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Quicktate Review 2024: Is It a Legit $10/Hr Job or Scam? [Must Read]

Transcription is one of the most lucrative side hustles for Gen-Z, no doubt about that! And which company is more popular than Quicktate in the current scenario if you talk about this industry alone? But don’t you think it will be too early to jump on without calibrating this company through a proper Quicktate review?

Our team of experts has not just relied on the reviews available on the internet. Instead, we delved deep into the company and tried the transcription service ourselves to find out all the good and bad about this company.

But before we reveal all those secrets about how this company works and how much you can actually earn from it, let’s understand the company itself first!


What Is Quicktate?

Established in 2008, Quicktate now has a strong global foothold in the transcription industry. Headquartered in California, this company has been known for providing legit transcription projects to their associated WFH agents for the last 15 years.

With their innovative platform called iDictate, this company has already catered to more than a thousand industry leaders from every corner of this blue planet.

Their clientele includes dominant market forces, such as Coca-Cola, Ford, Wells Fargo, and CNN. Not just general transcription, Quicktate is also a pioneer in medical transcription.

Besides, they have immense expertise in transcribing meeting minutes, interviews, teleconferences, legal notes, and even court proceedings. For that, they constantly hire enthusiastic transcribers from all parts of the world.

And not just the newbies in this industry but many acclaimed transcribers are now also looking for Quicktate jobs, as this organization has already claimed its place among the best companies that offer online transcription jobs this year.


Is QuickTate Legit Or Scam?

quicktate transcriber reviews


The first thing that also popped into our mind while researching for this company before trying is whether Quicktate is legit or not!

The simple answer is Yes; they are an absolutely legit company that has been in operation for a very long time in the USA. And now, they are also working for their global stronghold.

This company is now known for delivering transcription outputs to several industries from every corner of the world. And with their rapid expansion strategy, they are now also concentrating on global customer acquisition.

Quicktate always prefers talent over certification. So, most of their existing transcribers are genuinely good without even having any certification in transcription or even without attending any seminars or classroom sessions. And that also makes it one of the best platforms for newbies!

Talking about their reviews from the previous and existing members, they never had any negative reviews. And most of the users also vouched for their timely payment and transparent billing system. Besides, the project availability is also much better than the other competing platforms.


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Is QuickTate Accredited By The BBB?

quicktate glassdoor ratings

Sadly enough, QuickTate is still not accredited by BBB. However, they do have a profile with an A+ rating on Better Business Bureau to prove their legitimacy. Besides, they have also clearly declared their complete address and contact person to deliver absolute transparency to their users.

Most of the users who reviewed Quicktate personally have already ranked the company among the best platforms to get paid to type online. Besides, they didn’t have any known complaints about payment fraud or unnecessary delays.

Although they are not accredited to BBB, they do have their rating profile on Indeed and Glassdoor. And on both these platforms, they have 3+ ratings to prove their trustworthiness and brand popularity.


Who Can Work On QuickTate?

In a broader spectrum, anyone with the right knowledge about the transcription industry can work for the Quicktate transcription service. However, you do need to have excellent hand-ear coordination as this company emphasizes accuracy rather than bulk output.

Basically, you need to just type what you hear on your headphone on any transcription project. The projects offered by Quicktate are no different. So, it is better to have that skill in you to multitask and deliver the output within a specific TAT with maximum achievable accuracy.

Age is no bar at Quicktate, as they allow anyone to join their team if they have the legal age to work. Besides the USA, they also welcome WFH agents from all over the world. So, if you are a student, a retiree, a stay-at-home mom, or a single dad, this platform welcomes you with open arms.


What Are The Requirements To Have Transcription Projects From Quicktate?

Before proceeding further with the Quicktate review, you need to understand that not everyone is eligible to join this company, as they have some specific criteria to fulfill before taking anyone on board.

And you also need to abide by the personal and technical requirements.

Personal Requirements:

  • Excellent hand-ear coordination to accurately type while hearing audio.
  • Ability to follow instructions and abide by the specified TAT.
  • An excellent native-level English proficiency with grammatical understanding.
  • No criminal record, as you’ll be going through a background verification.

Technical Requirements:

  • An updated PC or laptop with reliable internet connectivity.
  • A high-quality headphone (preferably the over-the-top variant)
  • A high-quality keyboard for rapid typing (preferably a mechanical one)
  • Foot pedal, although it is optional for the pro transcribers.

