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Pool Payday Promo Code For MAX BONUS In 2024 (100% Working)

What if I say that you can now get an unmatched gaming experience with some bonus cash advantage, that too without making any significant deposit? Yes, it is now possible with the Pool Payday promo code, all thanks to SKillz, the owners of this fantastic game!

While it is possible that a lottery is rigged to manipulate the winning combination, it is absolutely not possible in games that offer cash rewards. So, many people are shifting from traditional lotteries and lottos to online games to test their luck.

There are many games that pay through Cash App and PayPal. And Pool Payday is one of them. So, I’m sharing all the details regarding the promo code, which you can use to get $15 extra cash.


Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links. We may receive a small commission when you make a purchase (No extra cost to you). Please read our Affiliate Disclosure for more information.


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What Is Pool Payday?

pool payday promo code


There is no doubt that Skillz is among the best gaming apps that pay real money.

It offers hundreds of games from various genres that pay cash prizes. And Pool Payday is one of the most popular games in Skillz.

Hidden Pixel Games developed Pool Payday in the Skillz SDK (software development kit). And since its initial release, this game has caught the attention of avid gamers for its unmatched gameplay, the thrill of playing against real opponents, and amazing cash rewards.

Currently, Pool Payday is available to download from the Skillz website for both iOS and Android. Besides, you can directly download it from the Apple App Store and Samsung Galaxy Store.

Pool Payday currently has a 4.6 rating with more than 80,000 reviews on Apple App Store. And on Galaxy Store, it has 1,600 votes with a 4.5 average rating.

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What Is Skillz?

Skillz is an online gaming ecosystem that gives game developers a platform to develop and launch new games.

pool payday promo code


By staying under the Skillz umbrella, game developers can have access to an already existing community of Skillz.

Launched in 2012, it is the brainchild of Andrew Paradise and Casey Chafkin. And since its release, many investors and VCs, such as Wildcat Capital, Liberty Global, and Telstra, have come on board to support this gaming mechanism.

Now, Skillz has become the hub of paid online gaming that pays more than a billion dollars in cash rewards each year.

It houses apps like Mistplay, where gamers can actively participate in online competitions and earn real money.

It is now headquartered in San Francisco, with another main office in Boston. And as of 2024, Skillz hosts more than 18 million gamers.

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Who Can Join Skillz?

Anyone with a legal age (18 in most states and 21 in a few) can join Skillz and get paid to play new games.

Age restriction is a common practice in this genre, as you’ll also need to be an adult to use a Pool Payday promo code which I’ll soon reveal.

Skillz is currently available worldwide, with its primary user base in the USA.

All the games in the Skillz ecosystem that offers cash rewards are legal in every American state except Arizona, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Louisiana, Montana, South Carolina, South Dakota, and Tennessee.

However, you can still play the games from these states for free (without any expectation of cash rewards). This platform is also lightweight and syncs well with almost every smartphone.

You just need a smartphone that can handle the latest apps along with an active internet connection to start playing Skillz games.

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What Is A Pool Payday Promo Code?

Pool Payday promo code is a string of alphabetic, numeric, or alphanumeric characters that mainly offer bonus cash on your first two deposits.

However, there are Such Pool Payday promo codes also available where no deposit is required. If you need money now to play your favorite game on SKillz, this bonus cash can be a nice top-up.

Right now, you can claim up to $30 for the first two deposits as a new user. And each of these deposits can be just $2.

However, this is for a limited time only, as Skillz primarily offers $15 for the first two deposits. You’ll get a $10 bonus on your first deposit and an additional $5 bonus on your second deposit.

USP: Unlike most games, Pool Payday lets you use the bonus cash immediately after you make your first deposit. You can also use that bonus cash to participate in live tournaments.

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Pool Payday Promo Code For 2024 (100% Working)

Pool and Bingo are the most popular games on Skillz, as you can get paid to play Bingo and Pool here. And you can get up to $30 bonus cash by using our “LiamP28” promo code for 2024.

Skilllz Games


However, there are other new promo codes for Pool Payday also available (from third-party sources) that you can try.

Here they are!

  • RyanMoo20: Get a $30 bonus cash on your first deposit.
  • Blitzkingg: Get $20 on your first deposit and $10 on your second deposit.
  • suner23: Get a $10 bonus as a referral reward. Referrers will also get $10.
  • Nicsamx: Get $10 as a referral reward as a new user.
  • CuteDane: Get a $10 bonus cash or up to a $10 discount on in-app purchases.
  • Coco0002: Get a $10 signup bonus as a new user on Skillz.
  • Danielftz: Get a $20 bonus can on your deposits.
  • SirOhNo: Get a $20 bonus cash on your initial deposits.
  • Spinner13: Get a $10 signup bonus as a new user.
  • mrr236: Get a $10 referral reward as a new user of Skillz.
  • Efizulu: Get a $10 bonus cash as a new user.
  • Blondie93barbie1719: Get a $10 signup bonus (referral reward) as a new user.

