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Rev Transcription Review – A Legit $15/Hr Job or Scam? [Must Read]

Rev has been in trend for budding transcribers for a very long time. But are you absolutely sure about this company’s legitimacy and payment terms? If not, we will address all the queries you may have before joining this company on this Rev Transcription review.

How much does Rev actually pay? What about the project available on this platform? Do they assure on-time payment?

Questions are many, but the answers are not adequately addressed. So, we took that responsibility to solve this puzzle all by ourselves.

And our team of experts has tried and tested this platform personally before coming to any conclusion. But before we reveal those, let’s find out what this company is actually about and how they operate in the transcription industry.


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What Is Rev?

Without any doubt, Rev is one of the best WFH companies that pay weekly these days. But, before we discuss the Rev transcription jobs, you need to understand what Rev actually is and how they operate.

Rev is a mediator between companies looking for credible transcribers and transcription experts looking for legit projects. It is also among the very few players in the transcription industry that assures flexibility, especially for newcomers.

So, whoever you may be, a retiree, a student, a stay-at-home mom, or a proud grandparent, you can start a new journey with this incredible platform called Rev.

You are absolutely free to choose your work hours, given the fact that you submit your project within the specified TAT.

Rev is also among the very few players in the market that always emphasize timely payment. And you can’t find any reviews where anyone raised their concern over the payment part.

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Rev Transcription Company Overview

Founded way back in 2010, Rev is known for its digital supremacy in the transcription market, especially in the United States. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, they have also recently started operating from their San Francisco office.

This company solely focuses on delivering standardized transcription services to its global clients, having more than 99% accuracy for more than a decade now.

As the company itself says, they have already catered to more than 170k global clients ranging from young entrepreneurs to large-scale industries.

And for the last 14 years or so, they have already accommodated more than 50k credible transcribers on their side. Now, they have also introduced their latest AI engines to improve accuracy and reduce the workload on human transcribers.

Now, you mainly need to check and rectify the errors laid by the AI engine, as the AI engine itself will do the preliminary work for you. But yes, their automated output files are not reliable at times!

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Is Rev Legit Or A Scam?

rev reviews

Source: Trustpilot

Do you know what the most sort-after question is in any of the rev transcription jobs review you can find online?

Yes, it is about the legitimacy of the company itself! In brief, it is not just a legit company but also one of the best places to get WFH online jobs that pay weekly right now.

The honest thing about Rev is that they will clearly tell you about the potential earnings and project availability upfront. Besides, they have always accepted constructive criticism and worked to minimize their flaws on a broad spectrum.

Rev is also a free-to-join platform where you don’t need to pay any upfront fee or a security deposit at all. Besides, they will not even tell you to share any commission with them once you start receiving payment for your projects.

But yes, a few of their previous users reported getting fired without any reason, as the company will not going to give you the reason if they close your account!


Job Offerings At Rev

As we have already said, Rev is one of the best companies that offer online transcription jobs nowadays.

But before we proceed further with this Rev transcription review, let’s discuss the available opportunities that you can try your hands on!

  • Transcribers: It is a job where you need to just type what you listen to on audio or a video file. You can expect to earn around $0.30 to $1.10/audio or video minute as a qualified transcriber.
  • Closed Captioner: Here, we mainly need to create closed captions and subtitles for a video file, most for movies, web series, and other video presentations. And you can expect around $0.54 to $1.10/video minute on average.
  • Caption Translator: You need to have native-level proficiency in any other additional language besides English. And for this translation job, you can expect around $.50 to $3/audio or video minute.

Besides these three, Rev has frequent opportunities for proofreaders and editors as well. But yes, they mostly hire them on a full-time basis with a fixed salary.

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Rev Transcription Job Requirements

Like any other WFH job you can find online, this one, too, has its specific criteria and requirements to abide by.

And if you talk about the Rev transcription guidelines, it is mainly divided into two main segments.

Personal Requirements:

  • Excellent proficiency (native level) in English with grammatical understanding.
  • At least 50 WPM typing speed with utmost accuracy.
  • Strict TAT regulation (As you’ll be handling day-to-day files).

Technical Requirements:

  • An updated computer with high-speed internet
  • A decent headset (preferably an over-the-top variant).
  • A high-quality foot pedal (optional choice).

If you meet both these personal and technical requirements, you are free to apply for this job from every corner of this world.


FREE Transcription Training For Beginners

free transcription course

In case you are worried about the basics of transcription, we’ve got this covered as well. If you want to try transcription but don’t know a thing about it, then some prior training will make a big difference.

To get that knowledge, I recommend you join the FREE General Transcription Training by Janet Shaughnessy, a veteran transcriber with 30+ years of experience.

Her FREE Training has helped thousands of students all over the world to become successful transcribers. You can also grab a seat to join the training workshop to get started.

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Rev Transcription Application And Hiring Procedure

The application and hiring procedure at Rev is not just simple but extremely simple as well. Besides, they are known for their apt response, as most of the candidates get their approval or rejection within a single business day.

  • Step 1: Visit their website and fill up a simple online form to create a free account.
  • Step 2: Once you create an account, you’ll be directed to take the Rev transcription test. It is a short questionnaire to test your English proficiency and grammatical skills.
  • Step 3: After you pass that test, you’ll be redirected to a submission center where you need to upload a small transcription sample.

If they like your test result and the transcription sample, the moderator team will contact you via mail within a day or two, although the maximum time is seven business days. And once you get the approval, you can start working with the steps mentioned below.

  • Step 1: Log in to your account with the right credential and go to the dashboard.
  • Step 2: You’ll see a complete list of available projects to “claim” and start working on.
  • Step 3: You’ll have one hour to decide whether you want to proceed with the project or just leave it without any penalty.
  • Step 4: Transcribe the project and submit it within the specified TAT.

The quality control team will crosscheck your submitted work and will grade the uploaded file accordingly. And depending on that grading, you’ll receive your payment.


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Three Tire System Of Rev

This entire Rev Transcription review will be incomplete without describing the three-tier system that they strictly follow.

And this 3R tire system will help you to get a promotion if you really want to get paid to type online with Rev.

  1. Rookie: As a new entrant of this company, you’ll only get up to 30 minutes of audio or video files as a rookie. And once you gain enough expertise, you’ll be promoted to the next level.
  2. Revver: You can claim up to 2 hours of audio or video files in a single go. Additionally, you can directly submit the transcript file to the end client without any admin interaction.
  3. Revver+: You can claim any project of your choice up to 90 minutes before the Revver and Rookies can claim it. It gives you an edge to select easier and more convenient files.

If you reach the Revver+ level, you can also check the works of Rookies and Revvers to boost your income. But trust me, reaching this level will take a lot of time.


How Much Does Rev Pay?

While talking about the Rev transcription pay, the company itself says that the freelancers can fetch from $30 to $750/month on average while working as a part-time transcriber. But to attend beyond that slab, you need to invest more than 15 hours each week.

According to our own experience, the typical pay ranged from $0.30 to $1.10/audio or video minute. But yes, this range can go well beyond that, depending on the difficulty level.

On average, you’ll need at least 4 minutes to transcribe a single minute of audio files. So, if the pay is around $1/audio minute or $60/audio hour, you will attend a net income of $15/hour on average.


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Rev Transcription Review – Conclusion

rev transcription ratings

Rev is honestly not the platform to go with if you are looking for a full-time sustainable income opportunity, as you will hardly make around $750 to $1k each month from this website.

However, it is truly a great place for the side hustlers who look for lucrative part-time opportunities.

So, that’s all we have to say in this Rev Transcription review. We hope we have already answered all your queries before joining this company.

But, if you think you have additional questions on your mind, feel free to drop that in the comment box below.



Is Rev a legit transcription company?

Operating since 2010, Rev is definitely a legit transcription company having a strong global foothold.

Till now, they have worked with more than 50k transcribers from all over the world. Besides, they have successfully catered to more than 170k clients with 99% accuracy.


Is Rev worth working for?

Rev is probably among the very few transcription companies that pay as much as $1.10/audio or video hour.

Besides, if you attend the revver+ level, you can boost your income while working as an editor or proofreader as well. So yes, Rev is truly a great company to work with.


Is Rev transcription easy?

It entirely depends on your skillset and your typing speed.

Besides, you will find it easy if you understand accented pronunciations and have excellent hand-ear coordination to attend maximum accuracy possible while typing. Similarly, you should also understand common English terminologies.


How much money do you make with Rev transcription?

On average, Rev transcribers earn around $500 to $750/month on average while working for just 15 hours a week.

And if you go beyond that level, you can earn around $0.30 to $1.10/audio or video hour on average. But yes, your net income will depend on your overall transcription speed and accuracy.


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