high-paying survey sites where you can invest your time to take surveys in your spare time. Despite the payment you earn is not that big, you can still pay off some of your monthly bills.


15. Online Chat Support Jobs

If you are good at communication skills and know more than one language then online chat support jobs can be of great help to you to earn from home.

Like most of the other jobs, you need not have any educational qualifications to do these jobs. There are different kinds of online chat jobs like providing live customer service through a chat or teaching English in a chat.

These jobs are quite flexible allowing you to work whenever you want and as much or as little as you wish. You can earn $9- $16 per hour in online chat jobs.

Check VirtualVocations to find some legit online chat agent jobs.

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16. Sell Your Words As A CopyWriter

This is again the best job to do while sitting at home if you have a way with words. Unlike conventional writing jobs, copywriting is about informal writing.

It should be like a monologue and must attract readers. Companies hire copywriters to write advertisements in magazines, online and television, etc.

This is a great job for housewives if you love writing. You can learn some copywriting skills from before you start.


17. Become A Social Media Manager

Are you familiar with all the latest social media platforms and their work?

Yes, then there are social media manager jobs for you where you need to handle social media accounts of any celebrity or brand, or company.

This job is pretty flexible to do and also doesn’t require any educational qualifications. This is one of the high-paying online jobs for housewives with which you can earn $41-$59 per hour.

You must be able to drive traffic to their account, respond to the followers, and keep them engaging with posts and updates.

If you have great communication skills then find and apply for one on job boards like Fiverr.

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18. Content Management

Companies and established bloggers hire people to help them with certain tasks such as handling email marketing, overseeing freelancers, scheduling calendars, etc. This job is called Content Management. You can do this job remotely too.

Content Manager is responsible for helping their company improve their income and also their website’s content.

You can make $38,000 to $90,000 per annum as a digital content manager according to LinkedIn. However, this job requires prior experience.


19. Provide Remote Translation Services

This is a simple job among online jobs for housewives. If you are multilingual then you can start offering translation services from your home to companies. You must be able to read, write, and speak the languages you know.

In this job, you are expected to translate an audio file from one language to another. You can typically make around $30-$50 an hour as an online translator.

To Find translation jobs check our latest article, 20 Top Websites Offering Online Translation Jobs.


20. Data Entry Operator

Become a data entry operator as there is always work in this field. Though this job appears to be repetitive and monotonous, if you don’t want much bothering then this online job is perfect for housewives.

You need to have good typing skills and not more than that. A high school diploma certificate is desirable. This is one of the jobs that most housewives vote for as they don’t need to waste more mental ability on it.

So this is a list of some credible online jobs for housewives to gain professional life experience. Now it is up to you to find the one that suits your abilities and qualifications.



All the jobs I listed above are high-paying and flexible allowing you to work on your terms. I hope you found a job from the above list of jobs that help you have economic independence. 

I did my part to help you find online jobs for housewives to do while sitting at home. Now it is your turn to do your part by grabbing one of them.

Share your experience of these online jobs for housewives if you have any. Otherwise, let us know in the comments about any other better online job ideas one can do as a housewife.


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