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15 Online Moderator Jobs From Home 2024 – ($30 Per Hour)

We often moderate our own social media handles like a Facebook page or our Instagram handles. Apart from that, we also moderate our personal blogs. But do you know that it is now even possible to earn money if you are good at online moderator jobs?

Yes, there are many options available to encash your moderating skills and make quite a fair amount of money without investing much time.

From moderating message boards to moderating comments on social media pages, moderation jobs can be anything. You can also moderate private chat rooms and monitor insight reports of social media handles as well.

All you need is a passion for anything online and basic computer knowledge to make your name in this industry. The requirements are also minimal as you need a computer and a stable internet connection to do this job.

In this article, you’ll know everything about online moderator jobs and also some companies that offer these jobs.


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What Does An Online Moderator Do?

online moderator jobs

Depending on the platform you are working on, the online moderation job you’ll find can broadly vary. If you want to concentrate on social media pages, the moderation job can circulate insight analysis, comment moderation, and post-editing.

However, it can be slightly different if you want to concentrate on the web or blog moderation. However, the fundamental duties for online moderator jobs are as follows.

  • Moderate Comments: You need to respond to comments posted by users and members of social media accounts or web portals. You may also need to repost or retweet those. Your task may also include offering personalized gifts, offers, or badges to specific members.
  • Deescalate Heated Situation: You need to quickly take charge of the situation and de-escalate the heated debate between members. This is to eliminate the chance of any hostile situation for members of a social media handle or web blog.
  • Address Complaints And Feedback: It is necessary for social media handles or blogs related to products or services. You need to address specific complaints and address the issues that users may have faced while using a particular product or service.
  • Respond To Emails: You need to answer queries and respond to fan emails. You may also need to provide troubleshooting information or product descriptions. You may also need to send marketing emails while describing your latest offers.
  • Insight Analysis: This is a job for experienced moderators. There are software or tools that can help you properly analyze your social media handles, web blogs, or forums. You also need to analyze your audience to ensure better engagement.
  • SEO Marketing: Forum posting, comment posting, and taking part in public chat rooms are some of the key strategies a good SEO specialist always takes. You also need to grab new plans that suit the demand of your client.

So, these are the key responsibilities that a moderator should abide by. However, the demand for a particular moderation job can be hugely different from others. You should always look for the key responsibilities you need to follow before joining any job.


How Much Does An Online Moderator Earn?

online moderator jobs - salary


The average pay for online moderator jobs is around $10 to $15 per hour, depending upon your demographic profile. However, it can be up to $30 per hour for more seasoned moderators.

You can also hike your hourly rate if you have any added skills like SEO or SEM besides just the moderation job. However, the average yearly salary for an online moderator is around $25k to $30k.

There are several courses available that can give you an extra edge in this job. The right course on social media handling or search engine optimization can help you have a good bargain with your client.

You can also complete certification courses. If you can display your certificates on your social media handles and your LinkedIn profile, you can attract high-paying clients.

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Companies To Find Online Moderator Jobs

Even if you have the skills of a great moderator, finding the right online moderator jobs that also pay well is pretty narrow.

You may also face fraudulent websites if you can’t recognize the legit ones. And to help you with this, here are the best websites that now offer this job.


1. The Social Element

Website: The Social Element.

Hourly Rate: $15-$25+ per hour.

If you are looking for high-paying online moderator jobs, Social Element can serve your purpose at its best. It is one of the leading social media management companies with numerous companies and celebrities in its clientele.

Dominating the market since 2002, it has managed the social media presence of Game of Thrones, HBO, Toyota, Lego, Maxwell House, Smirnoff, and many more.

It mainly offers two positions: social media-based customer care and community management. And in both works, you can expect around $15 per hour at first.

However, this hourly rate can increase if you have previous experience and skills. You can earn even more if you have proficiency in at least one other language than English.


2. ICUC Moderation Services

Website: ICUC Moderation Services.

Hourly Rate: $11 per hour.

Established in 2004, this social media management company called ICUC Moderation Services has made its name as one of the key players in the industry.

It has served numerous companies and industries alike for almost 16 years now. Starting from community management to social media handling, you can opt for any job you want.

You can also look for an analytical position if you have knowledge of the user and traffic analysis. This company also prefers multilingual applicants. However, you can still apply even if you are only good at English.

But yes, you do need to have excellent communication skills. Right now, it offers around $11 per hour to its new members. However, this rate can further increase depending on your skills.


3. 99 Dollar Social

Website: 99 Dollar Social.

Hourly Rate: $15 per hour.

There is no better option available than 99 Dollar Social if you are looking for a Facebook moderator job. As the name itself suggests, it mainly deals with social media management.