My Findings: You can also keep an eye on the social media pages of Skillz and Pool Payday, as they also announce bonus codes and promo codes on their handles. Besides, Skillz also offers giveaways to existing users.

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Where Can You Find The Pool Payday Promo Code?

You can now have your own promo code as a new or existing user of Skillz, such as our Pool Payday promo code “LiamP28” for 2024.

You can share that code with fellow gamers and earn rewards and bonuses. The referral, on the other hand, also gets $10 when they sign up as a new user.

So, that makes the total reward amount to $20. It is surely among the best ways to make $20 fast and easily.

Unlike most games, Pool Payday doesn’t offer any custom code. Instead, your username will be your referral code. Let’s say your username is “ABCDEF,” and your referral code will also be the same.

So, while joining for the first time, choose a short and easy-to-remember username. And then, share that code with your friends and family members to earn a referral commission.

You can also get the promo code from the Pool Payday app itself. And the steps are simple.

  • Step 1: Launch the Pool Payday app on your smartphone.
  • Step 2: Log in to your account using the right credentials.
  • Step 3: Tap on the “Menu” option located at the top-right corner.
  • Step 4: From the new menu, tap on the “Get $15” option.
  • Step 5: Copy the code or the referral link displayed on the page.

My Findings: If you have enabled the contact access permission for the Pool Payday app, you can then directly send the referral link to people on your contact list. And you don’t even need to copy the code in that.

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How To Use The Pool Payday Free Money Promo Code?

You must have already got the Pool Payday promo code to get free money. But now, you need to know the right steps to use it.

The steps are simple, though!

  • Step 1: Open the Pool Payday app on your smartphone.
  • Step 2: Navigate to the bottom menu and tap on the shopping cart icon.
  • Step 3: Tap on the “Enter Promo Code” button.
  • Step 4: Type our promo code “LiamP28” in the designated field.
  • Step 5: Tap on the “Done” button to apply the code.
  • Step 6: Now, deposit at least $2, and a $10 bonus cash will be automatically added.
  • Step 7: Deposit at least $2 again for an additional $5 bonus cash.

Note: This bonus cash can only be used to participate in tournaments and make in-app purchases. You cannot withdraw your bonus cash or convert it to any other payout method.


What Is The Difference Between A Promo Code And A Match Code in Pool Payday?

Besides the promo code I have already mentioned, you can also use the match code on Pool Payday in 2024.

And if you want to make money fast and easily, you must capitalize the match codes as well.

A promo code on this game will earn you bonus cash that you can use for in-app purchases and tournament participation. On the other hand, a match code is a user-generated code that lets you enter a specific tournament.

With a match code, you can join the tournament hosted by a fellow gamer. And in most cases, the winning reward ranges from $3 to $10 on average.

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What Is Bonus Cash On Pool Payday?

It is true that you’ll get bonus cash by using our Pool Payday promo code. But you also need to understand the difference between real cash and bonus cash in this game.

While you can withdraw the amount you win from a tournament in the Pool Payday app, you can’t withdraw the bonus cash. It can only be used to play games and to participate in online tournaments.

Not only in this game, but you can’t withdraw bonus cash on any game on the SKillz ecosystem. All the bonus cash in every Skillz game can be used only for in-app purchases and participation.

And in Pool Payday, the bonus cash can only be used up to 10% of the amount. So, if you put $10 as a wager in a tournament, the max bonus cash you can use is $1, and the rest of $9 will be real money.

If you win any tournament, the 10% bonus cash that has already been used will be reverted back into your account. And the rest 90% can be withdrawn through various payout methods, such as PayPal.

Note: Many scammers now send a fake screenshot of Cash App and claim that the user received bonus cash from their account. To stay safe from this scam, follow my detailed guide on spotting a fake screenshot of Cash App.


How To Earn Bonus Cash Without Any Deposit?

Yes, it is now also possible to earn bonus cash without any deposit on Pool Payday. Don’t count it as one of the Pool Payday cheats, as there is a legit way to get bonus cash this way.

