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Paid To Read Email Review In 2024 (Is It Fake? + Real User Reviews)

Nothing can be better than getting paid for reading the same promotional mail that you’ll even get on your promotional box anyhow. And Paid To Read Email promises just that! So, we decided to review the Paid To Read Email website to check the legitimacy of their claims and the real earning potential in 2024.

There is no doubt that there are legit platforms available where you can earn money reading emails. While researching for those, I first came across this site, as it is also an exact domain name and keyword match (that seriously got my attention)!

But when I tried it, it gave me the wrong vibe from the very beginning! And I went on encountering red flags at almost every step. I also had a chat with a few previous users to get their views as well. Let’s see what I’ve found!


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Paid To Read Email – Quick Facts

Homepage of the Paid To Read Email GPT site.


The first thing that caught me off-guard is the fact that there is no Paid To Read Email app available that you can download from either iOS or Android store.

Almost all the platforms that ensure legit passive income streams do have their apps to cater to the large group of smartphone users.

But before analyzing this GPT site out n’ out, here are some quick facts.

  • Company Name: Paid To Read Email
  • Headquarters: Vilnius, Lithuania (Possibly fake!)
  • Date Of Establishment: 23rd February 2005
  • Available In: Worldwide (But targeted towards tier-1 countries)
  • Requirements: 18 years and above
  • Earning Potential: Negligible
  • My Rating (Trust Score): 1.8/5

The website itself looks a bit odd. They have an old-school block-styled static website without any dynamic or catchy thing; who does that in 2024? We are not living with Flintstones!

Then again, I found nothing on their contact page, no email ID, no contact number, nothing!

Just a simple contact form (possibly made with a free WordPress plugin), that’s it! So, the doubts are growing stronger.

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What Is The Paid To Read Email Website?

Landing page of Paid To Read Email website.


At first glance, the Paid To Read email website may look legit. They claim to let you make extra income just by reading emails, completing exciting offers, and even taking part in surveys.

But the Paid To Read Email website is not a legit platform to make money! When I tried to signup personally, I figured out that they don’t have any geo-restrictions.

So technically, you can become a member of this website from every corner of this little blue planet. But the complex story starts after the signup.

You need to take part in almost every activity on this site to generate any income at all! And even if you do all those, your earnings will be in dimes!

But let’s try to understand their complete process (of scamming and faking)!


Basic Requirements To Join The Paid To Read Email Website

Homepage of Paid To Read Email website.


As I’ve said earlier, you can join this Get-Paid-To site from anywhere. All you need is to satisfy some basic criteria to start receiving paid emails(!).

And the requirements to join in 2024 are

  • You need to be at least 18 years old.
  • Full name and basic personal details.
  • A valid email ID (Not a burner email address).
  • PayPal ID linked with your email ID.
  • Desktop or smartphone with a stable internet connection.

There is no suspension in this basic requirement thing, as these are industry norms.

Even platforms that offer legit jobs for teenagers also follow these joining requirements. But whether joining this site is worth it or not is the real question here!


7 Ways To Earn Money On Paid To Read Email

ways to earn money

While researching for this review, I analyzed the site and went through different (claimed) money-making techniques offered by Paid To Read Email.

And right now, you can make money on this site through seven different methods!


1. Paid Emails

FAQ page of the Paid To Read Email website.


Yes, the center of the story! You can get paid to read emails without investment by trying these Paid Emails.

These paid emails are just advertisements and promotional content for different products and services.

To distribute promotional emails, Paid To Read Email makes a commission from their clients. And from that, you receive your cut.

As this company only makes money when you complete the offer that you receive through these paid emails, it will track your activity through a system called GPE (Guaranteed Paid Emails).

Here is how it actually works

  1. You sign up on this website and get 100 GPE credits (Equivalent to $2).
  2. Set the payment for each paid email (From $0.01 to $0.1/email).
  3. The higher the payment is, the faster the GPE burns.
  4. You can top up new GPE credit by completing other offers.

Now the real calculation! It is not like one of those home-based typing jobs that offer hourly or per-page payment.

Here, you are the one who will decide how much to earn.

