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20 Best Remote Typing Jobs That You Can Start In 2021

Typing is one of the core expertise areas that all millennials excel in since childhood. It is because of the familiarity with computers that we have since our school days.

So, we don’t need any particular course or training to type fast and with an accurate pace. But most of the typists often use just two or three fingers to type, while maximum speed can be achieved using all ten fingers.

With these little improvements, we can make good money from remote typing jobs. You can also take up typing projects without leaving the comfort of your home.

Besides, you can also choose flexible work hours to do this job. These benefits give you the full control to arrange your work hours and enable you to take it even as a part-time job after having a regular day job.

You just need to know about the industry and the companies that offer legit remote typing jobs. Here is the list for you:


Best Remote Typing Jobs You Can Start This Year

Finding a good company that offers legit typing jobs and also pays well can be difficult. It is very much possible that you will encounter a fake website that will never pay you for the work.

Even if you can find any, the chances are high that the hourly rates will not match your expectation. And to solve these issues, here are the best companies that offer high-paying remote typing jobs.


1. Axion Data Entry Services

Website: Axion Data Entry Services.
Earning Potential: Depends on the project.

It is one of the best companies that offer remote typing jobs that also pay according to the industry standards. The competition is pretty high to join this outfit among the freelancers, although it rarely has any openings for the independent contractors.

So, it is better to register yourself on this website to grab the opportunity as soon as it goes live. You at least need a typing speed of 15000 keystrokes, equivalent to 50 words per minute, to apply for this position.

Besides, it also gives preference to freelancers with a minimum of two years of experience in the typing industry. It offers a per-page or per-hour rate to the freelancers that solely depends on the type of project that you are aiming for.


2. Lionbridge

Website: Lionbridge.
Earning Potential: Depends on the project.

Without any doubt, it is one of the most recognizable companies in the United States that offer typing jobs to independent contractors.

This company mainly specializes in social media evolution, market research, and accessing the project. However, it frequently has openings for the freelancers to join the typing team.

Some of the typing projects are mainly to convert image labels to work files. Besides, it also offers freelance projects to improve the AI software that it currently uses.

You can check out the career section to grab the opportunity. The payment is also according to industry standards, and the supply of available projects is almost endless.


3. SigTrack

Website: SigTrack.
Earning Potential: Depends on the project.

This company mainly processes signatures of American citizens. It primarily handles the records of the signatures for the voters and voting registrars of the Unites States.

Mainly it deals with sensitive data and personal information, for this reason, you need to be a permanent citizen of the United States to apply for this position.

You may also need to go through background verification before giving you the final approval to join the team as a freelancer.

One needs to develop excellent typing speed with at least 98% accuracy to get the projects. Besides, it also offers editorial positions for the peer review. You can easily withdraw your earnings through the linked PayPal account.


4. Amazon mTurk

Website: Amazon mTurk.
Earning Potential: Depends on the project.

A product of Amazon, this company brings you the opportunity to have legit products with the trust of Amazon. It mainly offers HITs or Human Intelligence Tasks that require human involvement.

So, you’ll get only those projects that a machine can’t do or solve while joining this prestigious company. However, the payment is on a lower side as it offers a large volume of projects to its independent contractors.

Besides, you can also have simultaneous projects from various clients through this website. Joining this website as an independent contractor is also very simple, as it takes just a few minutes to complete.

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5. Clickworker

Website: Clickworker.
Earning Potential: Depends on the project

It is one of the most popular freelance markets in the world. This freelance website offers not only remote typing jobs but also offers several other kinds of projects like data entry, translation, and proofreading.

So, you will have the freedom to choose your preferred projects according to your area of expertise. Creating a free account on this website is very simple, as you need to fill up a simple form.

After creating your account with proper credentials, you can start looking for the projects on its unique job board. You can withdraw your earnings from this website weekly or monthly through the linked PayPal account.


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6. Microworkers

Website: Microworkers.
Earning Potential: Depends on the project.

Just like Clickworkers that we have mentioned above, this website offers micro-tasks to dedicated freelancers from all over the world. It mainly focuses on micro-projects of various niches like data entry, typing jobs, and form filling.

One can easily choose your preferred projects by creating a free account. You’ll receive the payment of each project right after the successful submission.

Besides, you can withdraw your earnings directly through the linked PayPal account each week. However, it has a payment threshold of $10.

One bad thing about this company is that it doesn’t verify the jobs listed on the job board. So, you need to be careful about the scams involved.


7. AccuTran Global

Website: AccuTran Global.
Earning Potential: Depends on the project.

