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7 Best Search Engine Evaluator Jobs That Pay $15-$20 Per Hour

Hello There, Welcome to our website.’ If you are reading this message directly means our website is qualified by browser or search engine’s terms and conditions. This is verified and qualified by the person who is working in the field of search engine evaluator jobs. 

Most of us use search engines randomly without knowing how exactly it works. Basically, they work on customized algorithms where the design assists the users for better search results.

But not all can be done using digital programming; some things need human interaction. One of which is search engine evaluation. Search engines are not always accurate. They can glitch with the users with improper management. 

For this reason, search engine giants like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc., modify their algorithms as well as recruit huge numbers of people just to conduct search engine evaluations.

We will be answering and giving you a clear brief of search engine evaluator jobs. With this, you can decide and choose to start your business in this field.


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What Is Search Engine Evaluation?

Search Engine Evaluation is nothing but a qualitative measure by the search engine managing unit for better efficiency. 

Here search engine evaluation is conducted in order for a data recovery framework. Then this data is utilized to evaluate how well the list items fulfilled the client’s inquiry aim.

When getting into more details in evaluation. Your search metrics are split into online metrics and offline metrics. Where online metrics take care of users’ actual interaction with the search system.

Offline metrics measure relevance in the search; at the end of the day, how likely each outcome, or web search results page, all in all, is to meet the data needs of the client.


What Is The Main Job of a Search Engine Evaluator?

As we already mentioned, search engines are not perfect without proper management. Here comes the scope for search engine evaluator jobs.

They use their skills and knowledge on various search links like culture, current affairs, personalities, locations, trips, etc., and they rate websites accordingly.

Every user wants the best and most relevant results. With this proper grading, users will obtain the best search results on every search.

Search engine evaluator jobs also some assigned works to cross-check some images and videos that may be of sensitive content and filter them.

Sometimes as a search engine evaluator, you must download files, movies, applications, and even documents to check the genuine nature. 

After evaluating, you must rate the website according to the norms of the search engine you are working for. They are the leaders behind the web who are serving to make the web more relevant and helpful to the users.


How Exactly Does Search Engine Evaluation Work?

Let’s take the example of our daily routine work on the internet. You are reading a newspaper or a magazine and coming up with a query about something to check on the internet.

Suppose your query is to check the price of a particular item like Royal Planters Chair.’ Here the main intention of the user is to get the price and details of the Royal Planters chair, But what if the results turn wrong?

Web search shows details of other relative items like a bean bag, recliner chairs, office chairs, etc. This situation is quite common if you haven’t entered relevant queries, But sometimes even after the right searches, the results turn awry.

Here the evaluators come and rate the relevance of the search results based on the user entries. They use their knowledge and interpret the current query and make sure things won’t repeat in the future. 

In Search Engine Evaluation, an individual assesses internet searcher results to decide whether they are applicable or not to the term composed in. They try to show up the most relevant one among all the relative links.


Different Tasks Involved In Search Engine Evaluation

This section is especially for the people looking to start their career in the field of search engine evaluator jobs. There are a few theoretical things everyone must know in any field they look to start.

When coming to search engine evaluator jobs, We mentioned the qualitative measure to uphold the relevancy of the search engine; this evaluation has two metrics. 

  • Online Metrics
  • Offline Metrics


Online Metrics

These are mainly conducted on the search results by a user. These tests can gain state the success rate of Two Sample Hypothesis Testing(User experience testing Methodology). 

Click-Through Rate

This is the data or the ratio on which users click on the specific link to the number of users who visited the respective page, advertisement, etcThe purpose is to check the success rate in advertising.


Session Success Rate

Session Success Rate(SSR) is nothing but the ratio of sessions that leads to success.

SSR measures the ratio of user sessions that lead to success. Here the success rate is frequently estimated by utilizing abide time as an essential factor alongside optional client connection; for example, the client replicating the outcome URL is viewed as a session success, as is copying and pasting from the web.


Session Abandonment Rate

The name itself explains that this is the ratio where the search sessions don’t lead to a click. 


Zero Result Rate

Zero Result Rate is the ratio of the list of web pages of a search engine with no results. Mainly here, information that is being searched is of no index.


Offline Metrics


The recall is the portion of the records that are applicable to the question/query by a user on the web that is effectively recovered.



Precision is the main division of the archives or the documents recovered that are applicable to the user’s data need.



The extent of non-applicable reports that are recovered, out of all non-significant records accessible on the web.


F-Measure, Average Precision, R-Precision, etc., are the other relative terms of offline metrics. If you want to start your career in this, you must have all the relative knowledge of this terminology.


Skills For Search Engine Evaluator Jobs

As to ace in any field, the first thing you need to invest is in your skills. In the same way, these are a few skills you need to develop to start your career in search engine evaluator jobs. 

