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10 Legit Ways to Earn Through Online Voice Acting Jobs

Have you ever wondered how Doremon or Shizuka, or Tom and Jerry convey their non-verbal messages? Or how did all the actors on the screen have such beautiful voices?

Voice-acting jobs are the keys behind the lock.

The exact job of voice actors is to provide a voice for the characters, whether may be natural or animated.

Such artists are termed “Performers.”

Do you have a beautiful voice? Or are you interested in these voice-over jobs?

If yes, then this article is for you. Here we are listing the 10 best companies that offer voice acting jobs for everyone.


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Earn Through Voice Acting Jobs

When looking for home-based work opportunities, you will be sure that you need to use your verbal or nonverbal skills.

It is pretty clear that you will earn based on the uniqueness of your vocal cords. It could be your singing skills or voice-over skills; many opportunities are waiting for it.

I hope the post below will help you gather some knowledge regarding voice-acting jobs and their benefits accordingly. If you want to get started, you can try it and earn money online.


1. VoiceBunny

VoiceBunny is a voice-over platform. It hires only experienced candidates as artists or performers. This company has many artists listed on its portal.

This organization promises to deliver the best voice actor for projects.

The company handles projects like advertisements, presentations, movie trailers, video games, and many more.

Even though applying for VoiceBunny is challenging, it’s worth trying for a flexible and profitable voice-acting job experience.
Applying for this company is a bit tough. If once select, you can earn a bomb.

You can select the clients you work with and add your remuneration for the voices you deliver. Few sites convey that the least amount earned is $31 for Voice-over gigs.

You can have a flexible and profitable work schedule and working team if lucky enough.


2. Filmless

This company usually handles specific video files. The basic job is to customize videos through a particular application.

The client will download the application and start working on it by uploading his video.

The company takes projects and promises to hand over the customized videos to its clients within 14 working days.

The basic procedure is that the client needs to register himself with the company and upload his video.

Within 14 working days, the client receives the updated video with the necessary changes.

Filmless hires people to add voice to those videos.

Basically, there are many openings for freelance video editors, cinematographers, voice-over artists or video producers or animators or VFX artists or scriptwriters, and many more.

They always have a voice acting job open frequently.

You can work from your home or your own studio. Specifically, you need to be able to record specific pick-up lines that the client requests.

Occasionally, a few clients may ask for a 24-hour shift, and the voice artist should be in a position to deliver the same.

Qualifications of Filmless

There are a few qualifications that this company usually searches for its employees.

  1. An applicant should have 5 years of experience in recording voice-overs.
  2. If you have a demo reel or a portfolio that demonstrates your skills and abilities, it will be of great benefit.
  3. One must own their home studio or need to have access to a studio.
  4. Convenient determination to perform with tight deadlines and a good team spirit is necessary.



If you are good at any field, like dancing, algebra, singing, guitar, or any, try

People are really aware of this company when it comes to learning and tasks of life. They are sure of the company’s efficiency and convenience.

Technically what you are not aware of is that your skills in singing can help you become an online or offline teacher. It’s about giving online classes to beginners.

Through, you can offer classes according to your schedule.

Basically, you can fix different packages for different clients.

All you need is to submit a professional portfolio to show your capability and some personal information. Taking lessons will suggest a correct match with a good package. Enjoy Earning.

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4. Voice123

Great voices need great voice-overs, is the motto of Voice123.

You can find a few wonderful voice actors associated with Voice123 in the world.

The company promises to suggest two various options for the clients to select a better one.

This company has produced over 1,32,000 voice actors or performers to date.

Luckily, the company is open to hiring performers from any part of the world. The basic requirement to apply is to create a portfolio or your profile.

There is a free subscription, and you also paid a subscription of 395 dollars per year. A paid subscription will provide you with better clients.

They also have auditions through the SmartCash algorithm to select the voice actors.



This is one of the popular platforms for voice actors.  There are about 200,000 performers on their website.