This establishment recently made its name as one of the best providers of freelance remote typing jobs, although it mainly specializes in transcription services.

And now, it offers freelance job opportunities to talented typists from all over the world. However, you need to have a good typing speed with near-perfect accuracy to join this team.

This company offers high-paying data entry and typing projects to independent contractors. But, you need to make a free profile that takes just a few minutes to complete.

Once your profile is approved, you can start taking typing and data entry projects. The payment of each project is according to the industry standard.


8. DataPlus+

Website: DataPlus+.
Earning Potential: Depends on the project.

As the name of the company itself suggests, it specializes in data entry and data handling services. And with its growing popularity, it is now expanding rapidly to handle more clients.

For that, this company is now accepting freelance members to join the team. However, you need to have a good typing speed to join this company.

You mainly have to enter the paper data into its electronic database after joining this company. So, you definitely need to have high accuracy to get repeat projects.

Currently, this company is only hiring permanent citizens of the United States. Besides, you also have to go through a background verification process before the final approval.


9. Appen

Website: Appen.
Earning Potential: Depends on the project.

Also known as Appen Butler Hill, this company mainly provides social media evolution services to its clients. For those projects, it assigns micro-tasks to talented independent contractors from all over the world.

Starting from typical data entry to data collecting, you can have a variety of remote typing jobs through this company. Most of the projects that it offers are mainly short-term basis.

But, you’ll have a steady flow of available projects at any point in time. However, it is not a wise decision to take it as a full-time profession, although some of the projects are high-paying.

You need to check out the careers page of this website to get lucrative opportunities.


10. DionData Solutions

Website: DionData Solutions.
Earning Potential: Depends on the project

The name of this company itself tells the core story. It is a company that offers a complete data solution to its global clients. And now, it is accepting freelancers from the United States to join the team.

However, you need to have a typing speed of at least 60 WPM to become eligible for this freelance position. You also need to have an updated computer and a high-speed internet connection to get started.

This company offers not only on-time payment and continuous supply of projects, but also provides several other benefits like training and support. Previous experience in the professional data entry field can play a beneficial role in your selection.


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11. Working Solutions

Website: Working Solutions.
Earning Potential: Depends on the project.

This outfit offers data entry and typing projects to freelancers all over the world. All you need is to fill up a simple joining form, followed by an online application.

If it matches the criteria, this company will allow you good projects that also offer reasonable payment. However, you need to go through the assessment before getting the final approval.

The overall joining procedure can be pretty lengthy as it can take up to two weeks to fully complete. All of the projects and typing tasks have different payment structures.

These payment structures mainly depend on the project’s length and difficulty. Right now, this company issues bank checks and direct deposits to all of its freelance workers.


12. Birch Creek Communications

Website: Birch Creek Communications.
Earning Potential: Depends on the project.

It has already made a name in the data entry industry as it assures legit and high-paying projects to its freelance members. And, this company now inviting talented professionals to join the freelance team during the company’s expansion phase.

You can simply enter this company by dropping your updated resume and the details of your experience. You need a good typing speed with a near-perfect accuracy to join the team.

However, the final payment of each typing or data entry project will broadly vary on several factors. This company offers flexible schedules to its freelance workers. However, you’ll get available projects from Monday to Friday each week.


13. The Smart Crowd

Website: The Smart Crowd.
Earning Potential: Around $6 per hour on average.

This company is previously known as VirtualBee and carries a hard-earned reputation and the same legacy. Right now, this company is offering data entry and remote typing jobs to talented professionals from all over the world.

You can easily join this company by filling up a simple form and describing your typing speed and previous qualification. You need to have a good typing speed and high accuracy to get projects.

The average pay is around $6 per hour, although it can go up with more experience and better typing speed. You can easily withdraw your money through the linked PayPal account. But, this company currently has a payment threshold of $30.


14. Quicktate or iDictate

Website: iDictate.
Earning Potential: Up to $0.005 per word.

These two companies are just different subsidiaries of a mother company that does the same work. It mainly specializes in transcription and voicemail services.

But, it also often has various typing projects available. You can join the team as an independent professional and start taking typing projects from this company.

Right now, iDictate pays around $0.005 per word, while Quicktate pays $0.0025 per word. You mostly need to transcribe voicemails and other audio files in the typing project.

So, better hand-eye coordination is a must. Besides, you also need to have a good typing speed with superior accuracy to get the projects.


15. Scribie

Website: Scribie.
Earning Potential: Around $10 per hour on average.

