35 Places To Promote Your Blog Posts And Drive Massive Traffic in 2021

best places to promote blog posts

Are you ready with your blog? Thinking of various options to make money with the valuable content you have? Not just quality content, but also you need to be aware of different places to promote your blog posts. Isn’t it?

You need to be sure to make your blog visible and accessible at every corner of the web. Just writing and publishing your articles will not let you earn the money from your blog.

Also, gaining traffic or number of views is nothing but multiplying your pennies with your viewers.

The more the number of people who visit your website or know about your blog will help you in making your bank balance increase.

Try to give mouth publicity to your friends or ‘near and dear’ ones about your blog to attract the basic traffic within your search.

The below list is a compilation of different places that will help you to promote your blog posts and make money through them.

I am sure you must be aware of a few websites but there are many others you have to know about.


Best Places To Promote Blog Posts:

As there is a  solution to every problem, this vast problem also has one. We shall discuss all sorts of various solutions to hype your income through blogging.

With various numbers of internet users, your content will surely find its way on the right platforms on the right schedules.

Just take some quality time to go through the article to find various solutions.



One of the targeted traffic sites is Pinterest. Pinterest is a platform that works based on infographics which lets you grab online traffic easily for your blog.

You can create your pinboard for every category under a specific niche and can keep on adding pins under the relevant pinboard.

The recommended size for each pin could be in the 2 : 3 ratio.

One of the plus points of interest is that the pins don’t die within a span like in the other social websites.

Also, these pins will help you in gaining traffic and earning money for the rest of your life.

Try Pinterest to post your blogs as the earning booster.



Facebook alone can help you in gaining 25% of the traffic you are looking for.

Just posting your article will not help you gain income. You need to plan and play with strategies to get healthy traffic. 

Planning to play with the referral traffic concept will help you in some continuous earnings.  

For the Facebook Group page, try to interact with the group first and then try to promote your blogs. 

Usually, people who visit these Facebook Group pages are keen on promoting their blogs. So, make sure you belong to the group and people are interested in your blogs.

Also if you have a good followers list, you can try to announce your upcoming posts on your profiles or status. This strategy will naturally attract traffic when your post gets published.

Start posting your content on Facebook– a perfect place to grow through social media.


LinkedIn Corporation:

To get professionally connected with like-minded people on social media, Linkedin is one right option.

You can get connected to great influencers at this website.

Mostly this website connects you to the professionals and so you should stay focused and work professionally by not diverting your content.

Get connected to professionals and influencers at LinkedIn.


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Robust and less spammed social media websites – Twitter, is another best option for posting your blogs. 

You will be seen or listed only if you are creative enough and have a good user base.

If you have good content and if you feel your followers are healthy, they will help you in gaining the group base.

Moreover, if your friend zone will link your blog to other followers, that would be beneficial to allure traffic.

Even Twitter has various pages to showcase your hard work and allure traffic.

Twitter Brand Account, Twitter Personal Account, Twitter Chats – Try any.



Another active application on social media, similar to that of Facebook – Instagram.

Even though, with only one link to your profile, you can earn a charm through this website.

You can attract followers easily on Instagram. With proper hashtags, you can also get likes and shares of your posts.

The more the number of followers, the more you gain income. This could be one of the best places to promote your blog posts.

Check Instagram to gain your list of followers.



More or less Snapchat is used as an interactive platform, similar to Instagram or Facebook. 

Though it is newly launched, yet online marketers have marked their footprints in the field. 

Youth is the main targeted stream at Snapchats and if you have any related content, you can play the game hard


Electronic Mails & Newsletters:

One of the oldest yet effective tricks is by promoting your valuable content through electronic mails. Email subscriptions are a good place to promote the valuable content of your blog posts.

Once you try to attract followers through emails it would be approximately three times more likely to gain income than any other social media.

You will surely get loyal followers or readers from the email newsletters.

Luckily, sending them the published posts will surely increase the number of shares and likes you are looking for.



Quora is one such place to understand the world and share your knowledge with other followers.

Usually, the website displays various questions that can be answered by different people.

Also, you can pick out the less number of answered questions with more number of views. Emphasize the more detailed answers which will help your attempt to gain fame.

Luckily, if the content of questions matches your blog post, you can add a link with an expert answer regarding the same.

Try not to spam your answer as Quora works only with legit good replies.

Check Quora if this place suits you to promote your posts or blogs and get you some traffic. 


Yahoo Answers:

This is one of the similar apps to Quora. As the simple procedure of question and answers remains the same, you can expect a good amount of traffic to your content of answers.

Remember not to go with spam answers to just enroll yourself in the list. Else, you could get unregistered with the website.

Check YahooAnswers if you have marvelous answers to the questions asked.


Bored Panda:

Is travel, art, animals, photography, food is your blog niche? Then, try Bored Panda without any hesitation.

With a basic story, you can add the link to your blog post which will redirect the page to your blog.

If you wish to republish your articles and attract traffic this could be one such place to do so.

Luckily, this option is open for any people who can play with words for magazines as well. 



YouTube is one of the best options after Google for video content sharing platforms.

If you are creative enough with visually portraying your content on the screen you can opt for YouTube.

You can play with the PowerPoint or SlideShare and link it to YouTube to convey the message you could do with content writing.

If you are good at recording your content videos you can either upload them and make money.



Looking to attract around 60 million viewers monthly – SlideShare is one such place to healthily promote your blog posts.

Try Powerpoint or slide shows to boost your blogs with the volcano of viewers. 

Try to pick the perfect pictures with minimal content written. Attach a link that could accentuate your blog post. 



With correct search engines and keywords, you can upload your articles on this platform.

The tool is free and you can upload your latest article and also can request the team to provide an indexed schedule as early as possible.

Try Pingler for free.



With thousands of valuable viewers per day, Reddit is considered one of the most active platforms on the first page of the internet.

The unique and un-spanned stuff at Reddit is what Redditor’s love about it. This could be one of the places to promote your blog posts with healthy viewers.

Basically, for not being banned from the portal you need to follow the strict terms and conditions of almost every subheading at Reddit.


Growth Hackers:

Growth Hackers is a place where the viewers vote for your blogs based upon the content of the article.

Try to keep your article clear without any spam or self-promotions. Else, without any prior notice, your account will be inactivated



Flipboard is a place that helps you to create related articles and post them on the website.

The procedure of making money is simple at Flipboard as the users may view your post while flipping around within the website.

Most people are benefited from adding blog content to their Flipboard account.

Similar to the other social websites you have to maintain a spam free content to avoid blockage of your accounts.

Also, remember to visit, like, and share other popular boards before attempting to just share your content.



Flickr has as a Win-Win situation for both the viewers and as well as for the blogger. It is a website with numerous active users under the image sharing section.

You can share various pictures with back-links after you create a personal account at Flickr.

Also, skip being egocentric with your postings which will else attract healthy traffic. This will also avoid unnecessary blocking of your account.



DoSplash is a community for like-minded bloggers to share their articles in one place.

The sign-up procedure takes a little longer time as the admin manually approves your registration process.

However, after proper verification, you could set up a professionalized account where you can connect to other bloggers and share your content.



It is a personalized bloggers platform where the bloggers have a voting schedule that rates their articles posted.

The community of BlogEngage is active enough and supports you by voting, commenting, saving, and sharing your valued articles with others.

With the successful ten upvotes, you can be listed on the first page of the website

You could also involve yourself in personal replies, live chat, or group chats within the group to get more feasible.



This website is similar to the stock markets but you need to invest in other profiles.

“Eaves” is the virtual currency at Empire.kred which helps you to invest in other profiles to build a strong network with other bloggers. This is a form supporting else blogs and their posts.

You can also participate in time in “social mission” like “To Visit a Tweet”, “Visit A YouTube video”, “Webpage visit” or  “Location Visit” to get your benefits from the websites.



Medium” itself is a specialized platform to promote your life preachings or personal tips on lifestyles.

Also, this panel is actively used by professionals or internet marketers to not only share personal experiences but also for case studies.

Remember to avoid duplicate postings in both Medium as well as your blog. 

However, valuable content once a week or once a month is more than enough to attract quality clients or viewers.



One of the unsaturated mobile application ( unlike other social media apps) for bloggers to promote their articles and grow big is Amino.

This mobile community will help you with millions of users in your starting periods of involvement with the website.

You can pick your community for every individual topic and can get associated with any group depending upon your articles.



It’s a simple platform to post your blogs or articles and pictures if you have any. 

Though Tumblr is not as popular as other famed social media sites, yet is a good place for art and culture and poetry sessions. 

If you are good at any such basic things, you can surely try Tumblr. This will connect you to other influencers of related streams. 



One of the platforms for professional content with decent results is Scoop.it.

With the right set of articles and individuals, you can share your blogs at this place.

Both for the individual as well as business, this will help you in promoting your blog posts.


Viral Content Buzz:

As the name suggests, your post will get viral in the minimum period than you expect. With top bloggers, you get shares and likes to your articles.

The appraisal from the influencers of the website will help you to gain a reputation for your posts.

There is a free course from Udemy to help you more about the details of viral Content Buzz.



Evernote is the place first to get signed up to further get associated with Postach.io.

You need to register for a free blog with the original blog name.

Later posting your articles at Evernote, will help your blog visible at Postach.io as well.

Moreover, you need to add a ‘Published’ tag to your posts every time you add a clip. Also, you can add numerous tags within but remember to mark it ‘Published’.


Social Buzz Club:

A small platform with helpers to deal with sharing and commenting on your article work. 

unless just ignoring this panel, you can give a simple try to post your blogs here. For sure, you will not regret doing so.

Check Social Buzz Club and start promoting.



With the help of creating tribes (groups- as the name suggests), you can amplify your social reach with the contents of your blogs.

You can post your blogs depending upon the different niches at hand. Also,  you can support others’ posts as you get help from them in return.

Check Triberr as it is one of the best places to promote your blogs here.



With creativity and minimalist designs, you can attract good traffic of similar interests at Ello.

People at Ello love Arts, Food, Fashion, Designing, and other related subjects as their niche.

This is a free registration website that will let you display your talents and make gross income for it.



AllTop is one of the simple syndicate sites that helps you to share your content easily. 

You can pick your niche and submit your blog in the related field.

After getting registered at this website you will be automatically allowing your articles to get uploaded on the platform.

However, your registration may get rejected if you post any irrelevant topics in your blogs (remember not to do so).



If you have the right content, original videos, or articles that the website or internet is talking about, you can get viral on Digg.



Del.icio.us lets you save and organize links to your articles on the website.

Also, remember the links that are interesting among the search. 

Not very healthy traffic, yet you can try these places to promote your blog posts and earn a minimum of 10 viewers a day.



Similar to AllTop, Feedly also helps you to handle the website with minimal effort.

With the targeted topics, you can reach the right people, and your articles with getting circulated.



The website which allows the users and discovers their blogs on their mobiles or desktop is Bloglovin. You can promote your blog articles on this platform and build followers as well.



With the like-minded people around in the small community, you can be rated in the form of sugars-the rating scheme.

The more the number of sugars for your articles, then you will get the maximum viewers or exposure.

Like any other personal blog, this is not a place for it unless you have very specific and interesting topics.

Rather you can pick a niche for marketing, management, finance, a technique to grab traffic here.


Easy Retweet:

This place is fun to attract traffic from Twitter and other internet followers. 

EasyRetweet runs on points or credit coins that you receive at the time of sign up – around 200  points. 

Use the points to tweet or retweet and grab traffic to your blog as well



Similar to BlogEngage, Blokube is one of the best places to promote your blog posts.

You can master your skills, improve your network, and interact to exchange views over all related topics.

One happy note is you don’t have any downvoting on this site.



One more site with decent traffic to grab.   

You can add this as an extension and your web search will get replaced by Zest.is site. 

Also, ‘suggest a link’ will help you to comment on yours and other people’s content. 

Check Zest.is here.


Signing Off:

Waiting for success for hand in hand with SEO, promotions of your blogs or articles are the main key behind success.

With correct promotional places, you can attract wonderful traffic and make a healthy income for yourself.

Start using the above websites to help your blog bloom in a small period than expected.

I hope you are convenient with the above sites and so, try any three websites to share on your social network to help your followers and friends to have the same benefit.


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