Besides, you also need to pass their test before they give you the final approval from their side to start working on the transcription projects. But yes, the rejection rate is minuscule.


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free transcription course

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The Application Process For Quicktate?

Although it is pretty easy to get the entire process done, you need to take specific steps to get approval from this company to start working as a transcriber. And the steps are as follows.

  • First Step: You need to create a typist account by filling up an online joining form on the Quicktate website.
  • Second Step: You should agree to six agreement documents that consist of a confidentiality agreement and a HIPAA business associate agreement.
  • Third Step: Once the account is created, you need to go through the Quicktate typing test to determine your speed and accuracy.
  • Fourth Step: You need to deposit $20 via credit card or linked PayPal account to proceed with the background verification.
  • Fifth Step: Once the background verification is done, you’ll receive either an approval or a rejection mail within a maximum of seven business days.

Many people also reported that they had to provide non-family references to get approval when the demand was steep, although it is not necessary throughout the year.

quicktate jobs

How Does Quicktate Work Actually?

Several existing and previous users have reported that Quicktate offered them a chance to work with their sister concern and one of the best WFH companies that pay weekly, iDictate, if they achieve great accuracy. But for both platforms, the workflow is similar.

  • First Step: Once any transcription project is available that matches your work time and skillset, Quicktate will send you an email notification with all the project details, including TAT, format styles, and audio source.
  • Second Step: You then need to log in to the Quicktate portal with your credential and either accept or reject that project.
  • Third Step: Once you accept any project, you need to download the file from the audio or video source and start transcribing.
  • Fourth Step: You need to submit the transcribed file with the specified formatting style within the TAT.
  • Fifth Step: Once you submit your project, a moderator will then check the output file manually and will give you a rating accordingly.

If you attain a certain accuracy level and continue that for a long time, the company will also offer you a position to work as an editor or proofreader, which will significantly increase your overall income.


How Much Can You Make On Quicktate?

Transcription is genuinely one of the best WFH side hustles that pay weekly. And if you talk specifically about Quicktate, they pay according to the industry standard.

For a standard project, they pay around $0.0025/word. And if you opt for a specialized project such as medical or legal transcription, this rate can go up to $0.0050/word.

But most users have reported that it is almost impossible to transcribe more than 1.5k words each hour, even if they have amazing typing speed and accuracy.

And with that output, you can make around $7 to $8/hour on average, even if you get the highest rate. However, the actual hourly Quicktate pay rate will depend on your typing speed and accuracy.

When we personally tried this platform, we found it extremely difficult to cross even the $4 to $5/hour mark, that too when we put in the best effort. And at that rate, it is truly difficult even to cross the $500/month to make a decent living.


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Are Quicktate jobs real?

Not just by Quicktate but also the transcription projects given by its sister concern iDictate are absolutely real.

Since 2008, this company is almost dominating the transcription industry in the United States. And now, they have a great workforce to cater to their global clients.


Is Quicktate a legit website?

Operating since 2008 and headquartered in California, Quicktate is a legit site to work with.

Although they are not accredited by BBB, they still have an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau portal. Besides, they also have a 3+ rating on both Indeed and Glassdoor to prove their authenticity.


How much can you make with Quicktate?

For standard transcription projects, the usual rate is around $0.0025/word. But for specialized projects such as legal or medical ones, this rate can go up to $0.005/word on average.

However, this rate actually translates as around $28 to $30/audio hour and around $5 to $7/hour in the actual scenario.


How much does transcribing me pay per hour?

If you talk about the general transcription projects, the average pay now ranges from $15 to $22/hour.

And that rate actually translates as $5 to $7/hour on average. But, if you talk about specialized legal or medical transcription projects, it can go up to $30/audio hour.


Quicktate Review – Conclusion

If you are eyeing long-term and steady project availability, Quicktate is the best platform to hop for. And you can take up transcription projects from Quicktate and iDictate at the same time.

But if you are looking for a better payment profile, we doubt this company, as you can hardly cross the $7/hour benchmark.

So, that’s all for today, folks! We hope we have answered all your questions with this Quicktate review. But, if you think you have any other queries about this company, feel free to let us know in the comment box below!


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