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How to Sell Feet Pics On Instagram? [Make $500 a Day]

Have you ever heard that you can sell feet pics on Instagram? Hardly any, right?

Surprisingly, Instagram, despite its strict policies on sensual content, allows its users to post their feet pics as long as they don’t violate restrictions.

In fact, selling feet pics on Instagram can be a great way to earn high fame and some extra cash in your free time.

As one of the most sought social media platforms, Instagram offers a vast audience for those looking to monetize their skills.

This can range from selling handmade crafts to selling body pics or feet pics, etc.

The best part is that Instagram is free to use and will be a high punch to your small business until you abide by the laws and know promoting ways.

But where do you start on this platform? How can you sell your feet pics on Instagram? and can this turn into a profitable business idea?

In this comprehensive article, we covered every of this aspect in detail. Let’s begin with diving into:


Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links. We may receive a small commission when you make a purchase (No extra cost to you). Please read our Affiliate Disclosure for more information.


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How To Sell Feet Pics On Instagram- Primary Takeaways

how to sell feet pics on instagram

To be a successful feet model, here are a few pro tips you must follow in order to boost your feet pics selling business on Instagram.

  • Tip 1: Embrace your feet with periodic foot pampering sessions.
  • Tip 2: For enhanced appeal, add a touch of accessories and colorful inks.
  • Tip 3: Photo-tone your feet pics by adjustments and click HQ pictures.
  • Tip 4: Create an Instagram seller account with a catchy name for buyers.
  • Tip 5: Link with an attractive profile pic and bio to get more attention.
  • Tip 6: Affix relevant hashtags to gain more engagement on the feed.
  • Tip 7: Try to be in touch with buyers, and don’t hesitate to negotiate.
  • Tip 8: Make sure to link your payment gateway to avoid last minute rush.
  • Tip 9: Promote your account with social media platforms to induce buyers.
  • Tip 10: Prioritize the rules and regulations of a platform to sell your feet pics.
  • Tip 11: Make sure to sell your feet pics without getting scammed.

Don’t worry about the last tip! As you can clearly refer to our website to find out how to sell your feet pics without getting scammed.

And follow this article for why Instagram is the right place and how you can build this into a successful business by implementing the above tips:

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Why Is Instagram A Great Place To Sell Feet Pics?

Feet pic reference for Instagram business

If you want to augur your business well, consider the fact that your selected marketplace must have a suitable community that resonates with the right potential, apt culture, and creativity.

For any of these aspects, Instagram qualifies without any doubt!

With over a couple of billion monthly active user engagements, this could definitely be the busiest and best marketplace worth exploring to start your Instagram business!

And here are a few other facts about this platform you must know to get started:

Instagram Aspects
Year Of Establishment 2010
Purpose Of Platform Online Community and Market Place
Available Places Worldwide!
User Engagement More than 2 Billion+ Monthly
Eligibility To Join Anyone Aged Above 13+
Membership Fee Absolutely Free!
Earnings From Business Varies With Engagement and Sale Price
Platform Commissions Payment Gateway charges are deducted
Accepted Payment Methods PayPal, Amazon Pay, Giftcards, Cash App
Can I sell Feet Pics On Instagram Anyone with potential talent can definitely try Instagram to sell feet pics.
Download Link Instagram Platform

Note: This platform not only helps sell your feet pics but can also give you a chance to create your own page and make money from Instagram Blogging!

By then, learn how you can charge and earn from your feet pics:


How Much Should You Charge For Your Feet Pictures?

How much to charge for your Instagram Feet pics

Ask yourself a few questions before fixing a price for your feet pics! Rate it after analyzing all the factors:

  • How much effort have you kept into taking them?
  • Is the price quoted worth the time and effort invested?
  • Will these pictures attract potential clients?
  • Can they match the standards and expectations?

If you are satisfied with every above criterion, then affix it to Dynamic Pricing! That means changing according to the market and demand.

