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15 Best Places To Sell Your Textbooks For Extra Cash

There are old textbooks still sitting in our cupboards or bookshelves. But, we ignore that resource that can make us some quick money.

We mainly keep those old books because we don’t know about the best places to sell textbooks. But yes, there are several ways to sell those without any hassle.

According to recent statistics, around 81% of the United States population aged between 19 and 21 years read at least a single book during the course of the previous year.

And do you know what they are most likely to read? Yes, it is probably a textbook. Besides, another 2021 report by CNBC suggested that printed books generated $26 billion in revenue last year.

You can make quite the right amount of money just by selling your old books which you will probably never touch again.

But, you do need to know about the best places to sell textbooks to maximize your profit. And to help you with this here goes our complete guide.

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4 Best Methods To Sell Your Old Textbooks

There are four main methods by which you can easily sell your old textbooks at a fair price.

You can choose any one of these ways to sell those and earn hard cash. The methods are as follows.

  • Sell Directly To Your College Bookstore: Most college bookstores usually buy back textbooks to resell them further. So, you can directly contact your college bookstore to know if there is an offer available for your book.
  • Sell It Online: This is the most effective way to sell your old textbooks. However, you do need to conduct a thorough search to get the best price for your books. And it can be a little time-consuming sometimes.
  • Sell Directly to Students: It is the best way if you are still studying at college or high school. You can directly approach your junior students and give them a deal for your old books. And in this way, you can bypass the commission and shipping charges.
  • Auction Your Books: This method is only feasible if you have any rare or vintage books to sell. You can conduct an online or offline auction to get the best deal for your books. Let the buyers bid among themselves to fetch you the best price.

So, these are the main ways to sell old textbooks. However, you can also take other unconventional ways like listing those books on Craigslist or even putting a poster on your local community center.


Sell Textbooks Through Flipping Business

Although it is not a traditional way, you can make a hell lot of money if you adopt this strategy. But you need a continuous supply of old books to make monthly profits.

In flipping, you need to purchase old books at a lower price from yard sales and auction websites and then sell those at a higher price to make profits.

However, it is a bit difficult for a newbie to maximize the profit from this business.

And to help you with this, Rob & Melissa Stephenson of Flipper University launched a unique course to lead you to success.

So, Have a look at this amazing course to make a high income through this business.

But even after knowing all the inside tricks, you need to find legit websites where you can sell your old textbooks and make a profit.

And to help you find those platforms here goes our complete guide to finding the best places to sell textbooks.

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15 Best Places To Sell Textbooks


1. BookScouter

Needless to say, BookScouter is one of the best places to sell textbooks. It is a unique search engine that instantly compares more than 30 buyback vendors worldwide.

And by doing that, it finds the highest price for your old textbook. You can simply click on the offer that you like, and your deal is done.

Finding the right price is also very easy on this platform. All you need to do is to enter the ISBN of your textbook in the search box. It will then instantly find the right price for your book.

This website also gives you the option of free delivery. So, you don’t need to pay a single penny for the shipment and get the highest value.

To know more about BookScouter, Have a look at our opinion regarding selling your used books through BookScouter.


2. Decluttr

Not just old books, you can sell many things on this unique selling platform called Decluttr. From old DVDs to your unused Android phones, you can sell almost anything and get the best price.

But, it gives the best offers for old textbooks. Besides, it is one of the very few websites that bear your old books’ total shipping cost.

You can easily find the right price for your book in just a few simple steps. First, you need to search for the price by entering the ISBN of your old book.

And then, you need to ship it for free by printing the shipment label that this website will provide. You will receive your payment right after they receive your book.

Before opting for the above way, Have a glance at the possibilities of how Decluttr can really turn your junk into money.


3. CampusBooks

One of the oldest and best places to sell textbooks, CampusBooks, is trusted by millions of students from all over the world. And now, it is working on its global footprint by including more and more buyback vendors in its clientele.

It is not a direct vendor but a unique search engine that compares the best prices available for your books. You need to enter the ISBN of your book and search for it.

The website will then search for the book in more than 25 buyback vendors’ stocks to compare the available prices. And it will fetch you the best price available.

You will get the best price for your old textbooks if you sell them between January and August due to higher demand.


4. Cash4Books

As the name itself suggests, Cash4Books gives you the opportunity to earn instant cash just by selling your old textbooks. However, you can only sell college and university textbooks on this website.

So, it is not appropriate for high school students. This website also states that it only takes books that are published after the 2016 calendar year. Selling books on this website is also pretty simple.

First, you need to search for the offer for your book by searching it through the ISBN. And secondly, you need to print out the pre-paid shipping label once you accept the offer.

This company will then directly send you the money through your linked PayPal account. Apart from these, there are also many ways can earn through PayPal.


5. BookByte

Founded way back in 1999, BookByte has two decades of experience in the second-hand book market. And since its initial launch, it has been trusted by millions of students all over the world.

However, this company only accepts books with minimal damage. Besides, it will not accept any book with other unnecessary marks like a highlight or underline.

Selling on this platform is pretty straightforward. You need to enter the ISBN to get the final quotation. If you agree with the price, you can then send the book to the warehouse.

Once they receive your book, you will receive your money through PayPal or even a direct cash deposit. However, the free shipment option is only valid for books worth more than $10.