You can do it by participating in practice matches, which is a popular free money hack for existing gamers. Basically, you can participate in practice matches on Pool Payday by using Skillz’s own vertical currency called “Z.”

You’ll get a certain amount of Z when you sign up for the first time. You can then win matches to earn Z. Once you win 25 tournaments in practice mode, you’ll receive a $2 bonus cash.

And the best thing about this bonus cash is that you can earn it from a game and use it on another game in the Skillz ecosystem. So technically, the bonus cash you earn on Pool Payday can be used on any Skillz game.

My Findings: There are 8,000+ games in the Skillz ecosystem as of 2023. So, you can claim up to $8,000 in bonus cash by trying out every game. But yes, it will take an enormous amount of time to do that.

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How Bonus Cash Works In Pool Payday?

Gaming is one of the money-making hobbies that pay really well these days, no doubt about that! And you can earn real cash on Pool Payday and also use our promo code to get bonus cash on top.

Now, let’s see how the bonus cash actually works in Pool Payday.

  • You deposit $2 to get a $10 bonus cash, which makes your account balance $12.
  • Let’s say a game needs a wager of $2 to win $5. You put $2 in that from your account balance.
  • On that wager of $2, $1.80 will be real cash, and $0.20 will be bonus cash.
  • After you win the tournament, your total account balance will be $15 [(12-2)+5].
  • Your bonus cash will again be $10, and your real cash will be $5.
  • You can keep the $10 bonus cash as it is and can withdraw $5 from the real cash.

My Findings: If your real cash balance is completely exhausted during gameplay, you can use only the bonus cash to continue it. Skillz also gives you permission to use 100% bonus cash if you have no real cash left in your account.


How To Win Prizes In Skillz?

By using our Pool Payday promo code, you can get a $15 bonus cash on your first two deposits. And you can use that bonus cash to participate in real cash games and tournaments.

When you win a game, you’ll receive 2 “Ticketz” along with the cash reward. And to become the runners up, you’ll receive 1 “Ticketz.” To participate in any practice match, you’ll need 1 “Ticketz.”

So technically, you can keep on playing practice matches just by securing second place in every tournament (which is quite difficult).

You can easily withdraw the real cash amount you win on Pool Payday through various payout methods.

They prefer PayPal, although you can cash out through other means, such as an Amazon gift card or an Xbox gift card.

You can also buy goodies and merchandise, such as hoodies, caps, and stickers, from the Skillz shop. When I last checked, I needed around 1,000 ticketz to get a sticker and 540,000 ticketz to get a hoodie.


Do Skillz’s Promo Codes Expire?

Yes, the promo codes of Skillz do expire! And not only in Pool Payday but the same rule also applies in every game under the Skillz ecosystem.

Skillz is currently one of the highest-paying apps in the gaming industry. And they encourage new users to try their new games by giving bonus cash.

For that, they have an expiry date for the bonus cash to make the players use it fast.

So, every time you get bonus cash, you need to check the expiry by clicking on it on your account. And you need to use that bonus cash before that.


Best Alternatives To Pool Payday

It is true that you will get bonus cash by using our Pool Payday promo code. But this is not the only game that offers bonuses.

Here are my top recommendations for 2024 to win real cash rewards!

My Take: Besides these eight, you can also try other games available on the Skillz platform. And almost all the games let you win real money by playing and winning it.


Final Note

You can use our Pool Payday promo code this year to get at least $15 bonus cash on your Skillz account. And Skillz also offers up to $30 bonus cash from time to time.

It is true that Skillz now offers a legit platform where budding gamers can kickstart their video gaming career. Most of their games are not just rewarding but also equally exciting to participate in.

And I, as a fan of digital gaming, also try to figure out how to earn some extra cash to maximize the reward. I’ve previously shared free Steam codes and will share more in the future. So, do visit this blog regularly.



Is Skillz A Legal Platform?

Yes, Skillz is a legal platform that has been in operation in the gaming industry since 2012. Right now, it has more than 4,000 games under its ecosystem, and they also add new games on a regular basis.

And not just SKillz, every game hosted on this ecosystem is also legit.


Is Pool Payday A scam?

No, Pool Payday is not a scam, and you can really win cash rewards by winning matches and tournaments here.

It is hosted in the Skillz ecosystem, which takes utmost care of any fraudulent activity.


Does Skillz Offer Promo Code For Pool Payday?

Yes, Skillz does offer promo codes for bonus cash for the users of Pool Payday. You can use our promo code “LiamP28” to get a $15 bonus in your account.

And not only for Pool Payday, Skillz currently offers promo codes for almost every game in its ecosystem.


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