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37 Lucrative Resin Crafts To Sell in 2024 [$1000+ Per Item!]

The Internet has many creative ways to make money, and when it comes to art, you can literally sell anything online these days.

One of these artistic ways is making crafts using art resin. Craft selling is a highly rewarding side business idea that can offer both personal fulfillment and financial success.

Resin craft making, in particular, shines bright among other crafts because of its endless possibilities for those with genuine talent.

The global resin art industry is expected to reach $10.3 billion by 2027. On the popular selling platform Etsy, the resin art pieces are sold anywhere between $10 and $15000 depending on the art. So, no doubt, it’s a very lucrative industry for artists to make money selling their crafts.

As the popularity of these resin crafts continues to surge, they are turning out to be more viable choices for people with diverse preferences.

Therefore, there’s no better time than now for you to delve into this business opportunity without any further delay.

To help you choose profitable resin crafts to sell, I have clearly organized and curated every necessary detail into relevant sections.

By utilizing this information, you can learn about resin crafts, what it takes to launch a successful resin craft-selling business, and how you can make money selling resin crafts.


Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links. We may receive a small commission when you make a purchase (No extra cost to you). Please read our Affiliate Disclosure for more information.


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How Much Does It Cost To Start A Resin Business?

This completely depends on how exponentially you want to start your business. To start small, all you need to invest is in resin, molds, and decorative items, which won’t cost you more than $300-$500.

With time and sales, you can build and invest in promotions, new items, a personal website, and professional kits. Pricing for all these things varies from region to platform.

Apart from this, follow the below list, for which we have conducted extensive research to identify the most innovative resin crafts to sell for easy profits.

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Best Resin Craft Ideas For Stationery

Any time you are thinking of a unique resin craft idea, stationery items can stand out as an obvious choice.

In keeping with their size and convenience, here are some ideas you can consider for your stationery crafts.

Disclaimer: The ‘Price To Sell’ section we have mentioned in the below list is taken reference from the Etsy listings. This can vary along with your region and your sales volume. This mention is just to let you know the potential value of your craft!


1. Epoxy Resin Paper Weights

epoxy resin paper weights crafts to sell

To show your resin crafting skills, a paperweight is the best option, as this is the first thing that catches our attention on any table desk.

This thing surely enhances and progresses your crafting business, as it is highly evident that many people enjoy collecting artistic resin paperweights for their workspace.

The shape and design are entirely up to you, and you can elevate the elegance by incorporating dried flowers, miniature images, glitter, and other decorative elements.

  • Price To Sell: $15-$100+ Per Piece.


2. Resin Book Marks

Resin book marks


It’s not just book lovers who enjoy using bookmarks, as many of us love to mark our pages with decorative and attractive bookmarks.

Those with crafting knowledge can easily turn this opportunity into business now by creating distinctive resin bookmarks. The benefit of the advantage here is there is no doubt about sales!

Be it quotes, images, designs, or self-writes, there are no limitations in experimenting and creating resin bookmarks.

  • Price To Sell: $5-$25+ Per Mark.


3. Pen Holders

Pen Holders


As a popular saying goes, A tidy desk promotes a focused mind. This is precisely why individuals strive to keep their standing desks organized at all times.

An essential component of an organized desk starts with a noteworthy and attractive pen holder. As a skilled craft maker, you can have this opportunity to offer your creative pen holder crafts to this market to leverage profits.

  • Price To Sell: $10-$150+ Per Holder.


4. Resin Letter Opener

Resin Letter opener


In today’s world, receiving letters has become a rare and cherished experience, and as a result, people often wish to open them with a special and notable letter opener.

Crafting a handmade resin letter opener is an excellent choice to cater to this demand, and there is a high chance for you to sell these products for a better price with low competition.

  • Price To Sell: $10-$50+ Per Piece.


5. Handmade Resin Pens

Although pens are omnipresent in the world of stationery, their unique designs are what make them stand out and capture the attention of customers.

Resin art pens are easy to create and in high demand. By adding finishing touches to your art, you can enhance the artistic output of pens and make them more appealing to potential buyers.

Promoting resin art pens on platforms like Etsy is essential for boosting sales and gaining insights into market trends and customer preferences.

  • Price To Sell: $10-$80+ Per Pen.

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Resin Jewelry Crafts To Make and Sell

The jewelry segment is what makes the crafting business so successful and famous.

This is one of those areas in crafting that you can grip to add a personal touch and emotions with customized messages.

Here are a few resin jewelry ideas to start with.


6. Resin Necklaces

Resin Necklaces


When it comes to expressing love through gifts, necklaces often come to mind as a top choice.

Shiny and elegant necklaces always have high demand and are likely chosen items. However, making a necklace requires extra care, and the choice of materials is entirely up to you.

If you want to create something craft jewelry using resin, try using dried flowers, leaves, feathers, candy, sparkles, colored sand, milk, or anything else that catches the buyer’s attention.

  • Price To Sell: $5-$200+ Per Necklace


7. Designed Resin Hair Accessories

Each strand of hair carries a unique vibe that can be expressed through hair accessories. These accessories are not just a fashion statement, but they can also convey a range of styles and personalities.

So, crafting personalized hair items like resin hair clips, hair pins, headbands, handmade barrettes, etc., can not only showcase your creativity but can also fetch you premium prices!

  • Price To Sell: $5-$70+ Per Piece.


8. Resin Rings

Resin Rings website


Rings are our favorite recommendation for the most profitable resin crafts to sell. From individual rings to couple rings, there are endless opportunities to prove your crafting skills.

For couple rings, you can incorporate personal elements such as hair, symbols, or personal text to create a meaningful connection.

There is always a high demand for rings on Etsy; try to add quality images of your products to gain special sales!

  • Price To Sell: $5-$50+ Per Ring.


9. Hand Bracelets

Hand Bracelets


No matter being male or female, bracelets definitely add style-texture to the hand and also form a meaningful gifting item.

They’re especially popular for special occasions and can be adorned with glitters, sparkles, and colorful stones for added appeal.

Capitalize on the high demand by selling on Etsy or eBay to attract customers from all regions.

  • Price To Sell: $20-$200+ Per Bracelet.


10. Resin Earrings

Resin Earrings


Wearing the right earrings can bring attention to the face and enhance our overall appearance.

If you’re looking for a small but popular product to start a crafting business, earrings are a great pick.

By experimenting with various shapes and materials, you can create unique resin earrings that have high demand and can be sold successfully on platforms like Etsy or Instagram.

  • Price To Sell: $10-$50+ Per Piece.

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Home Decor Resin Crafts To Sell

‘Home decor is never fading trend,’ and people always look for new emerging trends in decorating their homes.

To satiate their need, you can take anchor of resin home decor items, which can firmly put a standout show. Here are a few recommendations for building your home decor business.


11. Resin Coasters

Resin Coasters


Coasters not only add to the beauty of your table setting but also protect it from beverage stains.

While regular coasters have been used for ages, people nowadays only choose innovative options, such as resin coasters with designs or unique handmade coasters.

Resin coasters, in particular, have a high demand and can serve as great products to sell. Although it takes time to create them, it’s definitely worth a try!

  • Price To Sell: $5-$50+ Per Piece.


12. Epoxy Resin Night Lamp

In a world full of ordinary night lamps, why not elevate your client’s home decor with a unique and enchanting resin night lamp?

As a craft maker, the possibilities for you are endless. Experiment with various materials like wood, glass, or synthetic paper to create a functional and stylish resin night lamp.

For an extra touch of charm, try incorporating some hand-painted designs to make it outstanding and increase its value.

  • Price To Sell: $15-$40+ Per Item.


13. Resin Wall Art

resin wall art crafts to sell

Ordinary walls can often appear dull and uninteresting. However, by incorporating abstract acrylic resin art, they can be transformed into visually gripping displays.

Whether you are decorating your own home or fulfilling a client’s requirements, you can meet and exceed expectations through your imaginative resin crafting skills and earn an income in the process.

To stay up-to-date with the latest trends and designs, it is advisable to browse through listings and ideas available on platforms such as Pinterest and Etsy.

  • Price To Sell: $80-$200+ Per Art.


14. Resin Pots/Planters

Plants have a remarkable ability to enhance the beauty of any living space, be it indoors or outdoors.

One way to show love for our plants is by placing them in stunning resin planters.

The beauty of resin planters is that you can experiment with various shapes, sizes, materials, and durability levels to create a truly unique and personalized piece.

  • Price To Sell: $15-$70+ Per Pot.


15. Epoxy Resin Furniture

epoxy resin furniture

Old-aged, crooked furniture can now be turned into a profitable business by using resin furniture designs.

Being a creator, you can take the edge of any furniture you like to enhance the classiness and charm of the home interior with vibrant colors, unique textures, and intricate designs.

Epoxy tables, resin beds, counter tables, bookshelves, etc., are some of the most popular resin furniture items that are a treat to the eyes.

For a better price and effective sales, you can tie up with your local stores and can also market on Instagram or Facebook marketplace.

  • Selling Price: $100-$3000+(Varies With Furniture).

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Easy Resin Crafts To Sell

Not all the time we can spare spending days and months creating resin crafts. For this, here is the section where you can prepare a few easy crafts in hours or a couple of days to market:


16. Epoxy Resin Fridge Magnets

Have you ever been adorned with interesting magnets stuck on the fridge? There are many people of this interest who have a habit of collecting fridge magnets.

If you have the same heed, you can now create resin fridge magnets with different shapes, sizes, and varieties.

As they can also help in holding important notes and reminders, you can turn this business into rewarding and successful.

  • Price To Sell: $5-$15 Per Magnet.


17. Resin Keychains

Resin Keychains


Keychains are widely found and quick-selling gifting items in the crafts section, serving customers of all ages, from children to adults.

To make your resin keychains more visually interesting and enchanting, you can adorn them with a range of enrichments such as dried leaves, feathers, flowers, trinkets, sparkles, or even slime.

With popularity, there is also high competition in this segment; make sure your designs are prominent to attract more sales.

  • Price To Sell: $3-$20+ Per Piece.


18. Candle Holders Out Of Resin

Despite advances in technology usage, candles continue to hold everlasting importance. In fact, scented candles have emerged as a popular trend in home decor, offering a means to infuse living spaces with positive energy and aroma.

To further embrace the appeal of candles, you can create special and catchy resin candle holders. By doing so, you can attract more profits and take advantage of this growing trend.

  • Price To Sell: $5-$80+ Per Holder.


19. Resin Phone Cases

Resin Phone Cases


Phone cases are one of the most widely preferred resin crafts to sell. Here, you add a customized layer of resin of your choice induced with some interesting resin items.

Ensure your case fits the model correctly and the finishing is top-notch. With the high demand for phone cases and the availability of numerous phone models, selling resin phone cases can help you carve out a profitable niche in the market.

  • Price To Sell: $15-$50+ Per Case.


20. DIY Resin Straw Toppers

Turning already-created straws into straw toppers is one of the easiest and smartest resin crafts to sell.

Given the growing number of campaigns against straw usage, repurposing existing straws as toppers is an eco-friendly and sustainable option.

These toppers can be a minimalist and valuable addition to any workplace or home decor. With less competition on Etsy with only 2000 listings, you can show your craft caliber now!

  • Price To Sell: $3-$10 Per Piece.


21. Pet Resin Tags

Pet Resin Tags


One of the most endearing ways to show love towards pets is by providing them with pet tags. Resin pet tags have a unique requirement and moderate competition in the market.

Creating resin tags that meet your client’s specific requirements for appearance, durability, and wear can help you stand out from competitors and generate significant income.

  • Price To Sell: $5-$25+ Per Tag.

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Fashion Resin Craft Ideas To Sell

‘We can make all the difference in what people think of us with our fashion sense.’ for this reason, people always search for new trends in styling.

Resin crafts for fashion can surely be a remarkable fit to match the requirements. Go with the list and learn which fashion item has the potential to reach more clients.


22. Resin Handbags

Resin Handbags


Handbags are a timeless fashion statement for women who always seek the best designs and attractive styles.

You can create these crafted resin handbags by taking a blueprint of any bag and adding additional glitters and designs to take your resin craft business to a whole new level.

With the right craftsmanship and creativity, your resin handbags can be a big hit among fashion lovers.

  • Price To Sell: $25-$200+ Per Bag.


23. DIY Resin Sunglasses

Sunglasses have always been a popular fashion accessory for both men and women, which can add a touch of edginess to any outfit.

With the availability of many choices, DIY resin sunglasses can definitely be extraordinary and worth selecting!

Competition on Etsy is very low; you can promote and market your resin glasses for the best price.

  • Price To Sell: $10-$100+ Per Glasses.


24. Resin WatchesResin Watches

Well-crafted wristwatches are always in vogue, and people of all ages are drawn to them. You can add a unique twist to this classic accessory by incorporating resin molds onto the watch face and strap.

With the drawing capability of a wide range of buyers, crafting custom resin wristwatches can be a profitable business opportunity. Try places like eBay and Amazon FBA for increased sales!

  • Price To Sell: $10-$120+ Per Item.


25. Daily Use Mirrors

Mirrors offer a gripping reflection of oneself, revealing beauty and uniqueness. There is no place where you cannot find these things.

Why not explore the possibility of creating stylish and elegant resin mirrors that not only enhance the creativeness of a space but also capture the attention of those who encounter it?

There are countless mirror design ideas available online to draw inspiration from, and creating such mirrors could be a lucrative source of income on the side.

  • Price To Sell: $30-$120+ Per Mirror.

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Resin Kitchen Crafts To Sell

A kitchen is an excellent place where you can prove your resin craftsmanship, as it draws attention and provides options with various regular-use items.

Consider the following resin kitchenware items to add to your making wishlist.


26. Resin Cutting Boards

Resin Cutting Boards


This is a kitchen essential that seeks frequent use in every home. If you can offer one with an eye-pleasing design with durability, your clients will be reminded of you and your craftsmanship on a regular basis.

Creating such cutting boards could be one of the most rewarding resin crafts to sell. They are easy to make, take less time, and can yield high profits with active sale conversions.

  • Price To Sell: $50-$150+ Per Board.


27. Handmade Resin Bowls

Bowls can be used for a multitude of purposes in the kitchen. When it comes to fruits and vegetables, we often look for designs that are different from the norm.

Handmade resin bowls can definitely be a suitable match for this requirement. You can simply craft them with known resin materials like epoxy, colorants, additives, and shimmers.

  • Price To Sell: $30-$200+ Per Bowl.


28. Resin WineStoppers

Resin WineStoppers


Resin wine stoppers are one of those elegant resin crafts to sell, which also makes them a valuable addition to any wine lover’s collection.

You can make them even more fascinating by incorporating shapes and colors that match the specific bottle.

Given the lower level of competition on Etsy, you have a great opportunity to create them and be popular among buyers to earn good profits.

  • Price To Sell: $20-$60+ Per Piece.


29. Resin Kitchen Utensils

Resin crafting can enhance the durability and looks of various kitchen utensils. With your interest, you can choose from a variety of items to craft, such as resin serving trays, spoons, knives, spatulas, coffee stirrers, etc.

Each of these items has its own demand and purpose. You can research popular options on websites like Etsy to help determine your own pricing.

  • Price To Sell: Varies with the item.

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Other Most Profitable Resin Crafts To Sell

Here are the mixed resin crafts suggestions where you can put efforts into making profits with time and talent.

30. Party Ornaments

Party Ornaments


Standing out at parties with unique accessories is desired by many.

Resin art can help you create distinctive pieces such as cuff bracelets, barrettes, cufflinks, toe rings, belt buckles, and more to reach these expectations.

Selling these items can bring in good profits.

  • Price To Sell: $5-$50+ Per Item.


31. Resin Tumblers

Tumblers are those beverage bottles that can be carried out for multiple purposes. You can show your resin craft talent on these tumblers by retouching them with a subtle resin touch.

They always have a high demand, and with effort, you can establish your own brand in them.

  • Price To Sell: $15-$120+ Per Tumbler.


32. 3d Resin Art Paintings

3d Resin art paintings


If you have a creative flair, this is the time for you to use acrylic or polyester resin on them with shiners and sparkles. This can not only enhance your artistic expression but can gain you easy sales with profits.

  • Price To Sell: Varies with Art Style.


33. Resin Clocks

Clocks are our daily routine, and this is the element we can add to our homes or offices to know time and productivity.

If you’re looking to turn a profit and generate repeat business, you might consider selling resin clocks. For those new to the craft, you can search ‘How To Make A Resin Clock’ On YouTube or Google for fundamentals.

  • Price To Sell: $20-$100+ Per Clock.


34. Typical Resin Figurines

Typical Resin Figurines


Resin art figurines are a delightful addition to any space, and they can be customized in terms of size and design to meet your client’s specific preferences.

Figurines that flaunt intricate details and require more attention in creation can be especially appreciated by those who enjoy handcrafted pieces.

While it may take some time to prepare such figures, the effort can be well worth it as it may result in a significant profit.

  • Price To Sell: $100-$1000+ Per Figurine.


35. Custom Resin Stickers

Custom Resin Stickers


Resin 3D stickers have become a popular trend due to their transparent and glossy finish. These stickers can add a mesmerizing finish to any surface.

They can be designed to suit any age group and can be created with ease using your crafting style.

You can set a price that corresponds to factors such as the design, size, and materials used in their creation.

  • Price To Sell: $3-$15+ Per Sticker.


36. Door Knobs

Doorknobs are rare resin crafts to sell for profit! as they have the ability to transform the look of any door and allow customers to express their individual style.

By perusing the listings of popular online marketplaces like Etsy, you can gain insight into which doorknob designs are most in-demand and profitable.

With this knowledge, you can apply your own techniques to add creative door knobs to your inventory.

  • Price To Sell: $5-$40+ Per Knob.


37. Resin Game Items

Resin Game Items


Game boards with boring designs can have the potential to make exciting games uninteresting. For this, you can use your techniques to create a variety of game items, such as resin chessboards, dice, game boards, tokens, markers, etc.

By incorporating resin into these items, they become more visually interesting and intriguing to players, making them a popular choice for purchase. Start listing your items to begin your resin craft business!

  • Price To Sell: $10-$300+ Per Item.

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Resin Crafts To Sell:  FAQs

Top Platforms To Sell Resin Crafts?

Depending on your budget and preferences, you can sell Resin Crafts on various platforms for profits, such as:

Places To Sell Resin Art

  • Etsy Classifieds
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • eBay platform
  • Art Fairs and Crafts Shows
  • Holiday Bazaars
  • Resin Art Galleries
  • Create Your Own Website
  • Local Decor Stores


What Are The Unique Things To Put In Resin?

Resin crafts involve blending different elements to create a unique and artistic form.

You can use unique things like glitter, shimmers, confetti, sand, shells, buttons, dried leaves, flowers, dead insects, photos, etc.


What Are The Resin Crafts That Are Popular And Best Selling?

Every item we mentioned in this article has its popularity, but to be more precise.

After considering all the best-selling resin crafts on Etsy, it is recommended that you can start with resin jewelry, coasters, resin phone cases, resin bookmarks, and resin keychains to turn high in sales.


How Can I Price My Resin Crafts And Market Them?

To determine the selling price of your resin crafts, consider factors such as demand, production costs, effort, durability, and materials used.

To get a better understanding of the market, you can browse through market listing companies and get an idea of how people are pricing their crafts.

And for marketing your crafts, you can leverage social media platforms, Etsy, eBay, and other platforms mentioned in this article.


What Type Of Resin Is Best For Crafting?

The two most commonly used resins for crafting are epoxy resin and polyester resin. Epoxy resin is usually preferred over others due to its durability and availability.

You can also enhance its usage by adding other elements like shimmers, slimes, milk, glitters, and more.


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