And the basic package starts from just $99 per month for its clients. It also offers 365-day services to its clients. And for that, it now has a vast client base and is always looking for talented social media moderators.

This company offers dedicated services to its clients. So, you may need to serve just a single brand or social media page while working.

But yes, you need to give your best to work for this company. The hourly rate will vary depending on your expertise and previous experience.




Hourly Rate: $12 per hour.

Known as the grand old daddy of the question-answer-based web module, has been dominating the market since 1996. It now has more than 100 million users around the globe each month.

This California-based company is actually a search engine that puts more emphasis on finding answers to specific questions. Therewithal, the mobile app has already been downloaded more than 2 million times.

This company offers full-time jobs mainly from its office. However, it sometimes provides remote opportunities, although that is full-time as well.

You need to have previous experience in social media and web moderation to apply.

You must also have excellent communication skills. Your monthly salary will depend on several factors, including your background, qualifications, and area of expertise.


5. CrispThinking

Website: CrispThinking.

Hourly Rate: $15+ per hour.

For online moderator jobs, no experience is required on CrispThinking. Established way back in 2005, it mainly offers online problem and security error detection for big brands and companies.

It also provides social media management services and community moderation services for its clients. This UK-based company mainly prefers people from the United Kingdom.

However, you can still apply if you are from the United States or Canada. It currently offers around $15 per hour to its new members.

However, this hourly rate can further increase depending on your skill and previous experience. Although it mainly offers full-time jobs, it sometimes has opportunities for remote workers as well.


6. ModSquad

Website: ModSquad.

Hourly Rate: $9-$10 per hour.

Around the social media market since 2007, ModSquad now has a workforce of more than 10k talented moderators.

And now, it is again taking excellent moderators on board as it is planning to expand its operations.

It has some of the biggest names in the market as its clients. So, you will not only get an excellent hourly rate but will get nice exposure with amazing brands.

This company now offers around $9 to $10 per hour to new members. However, this rate can further increase depending on your previous experience in this industry.

You can also earn more if you are bilingual. You can directly apply for the vacant position by uploading your latest resume on the website.


7. BabyCenter

Website: BabyCenter.

Hourly Rate: $14-$60 per hour.

As the name itself suggests, it mainly works with parenting and new moms. According to a recent study, 8 out of 10 moms in the United States visit BabyCenter each month.

It has a user base of more than 50 million moms around the world. It also offers its services in nine different languages from 11 offices around the world.

And now, it also offers opportunities for talented social media managers. You mainly need to communicate directly with the new moms.

You need to moderate and answer their questions as well. It offers an attractive hourly rate and flexible work hours.

However, the financial remuneration mainly depends on the skills and experience you already have in this field.


8. Khoros

Website: Khoros.

Hourly Rate: $16-$21 per hour.

It is not easy to find legit online chat moderator jobs. But you can try Khoros if you are looking for a high-paying one. This company was formed after the merger of Lithium and Spredfast.

And since the merger, it has now established itself as one of the significant forces in customer care, social media management, and community engagement services.

The company is always looking for social media managers and community moderators. However, you need to have at least 1 to 3 years of industry experience, depending on your job profile.

Right now, it offers around $16 per hour to its new members. However, this hourly rate can go as high as $21, depending on your profile.

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9. Quiip

Website: Quiip

Hourly Rate: $12-$20 per hour.

Dedicated to the Australian social media industry, this fantastic company called Quiip now has a clientele of the biggest Aussie companies.

And you also need to be a citizen of Australia to become eligible for this website. You also need to have a proper understanding of Australian customs and culture if you want to be a part of its team.

You should have excellent proficiency in Australian English and diction to become eligible. But this company will also count your previous experience in any Australian media houses.

The hourly rate is according to industry standards. However, it will depend on many factors, including your qualifications, skills, and previous experience in the social media industry.


10. LiveWorld

Website: LiveWorld.

Hourly Rate: $9-$30+ per hour.

One of the best social media management companies in the world, LiveWorld, is known for dedicated account handling. It is currently associated with many big brands around the world.

Due to its continuous expansion, it always looks for talented social media managers. It is one of the highest-paying companies in the media management sector. So, you don’t need to worry about the hourly rate.

You need to be a permanent citizen of the United States to apply for this role. This company also prefers multilingual people.

So, if you have proficiency in any other language along with English, you can get a much higher hourly rate. You also need to have excellent communication skills and client handling qualities to get selected.


11. Yelp

Website: Yelp

Hourly Rate: $11+ per hour.

If you are looking for remote online moderator jobs, Yelp can be your ideal destination. This company mainly works for local businesses and establishments.