Anything ranging from $5-$100+ can be deemed to be a decent sale. Never ever waver to negotiate with your clients; make them sure that not missing your feet pics is worth it.

This can also apply to your other businesses if you have any, like selling crafts, jewelry, or even antiques, etc.

Every item has its own value, and this simple technique can pounce you with good margins for your business.

Special Tip: Selling in batch orders(bulk) can sometimes help you with faster sales and penetrate your pics to a wider audience, making you earn some extra income with your feet pics.

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How To Set Up A New Instagram Account For Selling Feet Pics?

This section is likely to be an Instagram feet pic selling guide where you can follow simple steps to establish your seller account:

A screenshot of Instagram Homepage


Step 1: Download Instagram Mobile Or Web App

Anyone can download it from Playstore and Appstore. Does this cost any additional cost for you? Absolutely not!


Step 2: Create Instagram Account

Simply signup with all your relevant details like any other signup app using the form on Instagram Homepage. Provide all the necessary details by setting up a strong password.

You can also link your Facebook account for easy setup, and I personally recommend naming your page with a relevant name that matches the foot fetish market on Instagram.

Ex: ‘FootFetishModel’ or ‘TheFeetArt’.

Create a customized mail in connection with your account name to mention it on your Bio. It’s highly preferable if you likely avoid sharing your personal email or details on your business page.


Step 3: Switch To Creator Account On Instagram

Switching them to a creator account is recommended if you already have a personal or business account.

The creator account will provide access to additional features like a professional dashboard, growth insights, category labels, a secondary inbox, ranked requests and saved replies.

Every feature can relatively make it easier for you to enhance your online presence. This is how you can switch to a creator account:

  • Personal Account: Settings> Account> Personal Account> Switch To Professional Account> Fix Category.
  • Business Account: Settings> Account> Business Account> Switch To Creator Account> Fix Category.


Step 4: Mark Your Presence On Instagram Branding

This is the naming convention you are displayed in the feed for others. So make it as impressive and catchy as possible. A short and crisp name is highly preferred.

Check with all the relevant keywords and try to incorporate them into the name to make your account visible on top.


Step 5: Set A Fine Pic And Bio For Your Feet Pics Instagram Account

A relevant profile pic with an attractive and informative bio can definitely catch a user’s attention. Brief anything about you and your business with concise lines:

    • Meaningful description including keywords(#Feetpics)
    • Gender, age, and feet size(Optional)
    • Content Relevance(Video, Photos, Online Sessions)
    • Linktree or link to access all your content
    • Payment relevant links and contact details.

Instagram won’t allow more than one link to connect to your bio. For this, you can use some genuine listings to link all links in one place on Instagram.

Here are a few platforms you can consider:

Note: Some platforms also charge a premium fee to offer better features; with time and sales, you can opt for them for better engagement.


Step 6: Take Feet Pics Like A Pro And Upload Them Regularly

As consistency and quality is the key to the engagement of the foot fetish audience, it is highly recommended that you take high-quality images.

Don’t need to worry about this, as you can refer to our website to learn how you can take feet pics like a pro and turn this business more profitable.

Instagram algorithms give an added edge to accounts which has frequent content uploads. So work on it!


Step 7: Promote Your Feet Pics and Avoid Scamsters

Get more discovered and build your community well with Instagram ads. The best part is setting your budget and selecting the promotion plans.

Instagram also offers tools to monitor ad engagement, allowing you to earn money from ads by building your feet pics business.

Don’t send money to any 3rd party people to boost your content, as you can easily fall trapped in money launder. Follow these steps to avoid foot pics scams.

By here, you have successfully created an Instagram account for your business. The next step is to find out how to enable the necessary features to process sales.

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How To Enable Shop Feature On Your Instagram Handle To Sell Feet Pics?

Instagram shopping page reference

Right after creating your business or creator account, you can quickly enable the selling option to make your feet pics selling business smoother and more efficient.

By enabling this option, the people scrolling through your feed can get a redirecting link to buy your products. Enlist any of your products here, like Beautiful Hand pics, Feet pics, Sneaker Footwear, etc.