  • If you set your pay rate to $0.01/email, 100 GPE credit or your $2 GPE will ensure 200 emails. Even if you receive four emails a day, it will take 50 days to generate just $2.
  • If you set your pay rate to $0.1/email, your GPE will burn completely for 20 emails. And at four emails/day rate, your GPE will finish within just five days, and you’ll stop receiving new emails.

My Take: If you analyze this practically (with real-world expectations), generating even $1/month seems impossible just from this paid email thing.


2. Paid Surveys

Survey Page of the Paid To Read Email website.


You can make money and GPE by taking part in surveys offered by this company. After the initial signup, you need to first “Unlock” these surveys by completing some steps. These so-called steps are actually signing up for other (sketchy) survey sites!

Once these actual surveys are unlocked, you need to first go through the filter questions (an unpaid survey to check if you are eligible for the actual survey). If qualified, you’ll then be taken to the actual survey.

You can earn between $0.5 and $1/survey ($0.5 to $0.65 is the average). These surveys are extremely long and extremely rare to get. And while most legit survey sites are paying up to $10/survey, the highest you can make here is $1/survey.


3. Exclusive Offers

There are some high-paying apps that pay you when you complete certain offers, such as buying a book from a specific e-commerce site. Paid To Read Email also claims to provide these.

There are eight categories of offers listed on this site.

  • Electronics
  • Mobile/Smartphone
  • Financial
  • Health
  • Travel
  • Entertainment
  • Books
  • Family/Household

My Findings: Almost all of these are completely empty with a “We’re sorry, there were no offers in this category. Please try another category” message. I could only find ten listed but outdated offers.


4. Earn Cashbacks

It is true that there are legit cashback sites available, such as Swagbucks, Rakuten, and Ibotta, where you can sign up and get money, and then earn rewards for each of your qualified purchases.

Paid To Read Email also claims to offer these cashback opportunities. But you’ll hardly find any offer at all. Even if you are lucky enough to find one, the cashback percentage will be minuscule.

My Findings: I found just four cashback offers here in 2024. And most of these offers are for useless items from unknown companies. And the highest cashback offer is just 0.25%. So, to make just $1 in cashback, you need to purchase at least $400 worth of items.


5. Discount Coupons

Again, I can find just one offer, that too for an unknown company. You may get other offers depending on your demographic profile, but trust me; those will be from unknown companies too.

Not just for this one, you should not trust any unknown sites where you need to enter your credit card details to make a purchase.

Most scam sites offer discounts that are too good to be true. Stay away from those!


6. Sign Up Bonus

This is the only thing that is somewhat legit about this website. You’ll earn $3 as the signup bonus to join this company. And once you sign up, you can actually see the amount added to your cash balance.

It is not like the Cash App referral code, where you need to enter a code to get the amount. This signup bonus on Paid To Read Email is for everyone.

But yes, there is no way you can cash out that $3, as the minimum payout is $15 (which you’ll most probably never reach).


7. Referral Bonus

Referral section of the Paid To Read Email website.


There are ways to make money by referring friends these days. And this company, too, has a two-tier referral program.

But instead of a joining bonus for referrals, this one offers a recurring commission like direct sales companies.

Paid To Read Email claims to give a 15% referral commission without any upper limit. But it is even hard to make $10 here. So, even if your friends earn here, you’ll hardly make more than $2 to $3 from them.


How Much Money Can You Make On Paid To Read Email?

reading mails

Like any other GPT site, your actual earnings on Paid To Read Email will depend on your activity. But while researching for this Paid to Read Email review, I also calibrated the real earning potential.

Let’s try to analyze the real thing!

  • This company pays up to $0.1 per paid email. And your GPE will burn in just 20 emails at that rate. So, you’ll make around $2 from those emails in a month.
  • The surveys will pay you up to $1 (the average is around $0.40 to $0.60). Practically, you’ll hardly get more than one or two surveys each week (it will be even less if you are not from the USA or UK). So, in a month, you’ll hardly make more than $5 from these surveys.
  • You will make nothing from other categories, such as offers and cashbacks, as those are empty.

So, the real monthly income from Paid To Read Email will be $7 ($5 from surveys + $2 from paid emails). $7 a month? Really? Don’t fall for this trap even if you need to make money right now.


