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20 Top Websites Offering Online Translation Jobs (Updated 2024)

Are you looking to work remotely?

With the internet, several work-from-home jobs or remote job opportunities are popping up every day. These jobs require some special skill sets depending on the work. The job we are going to discuss today requires linguistic skills.

Let me put the point clearly.

Are you familiar with a language other than your native language?

Can you deal with it as if it is your native language?

If yes, then you have a great opportunity awaiting you to make money. Yes, if you are bilingual, then you can easily grab the most popular in-demand jobs i.e. the Online Translation Jobs

If you are looking to work remotely, then this could be a great online hustle for you.


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Things To Know About Online Translation Jobs

It is very simple to understand for anyone that translation jobs are something related to converting a text from one language to another.

This also has one more variety in it called Interpretation. The one who does this is called an Interpreter. This job is the same as that of a translator. However, the difference lies in the medium in which it is dealt with.

When something said orally is converted into another language orally, then that is called Interpretation.

All the skills required for both jobs are the same. If you translate, you can interpret too, and vice versa.

To do this job, one must have a complete grip over the source and the destination language. One must be familiar with the usage, accent, and different dialects of the languages to translate properly.

If you have such a grip over more than one language, then the demand in the market is for people like you.

In a translation job, apart from simply translating, you may sometimes also be required to interpret, do online teaching, take bilingual telephone calls, etc. This is why I earlier presented a clear description of what translation and interpretation are.

Many companies are offering online translation jobs. However, they require you to have certain qualities to gain this job. 

Let us have a look at what it takes to be a translator.


Requirements To Be A Translator

Being a successful translator isn’t an easy job. Because translating is not about just replacing one word with another. To translate something properly, one must understand it clearly.

The context, the target audience, and many other such aspects must be considered while translating. Only with such care can one properly translate the source text/message/recording into the target language without missing its essence and true meaning.

To do it with this level of perfection, a translator must have the following skills.

  • Good listener
  • Writing skills in both the languages
  • Able to deal with the cultural barrier of the languages
  • Accurate and Precise in translation
  • Specialization in any other subject(to expand your market)
  • Attention to detail (accent, patterns, context, emotion, etc.)
  • Computer skills (since most of them are online jobs)
  • Time management (if working from home)

Now that you have read about what translating is and what it takes to be a translator, pick a website from the below list to work with if you consider yourselves to have all the above-said skills.


Websites That Offer Online Translation Jobs

Here is a list of websites or companies that provide online translation jobs. All of them will have jobs that can be done from home.



This is a website that provides translation services to individuals and companies. You can get your blog posts, social media posts, etc, or any other text translated here.

They offer jobs on a first come, first serve basis. So don’t be late if you want to join them at work.

With, you have the flexibility to work from anywhere and at any time. You will be paid via Paypal at any time you wish.


  • Great company to work with.
  • Enhances your language skills.
  • Good pay rates.


  • Limited opportunities. You need to check regularly.

To know more, visit their official site


2. Unbabel

unbabel online translation jobs

This is an entirely polarizing translation service. It provides online content translation to its customers. One can get their content from blog posts, newsletters, product descriptions, etc, translated with Unbabel.

Unbabel pays its translators per hour. You may earn between $8 – $18 per hour if you join Unbabel. Payments are made via Paypal. There is also the flexibility to cash out whenever you wish.

There are certain pros and cons of working as a translator for Unbabel.


  • Plain content to translate.
  • Edit on the top of the machine translation.
  • Get paid by the hour.


  • You are not paid per word like other websites.
  • Rates vary from unbelievably low to pretty good.

If you are interested, you can join by signing up at Unbabel.



one hour translation is one of the oldest and most successful translation services. 

To work with them, one needs to apply and take an online exam. After that, you are required to send the relevant certificates.

They pay via Paypal and wire transfer. You can cash out whenever you require using the OneHourTranslation MasterCard that they provide.

Now let us take a look at the benefits and drawbacks of working with their website.


  • Good backing for translators
  • Progression System


  • Their website has an outmoded look and feel.
  • The money is not great.

If you wanna know more, check out


4. Rev

rev online translation jobs

They usually provide documents or caption translating services. You can look for transcriptionist, captioning, or translation positions at Rev.

You will be paid for every word you translate. It may be somewhere between $0.05 to $0.07 per word.

Payments at Rev are made via Paypal. You will be paid your earnings weekly.


  • Make your own working hours
  • Provides training and support for new members.


  • It requires a lot of practice.
  • Lower pay rates.

To know more about Rev and to join them, check their official website.


5. TextMaster

textmaster online translation jobs

This is a professional translation, web content writing, and proofreading company. It is a renowned company and hires translators from around the world.

One can earn up to $15 per word depending on the project they are dealing with.

To work with TextMaster is pretty simple. All you need to do is sign up on their official website and take a skill test. Once you are qualified, you can select and translate projects that are flexible for you to do.

However, there are certain pros and cons of working at TextMaster.


  • Reasonably good rates.
  • Messaging and Guidelines are clear.
  • Energetic Community.


  • Uncompromising selection process.
  • The job flow is uncertain.

To signup, visit TextMaster.


6. Gengo


Gengo is one of the most popular agencies that provide online translation services. They provide a style guide for their translators to work flexibly.

To join the team of Gengo, you need to firstly apply by signing up and then take a two-part test to prove your eligibility. You can signup for Gengo here.

Once you become a Gengo translator and get familiarized with their style guide, you can take up projects and start translating.

You may have certain benefits and drawbacks working at Gengo.


  • Effective onboarding material.
  • Some languages have many jobs to deal with.
  • Adaptable interface.


  • Fewer jobs
  • Projects are assigned on a first come first serve basis.
  • Rates are pretty modest.


7. Lionbridge

lionbridge online translation jobs

This is a crowdsourcing translation company that is over 40 years old.

The interesting fact about this company is many other translation companies use its translation platform to run theirs. With this, you may know how big and credible this translation company is.

2500 linguists around the world use the Unify Technology Software platform of this company.

Apart from translators, there are other work-from-home job opportunities such as social media assessor and internet assessor at Lionbridge.


  • Great and fun place to work, especially for women.
  • Flexible work hours and a friendly environment.
  • Open for beginners.


  • No promotions.
  • Management is a bit poor.

You can join them simply by initiating the application process at the Lionbridge official website.


8. TranslationDirectory

translation directory

This is an online job board where people who want translations to be done can find translators. So if you are a freelance translator, then there is no harm in signing up on this website.

Since this website acts as a bridge between online translation agencies, individuals and translators, there is a good chance for you to be contacted by someone for some job.

All you need to do is just set up your profile here at

Let us have a look at the pros and cons of being on this site.


  • The website has 130000 visits per month.
  • You can be contacted if your skills suit someone’s translation needs.


  • The site looks outdated.
  • You cannot look for jobs here. Instead, you need to just wait for others to contact you.


9. ProZ


It is one of the leading workplaces in the translation industry. This is a job board where you can create your profile for free.

You can browse through the opportunities available and apply for those in which you are qualified.

You can also increase the chance of finding a suitable translator job here by subscribing to this website. There are a lot of pros and cons involved for one who wants to create a profile on ProZ.


  • Large Community.
  • Several jobs are posted.
  • It helps establish a profile in the translation industry.


  • There are a lot of fake orders.
  • Not as Pro place as it claims.


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10. Pacific Interpreters

pacific interpreters

This is the child company of LanguageLine Solutions. Pacific Interpreters deal with health care, public safety, government, and business projects.

To work with them, you need to have a minimum translation experience of 1-2 years in the related field. If hired as a translator for this company, you will be expected to provide services such as:

  • telephonic interpreting
  • remote video interpreting
  • onsite interpreting
  • American sign language

To apply, you can visit their parent company LanguageLine Solutions.


11. Smartling


It is a cloud-based translation company that helps translate, automate, and manage your content across different platforms.

You can join them to translate by visiting their website Smartling. However, there are some upsides and downsides with smartling to look over.


  • A consistent flow of order.
  • The content here is fitting for IT-savvy translators.
  • Prominent names among clients.


  • Higher focus on customers.
  • Little lining for translators.


12. Tethras

tethras online translation jobs

This platform provides translation services to mobile app developers. So it is clear that if you want to join Tethras, you need to translate apps into different languages.

One will enjoy working with them if one loves mobile apps.

If you like to work with them, just signup at Tethras.

Once you signup, you will receive notifications whenever there is a new project. You can review and accept the project if you like doing it as and when you want. Translators are paid via Paypal.


13. Acclaro


This company provides translation services to businesses in over 100 languages. It also provides localization services that include software localization. Their translation services mainly include website translation.

This website has both full-time job opportunities and freelance positions around the world.

To know how to join as a translator Acclaro, check here.


14. CSC Translation

csc translation

They provide business translation services. Its motto is to provide accurate and precise translation services.

To know if you are eligible to work with CSC Translation, do visit their website. To apply for a translator job with CSC, you need to send your credentials and resume to their mail id.


15. LanguageLine Solutions

language line solutions

This company offers interpreting, translation, and localization services. They also provide training to individual translating companies staff along with interpreter testing.

In a job with this company, which may be required to interpret on the phone, over remote video, or face to face sometimes in some countries.

LanguageLine Solutions usually hires translators from different countries like the US, Canada, UK, etc. So keep a check on their website for vacancies.


16. WorldLingo


This platform offers professional and computer translation services online. It usually looks for two types of translators one is the generalist, and the other is the specialist translator.

To work with WorldLingo, you have to satisfy a long list of eligibility criteria. They are:

  • A university degree.
  • Minimum 2-5 years of continuous translation experience.
  • Membership in any professional translation association.

So if you find yourself fit for this company, you need to register as a freelance translator with them at WorldLingo.


17. OneSky

one sky

This is a localization platform that also provides translation services to mobile apps, games, and websites.

Though there are no current openings at OneSky, you can add a job alert by visiting their website.


18. Appen


This is one more platform that provides online translation services. This company provides several work-from-home jobs that include translation, other crowdsourcing tasks, evaluation roles, etc.

This company prefers candidates with some prior experience to offer an online translation job. One of the benefits of working with Appen is you have a career advancement chance.

To know more and to join the team, visit the official website of Appen.


19. VerbalizeIt

verbalizeit online translation jobs

This is a quite flexible company if you want to work as a translator. Once you become a translator in VerbalizeIt, you are free to work whenever and wherever you want to.

All you need to do to join them is to sign up online. After that, you will be trained according to their terms to start working with them.

You get notified whenever there are new projects so that you can select from them.

VerbalizeIt pays its translators via Paypal.


20. Language Service Associates

language services

I have saved the best for last. This is a famous linguistics company that provides translation services. It hires translators from across the globe.

To grab a position at this best company, you need to go through a six-step recruitment process. You might be astounded at this, but why not when this company gives you the flexibility to negotiate your pay with the clients?

Now it may be utter worthy, right!!!

Do visit Language Service Associates to know more about their hiring process.


So that was a list of the best websites where you can find some credible online translation jobs. Please do check for openings and apply now.

In addition to the above websites, you can also visit some general job boards such as, Upwork,,, etc.

Now let us have a look at the upsides and downsides of this exceptional job.


Pros And Cons Of Online Translation Jobs

A Translator does an unusual job by serving as a medium between people or text of two different languages. Though this job seems to be interesting, it has its own set of benefits and drawbacks.


  • Handsome salary and perks.
  • Scope for faster growth.
  • Opportunity to communicate with a variety of people.
  • Learn new things every day.
  • Expands your network of people.
  • Work in hours flexible to you.
  • Expands your horizon.
  • The more languages you know more money you earn.


  • Irregular working hours.
  • Income variations(Payment depends on the kind of document being translated)
  • Risks involved in highly confidential cases.

If you observe, the number of pros is more than cons which indicates that online translation jobs are perfect if you want to work remotely. So join a translation company to make more benefits with the help of your skills.


Online Translation Jobs – Conclusion

Translators have played a great role throughout the history of mankind. If you use this opportunity properly, you can get to live the life of your dreams with the possibilities that this field has to offer you.

Now that you have read the entire post, you might have got an idea of which company you will be able to fit into.

Compare your capabilities with the skills that these translation companies require from you and choose the one you want to join.


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