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Publish Academy Review 2024: Is It Legit or Scam?

You might have never heard of this platform before, but something did intrigue you enough to click on this Publish Academy review!

Are you a writer waiting for the world to discover your true potential?

All you need is a platform to showcase your work, and soon enough, praises from all over will start pouring in, snowballing your career into stardom!

But how can you realize this dream when no publishing house is ready to take a chance on fresh talent?

Enter Publish Academy. It’s a self-help platform that offers insightful courses and materials to help you publish your work in the form of books, videos, blogs, podcasts, etc.

But why Publish Academy when there are so many alternatives out there? That’s what we’ll find out today.

So, sit back and get ready to read an in-depth Publish Academy review explaining every feature and every pro and con of this program.


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Publish Academy Review

First, let’s do a quick review of the course we’ll be talking about today:

  • Publish Academy arguably provides the best pathway to launching a successful writing/content-creating business.
  • The course offers a step-by-step guide to walk you through launching your biz and earning $10k a month!
  • Case studies and strategically planned models help you glance at previous successes before applying them to your own business.
  • The tools and resources this course provides, combined with personal support, are unmatched when you’re trying to pave a path on your own!
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What is Publish Academy?

Founded by Anik Singal in 2009, Publish Academy is a platform that trains and helps you with everything you need to start the online business you’ve always dreamt of!

CNN Money, Entrepreneur Magazine, and several other well-known platforms have recognized Publish Academy as among the top 100 Most Promising Startups in America.

Its founder believes in the motto of turning your “passion into a profession”. Publish Academy is his most recent course, targeted at people who want to make a living out of digital publishing.

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What is Digital Publishing?

Digital publishing is the process of self-publishing your work in the form of e-books, blogs, digital magazines, etc.

These digitally published works can bring in an audience, which you can then use to create a customer base.

Charging for subscriptions and purchases is a great way to establish an online business through digital publishing.

Digital publishing enables you to write about anything: from your personal experiences, talents, or advice to selling products and services!

Moreover, you have to invest relatively lesser when you set up your business with this method.


Who is Anik Singal?

Anik Singal is the creator of Publish Academy, among other successful online marketing courses. His strong suit is email marketing, and he’s put it to the best use with his paid courses and e-books!

He makes millions as an online marketer and has even been recognized among the Top 3 Young Business Owners on Business Week, all before the age of 25!

Anik is really amazing at what he does, and you’ll have definitely heard some of the big names in the marketing industry that Anik has actually trained!


Who is Publish Academy Good For?

Publish Academy is a great starter course for anyone who wants their content published but feels lost about the procedure.

Additionally, this course also helps you build strong, publishable content that will sell.

It’s not easy to write books that sell copies, especially when the market is so saturated and the competition so fierce.

From a complete newbie to a small/medium-scale entrepreneur, the course works well for everyone!

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What Will You Get In This Course?

Up next on our Publish Academy review, let’s talk about the contents of the course so that you can make an informed decision about enrolling.

Learning Materials & Trainings

1. 7 extensive training modules, carefully curated to help you build a profitable business in digital publishing from scratch. The modules are self-paced to suit your goals and whims.

2. Niche Detective helps you bottleneck the niches you need to work on for your particular business to work. Keyword research, SEO, content planning: they take care of everything!

3. A very important Traffic Academy teaches you the most crucial part of gaining success in a business: driving organic traffic and retaining them. These skills are invaluable and can’t be gained unless a personal coach nurtures them in you.

4. A Skill Training Academy helps students and trainers interact more closely on skills that people often overlook while starting a digital publishing business.

5. Brain Tank is a monthly session where Anik interviews several online business pioneers and shares their stories to help you learn from their insights.

Learning from real-world business owners is an enriching experience like no other.

6. Publish Academy hands you a list of the best talent that you can hire for your business. Creating a workforce for a startup can be challenging; it can either make or break your business.

Safe Academy provides you with the cushion you initially need to safeguard your business from that hurdle.


Additional Benefits

7. If you purchase the Platinum package, you’ll notice a lot of extra benefits like weekend-long workshops!

There will be 3 workshops, spread over the duration of 4 months. These workshops offer hands-on virtual training where you can apply what you just learned through the week.

8. The course has an open Q&A section for the first month of its commencement, and live interaction seasoned with trainers and coaches is available for the first 90 days after you sign up!

Use it to your full advantage by asking whatever’s on your mind; we know how intimidating the thought of starting a new business can be.

9. You’ll have access to community members learning with you since it’s as important to learn from peers as it is from trainers.

Moreover, it contains tools and software where you can draft your own business plan!

10. Finally, Publish Academy also shares template business models that have previously proven successful. You can analyze them and come up with your own business model!

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Platinum Members Bonuses

Publish Academy comes in two price variants: Gold and Platinum, with the Platinum package containing additional benefits and features like

  • Free Software with Software Frontline Club
  • Access to inside community of the most successful alumni on Facebook
  • Personal feedback by Anik himself and expert coaches on your creations like websites, funnels, etc.
  • Support on VIP priority
  • Status of a founding member!


How Much is Publish Academy?

What’s a Publish Academy review without giving our audience its pocket pinch?

Publish Academy comes in two price variants or levels:

The Gold Level is for $797, which is a one-time payment, and
The Platinum Level is for $1997, which you can pay all at once or in 3 installments of $797.

You’ll find amazing courses, information, training modules, and materials at the Gold Level that can easily help you run a successful online marketing business.

However, with Platinum, you can achieve that extra edge with access to personal assistance, cutting-edge software, and real-world experience!

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Pros of Publish Academy

  • The course is immensely informative and helpful for aspiring entrepreneurs.
  • The Platinum Level comes with access to personal guidance, workshops, and other interactive sessions for budding online business aspirants.
  • It’s the complete starter package (zero to mastery), with tons of features: from Traffic and Skills Academy to Niche Detective and Brain Tank!


Cons of Publish Academy

Although this is the “it” course for anyone who wants to make it big in the digital marketing industry, not everyone can avail of it since the seats are limited.

The pricing of the package is relatively higher than others available in the market, but we assure you, it’s totally worth every cent!


Publish Academy Review – Legit Or Scam?

Publish Academy is definitely not a scam; it’s completely legit and immensely useful for budding entrepreneurs on their way to success!

The most essential aspect of the course is that it believes in helping people build an empire out of something they’re passionate about.

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Concluding Our Publish Academy Review: Is it Really Worth It?

We highly recommend this course! The hype is real, and 100% lives up to all of it.

You must have clicked on this article today because of all the chatter you’ve been hearing about a one-stop solution called Publish Academy that helps digital businesses bloom, right?

Well, you’re in for a delight, then!

Anik Singal is a skilled digital marketer, and he teaches you his prowess as well. With this course, you will end up living your dream of turning your passion into an occupation.

Not everyone has to stick to a 9-5 to make money online! If you have the zest and passion, this course can definitely be the final push you need.

Hope you found our Publish Academy review helpful; we relish your satisfaction!



Who is behind Publish Academy?

Publish Academy is Anik Singal’s latest venture: a course that encapsulates everything you need to become a successful digital publishing entrepreneur.

Anik himself runs a multi-million dollar marketing company and has trained thousands of students to follow in his footsteps in building a seven-figure business!


What are Publish Academy payment plans?

The Gold Level is priced at $797 (payable in a single installment), and the Platinum Level costs $1997 (can be paid in 3 $797 installments).


Is Publish Academy accepting new members?

At the moment, the course is completely full and isn’t accepting new participants. You can check out Anik’s website for more details!


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