Payout Options Of Paid To Read Email

Paid To Read Email currently offers two payout methods: PayPal and gift cards. And the minimum payout amount is $15.

Once you accumulate $15 in your cash balance, you can submit a cash withdrawal request. The payment processing will take just one day.

You can also opt for GCs, such as an Amazon gift card or an Xbox gift card. But these will require points.

Every dollar you make on this website is equivalent to 100 points. So, to get a $15 worth of gift card, you need to have 1,500 points.

My Take: You can make money with PayPal a much better way and more efficiently than this ultra-low-paying sketchy site. This is just a waste of time!


Pros And Cons Of Paid to Read Email

Although the disadvantages of the Paid To Read Email are overwhelmingly powerful, it still has some (somewhat) advantages.

  • You’ll earn a $3 instant signup bonus.
  • No geo-restrictions! You can sign up from anywhere.
  • Set your own time to receive emails and surveys.
  • Get your payment through PayPal or Amazon gift card.
  • You’ll hardly find any opportunities if you live outside the USA or Canada.
  • Most of the earning categories here are just empty.
  • You’ll never find any popular brand or product in the cashback or discount section.
  • It is impossible to make more than $10 a month.
  • Loads and loads of complaints and extremely poor ratings on different platforms.
  • Your account may even get deleted once you are close to the $15 payout threshold.


Paid To Read Email – Ratings & Social Media Presence

Ratings of Paid To Read Email on Trustpilot.


The ratings of Paid To Read Email website are very poor in almost all the popular rating platforms, such as Trustpilot. And most users on these platforms also vouched not to try this site.

Here are the ratings of Paid To Read Email on different platforms

  • Trustpilot: 2.4/5 with 84 total reviews (66% 1-star)
  • Facebook: 24K followers and 23K likes (Last posted on 22nd December 2021)
  • Twitter: 1,402 followers (Last tweeted on 1st February 2015)

First of all, they don’t have any social media presence besides having an inactive page on Facebook and another inactive Twitter account. And secondly, their website is not even updated after 2015.

My Rating: 2/5 for its legitimacy as a website, as the website is real and it has been running for many years now. And 1/5 for the real earning potential, as you’ll hardly make any money at all on this site!


Paid To Read Email – User Reviews And Complaints

Reviews of Paid To Read Email on Trustpilot.


The Paid To Read Email website has negative ratings almost everywhere that I could find.

And I never came across any user while searching for some genuine user reviews on Paid To Read Email who can tell that they received any payment in recent days, nor does any payment proofs are available anywhere.

Here is what people are saying about Paid To Read Email

  • Pipo Dolls on Trustpilot wrote, “This is a huge scam site – don’t waste your time & your effort… suddenly my account has been blocked for no reason & I am on the way to cash out just little bit more.”
  • wisdom Adeyemi on Trustpilot wrote, “(The) so-called Paid To Read Email is a very big scam site, a site where they send you emails to open but without any commission.”
  • lord_rahl777 on Reddit wrote, “I’ve only made $1.35 in a few months, but I only signed up for 10 newsletters or so that I was actually semi-interested in.”

My Take: It is very much possible to make money without paying anything. But if you fall for this type of scam site, you’ll waste your time without making any money at all. So, whenever there is a red flag, stay away!


Similar Sites To Paid To Read Email – Best Alternatives

InboxDollars website.


Getting paid for reading promotional emails is very much possible, as many companies put a lot of budgets into getting user-centric survey results through online research jobs. And there are genuine sites that will pay you up to $1/mail.

The best and the most genuine alternatives are

My Take: Not a single company will guarantee a sustainable income just for reading emails. But you can surely generate a decent amount by combining other ways, such as participating in paid surveys, with this one.

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Is Paid To Read Email Legit Or Fake? – My Personal Experience In 2024

our review

I had an extensive look at the Paid To Read Email website while writing this review. And one thing is sure; there is no guarantee this website will pay you.

I’ve encountered loads of complaints where users said that their accounts automatically got banned just before they reached the minimum payout amount!

Even while I tried it myself, I found most of their categories outright empty, and I received vague promotional emails. So, you must not waste your time when there are legit email support jobs available that can generate a decent income.


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