  • Basic Technical and Software knowledge of the computer.
  • Crisp computer fluency.
  • One must possess good internet research skills.
  • Graduation degree certificate to apply to this job.
  • Skills and talent to quality the tests conducted by the hiring company.
  • Good writing skills
  • Problem-solving techniques
  • Good English 
  • Finally, you must hold better management skills.


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Companies To Find Search Engine Evaluator Jobs

There are many companies that offer search engine evaluator jobs. Here is the list of a few legit ones.


1. Lionbridge

This is a company based in the United States that basically provides localization and AI training data services. 

They even hire people who love to work remotely. But the major concern here working for Lion Bridge is the SEE job is only contract-based. Recruitment is not consistent.

You can open their home page and get into the category you are looking for and check with the ongoing opportunities. If you choose to work as a search engine evaluator in Lion Bridge, once you are selected, you will be added to the list of individual contractors.

One can earn nearly up to $15-$20 per hour on efficiency. All you have to do is grade and rate the advertisements for better quality and genuine nature. 

Build your interest in all the current news, Culture, Movies, Etc to be high on your job. This knowledge can help you evaluate the advertisements assigned. Flexible hours with lucid work and timely pay can be an added advantage here.

You can also opt for various remote jobs on their website like Evaluators, Social media consultants, Internet judges, Mapping related, etc. Signup right now! 


2. Workforce Logiq

Even this company is United States-based, which is a global workforce management leader. Here no recruitments for foreign language people, You must be a native language speaker to hold a job in the Workforce Logiq. 

One must possess good speaking and vocabulary skills as they offer specific English language software. On average, as a Search Engine Evaluator, you can earn up to $15 per hourThey even recruit people who work part-time.

Workforce Logiq assures weekly and monthly payments. Flexibility in the working hours is the luring factor to join this company. 

Here all you need to do is to quality rate the advertisements, and also, you need to track the content and visual quality. With this work, you can help Google to improve the quality of its ads.

But you are assigned the targets to complete in a week. Sometimes failing to reach targets can consume more time than the working hours. Once you signup with this company and get selected, you may be entitled to ‘Ads Quality Rater.’

The name suggests you should scrutinize the quality of the content of ads published. With patience and consistency, you can make a decent amount at the end of the month.

To know more, check with WorkForce Logiq. Previously it is branded as Zero Chaos.


3. Appen

Appen Limited is traded on an open market organization recorded on the Australian Securities Exchange under the code APX. This company gives or improves information used for the advancement of AI and man-made reasoning items.

Alike Workforce Logiq, even here, recruitments are only made to the native language speakers. If you need to work as a search engine evaluator with Appen, you need to signup and apply for the job in their career section.

Before that, you must have good internet skills and knowledge. You must have a firm grip on the various sources available on the web. Even here, they are fixed flexible hours. You need to have command in any respective language to hold the position.

Here you need to grade and rate the advertisements mainly on social media networks.‘ Web Accessor’ will be your title. You must have command of social media networks and usage.

Signup with Appen to get more details on the payscale and recruitment process as a search engine evaluator(Web Accessor).

For more detailed information, read our complete Appen Work At Home Jobs Review here.


4. Google

Google is the leading search engine giant all across the world. This company holds the best evaluation policies. 

Many of us aren’t aware of the fact that Google itself hired manual workers for search engine evaluation. But, as you know, it only hires professional workers.

Here, work is similar to the other companies that are offering these jobs. All you need to do is the rate and grade the advertisements that are sponsored by various big companies. 

As people trust google ads more than any other, So this is your job of you as a search engine evaluator to take care of those things with utmost care.

Here you need to even check the images, videos, and infographics to see whether they are relevant and genuine. Here you are entitled to ‘Ads Quality Raters.’

There is even flexibility to work from home. You need to possess the best skills in internet knowledge, social media awareness, analytical skills, and many more. 

You even need to develop good communication skills as Google offers the best customer support. Pay is high with flexible hours on targets.

A college degree is mandatory to claim this job. Signup at Google’s careers pages and get notified for more.


5. LeapForce

Leapforce recently merged with Appen. As both the giants merged, this is the right time for you to join Leapforce to serve your best as a search engine evaluator.

This is similar to the other companies that offer search engine evaluator jobs. You can earn between $15 and $20 on an hourly basis, and they pay monthly through PayPal or direct transfer. 

Flexibility to work remotely. In order to join this company, you need to have good skills in this field as a scrutiny test is a bit hard to qualify.

By having good skills that can be used in work and show your efficiency to earn in work. Make sure to get reviews from the former employees to decide whether it is suitable for you or not. Signup now to get to know more.


