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18 Personal Finance Hacks That Make You Rich

It is true that we cannot use a magic wand to get rich or to get settled up in life easily. All we need is to plan to make some personal finance hacks that will enhance our financial status.

Both dedication and hard work are equally important, including the process of time to achieve a goal in our lives.

You need to plan and follow some personal financial hacks that will help you in making rich. It is literally a long-term process to get settled up in life. So, don’t plan something that can change your life within a second.

Remember the story of “Midas Touch” whenever your mind feels greedy and would like to turn up your life overnight.

Because we are talking about financial freedom, remember to focus on earning and saving and letting the money grow equally. Focusing on a single track will never let you reach your goals.

Investing in both your mental and physical abilities will let you reach the target easily.

Below are a few hacks which you can use to emphasize your personal financial status.


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Personal Finance Hacks To Improvise Your Lifestyle

Earning and saving doesn’t mean stopping your spending portions. It is not about cutting short your basic means and starting piling up money for your future.

Rather you have many other options where you can avail your requirement with better calculation.

In general, there is a difference between skipping a cup of coffee and a cigarette. In your daily need, you would be saving around $100 per month for skipping either one, but there is a tremendous difference between the two.

By skipping coffee, you are just saving $100 per month, which is not a huge amount. But when the topic comes to skipping a cigarette, you are saving both $100 and your health which is surely a good deal.

There are various situations where your mind needs to take a step and act on the correct situation.

You will surely find many differences in many unimagined situations, which will put your bank balance accounts in vain.

These financial hacks will surely let you cover up all such situations and will at least stand by you for your emergency needs.


1. Prepare A Spreadsheet Manually

Make a note of all your expenses and keep your receipts handy so that you will have to pen them down and keep track of every single penny you have spent.

Having a spreadsheet will always give you an idea of your monthly expenditure at a glance. This will not only advise you about the expenditure but also keeps reminding you about how much more you can bear yourself.

A written spreadsheet will surely help you in keeping track of your expenditure and savings for that particular month. Try this personally to save as much as you can by using this finance hack.


2. Bifurcate Your Expenses

Learn to plan to segregate your expenses, daily needs, gifts, emergency expense, savings, and the list continues.

Try to have a correct plan and try not to withdraw the amount for any of your emergencies from your savings account.

Drawing money from your savings account will give you 9 out of 10 chances that you are not going to full fill the gap.

Plan a rough calculation and arrange your timeline so that you will not have to engage yourself in something hectic. Trust me, this will let you be free of stress at the end of the month.


3. Plan a Budget Within Your Suitability

Try to make different categories and analyze where you can spend and where you can earn.

All you need to do is to monitor and analyze your expenditure and how you can save more within the circle.

We all have fixed expenses and variable expenses in our lives, and trying to segregate those segments will surely save money for you.

It’s sure you can’t save on the monthly bills, insurance, transport, or mortgage in any other way, but you can surely cut your investment on entertainment or your shopping or maybe tour and travel.

It’s a human tendency and mostly being a female, I understand it is hard to handle a budget, but surveys have proved that a woman’s budget is on track compared to a man’s budget.

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4. Seriously Plan To Save

Just thinking about saving money will really not make you rich or at least reach your targets.

Always try to plan on a serious note and try to change your lifestyle and fix to follow those changes. 

You can have many services that are available online and offline to get on the right track. Remember to make a note that savings are for your betterment and your future needs.

Use some money-saving apps like Shopkick, Rakuten, and Swagbucks that keep reminding you to save money every time you spend money on shopping and everywhere.


5. Start to Invest

Investing doesn’t mean you have to plan something very big. There are basic investment plans in and around places where you can opt for one and start the procedure.

Stock market investment or any other investment may not give you the right value, but we’ll surely not let you down in comparison.

Try to stock your investments in basics so that you may not save all in one single thing and get hooked up.

A tip: not to forget that money may lose its value every day and vice versa.

The investment will surely help you in multiplying the amount in quick terms compared to other sections. Try to research all such plans and grab the correct place to invest your hard-earned money into.

If you are looking to start investing with small figures, then use the Acorns app to invest small amounts every day, like spare change, and see how it grows.

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6. Self-Pay First

It’s always good to pay yourself first in any context of your life.

Paying yourself doesn’t mean going shopping or buying some clothes or entertaining your friends or anything else. Rather this segment really means to start saving that portion of the income to your pension saving plans or maybe cash saving account.

Make it a habit of not touching that portion, whatever the situation may be. This can turn out to be one of the greatest personal finance hacks you can save.

You can also try to fix that portion into a non-accessible account which will help you in keeping your mindset on track of savings.

Try to set your goal and fix the route of your income to that particular segment.


7. Try To Handle Your Ego

There are many people who have very good incomes but are too low at saving their money.

Even with decent incomes, people are failing in their savings because of their egoistic lifestyles. Over-expenditure or maybe spending above the basic needs just for leisure will only let you in a drench.

Because of today’s socialistic world, people are interested in showing off their status by expenditure rather than saving it for future needs.

Though some people try to act frugally, most of the common groups consider them cheap or thrifty people.

Because of search egos, people are unable to calculate their savings and are getting themselves engaged in unnecessary actions.


8. Try To Pay-Off Debts

Always try to focus on the important portions of your life which are squeezing your income into a drench.

Try to solve your debts or clear your loans as early as possible. Debt is always tough, whether it’s a small or a huge one.

Loans or debts are portions of the expenditure that looks easy but is hard to solve.

Always try to get rid of such leeches as early as possible you can.  Also, know the difference between handling debt and clearing it off. One of the best financial hacks you can act on.

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9. Remove Easy Paying Credit Cards

Letting the credit cards take action easily, we will put you in soup for no use.

Whether it’s a bad day or a good day, you will end up purchasing some unnecessary stuff if you have a credit card feasibility.

Either stop using credit cards or try to segregate the exact purpose behind swiping your card for credit uses.

Think about unplugging your credit card number from your online payment segments, as this could be one of the best financial hacks.

Also, rethink before you purchase something, which will surely end you up making a better decision.


10. Purchase With Cash

As time passes on, I realized that online or digital payments are just good at decreasing the savings amount.

All thanks to the digitalized world, which is taking part in an increasing number of purchases or a hike in expenditure.

Earlier days were a bit convenient when the portion of savings was a target. We had cash in advance and were allowed to spend a particular portion as was instructed.

Also, having cash on hand to spend will give you a boundary that should not be crossed.

For the same instance, I have started to use cash rather than swiping my cards all around.

This has not only helped me in spending a liberal amount but also increased my savings portion, which will help me in some important or emergency situations.


11. Pick Rewarded Programs

You cannot skip your daily needs at any point in your life. Try to make a good deal by checking on rewarded programs which will help you to save some money for compulsory expenses.

There are many methods which will help you in saving some income by fulfilling your regular requirements.

Rewarded programs or cashback offers are one-way personal hacks that boost your finance.

You can search for credit card offers or travel perks or cashback offers, or any gift cards which will help you earn some extra benefits.

Try to grab those deals and hit the hammer when the iron is hot.

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12. Multiple Incomes

Try to make money from more than one job at a time. If you are free and have the option of working at multiple places and the caliber to fulfill the tasks, you can surely opt for one.

The main idea behind this thought is that you can deviate one portion of your income to your savings and another portion of your expenditure.

These personal finance hacks will also help you as a back in support for which if you lose one, you will have in hand the other option to try on.

Also, try if you can start any business of an online store, or you can continue with online writing or any other jobs which will suit your mindset.

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13. Flip Items

There is a possibility that you will make tremendous benefits by flipping items.

One of the best personal finance hacks is you need to find out something that you can resell and make profits with it.

There are many people who are getting benefited, and why not give it a try as well?

You will have many unused items at your place which you thought you would use. But, as time passes on, the use of that item has reduced in your life.

Pick out such products and try to sell them to the people who need them, and you can take benefits from them.

Also, try to purchase products from yard sales and try to sell them by giving basic touches of perfection.

Trust me; you will surely make a huge difference when you hit the right target.

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14. Pick The Important Ones

Make the right decision in picking out the right thing for the right situation.

Saving doesn’t mean stopping treating yourself. It’s good to pamper yourself at times, but you need to master the way you gift yourself. 

Personally, I would like to invest in traveling rather than spending on things. This is my portrayal of the scenario, and it may differ from person to person.

Deciding what is important is always necessary for any person’s life. And picking important doesn’t mean neglecting the tiny things which are even essential.


15. Live Easy Life

Everybody wishes to live a wealthy life. But it is always better to start your days with an easy and just healthy lifestyle. 

Going for a higher-end style of living will just get you into more trouble. Spending money is not as easy as earning it. It needs your sweat to earn your bread. 

People need to understand that and start calculating every expense with the amount they spend. 

Your personal life needs to have such finance hacks to make it easier.

For example, you can use a single soap for your basic hygiene. There is no need to purchase soap, body wash, or face wash separately. This is where you are complicating your life. 

Try to keep your life as simple as possible, and this, in turn, will give you good benefits.

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16. Have A Back-Up Plan

Maintain your accounts with clear minds. Having a backup plan is always considered one of the personal-finance hacks that will help you in any emergency.

Try not to merge your requirements with the savings plan. Manage yourself to maintain an emergency fund ready for any specific needs. 

Start with small plans and try not to skip them. Keep continuing the process. Start with what you have, and remember emergency funds are for your own benefit.

Remember to have something rather than ending up with nothing. Emergency funds are always important to any human being, and people like us surely need one. 


17. Avoid Unnecessary Tickets

Let’s just face things:  We all know we spend a lot and that too on unnecessary things.

Try to avoid them all and at once.  Be a little careful with your actions during your simple tasks.

Driving, parking, and crossing roads are a few basic things on the road where you need to be a bit careful.

You should avoid getting fined for unnecessary tickets. Try to be extra cautious as these tickets will slowly reduce the amount of savings. 

Also, try to pay your regular bills on time to avoid any extra fines. Do not allow the fines to take place in your savings accounts.

All you need is to follow simple rules that are actually made for your well-being. 


18. Make Your Partner Eye On You

It is not about being a serious partner, but having an eye on your spouse’s expenses is a good thing. Your partner will surely think twice before any expenditure.

I don’t mean you need to taunt on every single purchase but planning a budget together will surely help you in making wise decisions. 

Discussing your expenditures and savings with your spouse and making them equally involved in them will surely help you in reaching the target without fail.

If you are single or don’t have a spouse, you can always keep a person whom you can trust and share your ideas about your savings and expenditures.

This personal finance hack will surely give you a positive approach to reaching your goals on time. 


Conclusion on Personal Finance Hacks

Frankly speaking, financial support and financial freedom are two wonderful things in life. Imagine if you can purchase something just without looking at the price tag – that financial freedom is what I am talking about.

People should strive hard to achieve one and continue their lives free from tensions. The definition of financial freedom is different for various people in various categories.

Having a good meal at the end of the day and good sleep is one sort of financial freedom for a person. The above will surely let you have a good sleep and will surely help you in living a happy free life.

A backup plan is of utmost importance, and it is never too early to start saving. Teach your kids or try to help your people to save for their future as well.

These personal finance hacks will also help you solve issues and will improve your financial status. Do let me know if you have any more tips that will help people like us. I’ll be happy to hear from you.


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