But here are a few steps to follow to enable this selling option:

Steps To Get Approved For Instagram Shopping

  • Step 1: Link your Facebook(Meta) account or page to Instagram by simply getting into the Accounts Center > Edit Profile > Link profile using Facebook> ‘OK.’
  • Next Step 2: Using Commerce Manager, set up your shop using the ‘Get Started’ option, where your clients get redirected to complete the purchase.
  • Step 3: Link your feet pics catalog manually to the Commerce Manager. With this, you can decide where to process your order – through direct message, Facebook, Instagram, or on your website.
  • Step 4: By providing all this information, submit your account for validation which takes a couple of days, usually, and can also run late often.
  • Step 5: Once approved! Toggle Instagram shopping from the Accounts > Business section > Shopping > ‘On.’

Enabling this option on Facebook or Instagram can help you manage your finances, complete orders, and also process returns.

Highly Recommended: The Best 7 Creative Ideas To Start A Business On Instagram.


Bio Tips For Selling Feet Pics On Instagram

Bio mentioning is a vital element on Instagram as this is the only direct place where you can brief your business and share links for purchase.

So make sure you brainstorm well to find pretty feet captions for Instagram, added with some interesting personal info.

Here are a few examples you can take advantage of what to put in your bio for selling feet pics:

Instagram bio example of a feet model


Here is one of the best examples of how you can state your bio. The above Instagram profile is named ‘Girl With Flexible Feet,’ which is unique and informative.

You can use this quality and make your profile also stand out. She also mentioned how she could flex and bit details about how she can engage in business.

And finally, a one-stop solution Tap-Link to link all her profiles and another account.

Instagram bio example for feet pic selling business


If you want to promote your Feetpics Blog, the reference to the above bio is one of the ways how you can scribe it on your Bio.

This user mentioned what content they post and how to collaborate with them with some other profile links with a native language touch.

Instagram bio example to link all feet pics selling links


One of the best ways to get that engaging factor on Instagram is to let all your relevant data in one place.

This user mentioned all the informative content of them in a detailed manner with a Linktree account for enlisting their other profiles. And we can also see the regular updates and collaborations too!

You can use any of these techniques and incur tips as we shared in this article. For better understanding, you can also scroll through a few profiles to learn.


Trending Hashtags For Selling Feet Pics On Instagram

trending hashtags to sell feet pics on instagram

Hashtags are crucial in your journey if you want to start an online business without investment.

Incorporating relevant hashtags can significantly impact your business journey by enhancing visibility on Instagram feeds.

And they can also help categorize your content and reach a wide range of audiences with minimal effort and of free cost.

So here are a few Hashtags you must consider for your feet-selling business on Instagram:

Feet Lover Hashtags For Instagram

  • # Feetlover(124K Posts)
  • #Feetgram(565K Posts)
  • # Feet(16M+ Posts)
  • # Footfetish(1Million)
  • #Heatonfeetgang(500K Posts)
  • #Cutefeet(2.1 Million)
  • #HypeFeet(1.5Million)
  • #Nylonfeet(1 Million)
  • #Lovefeet(600K+ Tags)
  • #Feet Instagram(200K+ Tags)
  • #SellFeetPicsForMoney(1000+ Posts)
  • #FeetPicsForYou(5000+ Posts)
  • #Instafeetlove(6550K Posts)

Note: These are just for your reference; you can also check relevant hashtags with your location and popularity to get more engagement.

Don’t over-optimize your content with many hashtags; try to be to the point!


Best and Popular Feet Pics Poses That Get Sold On Instagram

The main element to sell your feet pics on Instagram is to take your feet pics like a pro. They must be unique and stand out from the rest to attract more attention.

A rightful pose with relevant hashtags and descriptions never fails to keep you up with the competition.

So here are some must-try poses to try for feet pics:

1. Flower Touch To Feet

Feet pic pose added with a flower touch

Try to make a decent pose elevated with colorful flowers. This can be enhanced with relative light, photo angle adjustments, and also with some jade(family of green) background.


