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10 Best Online Jobs That Don’t Require A College Degree

This has become an age-old tradition or misconception that only graduate students can grab the opportunities to work either online or in traditional jobs. However, there are now several online jobs that don’t require a college degree available worldwide.

And this is also a real fact that there are many companies that offer work-from-home jobs or remote jobs by keeping the margin of eligibility criteria that one must hold a bachelor’s degree or even higher.

But what about the people who don’t hold a college degree? Can they open their own business? Will that be successful? Can they gain experience?

Will they earn equal to the graduate students or more? How can they stabilize at work? These are a few questions that can linger in your mind.

Are you among the one who thinks that without graduation, we cannot start or join a good job? Before getting into the details of those jobs, just think of the most successful people who attained heights without a proper degree.

The list of jobs we are about to share consists of a few jobs where you need to use WordPress as the medium of work. Do you know the founder of WordPress, Matt Mullen, who dropped out of college? Now he powers 22 percent of the whole web.

Do you know the famous American MicroBlogging website Tumblr which is helping in connecting millions of people across the globe, was founded by a school dropout student named David Karp?

Not only them but very famous personalities like Bill Gates (Microsoft), Steve Jobs (Apple), Henry Ford (Ford Motor Company), Evan Williams (Twitter), Michael Dell (Dell Computers), and Walt Disney (Walt Disney Company) are all high school dropouts now ruling the world with their ideologies and successful life.

After knowing this, what’s your excuse? Do you really think that you cannot grab a job without a proper college degree? No right!

Opportunities are always knocking on the door even though you are not a graduate, But what are they? How to Find them? Are they Legit?

Can you turn them into full-time? these are a few questions related to this; we will help you regarding this through this article.


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Online Jobs That Don’t Require A College Degree


1. Become A Blogger

A piece of regular but wise advice we can give from our side. This online job can be started from any remotest location; you will be your own boss. Blogging has incredible potential for earning, which can sometimes be more than any regular traditional job.

But the main question for every beginner is how they can start their business in blogging without prior knowledge.

Yes! we say, Blogging only expects the best content from you. Any graduate or undergraduate can start their business in blogging.

There are a few baby steps you must learn before starting a blog. They are as follows: First, you must be aware of the content you are good at, and you should gather the best content from legit sources. 

Choose your blog name related to your niche; niche selection is one of the important aspects of starting a blog. Niche is nothing but a topic that you are going to blog about. Here you know the potential of some blog niche ideas.

You should choose the best hosting service, like Bluehostto get your blog live on the internet. Always work hard to create good content; your content is the heart of your blog. Choose and pick the best photos or infographics to make your blog look cooler and more attractive.

Stay socially active to gain more audience. Create accounts on Pinterest, Redditt, Facebook, etc., to attract a targeted audience. Just one simple tip, Stay consistent with your content and remember your content should be legit all the time.

Create about us and contact us pages to let people know who is creating the content, and it can help the readers to contact you for queries and suggestions. Enabling comments can even gain you more suggestions and additions.

This is all about choosing blogging as a career option without a college degree; what if you don’t have any idea about blogging? This is not the real case to worry about; in this digital world, there are always different ways to learn. Join This FREE Workshop and Learn How to Earn $500,000/yr or More From Blogging.

Check, Blog Income Report- How I Make $7147 in September 2020.


2. Freelance Writing

This field is contemporary to blogging; this is basically content writing.

All you must have is good writing skills and also editing skills. Opportunities are always high in this field. Companies that offer a job in freelance writing mostly won’t ask for your educational background, But they may keep in check your content gathering and content writing skills.

Here you can also join as a ghostwriter, where your identity is locked or kept private. Articles will be published with a different author’s name, but you will claim your paycheck.

But what if you have no skills in grammar or content writing? Don’t worry; first, you learn to gather the content from legit sources and try to religiously follow famous websites to get to know the way they use content to post.

You can even opt for freelance writing courses to reach the standards of this job to sustain yourself in the competitive world.

To assist these freelance writing beginners, Gina Horkey, a famous blogger, who earns more than $45000 in a week by just sitting at home, started a course wherein which you can learn the exact strategies to Ace Freelance Writing Within 30 Days.

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3. Virtual Assistant

Many companies offer jobs to virtual assistants. Here you need to manage multiple tasks for the entity you are hired for by managing digital marketing tasks, Scheduling appointments for businessmen, Managing personal dates and plans, etc. 

Here, communication skills are the key factor as you need to interact with various people on behalf of your employer. You need to have knowledge in managing calendar dates, Conducting conferences with permission, and also planning travel.

Sometimes you need to answer phone calls and also you must reply to a few E-mails. Good communication and managing skills can place you in this job. By gaining experience in this field, you can earn more than $2000 per week.