And for that, you need to be situated in certain cities in the United States to become a part of its team. In addition to handling dedicated clients, you may also need to visit certain local events while on the job.

As a community ambassador, you may be responsible for various tasks to increase your client’s online presence. The application procedure is easy as you can directly apply from its job section.

However, you need to be a permanent citizen of the United States. To augur well and earn more, you need to have excellent communication skills.


12. JobVite

Website: JobVite.

Hourly Rate: $15+ per hour (Varies).

Although it is not a social media management company, JobVite made its name in this sector by connecting giant media houses and talented moderators.

It has a fantastic clientele that includes some of the most prominent names, including Schneider Electric, Hulu, LinkedIn, Premise Health, and many more.

And since its establishment in 2006, it has served thousands of corporate houses looking for the right candidate. As we have already stated, this company mainly recruits for its clients.

And specific clients have specific requirements. However, you need to have excellent communication skills and social media knowledge to get through the selection procedure.

It offers an industry-standard hourly rate, although the final remuneration will depend on several factors.


13. Zynga

Website: Zynga.

Hourly Rate: $10-$30 per hour.

If you are a gamer or love to play games in your spare time, you must have known this company called Zynga. It mainly develops flash-based games; Zynga also offers gaming servers and new game development.

And occasionally, this company looks for excellent online moderators to take care of their gaming community and public chats. However, you need to keep an eye on the career page to grab that opportunity.

You need to have the right kind of moderation skills to become a part of the team. You should also have a thorough knowledge of the gaming industry and the latest gaming trends.

All of its job opportunities are full-time. Along with a handsome salary, you will also get other benefits like medical insurance and paid leaves.


14. Ignite Social Media

Website: Ignite Social Media.

Hourly Rate: $12-$17 per hour.

One of the leading social media management agencies, Ignite Social Media, helps brands gain international reach. And it is also a great platform if you are looking for online moderator jobs.

It has proved its worth in the media management industry. It is now in an expansion mode and will get some really talented moderators on board. But, you need to have excellent skills to get selected.

Specific clients have specific demands on this platform. While many companies will look for better engagement on their handles, many will look for better conversation rates for the products.

So, you need to have the analytical skills to know the demands of a particular client.


15. BazaarVoice

Website: BazaarVoice.

Hourly Rate: $14 per hour.

This fantastic company, BazaarVoice, mainly focuses on user-generated content. It also collects authentic ratings and reviews through its unique comment exchange platform.

However, it regularly requires moderators to look after those comments and reviews. You need to filter out spam comments and even moderate the comments posted by the users.

You must have excellent communication skills and great proficiency in English. They also prefer bilingual candidates, although it is not necessary.

The hourly rate is perfect, but it will depend on your qualifications, moderating skills, and experience. Joining this website is also easy as it has a dedicated segment for the available vacancies.

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Online Moderator Jobs Alternatives

  1. Online Proofreading Jobs (Earn up to $30 an hour) – Check here.
  2. Home-Based Transcription Jobs (Up to $20 an hour) – Check here.
  3. Online Chatting Jobs For Beginners (Up to $15 an hour) – Check here.


Does An Online Moderator Job Feel Right For You?

Social media managers and web moderators are now in huge demand as more and more companies look for their online footprints.

But you need certain other qualities to really shine on this profile besides just computer knowledge. The main attributes that you should have to succeed in online moderator jobs are as follows.

  • You should have a proper understanding of all the social media handles and public blogs.
  • You must have the ability to work as a diplomatic mediator in a heated debate.
  • Profitable brands and industries should evoke interest in you.
  • You should have excellent communication skills. Apart from all, you should have the ability to keep yourself calm.

If you really have these abilities, you can make your name in this field. You should also look for your own marketing strategy to ask for better payments and challenging roles from your clients.

You should also look for ways to sharpen your own moderating skills through courses and online classes.



So, these are everything you need to know about online moderator jobs. However, you need to understand your preferences for the type of moderator job you prefer.

And then, you should pursue your career in that particular niche. Suppose you like social media more than blogs or websites; then you should opt for social media management.

If you are comfortable with web moderation, then blogs will be the right option for you. Understand your niche first, and then work accordingly. Happy earning, folks!


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CrispThinking starts freelancers off as paid per item, which is low (like .09) , and you will make around 9 -11 a hour when you get the flow of it (so not right away) and if they have items to work. eventually you can get scheduled work but that is only $11 GPB so a little more in US money. good place to get experience but you have to fight for hours and pay self employment taxes. They will also fire you if you miss to many things or certain things they lay out for you in the "cough" training".

Siva Mahesh

Wednesday 20th of October 2021

Thank you Stacy for sharing your experience with CrispThinking. Really appreciated.

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