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Welcome Transcribers!!! To the world of Transcription.

I know you have landed on this page means that you are looking out to begin your career as a transcriptionist.

Thinking the same, let me help you with my rev transcription review where more than 15,000 transcribers working every day both online and offline.

For clear thought about its legitimacy, I hope my review will be of some or the other help to the wonderful beginners. is an online transcription website which lets people earn some income through transcribing their audio files into written formats.

Based on the customer reviews according to the portal, we can say it has a Trustpilot review of around 4.6 stars out of 5. Digging deeper into the classes let me introduce you about


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About transcription review

This is basically a transcription company that also provides other supports like Captioner, Subtitler, and Translator with Transcription for both online and offline employees.

It was started in 2010 by Jason Chicola and Josh Breinlinger. It was formerly known as a FoxTranscribe and FoxTranslate.

Later in 2012, Venky Ganesan gave an opportunity for the expansion of with providing people with various job opportunities.

Rev has been featured on websites like TechCrunch and the Wall Street Journal and also has been awarded the PC Mg’s Editor’s Choice Award for its transcribing works.

Both audio and video transcription is popular for the work at home freelancers.

As a freelancer or work at home person, you can earn income by getting associated with a couple of other similar websites.


Rev Transcription Review – Job Requirements:

One best thing is you can apply to this organization from any part of the world.

  • You need to have a good PC or laptop with a strong internet connection.
  • A good pair of headsets and a foot pedal is an additional choice.
  • Great English language and grammar skills.
  • Typing speed a minimum of 50 words per minute is required.
  • You will be handling day-2-day files as a transcriptionist and Rev keeps an eye on how caliber you are in deciphering the details.


Application Procedure at

Even the experience people find it a bit difficult to process the application on this website. All you need to do is to enter your details on their website and hit the ‘start your application’ button.

The whole testing process will take about 60 minutes and you will be accessed in three different areas.

You need to be great with your grammatical skills. This is a basic test where you will be tested on your grammar, capitalization, and punctuation skills.

Next comes your typing skills where you need to type a text of as much as you can in 60 seconds.

Third, comes the transcription test the main point of the screening process.

All you need is to handle an audio test and discriminate between its number of speakers and transcribe the file accordingly.


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Selection Or Rejection Process:

After you submit the details to the website you will be receiving a thanking email for the participation and application.

You will get to know whether you have selected or rejected in 2 working days. If selected, you can enjoy the benefits and work at Rev. If so you are rejected, you can retry after 45 days and fulfill the same procedure.

On selection, you need to finish the ‘complete registration‘ and then you will be redirected to the work platform at Rev. You need to follow the clear rules to get your work better and earn better.


Working With Rev – 3R’s of

Also, to bring to your notice, there is a specific process you can follow to continue your positive earning at

To ensure the company’s reputation, Rev has come up with 3R’s. This is to make Rev a prompt service with a quality assurance website.

This process also guides Rev to rewards its employees for their hard work and loyalty.

1. Rookie: 

Rookie – the newbie or a fresh joiner. The rookie will be suggested with 1 minute to 30 minutes of audio or video file only.

After submission of the file, clear feedback is given on the file. They need to show their expertise in getting promoted to the next level.

2. Revver:

You need to get through a specific formatting and accuracy levels to reach this grade. The files may be a minimum of 1 minute to a maximum of 2 hours long.

Revver will be randomly graded depending upon their work outputs (calculating mistake accordingly). You can directly send the transcripted files to the clients.

3. Revver+:

A certain score of accuracy or formatting has to be reached to become a Revver+. You can claim the files 90minutes before than the other 2 section people (chances of getting easier or short length file are more -advantage).

As an additional income, Revver+ candidates will get a chance to re-evaluate the works of the other 2 categories. Pay Rates:

Depending upon the type of job you opt at Rev, the pay rate varies accordingly. I know, the rate is not high and does not promise you the monthly income, but it can surely act as a side income to satisfy some of your needs.

For caders like captioner or a transcriptionist, you can pocket around $8- $15 per hour.

All you need is to transcribe at 20 minutes of audio or video file into a written document. This could be a rough calculation of around $200 to $1500 per month for a well-experienced person.

And for positions like translator and captioner you need to have fluency in multiple languages.

Here, you can pocket around $5-$8 per video minute which sounds basically convenient compared to the transcription sector.

Coming to the payouts, this company issues payments every week via PayPal.


Rev Transcription Review – Pros and Cons:


1. Rev has this option where you can listen and then select your file before picking up. Even after picking it up, if you are not comfortable with it, you can drop it back within an hour.

This lets you play the game without penalty. I surely consider this as a bonus point.

2. You will have a flexible work schedule and a chance to pursue other options for your bright career. Through this, you can sign up with other sites and earn accordingly or either take up your studies if you wish to.

3. Transcribing doesn’t only mean you need to convert audio or video files into a written format, but also you need to be able to proofread the same. You should also be aware of specific terminology and a few companies’ names so that you can transcribe well.


4. This company does not hire you based on your qualifications, but it looks after your typing skills of how fast can you do the same and also does your accuracy matter.

5. The work at Rev will not keep you busy throughout. There are dry days as well and you need to be ready to face them. Based on the consistency, you can easily opt for other options as well.

6. Also, you must calculate your points at Rev. The company may shut your profile down whenever it finds that your grades do not match its expectations.

7. Age above 18 years and only one profile per head are applicable. Also, remember not to share the client details with anyone as it is kept totally confidential. You will be fired if they find you guilty about it.

8. Mark a point to always deliver the best from you so that you can earn healthy. Try to follow the advice from the interactive forum seriously to avoid mistakes. Keep on working with your grammar or punctuation or vocabulary or whatever is necessary.

The above are the basic pros and cons of getting associated with the company. There is also a Style Guide which will help you to gather good income accordingly.


My Words – Rev Transcription Review:

Basically, you are opting for a super convenient atmosphere of your personal choice as a home-based freelancer.

The ultimate need is to listen to the audio files and type them down in the suggested software and upload back to the company.

I understand these topics may not engage you in your interested topics, yet you need to transcribe them.

Though it feels simple, yet with poor audio quality, this makes it difficult to transcribe the files. Basically, 1-minute long audio may take you 1 hour to transcribe depending upon its accent or quality or the number of speakers.

My personal suggestion would be – don’t try this unless transcription is your cup of tea. You will surely end up messing your view over it.

Frankly going with the call, all I can tell you is till date is considered as one of the legit websites people have tried online. Though the amount is a bit low for your hard work.


Rev Transcription Review – Final Thoughts:

This could be considered as just one of the options to earn some extra gig in your free time. The amount you receive will not give you the opportunity to become rich.

Don’t take me in the wrong way. Rev does surely come in the list of legit websites.

Any company- big or small, large scale or small scale will have both pros and cons. Don’t overthink and just try this for a while.

If you are confident about your typing skills and you are that person of gifted typing skills, surely try once. This job totally depends on your grammatical and typing skills.

Wonderful grip over the language and being able to understand the accent will lead you to healthy earning. Try Rev at once, give it a clear time that it requires and then decide your field.

I hope my reviews are of some basic help and if you have any more to be suggested, please do comment in the section below. Your initiative motivates me to work harder.


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