Again here is the question what if you are not holding any of the skills to start a career as a virtual assistant, go through this handbook written by Gina Horkey, where you can learn most of the important aspects of a virtual assistant business in a crisp manner.

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4. Transcription Jobs

If you are good at any language and have great typing skills, then this job suits you well. This job doesn’t require any college degree to do.

Transcription is nothing but a business service where we convert speech into text; this can be of live recording or sometimes into an audio file.

There are many fields that offer jobs for transcription, like the Legal field, Print media, Medical field, and also general transcription industry.

You should develop good writing or typing skills in order to convert the speech efficiently. Transcriptionists earn a good amount of money depending on their efficiency; there is a lot of scope in this field.

An average transcriptionist can earn more than $1000 per week, depending on the work and efficiency. There are a few best companies that offer jobs in this field with the best pay scale. So why is the wait for?

Hard to find efficiency in learning transcription skills? Check this TranscribeAnywhere Free Course.

Legal transcription slightly expects more skills from regular transcription, So you have to pay extra attention in this field. Check here to know more about Legal Transcription.


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5. Proofreading Jobs

Full-time or part-time bloggers, freelance writers, or any other field where writing work is involved cannot manage their time always to proofread their text, which can end up in many mistakes in their content.

For this reason, they recruit Proofreaders/Editors to check their content and make necessary modifications. Here for this job, all you must hold is good grammatical and e the respective language where you choose to work.

Here this job has the flexibility to work from anywhere by using the internet as a medium. There are a few companies that offer jobs for remote proofreaders or editors where they can upload edited text and get paid.

You can even check with social media platforms, advertisements, and newspapers for the requirement of proofreaders and can apply for them. Many companies offer this job without asking for a college degree by checking your skills.

Take a look at this ProofreadAnywhere course to learn how to earn a full-time living by proofreading from home.

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6. Customer Service Executive

This is the most important field where employers require more staff, as ultimately, all the companies work to meet the standards of their customers.

There should always be an interaction with customers for suggestions, recommendations, or even queries. For this, there comes the scope for customer care executives. 

As a customer care executive, you should always engage in interaction with them. This can even be remote, as some companies even offer jobs for remote workers without asking for any college degree.

All you need to gain here is good communication skills, including patience, as you need to interact with more people in a day. You can even opt for online training to gain skills in this field.


7. Flipping Business

Flipping is nothing but purchasing an asset with the initial investment in the view of selling it for an immediate profit.

Sometimes this can gain you more profits than long-term holdings. This business has its fingers in all fields like Furniture, Automobiles, Electronics, Residential areas, Properties, etc.

You can start this business with low investment and can raise more profits if you really have knowledge of the relative item you are flipping.

You should always be engaged in social media platforms as well as in all types of advertisements to get to know the news on items to flip.

Quickly grab that opportunity and sell for instant profits. Learn how This Couple has made $120,000 in a Year on Flipping Stuff Online.

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8. Web Developer

Sometimes a few companies or startups require basic secondary websites to design, and they may look for entry-level developers for these tasks to be done.

You can learn basic coding or HTML designs from various courses without any proper degree. By imbibing designing skills, you can create your profile with the designs you have already performed and can market your skills on various platforms.

But you should develop background knowledge in this field to avoid basic bugs involved in the design. You can learn many courses online to gain knowledge and skills. What you are waiting for? Go, start designing. 


9. Search Engine Evaluator

The search engine evaluator basically evaluates and analyzes search results for quality and relevancy. These jobs are available in various languages depending on your location.

This job can be done from a remote location, so there is high flexibility in this job. Very ideal for those who are looking to work from home and want to earn handsomely.

You should have Research skills, Knowledge of current situations, and Fluency in the respective languages. As a researcher in this field, your earning potential varies between $10 and $100 per hour. Appen is one of the leading companies that hires search engine evaluators. 

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10. Bookkeeping Jobs

This job is more of accounting. You must keep a record of all the financial transactions of the entity you were hired.

These transactions can be of all types like Sales, Receipts, and Personal. Tax, etc. Bookkeepers are a mandatory requirement for companies to keep a check on their financial transactions.

This can keep them more organized and can gain more reliable information on their revenue. 

There are 2 types of bookkeeping Cash basis and Accrual Basis. Cash base keeping only records transactions upon the cash only received or paid. Accrual-based is the record of whole cash without depending on received or paid. 

All it matters is how you thrive and learn the skills in this field. Ben Robinson started sharing tips for beginners in the bookkeeping field. Learn and Start your job!


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So, these are some online jobs that don’t require a degree to get started. I hope you’ll find the best from this list.

There is no force that can stop you if you have true intentions to work hard for what you want to achieve. Without a college degree or a graduate, never a matter.

Always work hard and be consistent; success will knock on your door very soon. Finally, This is the best list from our end to help you to start a new job. You can come up with the necessary suggestions and additions.


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