2. Pics With Anklet Feet Bracelet

feet pics with anklet

Accessories are beaten an elegant touch to your feet.

You can wear them matched with your skin tone to make your photos more attractive. Sometimes people also message you to sell those jewelry items too.


3. High Heel Feet Pics

high heel feet pics

Wearing unique footwear can not only help you to stay stand creative and competent in the market, but you can also start an alternative footwear-selling business using various other platforms.


4. Feet On Air

feet on air pose for your feet pic business

This unique pose lets you keep your feet in the air, stating freedom and prioritizing your feet fetish over other things.


5. Sole Highlighting Poses

Heel highlighting pose to sell your feet pics on Instagram

Most fetish people attract to highly groomed and well-maintained feet soles. So this poses definitely be a win-win situation for you and your client.

Note: You can always refer to pics and take inspiration from highly sold feet pic poses from various sites like Instafeet, Onlyfans, and also Feetify.


Safe Ways To Get Paid For Selling Feet Pics On Instagram

There are quite a lot of sellers who really fall prey to money luring by fraudsters. This may be with the use of third-party links for payment approvals, among other methods.

To avoid all these, you must use some renowned payment gateways, which Instagram highly approves.

While these gateways charge you a minimum for conversion, they can be safe and secure to earn your side income.

1. Facebook Or MetaPay

Metapay landing page to signup


Meta Pay is one of Instagram’s finest and most speedy in-app payment systems. You can set up this payment gateway by adding this to your primary payment method.

Once set up, you won’t need to change your payment preference as it automatically redirects to the Meta Pay for sale conversion.


2. PayPal Payment

PayPal Payment login page


One of the most widely used and preferred choices for every business owner is making money from Paypal.

Here in order to set up, you need to link your PayPal account with the Commerce Manager and get synced with the processing gateway.

Once your information is approved, whenever the buyers credit you the money, it can be directed towards your Paypal account after commission deduction.

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3. CashApp Payments

cash app payments home page to register


Is Cash App safe for Instagram payments? I would definitely say Yes! You can use a Cash App wallet for your Instagram transactions which can be directly credited to the bank.

The best part is that you can also accept crypto payments through Cash App. This mobile app also lets you earn free money by playing games and various other activities.

All you need to do is to share your Unique Cash App Name with the buyers to receive your payments.

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Also Check: How To Get Cash App Free Money Code? [Get a $1000 Free Bonus].


4. Amazon Giftcards

amazon gift cards homepage to signup


Though I recommend Gift card payment approval as the last call, most of the scams happen with them by sharing fake gift cards.

So make sure you are cross-verifying the cards offered to you. It is likely preferred to accept Amazon Giftcards, as these gift cards can be used to claim various additional offers.

If you have piled-up gift cards and don’t want to claim them via shopping, you can also sell gift cards for Paypal Money.


5. Zelle Gateway

Screenshot of Zelle Gateway Platform


Zelle Gateway is another best payment gateway you can use to sell feet pics on Instagram. You need to enroll with a mobile number and link them with a bank account and debit card to set up.

Right now, it is only available in the USA, and the best part is it won’t charge you any extra penny for transactions.


How To Sell Feet Pics Without Getting Scammed On Instagram?

Every online activity has potential threats, as are the feet pics selling business. But with time and knowledge, you can face them tactfully and emerge victorious.

Given the prevalence of money frauds, data thefts, and data misusing all across the Internet, what measures are you planning to protect this body pics selling business?

Even if you have no idea, Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered clearly in this section.