This establishment specializes in providing seamless transcription service of audio and video files to its clients from all over the world. And now, it is accepting freelance members to join the typing team.

This company frequently needs typists to expand the dedicated transcription team that handles several projects simultaneously.

You need to have a good typing speed with high accuracy to get selected. And for each of your completed projects, you’ll get a rating on a 5-point scale.

You need to have a minimum of 2.75 on that scale to continue working. Currently, this company is paying around $10 per hour to its freelance typists.


16. Xerox

Website: Xerox.
Earning Potential: Fixed Salary + Other Benefits.

It is one of the most sort-after companies to start working. However, it is now offering freelance opportunities to efficient data entry experts and typists to join the team.

It also frequently has several open positions for data verifier. You need to check the career segment of this website periodically to grab the opportunity.

Right now, this company has more than 8000 home-based employees that work on various projects. And, it is now again in expansion mode and currently accepting new typists.

The payments are on time, and it assures hourly rates according to the industry standards. Besides regular payment, you’ll have several other benefits while working for this company.


17. CareerBuilder

Website: CareerBuilder.
Earning Potential: Depends on the project.

This Chicago-based outfit has a unique job search engine that can handpick several hundred legit typing projects that also pay according to the industry standards.

You need to create an account that costs nothing. However, you need to upload your latest resume and point out your most persuasive ten skills while creating it.

Once you get the approval, the innovative search engine then finds you the best-suited projects according to your skills and area of interest.

The payment for each project will broadly vary on several factors like the length of the project and its difficulty levels. This company also provides timely payment to each of its freelancers.


18. Upwork

Website: Upwork
Earning Potential: Depends on the project.

One of the most dominating players in the global freelance marketplace, this establishment is known for providing high-paying projects to its remote workers.

However, it recently introduced a small registration fee for the new members. It effectively dropped down the whole competition level in the freelance market and assured the chance to only the best workers.

For each project, this company cuts 20% of the total project payment since 2016, however, it was 10% before that. Now you won’t face any problem regarding this thing as most of its listed typing projects offer a much better rate than other marketplaces.

For this, you need to put little extra care and highlight your key expertise during the account creation process.


19. Freelancer

Website: Freelancer.
Earning Potential: Depends on the project.

It is the most recognized company in the freelance market that hires remote workers according to their individual skills. You can create a free account on this platform by filling up a joining form.

You need to highlight your area of expertise and your previous experience in the typing industry to attract more clients. After creating an account, you can directly bid on available projects on its job board.

However, you also need to upload a cover letter and your proof of works or details of your live projects. The payment of each project varies depending on the budget of the client for that particular project.

This company gives you the freedom to withdraw money directly through your PayPal account and you will also avail timely payments.

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20. Indeed

Website: Indeed.
Earning Potential: Depends on the project.

As we all know, it is one of the most significant job search engines in the world. Not only just remote opportunities and home-based jobs, but you can also find almost any jobs that you are looking for.

With its ever-expanding clientele, this company continually provides opportunities to freelancers throughout the world to get good projects.

All you need is to create a free account on this website to get started. But, don’t forget to highlight your area of expertise and key skills to have better exposure.

Once you create an account, you can search for remote typing jobs and other data entry jobs. You can also directly apply to each of its listed projects.


Alternative Side Hustles To Make Extra Money

1. Give A Try In Bookkeeping

Are you an expert in maintaining financial records well? Then this job is for you!  Especially when you can help one to stay financially organized and accountable, Don’t let yourself stop getting into this field. All you have to do here is to maintain accounts and prepare a perfect balance sheet for the entity you were hired.

The best part here is that you don’t require a proper degree apart from a basic degree in accounting. Check these 12 Legit Part-Time Bookkeeping Jobs to earn money fast.

2. Become A Virtual Assistant

When you are looking for self-employment with a decent payment structure, virtual assistance surely grabs a spot. All you have to do here is offer administrative, professional, accountable, technical assistance for the entity you were hired. By doing this you can easily earn up to $10 – $28 per hour. Check the full list of websites here to find the right job.

3. Try Converting Audio Files:

Are you an ace in your typing and listening skills? Then this job is for you. All you have to do is to use your skills in converting audio to text. Try to pick one right now, there are several companies to find online transcription jobs where you can earn up to $25 – $30 per hour.


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You mainly need good typing skills and excellent accuracy to get your deserved success in this industry. Although remote typing jobs never demand any specific educational qualification, it is better to have a high-school degree before applying for these positions.

Besides, strong communication skills and native-level language proficiency will also boost your career in this field. Let us know how far our article helped you in your path through comments.


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