6. iSoftStone

iSoftStone is a Chinese web evaluator company. Initially, check with the iSoftStone website whether this is available in your location or not. As this company offers jobs based on the location. 

You can make around $15 per hour. Here the working hours are flexible; you must be properly trained to show your efficiency. 

iSoftStone provides you with specific software where which you must use to evaluate and rate the websites. Similar to these companies, you need to hold all the skills to join this company.

This company offers you sequential training to attain those skills. Join iSoftStone now.


7. Apex Systems

Apex Systems is one of the world-class technology services businesses that incorporate industry insights and experience to deliver solutions to its clients. 

Here including the general search results, here all you need to do is provide your reviews on the results that employees use on the website.

You help the website enhance its algorithm to serve its customers in a better way. Build your skills to grade and rate all the advertisements.

Hold a bachelor’s degree before applying for a job in this company. And you will be entitled ‘Web Coordinator’ once you get placed. Signup with Apex Systems now!


Pros And Cons Of Search Engine Evaluator Jobs

Every job has its own advantages and disadvantages as well. Similar thing with search engine evaluator jobs.


  • Flexible hours are the main thing you need to opt for this job.
  • You can choose this as part-time or full-time depending upon your decision and flexibility.
  • You can decide on your working environment.
  • Many legit companies are offering these jobs.
  • Job isn’t annoying, and it has an easy nature.
  • Stress and anxiety are relatively low.
  • Fewer skills are required with low to no investment.


  • Inconsistent payments are the major concern in search engine evaluator jobs.
  • Opportunities are hard to find.
  • The target-based approach can be an additional burden on the working hours.
  • You need to invest in technical infrastructure, as the job nature is independent.
  • You can get very few incentives.
  • With less training, there comes less efficiency.
  • Fake assurances for money.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Can Search Engine Optimization Jobs Be Part-Time?

Yes! You can choose Search Engine Optimization jobs as part-time. There are many companies that offer these jobs for part-timers.


Can We Trust Search Engine Evaluator Jobs?

They are many legit company giants like Google that are offering jobs in this field. You can absolutely trust these jobs. But make sure you are on the right path.


Where To Find These Jobs?

When you are searching for legit sources, there are many available on the web like Glassdoor, Indeed, etc. For the local placements, you can refer to newspapers or any online magazines.

You can even find it in the career section on the websites of the companies that offer these jobs.


Can They Turn Spam?

Fraudsters are making money from this opportunity. They assure your job in return for money. Don’t get into this trap. 


How To Find The Genuine Nature Of These Jobs?

There are many websites helping with reviews of these jobs. Not only do search engine evaluator jobs, but you can also get reviews on various jobs. Background research is the main thing for any job you join.

You can even consult the previous employees for suggestions.


Are There Any Alternative Jobs For Search Engine Evaluators?

Yes! There are many jobs out in the market where you can start your career with. Alternatives are always available; you have to gain the courage to find and blend with them.


Best Alternatives To Search Engine Evaluator Jobs



This is one of the jobs like SSE, where you need to enhance the content that’ll be published by the publisher. You need to evaluate the content and rectify the grammatical errors and phrasing. You need to hold strong language commands to do this. 

To get detailed info about this career, read a complete guide on how to start a full-time career as a Proofreader.

This Proofreading Webinar would be very helpful if you want to get a quick breakthrough in the field.

Do Check, 27 Best Online Proofreading Jobs ForBeginners – Earn $30/Hr.


Transcription Jobs

These are other kinds of alternative jobs where you have to build good listening and presentation skills. An easy and reliable source of the job to start with.

All you have to do is convert the voice format into text format. Progress your typing speed and language perfection. Earning potential is high, depending on the nature of transcription you do. Learn more details about Transcription Business here!

This FREE mini transcription course is what you need if you are serious about this gig. Take a look at it.

Do Check, 27 Best Online Transcription Jobs for Beginners- $15+/Hour.


Flipping Business

If you are looking for Search Engine Evaluator Jobs, you should build good internet handling knowledge. Once you build that knowledge, you can utilize that to implement it in this flipping business. Here you invest in the things to sell in the short term for profit. 

You need to invest in the right things at the right time to gain the right profits. Learn new things on Flipping here.

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Stepping Out From Your Comfort Zone And Trying New Things Is The Real Way To Grow.’ If you have thought about starting your career as a search engine evaluator, you are very much welcome.

The field doesn’t matter; only your constant efforts matter when you want to reach heights. Never lose your hope; constantly thrive to reach where you want to. Where comes the hard work; there comes the success waiting in the gift basket.

We think our clear article on search engine evaluator jobs can serve the purpose we intended to. We hope this helps your way through. Thanks for reading! You can write back to us for further queries.


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