Steps Not To Get Scammed Easily

  • Sell your feet pics only on reputed and known online platforms like Instagram or Instafeet.
  • Be clear of all the terms before setting up your business, as not all platforms encourage sensual content to market.
  • Make decent contact with the buyer and get the necessary details prior to sharing your content with them.
  • Watermark all your feet’ pics while displaying them on public platforms like Feetfinder or Feetify, etc., to protect from data theft.
  • Always ask for at least 50% of the upfront payment before sending them your pics only through known payment gateways.
  • Try to use VPN and Instagram Business account to stay anonymous and stay safe from personal data breaches.
  • Don’t ever reveal your face and try to blur your feet pics till you get the full payment as discussed.

Special Mention: Check out our article for other detailed tips and infographic representations on How To Sell Feet Pics Safely. Save it for future reference!


Best Tips To Boost Your Instagram Feet Pics Business

This article will be of little value without mentioning these main tips on how you can boost your feet pics business.

instagram feet pics on business

So, the below-mentioned tips can generally be implemented for a wide range of business ideas to start on Instagram.

Try to be clear in imbibing them, and feel free to reach us in the comment box for queries:

1. Post High-Quality Content

As Instagram is a place that highly prioritizes visual content, it is vital to share high-quality content. You can take well pics of your feet with the help of the different poses of interest reference.

With quality, it is evenly important to maintain the legitimacy of your feet’ pics. Don’t ever try to sell non-patented pics, as this can effectively lead to account closure.


2. Be A Consistent And Valid Publisher

It is highly crucial that both your regular and occasional page visitors do not perceive your content as static.

Instagram especially favors those who consistently publish genuine and interesting content.

So fix your schedule relevant to your content engagement and post without any procrastination. This can not only build trust for your clients but can also range in additional foot pic sales.


3. Take Leverage Of Instagram Reels

Reels are the main leads that get you sale conversions by displaying over the feeds of like-minds.

As the reel time restriction is lifted from 30 seconds, you can create engaging reels which can last for minutes now.

You can also add interesting filters, add music, and memo notes to attract more customers with your feet pics.

The more views you get, the more your content engagement will be. Finally, be active in the comment section of your reel.


4. Make Proper Use Of Stories Feature

Instagram has a special row to list your best stories. Any viewer can access these stories and go through the linked content.

If you sell feet pics on Craigslist, Etsy, or other platforms, you can attach your best feet videos, photos, client reviews, and account details.

You can directly record and pin the video, or else you can upload them from your gallery.


5. Instagram Live Feature

Live interaction with your like minds is always appreciable. Instagram never fails to offer these features, as you can use the live broadcast option and can come to interact with your global fans.

You can start the live session on any foot activity like a pedicure, applying any lotions, nail art, accessory wearing, etc. Attach a best tag and description to attract the foot fetish market on Instagram.

If you are interested and trust your clients, you can also get paid to flirt with them in direct messages and convert your feet sales.


6. Work On Your Progress

Always keep an eye on your Instagram insights, and take time to analyze what kind of feet pics are getting more engagement. And also learn how others are linking the relevant hashtags and descriptions.

Always try to make a conversation with your client about your items, and try to obtain genuine reviews. With this, you can work on your quality and quantity.

Don’t worry if you have fewer sale conversations, as there are several other websites to sell your photos and many other ways to earn extra income.


Pros And Cons Of Selling Feet Pics On Instagram

For every coin, there are two sides! The same applies to the feet pic-selling business on Instagram. With lots of advantages, there are also a few concerns that need special mention:

Pros Of Selling Feet Pics
  • Easy way to make money using your beautiful feet pics
  • It is legal and safe when you are abiding by the terms and rules
  • Best side income business idea with your own prices
  • No limit for uploads that are completely free of charge
  • Can interact incognito by only letting your business details out
  • Potency to reach the audience from every nook and corner.
Cons Of Selling Feet Pics
  • Not every pic of yours gains a sale conversion
  • Sometimes your account may block for publishing sensual content
  • Threats are common for reports and fake comments
  • Fraudsters can use third-party links in your comment section to spread fake.
  • Evident that you need to spend a few bucks on marketing your content
  • It takes time to establish a brand on Instagram with wide competency.


Alternative Platforms To Sell Feet Pics Online

Although Instagram is one of the right places to boost your feet-selling business, this is not the only option.