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6. ValoreBooks

Known as the most efficient comparison engine for books, ValoreBooks is undoubtedly one of the best places to sell textbooks. However, you need to sell multiple books at a time to meet the criteria.

This company only accepts books that have a minimum total worth of $15. Also, your books need to weigh less than 70 lbs in total for shipment.

Once you enter the ISBN of your book, the unique search engine will compare prices from hundreds of buyback vendors. And then, it will fetch you the best price available.

Once you agree to the offer, you can then ship your books directly to its warehouse. Right now, the company pays through PayPal and direct cash deposits.


7. Student 2 Student

The name itself tells the whole story. Student 2 Student is a unique platform that works for students in college and high schools. However, it mainly focuses on local selling and compares the prices of your local vendors first.

And in that way, you don’t need to ship your book and can directly sell it to your own campus. It works like Craigslist for textbooks. You can list your book for sale just by entering the ISBN.

Once any other student from your locality accepts the offer, you can then directly sell it to those students and take hard cash. However, your books need to be in excellent condition to fetch the best price.


8. BookFinder

Dominating the second-hand book market since 1997, BookFinder is a unique platform that offers the best price for high school and college books.

Several giant media houses like Forbes and The New York Times have already acknowledged their contributions to the book market and given positive reviews. So, you can also trust this website to sell your old books.

Selling on this platform is pretty easy. You need to enter the ISBN of your old textbook and search for it. It will then show the right price for your books.

Once you are ready to sell it for that price, you need to ship that book to close the deal. Besides the United States, this company now also accepts books from the UK and Canada.


9. CKY Books

Located in central Kentucky, CKY Books is undoubtedly one of the best places to sell textbooks if you live on the East Coast of the United States. However, it accepts old books from all over the USA.

Like most other websites in this genre, you can also search for the price on this website just by entering the ISBN. This website instantly gives you the final quotation for the textbooks.

Once you are happy with the offer, you can opt for the free delivery service through its shipping partner, FedEx.

However, the total value of your old books should be at least $20. Otherwise, you will not be eligible for the free shipping service.


10. BooksRun

While many websites in this genre have a group of buyback vendors working in the background, BooksRun itself is a vendor. So, you will get the best price if you want to sell it on this unique platform.

You can directly search for the current selling offers on this website just by looking up the book by the ISBN.

Once you accept the price offer from the website, it will directly send you the shipping label via email within five business days. All you need to do is to print the label and ship your book to the warehouse.

Once the company receives your books, you will receive the money directly in your PayPal account within 2 to 5 business days.

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11. AbeBooks

Although it is not a traditional bookstore, AbeBooks gives you an excellent platform to sell old books on your own. It works quite in a similar fashion to Amazon.

You need to set up your own online shop on this platform and sell it directly to potential customers. And from that selling amount, this company will take a small cut.

This platform is also ideal if you have an old book that doesn’t have an ISBN. Besides, you can get the best price for rare books and other international copies.

This company now also offers a free shipment option with FedEx. So, you can maximize your profit. It now also offers several ways to receive your payment, including PayPal and direct deposit.


12. TextbookX

Known as one of the unique and best places to sell textbooks, TextbookX is actually an online marketplace that works like eCommerce services. You can directly open an online store on this platform and list your books.

You can either list it through ISBN or can list it through pictures and a brief description of the book. Moreover, you can set your own selling price on this platform.

However, this company will take you 15% of that selling amount plus a fixed $1.5 as the sales commission. You will receive free shipping credits to maximize your profit.

Besides PayPal, this company will allow you to get store credit. And in that case, you will receive a 5% bonus.


13. eCampus

There are several things that make this eCampus website stand apart from other websites of this genre. First, you get a better price than traditional websites.

And second, you get additional credits to help your future purchase from this website. So, you will not only get a good price for your old books but will also get a discounted price for your purchase.

You can directly list your books on this platform by entering the ISBN. Once you receive an offer from the website, you can then ship the book to close the deal.

The platform currently pays through several methods, including bank deposits, PayPal transfers, and store credit. If you opt for store credit, you will receive bonus points with the credit.


14. FacultyBooks

In this business since 1975, FacultyBooks is undoubtedly one of the most trusted and best places to sell textbooks. Besides the traditional textbooks, this website also offers study guides and reference books.

Moreover, it has now opened its doors to sell instruction books as well. So, you will get much better coverage of books on this platform.

It is probably the only place where you can sell and purchase the instructor’s version of textbooks. So, it can be an ideal choice if you are a teacher and want to sell your old books.

However, selling books on this platform is pretty simple as you can directly list your book by searching it through ISBNs.

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15. TextbookRush

Without a doubt, TextbookRush is one of the best bookselling platforms if you also want to purchase new books for your next semester. It gives store credits which you can utilize even to buy books from this website.

Besides, it also offers an excellent price for your old textbooks. You can get instant quotes for your books. Once you search through the ISBN, you will receive the price offer.

If you are happy with the price, you can then print the prepaid shipping label and send it within 20 days of receiving the order. After this company gets your book, it will then pay you through a direct PayPal deposit or through store credits.



So, here we tried our best to cover most of the best places to sell textbooks and old college books.

However, always remember that your books can fetch the best price if you keep them in good condition. So, stop marking your book right now to get the best price in the future.


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