This could be one of the best places to search for voice-acting jobs. You can easily earn through online voice acting by logging in to

The pay ranges from $100 to 1500 dollars depending upon your project. is also open to people all over the world. They usually handle projects in many languages.

So, makes it easier for its applicants to apply for a job there.

If you are bilingual, it will help you to grab more projects.


6. SnapRecordings

SnapRecordings helps you to deal with the application procedure easily if you have already tried  The process is very similar and has parallel requirements.

Signing up and creating a profile helps you to join with SnapRecordings. Continue your search by bidding on your gigs.

The type of work available is different at SnapRecordings. Voice Prompts, Messages in greeting cards, and phone systems are the sectors SnapRecordings deals with.

Specifically, this company deals with various people to give varieties of voices that are suitable for different purposes.

To get associated with SnapRecordings, follow the simple procedure and give your voice a new face and a new destiny.

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7. EarWorks

EarWorks is a voice talent agency that scours the internet and filters the most talented professional voice-over talent for their organization.

All you need to do is send them your script for free voice-over auditions. Basically, you need to pass out an audition where you need your home studio to record your voice and send it to the organization.

EarWorks will then scrutinize the files and select the best voice they need.

They are a very professional and reasonable company. They bring out professional voice-over talent. Also, they ensure to give red carpet treatment to their clients.

The team is always in search of fresh new voice talent. You can gather detailed information on the requirements on their website. Collect all requirements to apply for voice acting jobs at EarWorks.


8. TheVoiceRealm

Technically speaking, this company handles jobs like telephone voice-over recording, audiobook voice-over narrators, business and training recordings, radio and TV commercial voices, and many more.

As stubbornly a company searches for premium clients, it also does a lot of research in selecting its employees.

It is a clear picture that a good voice actor will only attract the best client.

People usually think of selecting a perfect fit for the requirement. In this context, TheVoiceRealm has open auditions to professional voice-over talent with very good payments.

It promises 24X7 support, for which they keep on hiring voice actors online.


9. Upwork

If you are a specialist in various ways, then you can try a popular site called Upwork. This organization lets you enhance your wide array of skills in you.

Not only voice acting jobs, it also provides design jobs, writing jobs, and also a few other opportunities linked up with singers.

Specifically, under voice acting jobs, all you need to do is just sign up and search for the gigs you may be interested in.

Voice training, producers, song features, and others are on the list of selections.

The payment will vary from subject to subject and also depends upon the person who is hiring you. Upwork will be a great help if you are looking for voice acting jobs or singing jobs online.

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10. Bodalgo

Bodalgo helps you to register online and get approved easily. Send your samples with the help of posted demos. This company hires to its fullest and has voice-acting jobs always open for anybody.

It is a totally non-commissionable or free registration site. Once selected, the clients will directly contact you, and you can start your project within your terms.

Bodalgo always trains its employees to give quality products to its clients.

The talent recruiting team then sends you a sample of the script along with the offer. This procedure makes it easy to set a budget before your job.


Voice Acting Jobs – Conclusion

Have you been surprised by these 10 amazing voice-acting jobs? Ever heard of them? Voice acting jobs pay really high; if you have good vocal skills, then you must give it a try.

These jobs surely can give you a full-time income even if you work part-time. I hope this list will help you get a perfect side job and a nice side income every month.

If you still have any queries or suggestions, feel free to share them with us in the comments section. I am always happy to help you.


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Mellissa ann capes

Wednesday 28th of October 2020

Hi my name is mellissa, I'm searching anyone who can hire me for voice gigs,,my voice is unique in its owns way,if anyone is interested in hiring me,,pls do,,I'm willing to learn,,and to become something major...pls email we can see where it goes..thank you..for u tym..

Dreamshala Staff Writer

Thursday 29th of October 2020

Good Luck, Mellissa. I also advise you to list your services on freelance platforms like Fiverr and Upwork.

Lania B

Monday 31st of August 2020

Cool. I’m using Such A Voice for Coaching so maybe sometime soon I’ll be working in it...Fun!