You have several other websites and apps to sell your feet pics. Here are some top features:

1. FeetFinder

A screenshot of FeetFinder Homepage


If you have a question – ‘Is it illegal to sell feet pics on Instagram,’ though it is legal in some terms, we won’t say that it is completely allowed.

Sometimes you may need to face fake propaganda and also explicit content marks.

So for those people who don’t want to take that extra risk, FeetFinder is the dedicated feet-selling app. You can directly list your account and earn money from your feet pics here.

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2. Feetify

A Screenshot of Feetify Homepage


With more than 350K active members, Feetify is one of more top feetpics selling platforms. The best thing we like about this platform is that it won’t charge any commissions from your earnings.

With the best 4.5/5 Trust Pilot user-review ratings, you can definitely find this website as an alternative to Instagram to sell your feet pics.

Highly Recommended: Feetify Review 2023: Is It Legit Or Scam? [Must Read]


3. Onlyfans

A screenshot of OnlyFans Homepage


Can you really believe you can make $7500+ with OnlyFans from easy activities? Yes! That’s highly possible.

This adult platform offers various activities where you can get paid to sext, video call, and also for selling feetpics or even full-body pictures.

You can clearly learn these terms and the ways to earn money chatting using Only Fans with the below article.

Check This Link: How To Make Money On OnlyFans – Earn Up To $7500/Month


4. Craigslist

A screenshot of craiglist website


Craigslist offers to post ads on any dirty ways to earn money. One takes a stand in this field is selling feet and hand pics. This platform charges no penny for any of your ads!

Sign-up and create your creator account. Learn a step-by-step guide on how you can sell feet pics on Craigslist below.

Check This Link: How To Sell Feet Pics On Craigslist In 2023? (Up To $250/Photo)

Special Tip: You can also use some stock photo websites to list your feet’ pics. Some of them also offer you a monthly subscription fee.


Final Thoughts on Selling Feet Pics On Instagram

To summarize, we’ve covered everything you need to know about selling feet pics on Instagram, including special tips to succeed.

As mentioned above, being aware of the potential risks associated with this business is highly preferred. Make sure you turn this into a second-income job rather than a full-time income.

Buyers cannot be available all the time when you need money, so it is crucial for you to build other sources of side income too.

With this passion, groom your feet and set reasonable prices for your feet pics to attract more clients.

With dedication and precision, this can turn into your successful side business, which can easily fetch you $100-500 weekly.



Who Sells Feet Pics On Instagram?

Not only foot models! Anyone who wants their side income from pics can sell them on this platform.

But make sure you follow a few measures and restrict yourself to the terms agreed upon.

Instagram has strict rules on containing explicit content, so ensure your content never overrules the conditions mentioned.


Can guys sell feet pics on Instagram?

Regardless of gender, anyone can sell their feet pics on Instagram.

However, it’s a known fact that men are more inclined towards feet fetish for women’s feet; with interesting content, men can also have their line share in this business.


Do You Have To Pay Taxes On Feet Pics Sales?

Unfortunately Yes! Any side income you get needs a tax filing when it touches the prescribed limit. These limits can vary with the location you stay.

And they cover under Schedule C(Business Income), which are entitled to list in Form 1040 or Form 1040R.


How To Collect Payments For Selling Feet Pics On Instagram If Someone Contacts You Through DM?

Most of the sale conversions happen in the message box itself! Here you can get to know all the requirements for the clients for feet pics.

Once satisfied with everything, you can share with them your Cashapp link, PayPal ID, or even Stripe payment link if you have one.

Ensure you are the only one authorizing payment links to avoid scams.


Is Selling Feet Pics Dangerous On Instagram?

Perfectly not! In fact, this is the best platform to get more engagement and sales than any other platform.

But there are some restrictions which you clearly have glanced at already. If you are following the above tips and the platform’s guidelines, there are no dangers involved.


If you want even more ideas for making money, consider checking our posts on: